Chefs of RodnReelcom by leader6


These two young men are my grandchildren. On the left is
Charlie Breath and on the right is Corbin Altese. These fish were
caught December 31, 2002, in Bayou Caddy, Lakeshore, MS.
Chuck Breath, proud grandfather, Bay St. Louis, MS
                                     Index                               315

Amos’s Ducks—Will Loe, 178               Big Red’s Venison Roast—Billy Good,
Angie’s Curried Duck—Chris Vasold,          183
   224                                   Bill’s Salad Dressing—Bill Neff, 59
Artichoke and String Bean                Black Rosemary Tenderloin—Frank
   Casserole—Alison Lane, 236               Dungan, 188
Aunt Vickie’s Sweet Potatoes—Vince       Blackberry Ice Cream—Chad
   Catalano, 241                            Gilchrist, 264
                                         Bo’s Favorite Bones—Sandra Conner,
Bachelor’s Pie—Frank Dungan, 263            289
Bacon-Wrapped Amberjack “Loin”—          Bread Pudding with Glazed Top—
   Scott Zainey, 128                        Alison Lane, 257
Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breasts—              Breakfast Burritos—Lee Ferraro, 21
   David Gerhardt, 174                   Breakfast Casserole—Bill McCrary, 18
Bait-Shrimp Salad—Chad Gilchrist, 65     Breakfast Pizza—Bill McCrary, 18
Baked Oysters—Bill Miller, 37            Breakfast-Sausage Cheese Biscuits—
Baked Squash—Frank Dungan, 235              GlennB, 17
Banana Nut Bread—Debbie King, 103        Breakfast Squares—Frank Dungan, 19
Bang Bang Shrimp à la Bonefish           Broccoli and Rice Casserole—Liz
   Grill—Rocke Roy, 50                      Foster, 237
Barbecued Brisket—Pat Whitehead,         Buttermilk Skillet Cornbread—
   202                                      Sandra Conner, 101
Barbecued Redfish—Gerald Roberts,
   112                                   Caesar Salad—Gayle Rhode, 60
Barbecued Shark—Jeff Bruhl, 129          Cahill’s Seafood Casserole—Charlie
Bayley’s Original West Indies Salad—        Cahill, 152
   Charlie Gray, 39                      Cajun Crab Cakes with Blood
BBQ Whole Chicken and Venison—              Orange Butter Sauce—Mike Lane,
   John Engert, 181                         164
Beer Bread—Corliss Williams, 99          Cajun Tartar Sauce—Richard Hymel,
Beer Bread—Joe Williams, 99                 250
Bell Peppers Stuffed with Crawfish       Camp Stew—Mike Sistrunk, 190
   and Andouille Cornbread               Campfire Flounder—Mike Lane, 143
   Dressing—Scott Zainey, 239            Cashew-Crusted Catfish with Tomato-
Best Bread and Butter Pickles—              Basil Cream—Mike Lane, 117
   Sandra Conner, 276                    Cedar Plank Fish—Robert Lamb and
Best Fig Preserves—Frank Dungan,            son Leyton Lamb, 118
   276                                   Ceviche—Max Pace, 46
Best Fried Trout—Glen Nephew             Cheesy Broiled Flounder—Ed
   (GlennB), 131                            Williams, 140
Best Redfish Appetizer—Frank             Chef Landry’s Collard Greens—Will
   Dungan, 42                               Loe, 238
Best Simple Trout I’ve Ever              Citrus Speckled Trout—David
   Cooked—Vince Catalano, 130               Gerhardt, 133
316               THE CHEFS OF RODNREEL.COM

