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    Sun, Stand Thou Still Upon Gibeon; And Thou, Moon, In The Valley Of Ajalon.

                                       MANDALA OF THE DENDERAH ZODIAC

In Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, a mandala is a diagram representing the universe, used in sacred rites and as an instrument
of meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces. By mentally "entering" the mandala and moving
toward its centre, one is guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration. Mandalas may be painted on
paper or cloth, drawn on the ground, or fashioned of bronze or stone. Two types of mandalas represent different aspects of the
universe: the garbha-dhatu ("womb world"), in which the movement is from one to the many, and the vajra-dhatu ("diamond
world"), from the many into one. ( of the Denderah Zodiac.pdf Copyright SU International 1996-2007
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The previous image of the whole ceiling engraving clearly indicates that the “human feminine nature” establishes the “Four
Corners of the Cosmos,” which means this mandala is that of the Human World. They are assisted by the eight falcons of
“masculine nature” whose human bodies are stressed by the existence of the Four Corners. The stress is caused by the formation
of a circle within the square. The square is the symbol of perfect rational essence. The circle is the symbol of perfect irrational
essence. The sharp corners of perfect rational existence are smoothed by the physical stress to achieve a perfect irrational dream.
The dream is that of the Father transferring the stress of the perfect dream to the Son. The eight falcons of human male nature are
four Father Natures and four Son Natures. The four natures of the human female do not require, nor can it be accomplished, that
the mothers transfer the feminine burden to the daughters. Birthing is a feminine burden which cannot be transferred. Father
Nature represented by a falcon head is rational visual cognition dependent knowledge and passing on such experience is the goal
of “civilized discourse.” Thus, the Son Nature that emulates the Father Nature becomes Father Nature and the rational
knowledge is passed on as Wisdom of the Father when the son ascends to the Throne of the Father. The staff of the Son, Orion,
aligns with the staff of the Father when the Father and the Son are One. Then the wisdom of His Story is a legacy. That legacy is
aligned with the disc on the head of the beast at the altar of instincts at the bow of the barque of genes and the right arm of Osiris
beyond the Red Dragon. Thus, the Cocky Man is guided by Genetic Cognitive Memory of a prior life.
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                                COSMIC RAPTURE (Turn page over to see Quetzalcoatl with the Light)

December 21, 2012 is a Maya estimate of the exact moment of perfection of the Cosmic Rapture when First Father becomes
known by the light of the Cosmic Son. It is based upon the celestial statement read at the conjunction of the galaxy and the
ecliptic and the Four Corners of the World. Those four corners are the solstices and the equinoxes. When the winter solstice
aligns with the Sagittarius-Scorpio-Ophiuchus galactic conjunction the Vernal Sun will be rising again. The mandala of the
Denderah Zodiac presents the exact same rationalization of the cosmic spirit. Both traditions are rituals intended to preserve the
sacred relationship of the Four Corners of the Cosmos to the Cycle of Time within, which is an Irrational Circle. By creating the
ritual impregnated in a mandala the culture will be preserved and life will continue as the rapture of Life After Death. This ritual
process has been the focus of aboriginal cultures since cave art first recorded the seasons of the sun some 50,000 years ago.

The process is the most real of all processes in life. When the process fails, life ends permanently. Human civilizations have
fought to the bitter end to avoid the loss of the Life Granting Ritual. However, the Rapture is totally dependent upon death.
Without death, there is no need for the ritual. Thus, the mandala preserves the cognition of death. When the Son realizes that the
Wisdom of the Father defeats death, then the Son ascends to the Throne of the Father as the culture defeats death. Aquarius pours
water on the Phallus of First Father that has grown into a Tree of Life and a Cosmic Pillar upon which rests the head of a King.
The Aquarian Waters are surmounted by the circle in Pisces and the Great Square. Thus, the irrational (circlet of Pisces) supports
the rational and the Bound Woman wipes the face of the King’s Head as she lets go of The Key to Self Identity. The Mandala
and the Heavens say that compassion is the Life Giving Waters that lead to the Rapture of a King’s Eternal Dream.
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                                                       COSMIC DEATH

Under the solar axis is the Phallus of the Beast. This Body of the Beast is joined to the Vision of the Archer as the Rapture of
Man and Beast reigns in the unbalanced desire of the beast and restores the Genetic and Precognitive (irrational and rational)
Wisdom of the Father-Mother-Son relationship required for Truth to be Passed On. The daughter is not lost in the rationalization
of the circle. Rather, the daughter is the reason for the rationalization. Preservation of the idyllic womb of the Virgin Birth is
essential if a Son is to become a Father, and if a cult is to retain civil order. Killing of the Great Red Dragon (Scorpio+Libra) is
unacceptable because life without desire will result in death. Rather, the goal is to balance the desire and that requires the Man-
Child of the Iron Hand (Libra) to be formed of the Claws of the Great Red Dragon in a ritual circumcision that tempers desire
(Scorpio). Without the idyllic birth and the sacrifice of the Virgin (daughter’s identity not rationalized), the power to come into
the Cosmic Light will be repressed. Tyrants who would control the daughters are simply bound by a personal decree to repress
emotion for the sake of rational self identity. Cosmic consciousness requires sacrifice of virgin self identity. When the Sheep
Door has been Passed Through instead of Passed Over it is possible to enter the After Life. This is not the After Life of the
Cosmos, it the After Life of Self Identity by the Reincarnation of Cosmic Identity. Truth is begotten, not made.

