AENEIDVOCdoc - 3 arma-arms by leader6


									arma-arms                       quo-what
virum-man                       numine-divinity
---que-and                      laeso-harmed,slighted
ego cano-sing                   quid-what
Troiae-Troy                     ---ve-or
qui-who                         dolens-grieving
primus-first                    regina-queen
ab-from                         deum=deorum-gods
oris-shore                      tot-so many
Italiam-Italy                   volvere-revolve,spin through
Fato-Fate                       casus-disaster,misfortune
profugus-exile,refugee          insignem-distinguished
Lavinia-of Lavinium             pietate-piety
venit-come                      virum-man
litora-shore                    adire-approach,undergo
multum-much                     labores-labor
ille-that one,he                impulerit-impel,force
et-(both) and,even,also,too     tantae-so many
terris-land                     ---ne = ? question marker
iactatus-tossed,buffeted        animis-spirit,mind
et-(both) and,even,also,too     caelestibus-celestial
alto-deep,sea                   irae-anger,wrath
vi-force,violence               urbs-city
superum=superorum-uppers,gods   antiqua-ancient
saevae-savage                   fuit=erat-be
memorem-lasting,remembering     Tyrii-Tyrians,Phoenicians
Iunonis-Juno                    tenure-hold,possess
ob-on account of                coloni-colonists
iram-anger,wrath                Karthago-Carthage
multa-many things               Italiam-Italy
quoque-also                     contra-opposite,across from
et-even, also, too              Tiberina-of the Tiber
bello-war                       longe-far
passus-suffering                ostia-river mouth
dum-while,until                 dives-rich,wealthy
conderet-found,build            opum-resources,wealth
urbem-city                      studiis-pursuit,study,zeal
inferret-bring in,carry in      asperrima-very harsh
deos-gods                       belli-war
Latio-Latium                    quam-which [one city]
genus-race,nation               Iuno-Juno
unde-whence,from where          fertur-is said,is reported
Latinum-Latin                   terris-land,nation
Albani-Alban, of Alba Longa     magis-more
patres-father                   omnibus-all,every
atque-and                       unam-one
altae-high                      posthabita-placed aside
moenia-city walls               coluisse-cherish
Romae-Rome                      Samo-island of Samos
o Musa!-Muse                    hic-here
mihi-I/me                       illius-of that one,her
causas-reason,cause             arma-arms,weapons
tu, memora!-relate              currus-chariot
fuit=erat-be                  Argis-Argives,Greeks
hoc-this                      necdum-not yet
regnum-kingdom                etiam-still,even,also
dea-goddess                   causae-cause,reason
gentibus-races,nations        irarum-anger,wrath
esse-be                       saevi-savage
si-if                         dolores-pain
qua=aliqua-in any way         exciderant-fall out,leave
Fata-Fates                    animo-mind
sinant-allow                  manet-remain
iam-now                       alta-deep
tum-then                      mente-mind
tendit-intend                 repostum-deposited,buried
---que-(both) and             iudicium-judgement
fovet-cherish,hope            Paridis-Paris
progeniem-offspring           spretae-spurned,rejected
sed-but                       iniuria-injury
enim-for,indeed               formae-beauty
Troiano-Trojan                genus-race,nation
a/ab-from                     invisum-hated
sanguine-blood,lineage        rapti-seized,kidnapped
duci-to be produced           Ganymedis-Ganymedes
audierat-hear                 honores-honor
Tyrias-Tyrian,Carthaginian    his-these things
olim-one day                  accensa-inflamed,afire
quae-which                    super-over
verteret-overturn             iactatos-tossed,buffeted
arcis-citadel,tower           aequore-sea
hinc-from here                toto-whole,entire
populum-people                Troas-Trojans
late-far and wide             reliquias-remnants,survivors
regem-ruler,king              Danaum-Danaans,Greeks
bello-war                     atque-and
superbum-haughty,arrogant     immitis-harsh,cruel
venturum-will come            Achilli-Achilles
excidio-destruction           arcebat-block,keep away
Libyae-Libya                  longe-far
sic-thus,in this way          Latio-Latium
volvere-spin                  multos-many
Parcas-Parcae,Fates           per-through
