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                  T I ED HO USE SPECIALT I ES
         O ur Favor ite Handmade Items: Unique, Fresh, & Delicious

                                         Smoked Products
                               Smoked over Ironwood Dark Ale soaked cherry wood

  Secretly marinated, smoked over cherry wood, &
smothered with our own spicy or traditional bbq sauce;                 SMOKED FRESH FISH
  Served with sauteed veggies & crispy french fries       A perfect accompaniment to a Caesar salad, or hand bat-
           1/2 rack 14.50 Full rack 17.95                         tered, or as part of our Brewers’ Platter:
                                                                 Choice of Atlantic Salmon or Idaho Trout
                                                                  Add 6oz Salmon or Trout to a salad 3.95

                  oker & baby
           O ur sm

 1/4 chicken, 1/2 rack baby backs, both house smoked;
 smothered with our own barbecue sauce. Served with                     BREWERS’ PLATTER
     barbecue beans and jalapeño cornbread 16.95            A taste of our most popular house made goodies
                                                            Smoked Idaho trout, smoked salmon, baby back ribs
       SMOKED CHICKEN PLATTER                                  & sampling of chicken sausages, with a variety
    Half chicken, marinated in honey mustard bbq              of cheeses, soft french bread, and all the fixings.
        glaze & smoked for five & a half hours.               Serves four as an appetizer, two as an entree 19.95
   Fall off the bone tender. Served with house made
       barbecue chili beans & caesar salad 10.50

                             House Made Pub Favorites
        TOP SIRLOIN BURGER                                              WILD GAME BURGER
   Our most popular burger is now ground &                      1/2 lb. Hand ground weekly selections. Either
seasoned right here, in house, using high quality                    buffalo, venison, elk or ostrich. Yum.
       top sirloin meat and secret spices.                          Served with your choice of sides 9.25
       Served with your choice of sides.
          1/3 pound 6.00, 1/2 lb 7.95
                                                                           TURKEY BURGER
                                                            1/2 lb. Hand made patty, with arugula, fresh tomato,
                                                         & red onion on kaiser roll. Served with your choice of sides.
                                                             Choice of bbq or house made chipotle tartar 8.50

                                                          HOUSE MADE SPINACH PESTO LASAGNE
                                                          Delicious house made lasagne: tomato sauce, spinach, soft
                                                                  ricotta and Parmesan cheeses, & topped
                                                                with fontina; served with garlic bread 10.95

                                                                      WILD GAME SAUSAGES
        TIED HOUSE SAUSAGES                                        House specialty: Louisiana alligator &
Variety of house made chicken sausages, grilled &                 peppered wild boar, with braised cabbage
      served with rice, beer-glazed onions &
                                                                      & garlic mashed potatoes 12.30
          house made black beans 11.30

                             Our Goal is Guest Satisfaction.
       I f yo u l o so me thi ng or t h i n k         c o u l d i m p ro o n s o m e t i n g,
       If you lo ve s o m e t h i n g o r think we could impro ve on so met h ing,
  pl e a s e d o n o t h e s i t a t t o l e k n o w.         h o p t o s e e yo u a g a i n o n .
  p l ease do not hesit at e to le t u s know. We hop e to see you again s o on.
             BLACK BEAN NACHOS                                            TIED-COMBO PLATTER
    Smothered with house made black beans, melted                   Pesto calamari, Cajun popcorn shrimp, beer
  cheddar & pepper jack, jalapenos, & Cascade Amber             battered onion rings & our famous garlic fries; with
    beer salsa; sour cream, & house made guacamole                house made cocktail sauce blue cheese & ranch
               ½ Order 6.15 Full order 8.20                        dressings. Ideal for parties of 4 or more! 17.45
          Add chopped blackened chicken 2.35
                                                                         BUFFALO TENDERLOINS
                                                                   Crispy chicken tenderloins, tossed in our spicy
          TIED GARLIC PESTO FRIES                                  cayenne sauce, over cooling cucumber salad &
    Better than that ‘other’ South Bay brewery whose
                                                                         side of blue cheese dressing 7.99
    initials are GB: crispy, covered in garlic Parmesan
               pesto & served with ranch 6.15
                                                                    BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS
                                                                   Large, sweet beer battered onions, fried crispy,
           CAJUN POPCORN SHRIMP                                     with side of blue cheese dipping sauce 7.15
              Spicy breaded shrimp, fried &
       served with house made cocktail sauce 7.99
                                                                             PESTO CALAMARI
                                                                  Crispy fried, topped with pesto Parmesan mix &
     ACHIOTE CHICKEN QUESADILLA                                     served with house made cocktail sauce 8.20
 Achiote (ah-chee-oh-tay) spiced chicken, pepper jack
     & diced green chilies; house made guacamole,
                                                                     CHICKEN SAUSAGE SKEWERS
Cascade Amber beer salsa, & sour cream on the side 9.20
                                                              3 grilled skewers of house made chicken sausage, red bell
                                                                   pepper, red onion, fresh zucchini & basted with
          TIED HOUSE SLIDER BITES                                honey mustard glaze over steamed white rice 7.99
   3 Minis: Panko crusted crispy cod with house made
      chipotle sauce, buffalo chicken tenderloin &           GOLDEN CRISP MOZZARELLA CHEESE STICKS
     peppery pastrami with swiss & spicy mustard.                   Need we say more? Served with house made
     All with fresh Romaine on tiny little soft rolls                  Marinara and ranch for dipping 8.95
    & side of crispy Cajun potato chips. So cute! 9.95
                                                                              CHICKEN WINGS
   BLACKENED CATFISH & CORN CAKES                                    1lb of marinated wings tossed in our own
  Blackened catfish strips, grilled; with handmade sweet              cayenne sauce, with crispy carrots, celery
corn cakes, Cascade Amber beer salsa & corn cakes 8.20                  sticks & blue cheese dressing 10.95
                                                                              Starving? Try 3lbs. 30.50