The information recorded on the mandala of the Denderah Zodiac was not the work of an individual. It was the product of a
bureaucracy of priests funded by the individual cultures of the civilization of the Hellenistic Age. They were attempting to define
the basis for World Civilization under the auspices of Hellenism (Cosmic Emotional Wisdom). The bureaucracy was the
equivalent of NASA and the International Standards Organization combined. Their goal was the conquest of the Human Beast so
that civilized order would not perish, again. With the assassination of Julius Caesar they failed and Hebrew Law became Roman
Law. When Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the fixation of reason to the cross of compassion, human free will was bound to
words in human books. Western civilization began to live by the Book of Osiris in Byblos and the Laws of Seth prevailed as
truth cognition became a fading light on Classical Western Civilization.
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                                            A BRANCH OF THE COSMIC TREE

A pythoness speaks to the falcon and tells it to go build a nest; be fruitful and multiply. Once ego centricity has ended, a legacy
can be passed on, but it requires a restoration of the physical body of genes and the virtual body of knowledge. A Daughter
carries the genes in the pristine womb of the Mother of God. The Son carries the knowledge in memories of stress if the Father
Image survives in works of his own hands. The temple is evidence that this was the dominant theology of the Hellenistic Age.

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. (Rev 22:1)

             Left: Journey of Truth.                 Right: Destiny, Thoth (1), Humble Identity (2), Seshat (pythoness) (3),
    Light on the road (4), Falcon Man (5), Knowledge Man (6), Pythian Man (7), Genetic Wisdom or Life Given Waters (8)
                          Greek Mythology: Pythoness is a priestess of Apollo at Delphi, a prophetess.
       The journey of the Wandering Ones is complete when a Pythian God sees clear waters (emotional understanding).
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                                   Denderah Circular Zodiac