CMT Cornbread—Gene Duhé, 100         Duck Pot Stickers—Mike Lane, 34
Coconut Orange Shrimp—Al             Duck Ravioli—Chad Gilchrist, 194
   Domescik, 51                      Duck Sausage Patties—Al Domescik,
Coconut Shrimp—Mike Lane, 159          229
Coffee Liqueur—Debbie King, 285      Duck with Creamy Horseradish-
Corn and Black Bean Salsa—Geoffrey     Rosemary Sauce—Jeffrey L. Danby,
   J. Rhode, 250                       175
Corn and Crawfish Soup—Pee Wee,
   81                                Easy Deer Chili—Liz Foster, 88
Crab and Shrimp Cream Sauce—Lee      Easy Homemade Mints—Cynthia
   Ferraro, 251                         Beach, 267
Crab and Shrimp Puffs—Lee Ferraro,   Easy Medallions of Venison—Frank
   41                                   Dungan, 186
Crab Cakes—Cindy and Eddie Martin,   Easy Shrimp and Corn Soup—Staci
   163                                  Warner, 82
Crab Claw Mardi Gras—Lonnie          Easy Speckled Trout—Frank Dungan,
   Rodrigue, 40                         129
Crab Mold—Lee Ferraro, 39            Easy Spicy Venison Loaf—Frederick
Crawfish Bread—Mike Lane, 102           Cagle, 191
Crawfish Etouffée—Pee Wee, 89        End of the Summer Pickles—Sandra
Crawfish Fajita Soup—Roz, 82            Conner, 277
Crawfish or Shrimp Jambalaya in
   Rice Cooker—Joe Williams, 151     Fall-Off-the-Bone Ribs—Frank
Creole Tomato, Vidalia Onion, and       Dungan, 206
   Provolone Cheese—Geoffrey J.      Fire and Ice Pickles—Cynthia Beach,
   Rhode, 62                            277
Crispy Hot Wings—Mike Lane, 220      Fish Juan—John Stephens, 137
Crockpot™ Duck or Venison            Fishing Trip Casserole—Lyle Johnson,
   Roast—Capt. Brent Roy, 180           138
Crunchy Fish Filets—Frank Dungan,    Flaming Grilled Duck—Robert Taylor,
   119                                  32
                                     Fluffy Fried Shrimp—Mike Lane, 54
Deep-Fried Wild Turkey Breast—       Frank’s Crystal™ Wings—Frank
   Mike Sistrunk, 173                   Dungan, 219
Devil’s Cocktail—GlennB, 282         French Spinach Bread—Jeffrey L.
Diana’s Chicken Stew—Joe Williams,      Danby, 101
   87                                Fresh Snapper or Redfish on the
Dirty Britches: “Paper Cup              Half-Shell—Sandra Conner, 115
   Martini”—Blake Champion, 284      Fried and Smothered Rabbit(s)—
Dock Rocker—David Thompson, 283         Frank Dungan, 197
Dorado Surf—Rocke Roy, 284           Fried Fish Nuggets—Pat Whitehead,
Dove Poppers—Frank Dungan, 36           145
Drunk Chicken—Bill McCrary, 215      Fried Frog Legs—Mike Lane, 146
                                    Index                                317

Frog Legs with Mushrooms and            Hot-Dog Relish—Sandra Conner, 278
   Green Peppers—Mike Lane, 148
                                        Jacked-up Backstrap—Max Mayeaux,
Garlic and White Bean Dip—Mike              185
   Lane, 28                             Jake’s Dog Biscuits—Sandra Conner,
Garlic Soup—Al Domescik, 83                 289
Ginny’s Steamed Shrimp—Glen             Jalapeno and Corn Cornbread—
   Nephew (GlennB), 154                     Mike Lane, 100
Gourmet GoosyGobblerPheas—              Jalapeno Black-Eyed Peas Dip—Chris
   Sandra Conner, 179                       Francis, 28
Grandma Leeper’s Barbecue               Jalapeno Dove Poppers—Blake
   Sauce—Cynthia Beach, 249                 Champion, 35
Grandma’s Eggnog—Cynthia Beach,         Jalapeno Jelly—Debbie King, 274
   281                                  Japanese 7 Spice (Shichimi
Granny’s Marinated Crab Salad—              Togarashi)—Mike Lane, 254
   Glen Chatelain, 63                   Jean’s Redfish Filets—Grey Duck, 109
Green Bean Casserole—Liz Foster, 237    Jelly—Jeff Bruhl, 272
Grilled Asparagus—Mike Lane, 237        Jerky—Jeff Bruhl, 230
Grilled Dove Breast—Bill McCrary,       Joe’s Family BBQ Sauce—Joe Gallo,
   169                                      249
Grilled Duck Bites—Rusty Parsons,       Joseph’s Jambalaya—Joe Gallo, 210
Grilled Green Onions—Mike Lane,         King’s Quail—Frank Dungan, 171
Grilled Oysters on the Half-Shell—      Laura’s Carrot Cake—Bill Miller, 263
   Richard Hymel, 150                   Leon’s Louisiana Grilled Avocado
Grilled Redfish—Liz Foster, 107            Seafood Salad with Roasted
Grilled Shrimp and Asparagus—Lee           Garlic-Jalapeno Dressing—Leon J.
   Ferraro, 160                            Touzet III, 64
Grits Casserole—Bill McCrary, 17        Liquid Gold Crawfish and Corn
Gulf Fish Supreme—Jeffrey L. Danby,        Soup—Jim Henry, 80
   124                                  Lola B’s Ham Barbecue—Joe
                                           Williams, 205
Hard Sauce (for Bread Pudding)—         Low-Fat Pumpkin Bread—Cynthia
  Alison Lane, 258                         Beach, 104
Hogshead Cheese without the
  Hogshead—Mike Lane, 232               Mama Doll Ducks—Will Loe, 177
Honey Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp—             Mamaw’s Cornbread Dressing with
  Dewayne Kennison, 52                    Oysters—Staci Warner, 244
Hot Chocolate Mix—Liz Foster, 281       Mamaw’s Homemade Pimento
Hot Crab Dip—Gene Duhé, 27                Cheese—Staci Warner, 55
Hot-Dog Chili for a Crowd—Cynthia       Mame’s Stuffed Macaroni—Alison
  Beach, 204                              Lane, 212
318              THE CHEFS OF RODNREEL.COM