id-this,it                    annos-year
metuens-fearing               errabant-wander,roam
veteris-old,ancient           acti-driven
memor-remembering,mindful     Fatis-Fates
Saturnia-daughter of Saturn   maria-sea
belli-war                     omnia-all,every
prima-first,foremost          circum-around
quod-which                    tantae-so great
ad-at                         molis-mass,weight
Troiam-Troy                   erat-be
pro-for,on behalf of          Romanam-Roman
caris-dear                    condere-found,build
gesserat-wage                 gentem-race,nation
vix-scarcely,hardly           furias-fury,madness
e/ex-out                      Aiacis-Ajax the Lesser
conspectu-sight               Oilei-son                    of          Oeleus
Siculae-Sicilian                                    ipsa-she herself
telluris-land                 Iovis-Jupiter
in-in,onto                    rapidum-rapid,quick
altum-deep,sea                iaculata-hurl,toss,throw
vela-sail                     nubibus-cloud
dabant-give, let out          ignem-fire,thunderbolt
laeti-happy                   disiecit-scatter
et-(both) and,even,also,too   ---que- (both) and
spumas-foam                   ratis-ship
salis-salt,brine,sea          evertit-overturn,stir up
aere-bronze,prow,ship         aequora-sea,water
ruebant-rush through          ventis-wind
cum-when                      illum-that one,him [Ajax]
Iuno-Juno                     exspirantem-breathing out
aeternum-eternal              transfixo-transfixed,pierced
servans-protecting,keeping    pectore-chest,breast
sub-under                     flammas-flame
pectore-chest,heart           turbine-whirlwind,tornado
vulnus-wound                  corripuit-grab,seize
haec-these [verba]            scopulo-rock
se + cum                      infixit-impale,stick on
se-herself                    acuto-sharp
cum-with                      ast-but
me + ne                       ego-I
me-I/me                       quae-who
---ne = ? question marker     divum=divorum-god
incepto-undertaking,plan      ego incedo-walk,march,parade
desistere-desist,halt,stop    regina-queen
victam-conquered,beaten       Iovis-Jupiter
nec=(neither/nor) and not     soror-sister
posse-be able                 coniunx-spouse,wife
Italia-Italy                  una-one
Teucrorum-Trojans             cum-with
avertere-avert,turn away      gente-race,nation
regem-king                    tot-so many
quippe-indeed                 annos-year
ego vetor-be forbidden        bella-war
Fatis-Fates                   ego gero-wage
Pallas-Minerva/Athena         et-(both) and,also,even,too
exurere-burn up               quisquam-anyone
classem-fleet                 numen-divinity
Argivum-Argive,Greek          Iunonis-Juno
atque-and                     adorat-adore,worship
ipsos-themselves              praeterea-besides,hereafter
potuit-be able                aut-or
submergere-submerge,drown     supplex-suppliant
ponto-sea                     aris-altar
unius-one                     imponet-place on
ob-on account of              honorem-honor,sacrifice
noxam-crime                   talia-such [verba]
flammato-inflamed                caelum-sky
se + cum                         profundum-vast,deep
se-herself                       quippe-indeed
cum-with/to                      ferant-carry,bear
dea-goddess                      rapidi-rapid,quick
corde-heart                      verrant-sweep
volutans-spinning,considering    per-through
nimborum-cloud                   auras-air
in-in,into                       sed-but
patriam-fatherland,homeland      pater-father
loca-place                       omnipotens-omnipotent
feta-pregnant,filled,teeming     speluncis-cave
furentibus-raging,furious        abdidit-hide,put away
Austris-Southwind,wind           atris-black
Aeoliam-Aeolia                   hoc-this
venit-come,arrive                metuens-fearing
hic-here                         molem-mass,weight
vasto-vast,huge                  montis-mountain
rex-king                         insuper-above,on top
Aeolus-Aeolus                    altos-high
antro-cave                       imposuit-place on
luctantis-wrestling,struggling   regem-king
ventos-wind                      dedit-give
tempestates-storm                qui-who
---que-(both) and                foedere-contract,agreement
sonoras-sounding,loud            certo-certain,sure
imperio-command,rule             premere-check,stop,control
premit-press,check,stop          laxas-lax,loose
ac=atque-and                     sciret-know