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             of the Denderah Zodiac.pdf
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                                               Denderah Zodiac, Table of Icons
           Icon                                  Denderah                             Constellation           Constellation
       #   Description                           Mythological Meaning                 Latin Name (*Ptolemy)   Figurative Meaning
       1   Draco                                 Tauret, Mother of Time               Draco*                  The Dragon
       2   Construction Angle                    Angle Code, 666 Years                Circinus                The Compasses
       3   Little Dipper                         Plow of Truth                        Ursa Major*             The Great Bear
       4   Lupus                                 Anubus, Material Grave               Lupus                   The Wolf
       5   Taurus                                Past Age, Leg of Bovine              Taurus*                 The Bull
       6   Aries                                 Reincarnation of the I Am            Aries*                  The Ram
       7   Triangulum-Falcon                     Cognition                            Triangulum*             The Triangle
       8   Triangulum-Baboon                     Sensual                              Triangulum*             The Triangle
       9   Triangulum-Goat                       Rational                             Triangulum*             The Triangle
      10   Pisces-Ucthat                         Tabernacle of Sun, Equinox           Pisces*                 The Fishes
      11   Perseus                               Angel of Death                       Perseus*                Rescuer of Andromeda
      12   Hercules                              Warrior, Alexander                   Hercules*               The Son of Zeus
      13   Cancer                                Khephera, Father in Heaven, I Feel   Cancer*                 The Crab
      14   Gemini                                I Think                              Gemini*                 The Twins
      15   Auriga                                Shepherd                             Auriga*                 The Charioteer
      16   Aries                                 I Am                                 Aries*                  The Ram
      17   Pisces-Rock/Lizard                    Bondage, I Believe                   Lacerta                 The Lizard
      18   Aquarius                              I Know                               Aquarius*               The Water-Bearer
      19   Pisces Austrinis                      Carries Phallus of Osiris            Piscis Austrinus*       The Southern Fish
      20   Cetus                                 Massive Physical Strength            Cetus*                  The Whale
      21   Capricorn                             I Use, Rationality                   Capricornus*            The Goat
      22   Centaurus                             Barabbas, Piracy                     Centaurus*              The Centaur
      23   Sagittarius                           Archer                               Sagittarius*            The Archer
      24   Corona A.                             War Crown                            Corona Australis*       The Southern Crown
      25   Aquila                                Reason                               Aquila*                 The Eagle
      26   Scorpio                               I Desire                             Scorpius*               The Scorpion
      27   Little Dipper-Antinous-Corona B.      Material-Body Birth, Initiate        Virgo Minor*            The Dreaming Youth
      28   Lynx-Leo                              Teacher of Righteousness             Lynx*                   The Lynx
      29   Bootes                                Husband of Virgo                     Boötes*                 The Herdsman
      30   Big Dipper                            Plow                                 Ursa Major*             The Great Bear
      31   Cassiopeia-Corvus                     Queen, History Lesson                Cassiopeia*             The Queen
      32   Corvus                                Crow, History                        Corvus*                 The Crow
      33   Crater                                Vessel of Responsible Love           Crater*                 The Cup
      34   Sextans                               Selket, Youthful Motivation          Sextans                 The Sextant
      35   Canes Major-Argo                      Hathor, Laurels, Mother Earth        Canis Major*            The Big Dog
      36   Columba, Bough of Tree, Truth         Dove, Falcon, Son of God             Columba                 The Dove
      37   Phoenix                               Phoenix, Resurrection                Phoenix                 The Phoenix
      38   Orion                                 Son of Man, Cock Sure Fear           Orion*                  The Hunter
      39   Sculptor-Bastet                       Venus, Sensitivity, Dominion         Cetus-Sculptor          The Whale & Sculptor
      40   Pegasus-Great Square                  Word of God, Temple Door             Pegasus*                The Winged Horse
      41   Andromeda-Pegasus-Centaurus           Personal Sacrifice                   Andromeda*              Daughter of Cassiopeia
      42   Grus                                  Stork, Rebirth, Geb                  Grus                    The Crane (bird)
      43   Ophiuchus-Cepheus-Argo-Antlia         Ra, Father, Judge                    Ophiuchus*              The Serpent-Bearer
      44   Cepheus                               Chronos, Ruler of Time               Cepheus*                The King
      45   Argo-Antlia                           Pilot of Sun Boat                    Antlia                  The Air Pump
      46   Libra-Antinous                        I Balance, Trial of Youth            Libra*                  The Balance
      47   Virgo                                 I Analyze                            Virgo*                  The Maiden
      48   Coma Berenices                        Wheat, Manna, Seed of Tomorrow       Corona Borealis*        The Northern Crown
      49   Leo                                   I Will, Kingdom of Heaven            Leo*                    The Lion
      50   Corona Borealis-Leo Minor             Prince of Peace, Son of God          Corona Borealis*        The Northern Crown
      51   Hydra                                 Subliminal Cognition                 Hydra*                  The Water Snake (female)
      52   Taurus                                Abundance                            Taurus*                 The Bull
      53   Sculptor-Woman                        Human Love, Sentiment, Emotion       Cetus - Sculptor        The Whale-Sculptor
      54   Ara-Argo                              Physical Beginning, Instinct         Ara*                    The Altar
      55   Hydrus                                Compressed Wisdom                    Hydrus                  The Water Snake (male)
      56   Lepus                                 Intuitive Self, Selfishness          Lepus*                  The Hare
      57   Pleiades                              Seven Sisters, Feminine Spirits      Taurus*                 The Bull
      58   Aries                                 Rational Conviction, I Am Right      Aries*                  The Ram
      59   Great Square, Serpens                 Subliminal Word of God               Pegasus*                The Winged Horse
      60   Coma-Antinous                         New Aeon, Zion, Seventh Heaven       Coma Berenices          Berenice's Hair
      61   Cepheus                               Tyrannical Ruler, Chronos            Cepheus*                The King
      62   Great Square, Aries                   Rational Word of God                 Pegasus*                The Winged Horse
      63   Ptah, Rock of Andromeda, Sculptor     Creative Word, Law, Pure Light       Lacerta                 The Lizard
      64   Anubis, Lupus                         Materiality, Star Light              Lupus                   The Wolf
      65   Aries                                 I Am a Great Shepherd                Aries*                  The Ram
      66   Cygnus                                Satisfaction                         Cygnus*                 The Swan
      67   Eight Kings, Rational Bondage         Self Limiting Paradigms              Lacerta                 The Lizard
      68   Pavo                                  Thoth, Rational Wisdom               Pavo                    The Peacock
      69   Aries                                 I Am a Humble Shepherd               Aries*                  The Ram
      70   Serpens                               Seshat, Spiritual Wisdom             Serpens*                The Serpent
      71   Antinous                              Enlightenment, Solstice              Antinous                The Child in Swaddling Cloths
      72   Ara-Red Crown                         Wisdom of Experience                 Ara*                    The Altar
      73   Antinous                              Father Image, Tomorrow               Antinous                The Child in Swaddling Cloths
      74   Virgo Minor                           Mother Image, Today                  Virgo Minor             The Dream of Eternal Youth
           Letters A-Z and a-k represent 36 Decans and one Epagomenal period beginning with Instinctual Wisdom and Osiris.
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The Ring of Fire contains the Light that Shone Round About. The thirty-seven icons represent the decans of ancient Egypt in
number. And because they surround the inner cosmos, they reveal that Egypt was the Cosmos. Thus, from the Gnostic
perspective the Exodus from Egypt was the abandonment of reality. The Mesopotamians (Men from Ur) attempted to make the
whole universe rational in accordance with human knowledge. The consequence of such rational righteousness is the bondage
that keeps all men from reading the Signs of the Times. “I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the
book, neither to look thereon.” (Rev 5:4) In the Gnostic Temple to Hathor the Sacred Key to Universal Wisdom was placed at
the head of the Humble Shepherd. This is the Lamb that was sacrificed and reincarnated from the dead. At the head of the
Humble Shepherd (f) is the polar axis of the Earth. The Humble Shepherd stands between the author in the Hall of Records,
Thoth (e), and his consort, the Fairy Godmother of Egypt, the Pythoness Seshat (g), who represents the source of all wisdom. Her
wand with the seven pointed star under the inverted bovine horns means she is not real; she is the cause of reality when dreams
come true. Today, Seshat stands with her seven pointed crown and book on Liberty Island. Every day with her book in hand and
“The Kids” of the Good Shepherd riding the zenith, Seshat gazes along the Way of the Dead as the bow of Argo Navis sails
towards her with the Feather of Truth coming up over the horizon. Her light has always guided Cosmic Truth to Liberty. Dreams
do come true, and the great lady on Liberty Island proves that her light is the Light of the World, as above, so below.
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                                         THE LIGHT SHINING ROUND ABOUT
             And it came to pass, that, as I made my journey, and was come nigh unto Damascus about noon,
                       suddenly there shone from heaven a great light round about me. Acts 22:6