Mango Salsa de Cristobal—Chris        Pecan-Crusted Wahoo with Lemon-
  Vasold, 43                             Butter Sauce—Al Domescik, 122
Marilyn Monroe Cocktail—GlennB, 283   Pecan Pie—Liz Foster, 262
Marinated Venison Roast—Gerald        Pecan-Smoked Rib Eye—Rob Dupont,
  Roberts, 184                           203
Mexican-Style Snapper—Al Domescik,    Peel-Easy Boiled Shrimp—Capt.
  116                                    Tommy Pellegrin, 154
Miss Ida’s Crabmeat au Gratin—Staci   Pepper Jelly—Gerold Flotte (Robert
  Warner, 165                            Couch, Chef), 275
Mixed-Meat Stew—Sandra Conner, 85     Pickled Eggs—Chad Gilchrist, 278
Momma Duhé’s Spinach Salad—           Plum Jelly—Liz Foster, 273
  Gene Duhé, 61                       Poor Man’s Ceviche—Vince Catalano,
Mushroom Shrimp—Liz Foster, 153          47
                                      “Popeye” Murphy’s Rabbit
Nailin’ It Hogshead Cheese—Jim           Jambalaya—Mud Boy, 195
  Henry, 231                          Potato Casserole—Cynthia Beach, 240
N’Awlins-Style Oysta Dressin’ for     Potato Casserole—Lonnie Rodrigue, 240
  Turkey—Charlie Cahill, 246          Potato-Crusted Sheepshead—Jason
New Orleans French Bread—Mike            Branch aka Chocolate Head, 119
  Michon, 97                          Praline Sauce—Alison Lane, 266
“No” Fish Stock—Frank Dungan, 253     Pralines—Joe Williams, 265
                                      Pseudo Crabmeat—Barnacle Bill, 120
Old Man’s Banana Hotcakes—Cindy       Punch—Liz Foster, 282
  and Eddie Martin, 22
One-Hour Barbecued Chicken—           Quail Casserole—Liz Foster, 172
  Doug Tatman, 216                    Quail Mamee over Baked Potatoes—
Oyster-Artichoke Soup—Kenny and         Roy Stubenrauch, 172
  Sheila Vincent, 80
Oyster Pie—Cynthia Beach, 149         Rabbit and Rice—John Cockrell, 195
Oysters in a Pan—Jeff Bruhl, 38       Randy’s Whole-Wheat Dog Treats—
Oysters without Hope—Glen Nephew         Alison Lane, 290
  (GlennB), 148                       “Rats”—Jeffrey L. Danby, 31
                                      Red Bean Gumbo—Gene Duhé, 79
Pan-Seared Trout with Oyster Cream    Red Wine Strawberry Jam—Chad
   Sauce over Grit Cakes—Blake           Gilchrist, 271
   Champion, 136                      Redfish on the Half-Shell—Mike
Parmesan-Coated Redfish—Mike             Lane, 108
   Lane, 113                          Redfish on the Half-Shell—Roz, 107
Pastalaya—Gene Duhé, 211              Rice-Pot Bird—Chris Francis, 216
Pecan-Crusted Snapper—Gary            Rice-Pot Dove—Chris Francis, 169
   Falgout, 114                       Roasted Whole Venison Loin with
Pecan-Crusted Speckled Trout—Sean        Red Wine Sauce—Blake
   Rabeaux, 135                          Champion, 189
                                  Index                                  319