vinclis-chain,bond               dare-give
carcere-prison,starting-gate     iussus-when ordered
frenat-bridle,hold back          habenas-rein
illi-those,they [Winds]          ad-to,toward
indignantes-indignant,scornful   quem-whom,him
magno-great                      tum-then
murmure-murmur                   Iuno-Juno
montis-mountain                  supplex-suppliant
circum-around                    his-this
claustra-bolt,barrier            vocibus-word
fremunt-roar                     usa-use,employ
celsa-high,lofty                 est-be
sedet-sit                        o Aeole!-Aeolus
arce-citadel,tower               namque-for
sceptra-scepter                  tibi-you
tenens-holding                   divum=divorum-god
mollit-mollify,calm              pater-father
animos-spirit,rage               atque-and
temperat-temper,soothe           hominum-man
iras-anger                       rex-king
ni-if not                        et-(both) and,even,also,too
faciat-do                        mulcere-soothe,calm
maria-sea                        dedit-give
terras-land                      fluctus-wave
tollere-lift,raise                et-(both) and,also,even,too
vento-wind                        pulchra-beautiful
gens-race,nation                  faciat-make
inimica-unfriendly,hostile        te-you
mihi-I/me                         prole-offspring,children
Tyrrhenum-Tyrrhenian              parentem-parent,father
navigat-sail                      Aeolus-Aeolus
aequor-sea                        haec-these [verba]
Ilium-Ilium,Troy                  contra-in turn,in reply [sc. dixit]
in-into                           tuus-yours,your
Italiam-Italy                     o-oh!
portans-carrying                  o regina!-queen
victos-conquered,beaten           quid-what
---que-(both) and                 tu optes-wish,desire
Penatis-Penates                   explorare-explore,find out
tu, incute!-strike into           labor-labor,task
vim-force,power                   mihi-I/me
ventis-wind                       iussa-orders,commands
submersas-sinking,drowning        capessere-carry out
tu, obrue!-overwhelm,crush,bury   fas-divine right
puppis-ship                       est-be
aut-or                            tu-you
tu, age!-drive                    quodcumque-whateveratall
diversos-in different direction   hoc-this
tu, disice!-scatter               regni-kingdom
corpora-body,corpse               sceptra-scepter
ponto-sea                         Iovem-Juppiter
sunt-be                           tu concilias-win over,procure
mihi-I/me                         tu das-give,grant
bis septem-twice-seven (14)       epulis-banquet
praestanti-outstanding            accumbere-recline
corpore-body                      divum=divorum-god
Nymphae-Nymphs                    nimborum-cloud
quarum-of whom                    ---que-(both) and
quae-she who                      tu facis-make
forma-form,shape                  tempestatum-storm
pulcherrima-most beautiful        potentem-powerful over
Deiopea-Deiopea                   haec-these <verba>
conubio-marriage,wedlock          ubi-when
ego iungam-join,unite             dicta <sunt>-spoken
stabili-stable,lasting            cavum-hollow
propriam-your own                 conversa-overturned
ego dicabo-call,appoint           cuspide-point,spear
omnis-all                         montem-mountain
ut-that                           impulit-strike
te + cum                          in-against/onto
te-you                            latus-side
cum-with                          ac=atque
meritis-merit,service             venti-wind
pro-for,in return for             velut-just as if
talibus-such                      agmine-battleline
annos-year                        facto-made,formed
exigat-lead out,spend             qua-where
data-given                        extemplo-immediately,at once
porta-gate,opening                Aeneae-Aeneas
ruunt-rush,make rush,overturn     solvuntur-be relaxed,loosened
et-(both) and,also,even,too       frigore-cold,chill of fear
terras-land                       membra-limbs,legs
turbine-whirlwind,tornado         ingemit-groan
perflant-blow through             duplicis-double,two,both
incubere-lie upon,hover           tendens-stretching
mari-sea                          sidera-stars,sky
totum-total,whole,entire <mare>   palmas-palms,hands
a/ab-ab-from                      talia-such [verba]
sedibus-seat,depth                voce-voice
imis-lowest                       refert-say,speak
una-together                      o! oh!