The 37 decans are displayed with the numbering sequences for Gnosis at the upper left corner of each box. The decan count for
the days of the year is at the lower left corner of each box. The sequence for evolving life is a letter at the lower right corner of
each box. Cosmic life cycles in opposition to the passing of the planets, and that is why the icons all circle counter clockwise
around the mandala. The experience of the last two thousand years has demonstrated that astrologers, scientists, and theologians
are loath to believe that the planets move backwards on the road between Egypt and Damascus. Astrologers, scientists, and
theologians killed the spirit of the precession of the equinoxes during the span of time when the child in swaddling cloths came
down to earth and King Herod denied the children of Bethlehem who would have been born in the years 0 BC and 0 AD. And
was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt
have I called my son. Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and
slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time
which he had diligently inquired of the wise men. Matt 2:15-16 A son was called Out of Egypt on the monument to the heavens
on the ceiling of the Osiris Chapel in the Temple to Hathor. It was her son, whose death and resurrection on the road to
Damascus restores life every autumn and spring, that also caused the Lunacy that followed when the Persians read the Rock of
Ages and bowed to the Light of the Moon, as the Sun lost its place in the Seven Heavens of Islam. For the next two thousand
years the Men from Nineveh would repress her emotions, and then Rev. 9:11 became history as Liberty was clouded by smoke
and debris from the Twin Towers in the Land of the Free.
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                                         THE GNOSIS SHINING ROUND ABOUT

To understand the Son who came Out of Egypt when Herod denied Mark Antony and Cleopatra and failed to keep proper track
of time as he betrayed the peoples of Holy Jerusalem, we need only read the metaphors in the icons of the Rock of Ages. And
then realize that this temple was constructed when Hipparchus was crowing about the number of the years in the precession of
the equinoxes. Subsequent to the betrayal of the goal of Hellenism, which was to provide a more “Perfect Union” of the
communities of the Greco-Egyptian world as a Communion of Heaven’s Manna, it was necessary for the Gnostic Wisdom to be
placed in a Hall of Darkness for two thousand years as arrogant Pythagorean science and Socratic philosophy proved that the
unbalanced love of wisdom cannot substitute for the cognition of truth. The Gnostic sequence of the Decans leads from the pillar
of Virginity (33) where the Vestal Virgin (34) fires her arrow toward rational righteousness and then it returns to the Mother’s
Throne (31) where the Creator (G) controls cognition and Man (H) controls his own thoughts. The Light of Khnum at the Stiff
Necked Ram (58) is passed on to seven suns as the apocalyptical message speaks, not of war, devastation, and Armageddon, but
of the Second Coming of Truth out of Egypt. After two thousand years, the Men from Ur have not given up their yearning to put
the Maternal Genetic Wisdom into bondage. Rather, the Men from Ur are in the final throws of a disastrous trepidation caused
when Adam misunderstood Eve and Abraham ran away for Ur in search of the Promised Land as he lied about his sister-wife.
This is the history of Western Civilization, and it is unfolding precisely on the schedule of the Decans of Egypt.

Now, six years after the Men from Ur sent brain washed puppets on a mission to save the demented dreams of the priests of Ur
by spilling the blood of many virgins on September 11, 2001, it is time to reveal the Truth that came out of Egypt when the sons
of Abraham ran away from Hathor’s child and Seshat’s wand. One cycle of the decans is 26,000 years and 36 decans. Two
cycles is the required number of years of death before a Muslim whose faithful to the Quran can complete the Way to the
72 Virgins. Islam, Christianity, Greek Hellenism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Egyptian Gnosis, all lead to the place in time
where First Mother will reveal the presence of First Father from her own mouth, as the Maya also predicted. They all witnessed
the winter solstice identified with the land of the Rising Sun. The Maya chose December 21, 2012 because then Time (Saturn)
would be born of Xmucane (Virgo) and her attic would provide the instruments for salvation of Hun Hunahpu. It is time for the
Lords of Xibalba and the Men from Ur to stand up and bear witness to Truth, as the Rock of Ages rolls away from the tomb of
Truth at the 1st of Aries. It is time to Let Truth Be Told.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                                    Page 11 of 18
Recently, the Temple at Delphi and the correlation of Pythonesses and Pythian Gods on the Denderah Zodiac became evident.
The evidence for the priests of Zeus-Amun taking a major part in the design of the Hathor temple and the icons is quite strong.
The correlation of the Man & Beast and Venus (53 & 39) at the place of Cetus means that Love came to Hades where the knot of
Pisces (10 & 17) touches the staff of Bastet (39). The objective of the Temples of Khnum was to "Create Men" out of Medusa's.
The Greeks at Delphi had the same goal; “know thy self.” The Sea of Reeds and Cetus are the Behemoth-Job that must be
overcome to achieve the Cornucopia at Capricorn. This is the message of the Sacrificial Lamb and the Scapegoat. The Scapegoat
(21) had the body of Cetus (20), and I never thought to look for the "side of Cetus" that was before the salvation until the Seven
Suns of Khnum revealed the Light on the Road. The story of Isis is that she saved her brother-husband from the abyss. It was her
sentiment that changed the abyss and united the mind and body of Osiris in the house of reincarnation at Capricorn. Remember,
it was Capricorn under the name of Almathea that suckled Zeus to avoid the ravages of time (Chronos).