RodnReel Cajun Gumbo—Mike             Simple Speck or White Trout
  Lane, 76                               Filets—Sandra Conner, 130
Roux—Gerald Roberts, 69               Sloppy Joe—GlennB, 282
Roux in a Microwave—Gerald Roberts,   Slow-Cooked Brisket—Paul and
  70                                     LaGina Bartlett, 201
Roz’s Seafood Gumbo—Roz, 78           Smoked Duck and Andouille
Rummmm Runnnners—Vince                   Gumbo—Bill Healy, 71
  Catalano, 283                       Smoked Tuna—Al Domescik, 127
                                      Smothered Ducks—Frederick Cagle,
Sandy’s Seasoned Salt—Sandra             176
   Conner, 253                        Smothered Potatoes—Pee Wee, 93
Sauce for Bread Pudding—Alison        Southern Fried Venison—Frank
   Lane, 258                             Dungan, 187
Sauce Piquante—Gerald Roberts, 92     Southwest Game Pie—Frank Dungan,
Sausage-Philly Dip—Cynthia Beach,        198
   27                                 Spiced Pecans—Sandra Conner, 32
Sausage-Shrimp Jambalaya—Cynthia      Spinach and Artichoke Casserole—
   Beach, 151                            Alison Lane, 236
Scottish Oat Scones—Alison Lane, 19   Spoon Burgers—Frank Dungan, 204
Seafood Courtbouillon—Scott Zainey,   Squirrels and Dumplings—“Low
   91                                    Fat”—Frank Dungan, 196
Seafood Creole—Gerald Roberts, 161    Stuffed Flounder—Capt. Mike Gallo,
Seafood Etouffée—Gerald Roberts, 90      141
Seafood Quiche—Richard Hymel, 162     Stuffed Flounder—Jeff Bruhl, 142
Sesame Tuna Salad—Chad Gilchrist,     Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers—Ron
   66                                    Messa, 31
Sherry’s Balsamic Vinaigrette—Chad    Stuffed Roasted Quail—Frank
   Gilchrist, 59                         Dungan, 170
Shrimp and Cheese Grits—Charlie       Sun-Dried Tomato Grouper—Al
   Gray, 23                              Domescik, 123
Shrimp and Peppers Ya Ya—Mike         Sunflower Slaw—Cynthia Beach, 63
   Lane, 153                          Sweet and Spicy Jerky—Gene Duhé, 231
Shrimp and Squash Casserole—Roz,      Sweet Potato Casserole—Liz Foster,
   158                                   241
Shrimp Ceviche—Ron Messa, 47          Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Bread—
Shrimp Mold—Bruce Hoffman, 48            Corliss Williams, 103
Shrimp Remoulade—Kenny and            Sweet Potato Pie—Bill McCrary, 262
   Sheila Vincent, 50
Shrimp Stock—Mike Lane, 252           Taco Dip—William Stanczak, 29
Shrimp-Stuffed Bell Peppers—Clint     Taco Soup—Joe Williams, 84
   Caballero, 157                     Tamale Casserole—Liz Foster, 205
Shrimp-Stuffed Potatoes—Charlie       Teacakes—Frank Dungan, 264
   Gray, 156                          Tempura Batter—Mike Lane, 254
320               THE CHEFS OF RODNREEL.COM

Texas Caviar—Cynthia Beach, 30          Venison Sausage—Capt. Tommy
Texas Caviar—Ron Messa, 29                Pellegrin, 229
Texas Torte—Frank Dungan, 30            Venison Spaghetti Sauce—Pat
Tomato Pie—Cynthia Beach, 242             Whitehead, 190
Trout Meunière—Capt. Randy
   Brownlee, 134                        “What Is This?” Appetizer—Frank
Trout Topped with Crabmeat—Roz,            Dungan, 33
   132                                  Whiskey Sauce—Chad Gilchrist, 259
Tuna Tataki—Billy Good, 126             White Chocolate Bread Pudding—
Tuna Tataki—Mike Lane, 45                  Chad Gilchrist, 259
Tuna, Thai Style—David M. Trahan,       White Chocolate Bread Pudding—
   126                                     Mike Lane, 260
Turducken Pot Pie, 225                  White Chocolate Pecan Pie—Chad
Turkey Cookies—Alison Lane, 265            Gilchrist, 261
Turkey Frying—Gerald Roberts, 221       W. L. Hillman’s All-Meat Stew—
Turkey Gumbo—Gerald Roberts, 74            Frank Dungan, 86

UGLI™ Duckling—Mike Lane, 223           Yo-Zuri Charlie’s Gumbo Recipe—
Ultimate Venison Meatloaf—Sean             Charlie Smith, 72
   Rabeaux, 192                         Yummy Cranberry Relish—Cynthia
Uncle Vic’s Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp           Beach, 243
   for Dummies—Vic Roy, 53
Uncle Vic’s Sautéed Shrimp—Vic          Zippy Scrambled Eggs—Mike Lane, 20
   Roy, 155                             Zucchini Parmesan—David
                                           Thompson, 235
Venison Roast—Glenda Britton, 182


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