Eurus-East Wind                   ter-three times
Notus-South Wind                  quater-four times
ruunt-stir up                     beati!-blessed,fortunate
creber-thick,crowded                                     quis=quibus-whom
procellis-blast,gust,storm        ante-before
Africus-Southwest Wind            ora-mouth,face
vastos-vast,huge                  patrum-father
volvunt-make roll                 Troiae-Troy
ad-to,toward                      sub-under
litora-shore                      moenibus-walls
fluctus-wave                      altis-high
insequitur-there follows          contigit-it befell
clamor-clamor,shouting            oppetere-meet death
virum=virorum-man                 o!-oh!
stridor-screaching,creaking       Danaum-Danaans,Greeks
rudentum-cable,rope               o fortissime!-bravest
eripiunt-rip away                 gentis-race,nation
subito-suddently                  o Tydide!-son of T/Diomedes
nubes-cloud                       me + ne
caelum-sky                        me-I/me
diem-day,daylight                 ---ne = ? question marker
Teucrorum-Trojan                  Iliacis-of Ilium, Trojan
ex-from                           occumbere-fall dead
oculis-eyes                       campis-plain
ponto-sea                         non-not
nox-night                         potuisse-be able
incubat-lie upon,hover            tua-your
atra-black                        ---que-(both) and
intonuere-thunder,roar            animam-spirit,soul,life
poli-pole,top of sky              hanc-this,my
crebris-thick,frequent            effundere-pour out, lose
micat-flash                       dextra-right hand
ignibus-fire,lightning            saevus-savage
aether-ether,light upper air      ubi-where
praesentem-present,instant        Aeacidae-grandson of A/Achilles
viris-man                         telo-weapon,spear
intentant-threaten                iacet-lie dead
omnia-all,everything              Hector-Hector
mortem-death                      ingens-huge,large
Sarpedon-Sarpedon             tris-three [naves]
tot-so many                   Notus-Southwind
Simois-river Simois           abreptas-carried away
correpta-seized, taken away   saxa-rock
sub-under                     latentia-hidden
undis-wave,water              torquet-twist,whirl
scuta-shield                  vocant-call,name
virum=virorum-man             Itali-Italians
galeas-helmet                 mediis-middle of
et-(both) and,also,even,too   quae-which
fortia-strong,mighty          Aras-the Altars
corpora-body,corpse           dorsum-back,reef,ridge
volvit-turn,spin              immane-immense,huge
talia-such [verbis]           mari-sea
iactanti-uttering             Eurus-East Wind
stridens-screeching,howling   ab-from
Aquilone-Northwind            alto-deep,sea
procella-blast,gust,storm     brevia-shallows
velum-sail                    Syrtis-Syrtes,sandbar
adversa-opposite,in front     urget-push,drive
ferit-strike,hit              miserabile-miserable
fluctus-wave,water,sea        visu-to see [supine]
ad-to,toward                  inlidit-dash against
sidera-star,sky               vadis-shallow,shoal
tollit-lift,raise             atque-and
franguntur-be broken          aggere-mound,heap,bank
remi-oar                      cingit-surround,encircle
tum-then                      harenae-sand
prora-prow                    unam-one [navem]
avertit-turn away             quae-which
undis-wave                    Lycios-Lycians
dat-give                      fidum-faithful
latus-side                    ---que-(both) and
insequitur-there follows      vehebat-carry
cumulo-heap,mass              Oronten-Orontes
praeruptus-steep,towering     ipsius-himself [Aeneae]
aquae-water                   ante-before,in front of
mons-mountain                 oculos-eyes
hi-these                      ingens-huge,large
summo-top of                  a/ab-from
in-on                         vertice-top
fluctu-wave                   pontus-sea,water,wave
pendent-hang                  puppim-ship
his-thes                      ferit-strike
unda-wave                     excutitur-be thrown off
dehiscens-gaping,opening      pronus-facefirst,headlong
terram-land, bottom of sea    magister-pilot,steersman
inter-between                 volvitur-spin,tumble
fluctus-wave,water            in caput-head over heels
aperit-open,show,reveal       ast-but
furit-rage,boil,bubble        illam-that [navem]
aestus-surf,tide,surge        ter-three times
harenis-sand                  fluctus-wave,water,sea
ibidem-in the same place          refusa-flooding back,pouring