             The Leviathan is the Crooked Serpent, which was Typhon, Tiamet, and the complete celestial Hydrus in which the
             Ben-ben had been passed from the head through to the tail where the Phoenix rises. The Denderah Zodiac shows
             the Leviathan as a Crooked Serpent under the "Cock & Foot" of Orion. Here is the essence of all who seek to learn
             of the Four Corners of Creation and the Great Circle within. A little bird receives the message from the Crooked
             Serpent, “Build a nest.” And a cocky man ventures forth with his tail between his legs and faith in life’s purpose.
             The meaning of Orion is based upon the Leviathan’s inspiration which makes the youth a Cocky Man. Over his
             right shoulder he holds a flail with his right hand and he wears a White Crown (virgin). These are all symbols of the
             Great Typhoness illustrated as Feminine Wisdom compressed into physical genetic intuition. Thus, the
“righteousness” of Orion is that of the Subliminal Female guided by the Vestal Virgins, Selket, Neith, Isis, and Nephthys at the
Four Corners. In his left hand he holds a Scepter of Flint with stoker and striker. This is the Supraliminal Male creative power.
He has yet to appreciate that it must be held with both hands and that is why he does not have the horns of Khnum. The Cocky
Man is not in control of his emotions, which are “puppy love” feelings that bind him to his twitterpating hormones..

On the zodiac note the common projection line of the staffs of Orion (38) and Ophiuchus (43) (Osiris and Ra). This says that the
Father and the Son are One. The crossed arms of the falcon men say the same thing. The father falcon looks back (clockwise).
The mother maiden looks back, as well, for they know history. The son falcon and the daughter maiden cannot look back inside
the square because they have no rational cognition to recall. The four regions of the mandala are earth, water, air, and fire from
the inside to the outside. The Wandering Ones are the neophytes on the path of Cosmic Truth, which is the direction of
precession. At the upper end of the common line of the two staffs is a baboon with a budding flower on its head. The baboon is
the genetic cosmic knowledge within man. Here is the starting point of each cycle of evolution, for this is the seedling from the
stars and the budding flower identifies the baboon as the Waters of Life. On the other side of the altar is Osiris, the collective
unconscious that Carl Jung indicated could be recalled without cognitive experience. This is how Osiris reincarnates the dead.

The line of the staffs to the Sun Disc on the Altar of Instincts says, "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy
kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." "Father in heaven" is clearly demonstrated by Ra-Ophiuchus and
Osiris at the Altar of Instinctive Light. "Hallowed be thy name" is demonstrated by the bow shot of Selket over the Earth
(Hathor) through the feet of Jupiter (take off thy shoes) through the double crown of Horus (true experience) through the White
Crown of Orion (virgin experience) through the striker of the scepter of flint (love power) through the fore legs of Taurus
(physical progress) into the sun disc on the head of the stiff necked ram (name of the father, rational righteousness). First Father
is true rational intent. That is why the four maidens stand on the corners of the square cosmos of rational creation. The perfect
irrational dream is Cosmic Love by Father Nature, which can only come to mortals through the medium of Mother Nature.

      December 21, 2012, Mother Nature will reveal Father Nature on the Road to Damascus as Virgo gives birth to Time.
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Revelation 5:1-7
  And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. 2And I saw a
strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? 3And no man in heaven, nor in
earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon. 4And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to
open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. 5And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. 6And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and
of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven
Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. 7And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. 8And when
he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials
full of odours, which are the prayers of saints. 9And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals
thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; 10And hast
made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                                   Page 13 of 18

             If we then extend the "bow shot" around the Circle of Fire landing at the "discs" on the heads
             of the Decans we find that they reveal the path to Manhood, which is Khnum's power to
             create the Light on the Road to Damascus. There are Seven Sun Discs, and the disc on the
             stiff necked ram represents the eighth. This is the Creator of Rationalization that must be sent
             to perdition if Manhood is to be accomplished. In other words, if we allow the Teacher of
             Rational Cognition to be in control, we cannot rise to the Light of a Man, for a true Man is
             Self Created. After Self Creation, Khnum is recreated by the 7th Sun.
                The Seven Seals of the Lamb and the Seven Suns are these.

             1st Sun: Altar of four rams with the disc on the Shofar horns of Khnum. This is the altar
             of rationalized instincts that replaces the subliminal instincts at the altar of four serpents. Note
             that the Man & Beast walk this line. These are the Wandering Ones who cross the Reed Sea
             from Egypt into the Wilderness of Zin. Also, not that the subliminal beings are broad
             shouldered, suggesting controlling instincts. The three stars correlate to the astral lights,
             Father, Mother, Son, and the spirit beings are the elements, earth, water, air, fire.

              2nd Sun: Disc on the horns of Khnum on the head of the Great Shepherd
             that is satisfied with control of others (swan – eight bondmen). This line
             passes through the Ptah headed child (63 yarmulke) and the ears of the jackal
             meaning rational material laws. These are the Tables of Mount Sinai. Note
             that Aquarius (18) stands on the rationalized group of twelve stars above the
             Swan, meaning that Persian astrology was forcing salvation into twelve
             houses. The monument puts a headless man (41) walking on all fours in the
             face of Aquarius to say fatalistic astrology made an ass of man.

