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									Maintain Your Beautiful Skin Through The Summer

After a long, cold winter, many people look forward to getting out of the house and enjoying the summer
weather. Summer climates can be terribly for the health of your skin if you do not take steps to care for it
properly. The following advice is provided to assist you in learning the best skin care for summer climates.

Do not skip the sunscreen. Even if you are just getting out of the house for an hour or so, apply sunscreen to
all exposed skin. It does not take long for the sun to damage exposed skin.

Exfoliating will help to remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin and assist the new ones
in producing. Do not exfoliate more than once a week to avoid drying your skin out.

Do not forget to protect your lips. Apply lip balm that is formulated to protect against the sun. Some
lipsticks have SPF ratings that will be enough to protect your lips while others do nothing but provide you
color. Be selective when choosing your lip products to be sure they have a high SPF rating.

Using lotions with antioxidants or foods that contain them will help save your skin from rapid aging
throughout the summer months. Antioxidants protect and repair damaged skin quickly.

Instead of baking your skin in the sun or in a tanning bed, try self-tanner instead. If you are unsure that
you will be able to get it applied correctly, have a spray tan done professionally. It costs more than doing
it yourself at home, but the results are wonderful. If you choose to attempt to do it yourself, be sure to
find a product that is easy to apply and will not streak, turn you orange or run as you are applying it.

Wash your face two or three times a day. Your skin will produce oils much faster during the hot and humid
summer months. It is important that you remove the oil from your face throughout the day. Be sure that you
choose a cleanser that is mild enough for repeated use and that you moisturize your face upon completion.

Do not forget to drink your water. This is more important through the summer months than any other. You are
going to sweat out a lot of the fluids that your body needs to stay healthy.

Your eyes need protection from the sun. Find sunglasses that offer SPF and UV protection. Many of the less
expensive sunglasses will not keep the harmful rays from entering your eye and damaging it. They simply make
things appear less bright.
Take short showers that are not hot. Run the water at a temperature that is cooler than usual. Hot water will
dry your skin out quickly. Once out of the shower, do not rub the towel across your skin. Gently pat your skin
dry and follow with a quality moisturizing lotion.

Summer weather can be a lot of fun, but the elements of summer can be very damaging to your skin. Use these
tips to protect your skin and get out and enjoy the weather while it's here!

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