torquet-whirl,twist               vadis-shallows,shoals
agens-driving                     graviter-gravely,greatly
circum-around                     commotus-disturbed,upset
rapidus-rapid,quick               alto-deep, sea
vorat-swallow                     prospiciens-looking out on
aequore-sea                       summa-top
vertex-whirlpool,maelstrom        placidum-peaceful,calm
apparent-there appear             caput-head
rari-scattered,spread out         extulit-raise out,lift out
nantes-swimmers                   unda-wave,sea
gurgite-whirlpool,maelstrom       disiectam-scattered
vasto-vast,large                  Aeneae-Aeneas
arma-gear,equipment,tackle        toto-total,whole,entire
virum=virorum-man                 videt-see
tabulae-plank,board               aequore-sea
Troia-Trojan                      classem-fleet
gaza-treasure                     fluctibus-wave
per-through                       oppressos-overwhelmed,crushed
undas-wave,water                  Troas-Trojans
iam-now                           caeli-sky, heaven
validam-strong,well-built         ruina-downfall, rain
Ilionei-Ilioneus                  nec=neque-and not
navem-ship                        latuere-escape notice of
fortis-brave                      doli-trick
Achatae-Achates                   fratrem-brother [Neptune]
qua-by which,on which             Iunonis-Juno
vectus-carried                    et-(both) and,also,even,too
Abas-Abas                         irae-anger,wrath
grandaevus-aged,old               Eurum-East Wind
Aletes-Aletes                     ad-to,toward
vicit-conquer,overwhelm           se-himself
hiems-winter storm                Zephyrum-West Wind
laxis-loose,open                  ---que-(both) and
laterum-side                      vocat-call
compagibus-joints,seams           dehinc-then,thereupon
omnes-all                         talia-such [verba]
accipiunt-accept,receive          fatur-speak <for,fari,fatus
inimicum-unfriendly,hostile       tanta-so great,such great
imbrem-rain,water                 ---ne = ? question marker
rimis-crack, fissure, hole        vos-you
fatiscunt-split open,gape         generis-race,nation,class
interea-meanwhile                 tenuit-hold,possess
magno-great                       fiducia-confidence,trust
misceri-be mixed, be stirred up   vestri-your
murmure-murmur                    iam-now
pontum-sea                        caelum-heaven,sky
emissam-sent out,released         terram-earth,land
hiemem-winter storm               meo-my
sensit-notice,perceive            sine-without
Neptunus-Neptune                  numine-divinity,authority
imis-lowest,deepest               o venti!-wind
stagna-water of deep sea,depths   miscere-mix,stir up
tantas-so great                  placat-quiet,calm
vos audetis-dare                 collectas-collected,gathered
tollere-lift,raise               nubis-cloud
molis-mass,weight                fugat-put to flight,scatter
quos-you whom                    solem-sun
ego-I                            reducit-bring back,restore
sed-but                          Cymothoe-a sea Nymph
motos-moving,stirring            simul-at same time
praestat-it is better            Triton-Triton,sea god
componere-compose,calm           adnixus-leaning on, pushing
fluctus-wave,sea                 acuto-sharp
post-afterwards                  detrudunt-push off,dislodge
mihi-I/me                        navis-ship
non-no,not                       scopulo-rock
simili-similar,like              levat-lift,raise
poena-penalty,punishment         ipse-he himself [Neptune]
commissa-faults,crimes           tridenti-trident
vos luetis-atone for,pay price   et-(both) and,also,even,too
vos, maturate!-hasten,hurry      vastas-vast,huge
fugam-flight,escape              aperit-open
regi-king                        Syrtis-Syrtes, sandbars
haec-these [verba]               temperat-calm,control
vos, dicite!-tell,speak          aequor-sea
illi-that one,he [Aeolus]        atque-and
imperium-command,power           rotis-wheel,chariot
pelagi-sea                       summas-top of
saevum-savage                    levibus-light,swift
tridentem-trident                perlabitur-glide over
sed-but                          undas-wave,water,sea
sorte-by lot                     ac=atque-and
datum-given                      veluti-just as
tenet-hold,possess               magno-great
ille-that one, he [Aeolus]       in-in
immania-immense,huge             populo-people,mob
saxa-rock                        cum-when
o Eure!-East Wind                saepe-often
domos-home,house,dwelling        coorta-arise,break out
illa-that,that sort of           est-be