             3rd Sun: Disk on the man ahead of the Typhoness. This is the "light on
             the road at noon." The Typhoness is Seshat and the arrow behind her head is
             the "North Arrow" that points to Polaris-Sirius on Mother Earth-Hathor. This
             is the place where orientation results in comprehension of the light. The line
             passes through the atef crown on the head of Thoth. There is the Lamb that
             reads the Book of Seven Seals in the hand of the angel in Revelation 5:1-6.
             And the disc headed man on the winter solstice of the planisphere has a direct
             correlation to Quetzalcoatl and the Maya prediction for December 21, 2012.

             4th Sun: The next line passes to the disk on the Khnum horns on the "head of a beast" on
             the Altar of Instincts. The line passes through the atef crown on the "knowledgeable man"
             under Centaurus-Sagittarius and the flower on the head of the baboon. The line joins the Fire
             Boat at Sagittarius with the Water Boat at the Baboon. This line unites the Vision of the
             Cycle of Life and it restores Osiris (collective unconscious) to the individual who passes
             beyond the light and sees the crystal clear river of life. This is the double purpose raft of the
             centaur Chiron that carries lost souls across the River Styx to salvation.

             5th Sun: This disc has a serpent symbol for Ra as the Creator's Light. The
             disk is on the head of a falcon indicating that it is passive cognition of Ra by
             the recognition of Osiris and the Baboon. This disk presents the After Life in
             the Future. This is what the initiate (27) had expected to gain on the journey
             with the Shemsu Hor (Followers of Horus 36). At the entrance to the
             Judgment Hall, initiates who get hung up on the "cognition of Ra" fail to see
             that Ra desires an heir, not a righteous neophyte who has no cognitive control
             on Judgment Day. Priests, Rabbis and Mullahs can be found here.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                                   Page 14 of 18

                6th Sun: This is a Ra Disc on the head of a man under the book (pulpit) of
                Sekhmet, the Teacher of Righteousness, Lion of Judah, Great Sphinx. This
                Word of God enlightens Man by passive cognition. The line passes between
                Sekhmet and a Man with a red crown and the horns of Khnum. This means that
                Sekhmet is resting her righteousness on human rational experience and she has
                the inspiration of human creative enlightenment; i.e., religious motives for the
                path of the Son of God. Priests, Rabbis, and Mullahs, pontificate from
                Sekhmet’s pulpit.

                7th Sun: This is the last disk and it is on a falcon headed man with the horns of Khnum.
                The disk is a Ra Disk, and it is the foundation of the throne of the Queen Mother who is
                teaching history to the child on her knee. This Ra Disk is the foundation of history. The other
                leg of the throne of History is a man with the atef crown of Osiris and it means that the
                journey man is in control of history. The Beast and Man are now a Founding Father of
                History. True history is the journey of the God-Father. The God has six stars and the Father
                has three stars, which count the City of Nine, over which Thoth, the angel with the book, is
                the Master. The God of Cognition and the Man of Recognition have become One.

                The cycle from White Crown Falcon (1) to Atef Crown Man (37) is the cycle of human
                culture. It all begins when the Maiden motivates the Cocky Man to follow his genes and do
                the Right Thing. This journey of righteousness has many pitfalls but if the Cocky Man relies
                on Compressed Wisdom of the genes of the mother as he walks with mother’s flail and
                father’s staff, he will become a man with a legacy for eternal life. His destiny is to become
                His Story. When the grandmothers speak with the voice of First Mother, then First Father will
                come forth from her mouth as the glorious God-Father returns.

                     The journey of the Bow Shot began at the falcon-man without the horns of Khnum who
                     is the pillar of the throne of the Virgin Mother with the vials of delayed gratification. It
                     proceeds to the foundation of the throne of the Historical Mother. In words, this is the
                     Virgin path toward “grand” parenthood. The journey begins with the ambition of Selket,
                     the Maiden, who "knows not a man" and encircles the field in a Great Circle to the
                     Crone, who "knows all men" and speaks to a child of First Father. The journey of “grand
                     parenthood” is a journey of 72 Decans, for personal responsibility is insufficient.
                     Responsibility must be passed on to become a Grand Parent.

The journey of the Mother’s Son is through the rivers of Egypt at Orion on the road to Damascus at Sagittarius through Holy
Jerusalem, where the Vernal Sun begins to rise. When the Mother’s Son returns to Bethlehem, he does so as a God Father. This
Journey of the Soul has been the sacred Tree of Life throughout the world wherever the Manna from Heaven has been tasted.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                Page 15 of 18


Throughout my 65 years cognition has been triggered that turned out to be profound. I never had control of
cognition, but over the years I gained control of recognition and I saw the light. The image of the Denderah
Zodiac ceiling was put together to use as a mandala on the wall of the study room for my kids. In putting it
together I revisited the line at the staff of Orion and realized that I was attempting to unconsciously guide
the kids toward the Lion's Gate. Then I realized that something was blocking the way of Orion and my kids
might hear the blocking message rather than the Leviathan's message in Selket’s bow shot.