                                      SOUPS & SALADS
   Marinated chicken breast, fresh spinach, red onions,                CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD
       Fuji apples, dried cranberries & walnuts in              Marinated chicken, romaine, napa cabbage, red bell
         handmade cranberry vinaigrette 11.95                  pepper, snow peas, green onion, almonds & crispy rice
   With grilled tiger prawns 13.95 Small Spinach 6.00           noodles in our delicious ginger soy vinaigrette 10.95
                                                                        Substitute grilled tiger prawns 12.95
             SANTA FE BBQ SALAD                                            Small Chinese Chicken 6.50
    Iceberg, crisp jicama, corn, black beans, shredded
  cheddar, tortilla strips, blackened chicken & cilantro;
    tossed in ranch & drizzled with bbq sauce 12.30                 ORGANIC MIXED GREEN SALAD
Substitute grilled tiger prawns 14.30 Small Santa Fe 7.35      Our house salad: baby greens, Cajun roasted walnuts,
                                                                 blue cheese & sweet cherry tomatoes in balsamic
                                                                  vinaigrette 7.95; Add blackened chicken 10.95
          CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD                                Add grilled tiger prawns 11.95 Small Mixed Green 4.00
     Hearts of romaine, garlic croutons & aged
    Romano 9.20 Add blackened chicken 12.30
         Add house smoked salmon 13.35
  Add grilled tiger prawns 13.20 Small Caesar 7.15

                SOUP OF THE DAY
      Could it be house made chili, creamy wild
    mushroom, clam chowder? Please ask your server
                 Cup 4.45 Bowl 5.45

                                                                                                         ng that
          CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP                                                                  ood eati beer.
                                                                                          being g       ea
       Our special house recipe; topped with crispy                             You are go ahead, hav
                                                                                 salad, s
          tortilla strips, sour cream, & cilantro
                   Cup 4.45 Bowl 5.45
                      CHARBROILED BURGERS
            All burgers served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & choice of fries, rings, Cajun chips,
                        black beans, jalapeño corn bread, barbecue beans, or side salad.
                     Beef and game burgers cooked medium unless requested otherwise.

