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									Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Skin

If having glowing, youthful looking skin is important to you, then there is one thing you must realize:
beautiful skin is healthy skin. Developing and maintaining good habits in the first place is far more
effective than relying on lotions and potions to undo the effects of bad skin care. Read on for five easy ways
to improve the quality of your skin, without expensive spa treatments.

One of the simplest ways to keep your skin healthy and nourished is to faithfully apply moisturizer after
showering in the morning, as well as after washing your face at night. Moisturizers can prevent dry skin, as
well as treat the condition after it has already started. In addition, it can act as a protective agent for
sensitive skin, and aid in improving overall skin tone and texture. Moisturizers hold water and healing
ingredients in the outer layer of skin, and can act as a temporary barrier to contaminants in the environment.
Be sure to choose moisturizers that are appropriate for your skin type, and that do not contain excessive
amounts of chemicals and additives.

What you put inside your body can have a big effect on how your skin appears on the outside. Eating healthy in
general will keep your system balanced, which will be reflected in healthy skin. In addition, there are
certain foods that are well known to contribute to good skin tone, color and texture. These include foods high
in antioxidants, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds and beans. Also, try to consume foods that are high
in Vitamins C, A and E, as well as selenium.

Keeping your skin hydrated also includes drinking plenty of water every day, up to eight full glasses. This
can have multiple benefits to your overall health, and also will help rid your body of toxins that can
accumulate and blog the pores of your skin. The result can be more radiant, glowing skin. It will also help
alleviate acne and infections.

Exfoliating your skin can be an excellent way to give it a fresh start. The process of exfoliating will scrub
away the dead skin cells and allow the new, healthier ones to emerge. It will also unclog the pores and help
remove harmful substances that may have accumulated. There is no need to go to a spa for expensive exfoliating
treatments. Try doing it yourself at home, with natural ingredients such as sugar, salt and baking soda, or
crushed grains, shells and nuts. Take care to use fine grained scrubs, however, to avoid making tears in your
skin that can lead to bigger problems.

One of the biggest contributors to aging and discolored skin is UV rays from the sun. Regardless of what time
of year it is, always apply sunscreen when you go outside. Even if it is just a thin layer in the morning
during the winter months, do not neglect to protect yourself in this way. Choose a sunscreen that has a SPF
rating of at least 15, preferably higher.

It is within your power to develop a good skin care regime that provides the results you are hoping for. Apply
these five simple techniques to your daily habits, and you will see the benefits of healthy, glowing skin.

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