I have known that Selket’s arrow hit the disc on the Stiff Necked Ram and that the maiden bending her
knees to the Stiff Necked Ram represented the repression of the Medusa Pillar of Maternal Emotion,
mother love. When I drew the line of Selket's Bow Shot I was aware that this was not the Bow in the Cloud
that Yahweh presented to Noah, which is in the hands of Sagittarius. Selket's Bow Shot is fired from the
Harlot of Babylon at Regulus with the temptations and inspirations of puppy love. She has Cupid’s bow,
and mother love is repressed as the boy seeks to become a man at the entrance to the temple of self identity.

Releasing my cognitive control, I let the arrow's path bounce from one disc to the next. Then counted the
discs and found eight. The Book of Revelation had the objective of preserving the revelations encoded on
the Denderah Zodiac. The result was that I saw the "light that shone round about" in the form of seven
candle sticks. That light begins with Selket's Bow Shot and it encircles the Decans, which are the "Lights
Round About" that provided the ancients with the time of day and the day of the year and the year of the
years. They are located on the road to Damascus at the conjunction of the winter solstice and the galactic
crossing called the Gateway of Gods. The Seven Suns reveal the Seven Spirits of God, which are the
central revelation of the Book of Revelation. These Seven Suns are also the same Seven Days of Genesis,
for in the wisdom of Cosmic Gnosis, a day is a period of enlightenment. Enlightenment comes as psychic
excitation from the Medusa First Mother when it reveals First Father as Cosmic Intent. Mortals do not
control cognition within the gateway of First Mother, but through her flooding waters they can recall
cognition as the Sacrificial Lamb of “Am I Me” learns to read the Signs of the Times without repression of
mystifying emotions.

On the day of the 7th Sun the Pythian God can rest, as was the case in Genesis, as the Pythian Man goes
into the Land of the 72 Virgins, where the Light Shines Round About. The destiny is a virgin child who sits
on a flower wondering, “Am I Me,” as the Manna from Heaven enters his mouth as divine agape love from
ancestors. The maternal temple to Hathor is revealing to its faithful that children hear what they love and
deny what they fear. As such, true love does not come as the lioness, Sekhmet, it comes as the sacred cow,
Hathor. She, as consort to the Sun, Amun-Re, is Mother Earth, and her child is the falcon, Horus. It is
Horus that is cognition of truth, and the only begotten son of the Divine Father-Mother Cosmocrater.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                   Page 16 of 18

Where the image shows the 7th Sun and the day God rested, the line turns from the decan circle and goes
through the Throne of History and the staff of Sebek (Uranus) to the Eye of Aries. This is the end of the
line of the quest for personal identity. The Eye of Aries is the end of “Am I Me.” It is the culmination of the
statement above the door of the Greek Temple in Delphi that declared the fundamental tenet, “Know thy
self.” When we die and go to Heaven we lose the power of self cognition as we become history. The Way
of the Dead requires Reincarnation (5&6) at the Flower Child (60), whose mouth is on the line of the staff
of Sebek. That line also identifies the celestial pole of the earth on the Denderah Zodiac (e = earth pole, s =
solar pole, c = center). The implication is that History repeats itself and Eternal Life is the Cosmic Plan that
aligns the earth. When a neophyte achieves the state of holistic self gnosis, the neophyte becomes cognizant
of the destiny of life, and that destiny is the next generation, or Heaven’s Child. It is just an imaginary
essence to a virgin mother, but it is the ultimate miracle of Seshat. For when a virgin stretches the cord with
Seshat, they can cause the imaginary to become real.

The Pythian Man at the front leg of the throne of history does not finish the journey at the entrance to the
"Hall of Records." The Pythian Man goes the "Way of the 72 Virgins" and starts a new process of
cognition, a New World Order, a new quest “Am I Me.” This is the Lion's Gate on Mother Earth, Hathor,
where Jupiter stands. The choice under the throne is to become history, or to make history. The risk in
becoming history is that the Flower Children will reject the manna from the ancestors, as the last two to
three millennia have demonstrated. The risk of making history is that the path may lead to personal failure.
When human civilization cannot pass on the Word of God as written on the Cosmic Wall, then civilization
has experienced an incomprehensible collective failure. It was the anticipation of repressive egocentric fear
that empowered the ancients to build their magnificent towers, temples, pyramid complexes, and
necropolises. They saw the way that the rationalizing mind of man was evolving and they laid the
foundation for the mind of man to overcome egocentric loss of Cosmic Cognition in their monuments.

Regardless of the path chosen at the Throne of History, stepping out in faith is the way of Rostau, where a
Cocky Man wanders in bewilderment with Free Will and the hope that love will come to him should he fall
into the cosmic pits, for love never fails. The Sea Monster, Cetus, which is the Behemoth of Job, belongs
under Aries. But, the monument designers placed Venus at the location of Cetus. The message should be
profoundly clear. They were presenting the image of the Cosmos after Love calmed the turbulent waters
and the Second Coming of the Christ Child. The two icons walking above the Four Spirits (59) and
Heaven’s Child (60) represent the planet Venus as an Evening Star (53) and as a Morning Star (39). It is for
that reason that the staff of Sebek, First father, projects through the Morning Star (39) of Venus. To all of
Heaven’s Children the intention of the composition of the icons on the table prepared in the upper room at
the Temple to Hathor says:

       “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines
       in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” 2 Peter 1:19

       “I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the
       keys of Hades and of Death.” Rev. 1:18

       And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of
       the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. Rev. 21:21

       “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the
       Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.” Rev. 22:16
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                                      Page 17 of 18


                                      Revelation 13:16-18 (King James Version)
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their
foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is
Six hundred threescore and six.