                   Add jack, pepper jack, cheddar, Swiss, American or blue cheese $1.00 ea.
                    Mushrooms or grilled onions $1.00 ea. Bacon $1.00 Pastrami $2.25
                                Fried egg? Yep, and it’s so yummy for only .30

                                                                            TOP SIRLOIN BURGER
           WILD GAME BURGER                                           Our most popular burger is now ground &
    1/2 lb hand ground weekly selections. Either                       seasoned right here, in house, using high
     buffalo, venison, elk or ostrich. Yum 9.25                          quality top sirloin meat & secret spices.
                                                                              1/3 pound 6.00, 1/2 lb 7.95

              TURKEY BURGER
                                                                            BAJA VEGGIE BURGER
       1/2 lb hand made patty, with arugula,
                                                                  Santa Fe Gardenburger ®on a whole wheat bun,
     fresh tomato, & red onion on kaiser roll.
                                                                 with jack cheese and house made guacamole 10.20
 Choice of bbq or house made chipotle tartar 8.50
                                                                                 Like it plain? 9.20

       ROASTED GARLIC BURGER                                                  BREWERS’ BURGER
1/2 lb house made sirloin burger topped with roasted                  Tied House favorite, 1/2 lb sirloin burger,
     garlic spread & crispy Santa Fe onions 8.75                              pastrami & jack 9.20

     SOUTHWEST DOUBLE BURGER                                                                 Juaquin makin
                                                                                                            g top
Double sirloin burger with jack, bacon, guacamole &                                            sirloin burgers
          Cascade Amber beer salsa 11.10
            Available as single patty 10.50

  Double sirloin burger with blue cheese, bacon, &
     house made chipotle tarter sauce 11.10
          Available as single patty 10.50

    VOODOO CHICKEN SANDWICH                                          AVOCADO TURKEY SANDWICH
 Charbroiled, spicy-sweet marinated chicken breast,           Sliced turkey, nine grain bread, alfalfa sprouts, crisp bacon,
   pepper jack, radicchio & roasted red peppers                  fresh lettuce & tomato, mayo-mustard spread 10.50
               on a French roll 8.95

        BBQ BRISKET SANDWICH                                              FRENCH DIP SANDWICH
    Slow roasted beef brisket, smoked Gouda &                       House roasted tri tip on a sourdough roll with
      bbq sauce on an onion kaiser roll 10.50                         creamy horseradish & side of a jus 11.30

                                           SALMON SANDWICH
                              Marinated Atlantic salmon on a French roll, bacon, fresh
                             lettuce, tomato, red onion & lemon-garlic basil aioli 13.95

      Please, please specify if you are vegetarian. Some salads have meat, but may be prepared without.

          1. SELECTED 1/2 SANDWICHES (Voodoo, Avocado Turkey, BBQ Brisket, French Dip)
              2. SELECTED SMALL SALADS (Caesar*, Mixed Green, Spinach*, or Santa Fe*)
                        *May contain meat. Please see descriptions on Salads page.
                3. Cup of CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP or SOUP OF THE DAY
        4. PASTAS (Chicken Penne, Cheese Tortellini, or Penne Primavera with marinara or alfredo sauce)

      We present one check per table. For parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be
              added to the check; 20% will be added to parties of 20 or more.
      Should you bring your own desert, there is a fee of $1 per person (dessert service).
            TIED HOUSE SAUSAGES                                         WILD GAME SAUSAGES
       Two types of house made chicken sausages,                     House specialty: Louisiana alligator &
      grilled & served with rice, beer-glazed onions                  peppered wild boar, with braised red
            & house made black beans 11.30                          cabbage & garlic mashed potatoes 12.30

                                                                            CAJUN JAMBALAYA
                                                            Tiger prawns, spicy andouille sausage & house smoked
                                                               chicken, spicy Creole sauce, steamed white rice,
                                                                            grated Romano 17.45

                                                                            PASTA PRIMAVERA
                                                            Penne pasta, fresh mixed vegetables, sun dried tomatoes,
                                                            olive oil, fresh basil & garlic; marinara, alfredo, or white
                                                                 wine sauce, topped with grated Romano 11.30
                                                                           Add grilled chicken add 2.95

                                                                     TORTELLINI AND CHICKEN
          SPINACH PESTO LASAGNE                              Grilled chicken breast over ricotta tortellini, sundried
  Delicious house made lasagne: tomato sauce, spinach,
                                                             tomatoes & mushrooms; marinara, alfredo, or white
        soft ricotta & Parmesan cheeses. Topped
                                                                wine sauce, topped with grated Romano 13.35
  with melted fontina; served with garlic bread 10.95
                                                                           Without chicken 10.35

                                              FRESH FISH
       PANKO CRUSTED FISH & CHIPS                                 SMOKED SALMON FISH & CHIPS
            Fresh white fish, hand battered in                       House smoked salmon, hand battered in
         crispy Panko crumbs with crunchy fries                    crispy Panko crumbs with crunchy fries &
            & house made tartar sauce 11.95                              house made tartar sauce 12.95
       Fresh ahi tuna grilled rare, grilled veggies,                     FRESH KING SALMON
    drizzled with wasabi aioli, soy sauce, served with                Chef ’s special preparation; please ask
           white rice & pickled ginger 18.50                          your server for today’s choice 16.45

