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                 May 9, 2012

8 Supporting Elements of SEO (Search Engine
By: http://www.bum1.info

There are 8 elements of SEO support :
1. Related domain name
2. Title (title)
3. Meta Keyword
4. Meta Description
5. content of the blog / web-related
6. Sitemap
7. Natural Listings
8. Backlink

Let us discuss one by one:

1. Related domain name:
The way search engines work for the first time is looking related keyword with domain name of a blog /
website. So consider carefully before deciding on a domain name. Keep the domain name content of
the material can include a blog / website.

2. Title (title)
The use and placement of title or title of a blog will help to perch at the top of Google. For that try to
have a blog or article headline correlation between keywords and descriptions of the content of a blog /

3. Meta Keyword
Metadata includes all the information on the data. This applies also to a website or blog. To insert meta
data into a website or blog, you can use a meta tag, <meta>. Metadata is useful to support the SEO is
the meta keyword and meta description.
If you have set the meta keywords and match the keyword entered by Internet users on search engines,
website / blog will appear among the websites / blogs that exist.
Although not all of the User internet using the same search engine. In fact there are several algorithms
that search engines do not use meta keywords for the search process, but we should still use the meta
Writing meta keywords are as follows:

                 May 9, 2012

<meta content="keyword of your " name="keywords" />

This script is placed between the tag <head> ..... </ head> in the html document

4. Description
Meta description is equally important to the meta keywords, these two meta tag had to be placed on a
website / blog so that search engines can find your website / blog. The right keywords and descriptions
will be able to bring your website / blog to the top google rankings.
Writing the meta description is as follows:

<meta content=" description of your sites " name="description" />

This script is placed between the tag <head> ..... </ head> in the html document

5. content of the blog /web-related
The content of a blog we can include and provide a correlation between the content of posts every
article with the keyword. With good correlation, the search engine will be more friendly to our blog. So
we always try to be consistent in what we write in the article with all correlates with the keywords, title,
and description of the blog.

6. SiteMap
Sitemap can be likened to a map of the entire contents of the website / blog. With the sitemap blog /
website will be easier to be recognized by search engines .

7. Natural Listings
That is one other element for SEO optimization by registering your website / blog to search engines and
to the web directory. Do not have much, just register our website to search engines whose popularity of
high / often used by Internet users, for example:
- Google ---> http://www.google.com/addurl
- Yahoo ---> http://www.submit.search.yahoo.com
- MSN ---> http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspx
- Dmoz.org ---> http://www.dmoz.org

8. Backlink
Backlink is a link / address of your website / blog which is located on the other website / blog. The
number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity of a web page / blog.

By: http://www.bum1.info

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