se-himself                       seditio-riot
iactet!-let him boast,swagger    saevit-rage
in-in                            ---que-(both) and
aula-court,palace                animis-mind,spirit
Aeolus-Aeolus                    ignobile-common,low class
clauso-enclosed,locked           vulgus-vulgar mob, commoners
ventorum-wind                    iam-now
carcere-prison,starting gate     faces-torch
regnet!-let him rule,reign       saxa-rock
sic-thus, in this way            volant-fly
ait-speak                        furor-fury,rage,civil war
dicto-word                       arma-arms,weapons
citius-quicker, more quickly     ministrat-supply
tumida-swollen                   tum-then
aequora-sea,water                pietate-piety
gravem-heavy,weighty            portum-port,harbor
meritis-service,merit           efficit-make,form
si-if                           obiectu-projection,barrier
forte-by chance                 laterum-side
virum-man                       quibus-by which
quem=aliquem-some,any           omnis-all,every
conspexere-catch sight of       ab-from
silent-fall silent, be quiet    alto-deep,sea
arrectis-pricked up,attentive   frangitur-be broken
auribus-ear                     in-into
astant-stand                    sinus-bay
ille-that one, he               scindit-split,divide
regit-rule,control              se + se-itself
dictis-word                     unda-wave
animos-spirit,mind,anger        reductos-withdrawn,remote
pectora-breast,chest,heart      hinc atque hinc-on both sides
mulcet-soothe,calm              vastae-vast,huge
sic-thus, in this way           rupes-cliff,ridge,rock
cunctus-all,entire              gemini-twin,double,two
pelagi-sea                      ---que-(both) and
cecidit-fall,subside,stop       minantur-threaten,tower
fragor-crash,uproar             in-into
aequora-sea                     caelum-sky,heaven
postquam-after                  scopuli-rock
prospiciens-looking out on      quorum-whose, of which
genitor-father [Neptune]        sub-under
caelo-heaven,sky,weather        vertice-top,peak
invectus-riding                 late-far and wide
aperto-open,clear               aequora-sea
flectit-turn,guide              tuta-safe,protected
equos-horse,seahorse            silent-be silent,be quiet
curru-chariot                   tum-then
volans-flying,speeding along    silvis-forest,woods
dat-give, let out               scaena-backdrop,curtain
lora-rein                       coruscis-flashing,quivering
secundo-favorable,willing       desuper-from above
defessi-tired out,weary         horrenti-bristling,shaking
Aeneadae-sons of A [Trojans]    atrum-black,dark
quae-what                       nemus-grove,forest,woods
proxima-nearest                 imminet-overhang,threaten,tower
litora-shore,coast              umbra-shade,shadow
cursu-course,voyage             fronte-front,face
contendunt-strive,hasten        sub-under
petere-seek,head for            adversa-opposite,facing
Libyae-Libya                    pendentibus-hanging
vertuntur-turn themselves       antrum-cave
ad-to toward                    intus-within
oras-shore,coast                aquae-water
est-be                          dulces-sweet,fresh
secessu-inlet, recess           vivo-living,natural
longo-long                      sedilia-seat,bench
locus-place                     saxo-rock
insula-island                   Nympharum-Nymphs
domus-home,house,abode            tum-then
hic-here                          Cererem-Ceres,grain,wheat
fessas-tired,weary                corruptam-spoiled,ruined
non-no,not                        undis-wave,water
vincula-chain,cable,rope          Cerealia-of Ceres,of bread
navis-ship                        arma-utensils,equipment,tools
ulla-any                          expediunt-bring out
tenent-hold,possess               fessi-tired,weary
unco-bent,curved,hooked           rerum-things,matters,situation
alligat-bind, hold to             fruges-fruit,grain,wheat
ancora-anchor                     ---que-(both) and
morsu-bite,fluke,hook             receptas-recovered,saved
huc-to here                       et-(both) and,also,even,too
septem-seven                      torrere-parch,roast
Aeneas-Aeneas                     parant-prepare
collectis-collected,gathered      flammis-flame
navibus-ship                      frangere-break,crush,grind
omni-all,whole                    saxo-rock,mill
ex-out of,from                    Aeneas-Aeneas
numero-number                     scopulum-rock,peak,cliff
subit-enter under                 interea-meanwhile
ac=atque-and                      conscendit-climb