   Tied House favorite: tiger prawns & baby scallops        Grilled with blackened spices; served with Tied House
  sauteed in lime, tequila, garlic, chipotle & cream over          seasoned rice & house made black beans.
        white rice; served with garlic bread 15.95          Cascade Amber beer salsa, sour cream, on side 13.35

                                          MEAT is GOOD
         Marinated in Dijon mustard, spices &
      Ironwood Dark beer, grilled & served with
 Tied House seasoned rice & sauteed vegetables 12.30

     Garlic & sundried tomato dry rubbed 10oz skirt
          steak with Anejo Tequila caramelized                                                  C rew w
      onions; garlic mashed potatoes & balsamic                                          itchen        hi!
                                                                                  O ur K rd & saying
             & bacon braised broccoli 16.95                                             ha

 Secretly marinated, smoked over cherry wood & smoth-              CHAR CRUST HANGER STEAK
                                                             Tender 10oz hanger steak, marinated in roasted garlic
 ered with our own spicy or traditional bbq sauce; Served
                                                               peppercorn dry rub & grilled; served with garlic
        with sauteed veggies & crispy french fries
                                                                 mashed potatoes & grilled vegetables 17.95
            1/2 Rack 14.50 Full rack 17.95

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               Our Beer, Brewed Fresh Right Here
                      Alpine Gold                                                     Cascade Amber
        Our original Blonde Ale with a pleasant hoppy nose,                Our most popular ale: Cascade hops give this one a
           balanced bitterness & a smooth clean finish                         smooth, creamy balance, & brilliant clarity

                 Ironwood Dark                                                     New World Wheat
             A malty English style brown ale.                                 An American style wheat beer, half wheat &
    Gold Medal: GABF (Great American Beer Festival) &                       half barley malt. Not cloudy or spicy like German
                    World Beer cup                                                       varieties. Light & clean

                   Amber Light                                                          Oatmeal Stout
          This lighter version of our Cascade Amber is                    Dry Irish Stout: a well rounded beer with a perfect
               brewed to give you great flavor with                         balance of hop and malt bitterness. A cream like
                     1/2 the calories & carbs                            mouth feel is provided by using nitrogen gas to serve it

                  Seasonal Brew                                                             Fruit Beer
    Our seasonal brew changes depending on the time of year.             Seasonal fruit beer, ask your server about today’s variety
    Seasonals have included: ESB (Extra Special Bitter), IPA               Could it be Raspberry Wheat, or Passionfruit Pale?
(India Pale Ale), Mull Tied (Holiday spiced), Oktoberfest & more

                      Pint 4.50                Tall Pint 5.50                    Pitcher 17.50
                                Full House                                    Original Sampler
                    6oz Gold, Amber, Dark, Wheat, Stout                     6oz Gold, Amber, and Dark
                                  7.60                                                 4.75
                                                         Sampler Eight
                                        6oz all 8 delicious flavors; great for sharing 11.75

                     (Seasonal brews may be priced higher & not discounted during Hoppy Hour)

                                                         Beer To Go
                                         1/2 Gal. Empty Jug 6.00·Refill of Jug 6.25
                                 5 Gallon Keg 44.00·Pony Keg 57.75·Full Keg 104.50
                                    (Seasonals may be priced higher) 6 packs coming soon!!

                         Soda: Tied House Root Beer, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb 2.25
                                   Juice: Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry 3.50
                                                Fresh Brewed Iced Tea 2.25

                    What the Heck is a Tied House?
           During the Industrial Revolution, a system of tied houses & free houses emerged in
             England. A free house was owned privately & allowed to sell any type of beer.
                   (Your typical neighborhood pub probably qualifies as a free house).
                A tied house was a pub owned by a brewery & allowed to sell only beer
              manufactured by that one brewery. Think of the pub being tied to its brand.
     The number of tied houses owned by a brewery vary from one to the 9,800 that Bass owns today.

                      Our Tied House was opened in 1988 in Downtown Mountain View.
                      Over two decades later, we continue to perfect our award winning beer.
                                              Welcome, and cheers!

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