The light that shone round about the circular zodiac was decoded using guidance from Revelation 13:16-18. Each icon, whether
man or beast was evaluated at the head and at the right hand, where right is the viewer’s right. They tell a story that has been told
in temples throughout the earth for tens of thousands of years. The story is, “Know Thy Self” and “Do the Right Thing.” This is
the destination of Selket’s arrow. The enlightenments at the foreheads of the icons in the great circle have been presented above.
As for the hands, they tell a conjoining story that is clearly Egyptian and Cosmic. It is the story of Osiris and Isis and the destiny
of the First Father of Egypt to become a pillar in a kingdom of books. Western Civilization, from the Himalayas to the Atlantic
Ocean and across the New World to the Pacific shores of the Andes, has followed the story of Osiris and Isis in numerous forms.
Here is how the story is told in the stars at the right hands of the icons on the Great Circle of the Denderah Zodiac.
Denderah Zodiac, 2012 Baktun 13, Light Around the Road to Damascus, 7/23/2007                                   Page 18 of 18

                                                      Righteousness of Group
           This is the Ka Inspired Dream, which is the will of God entering the medium of Cosmic Maternity across the
           Lion's Gate where eternal will transcends virgin feelings.

           These are the last two decan count icons. Decan 36 has two stars at the head indicating the rational count. Decan
   Beta    37 has two stars at the hand indicating irrational count. Decan 37 is the five day epagomenal period when the
           children of Nut and Geb were born of the spirit of the stars around Orion and Sirius.

           The Crooked Serpent and Stiff Necked Ram are the irrational and rational bounds at the entrance to the Temple of
           Rational Manhood.

           Two man icons carry the sacred trinity of three in one; Father, Mother, Child, are One. The Father is Intent. The
  Delta    Mother is Medium. The Child is Cognition. Communication fails if all three do not act in Unison, regardless of
           created essence. Thus, these properties are limits upon the Almighty Creator, as well as the mortal creature.

           This is the body of Osiris that is cut to pieces by rationalizing mind at the Gemini-Taurus gateway of men and
           restored by wisdom of the heart as true sentiment at Capricorn-Sagittarius and the gateway of gods. Seth, as
 Epsilon   rationalizing mind puts experiences into perfect fitting boxes and sends them down “streams of consciousness”
           where they become the Book of Life in a Kingdom of Books. Isis, desiring the sentiment of her experiences
           searches for and reassembles the parts of the Body of Osiris and reincarnates her sentiment.

           These represent the pieces of the body of Osiris in transition from controlling irrational emotions to dominating
           rational emotions. The rational mind is symbolized as a broad shouldered lord with no head and no hands. Rev.
           13:17 specifically forbids this tyrannical lord from operating within the realm of Chosen Ones who are marked by
           head and hand; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark.

           Tyrannical control of personal emotions results in fully rationalizing the stars and bondage of the human
           imagination. This bonded condition is the result of arrogant repression of feelings and ultimately loss of access to
           the creative sensations. The fatalism of Zoroastrian Astrology is represented by the eight bound men, and the swan
           with the stars in a “perfect fitting box” tell us that tyrannical leaders are satisfied by placing others in bondage.

           These icons present the Creator as cognition. The eighth is the egocentric Son of Man, who must go into perdition
           in order to restore Divine Presence of Mind. Man is God, but man is mortal and all power available to man comes
           through cognition of the senses and the spirits that are fully in the command of God. When man gives control of
           cognition to God, man has access to the Lion's Gate where mortal will and eternal will are one through
           transcendent feelings. This is the Hall of Judgment, where the mortal being judges itself to be divine while mortal
           and chooses to be an heir to the cognition of God as the proper reasoning of the heart. The man pays attention
           holistically, rather than personally, and the child takes his finger from his own mouth. If being an heir to God's
           cognition is not the outcome of the mortal’s decision, then the mortal vanishes from the rational perception into
           perdition, perhaps to come again as a newly reincarnated self after a journey to “some day isle” in the belly of
           Tauret, the mother of cosmic time.

        After man gives control of cognition to God, man has access to the Lion's Gate where Divine Will acts through the
        mortal will. The feelings are communications from the senses that result in emotional recall and rational recall. If
        man usurps control of cognition, then the senses are cut off from cognitive communication. Feelings and emotions
        become a tempest struggling to "make sense" of the resulting chaos that comes without communicating with the
        senses. It is a reincarnation of the created medium as the Alpha Alpha, the first of the first, and First Father. This is
        the place of the Horus of Two Horizons. The staff of Sebek (First Father) leads across the Cosmos to Heaven’s
        Child, and the mortal soul lives within the soul of the offspring in the “hereafter” upon the child’s Second Coming.

        This icon presents the Divine Man as master of recognition who is capable of another journey with the 72 Virgins.
        Here a mortal has control of memories and listens to every cognitive event as if it were a virgin event. Life
  Alpha proceeds on a spiral, not a circle, and each rational comprehension of the past is imperfectly aligned with later
 OMEGA similar comprehension. Judgment based upon righteousness ceases because there is no prior righteousness that
        must be met for approval of a virgin cognition. The virgin cognition is accepted unconditionally because a mortal
        that has thought control would never turn away from loving cognition toward perdition.

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