magno-great                       omnem-all,entire
telluris-land,earth               prospectum-view,sight
amore-love                        late-far and wide
egressi-disembarked,left          pelago-sea
optata-hoped-for,desired          petit-search,look for
potiuntur-gain,take possession    Anthea-Antheus
Troes-Trojans                     si-if
harena-sand,beach                 quem=aliquem-any,some
et-(both) and,also,even,too       iactatum-tossed,buffeted
sale-salt,brine                   vento-wind
tabentis-soaking,dripping         videat-see
artus-limbs                       Phrygias-Phrygian,Trojan
litore-shore,coast                biremis-bireme,galley
ponunt-place,put                  aut-(either) or
ac=atque-and                      Capyn-Capys
ac primum-as soon as possible     celsis-high,lofty
silici-flint                      in-on
scintillam-spark                  puppibus-stern
excudit-strike out                arma-arms,weapons,insignia
Achates-Achates                   Caici-Caicus
succepit-catch up,ignite          navem-ship
ignem-fire                        conspectu-sight,view
foliis-leaf                       nullam-no,none
atque-and                         tris-three
arida-dry                         litore-shore,beach
circum-around                     cervos-stag,deer
nutrimenta-food,fuel,tinder       prospicit-look upon,see
circum--dedit-surround,encircle   errantis-wandering,roaming
rapuit-seize,gain,ignite          hos-these
fomite-tinder,kindling,fuel       tota-total,whole,entire
flammam-flame                     armenta-herd
sequuntur-follow                  aequet-equal, make even
a/ab-from                         hinc-hence,from here
tergo-back,rear                   portum-port,harbor
longum-long                       petit-search,head for
per-through                       socios-comrade
vallis-valley                     partitur-divide,distribute
pascitur-feed,graze               in-among, between
agmen-battleline,line,formation   omnis-all,every
constitit-stand,stop              bonus-good
hic-here                          quae-which
arcum-bow                         deinde-then
manu-hand                         cadis-barrel,cask,jar
celeris-swift,quick               onerarat-load
sagittas-arrow                    Acestes-King Acestes
corripuit-seize,grab              litore-shore
fidus-faithful                    Trinacrio-Sicily
quae-which                        dederat-give
tela-weapons,arrows               ---que-(both) and
gerebat-carry                     abeuntibus-those departing
Achates-Achates                   heros-hero
ductores-leaders                  dividit-divide,portion out
ipsos-themselves                  et-(both) and,also,even
primum-first                      dictis-word
capita-head                       maerentia-mourning,sad
alta-high                         pectora-chest,heart
ferentis-carrying                 mulcet-soothe,calm
cornibus-horn,antler              o!-oh!
arboreis-treelike,branching       o socii!-comrades
sternit-lay low,bring down,drop   neque-(neither/nor) and not
tum-then                          enim-for
vulgus-mob,commoners,herd         ignari-ignorant,inexperienced
omnem-all,whole,entire            nos sumus-be
miscet-mix, stir up               ante-before,previous
agens-driving                     malorum-evil
telis-weapons,arrows              o passi!-you who have suffered
nemora-grove,forest,woods         graviora-graver,worse
inter-between,among               dabit-give
frondea-leafy, full of leaves     deus-god
turbam-mob,riot,herd              his-these
nec=neque-(neither/nor) and not   quoque-also
prius---quam-before...(than)      finem-end
absistit-cease,stop               vos-you
quam-than                         Scyllaeam-of Scylla
septem-seven                      rabiem-rage,madness
ingentia-huge,large               penitus-deeply
victor-victor,victoriously        sonantis-sounding,clashing
corpora-body                      vos accestis-approach
fundat-drop, bag, lay low         scopulos-rock
humi-on the ground [locative]     Cyclopia-of Cyclops
numerum-number                    saxa-rock
cum-with                          experti-experiencing
navibus-ship                      vos, revocate!-recall,restore
animos-mind,spirit                tergora-hide,back
maestum-sad,gloomy                diripiunt-tear from,rip away
timorem-fear                      costis-ribs
vos, mittite!-dismiss,set aside   viscera-guts,innards
forsan-perhaps                    nudant-strip,bare,reveal
et-even,also                      pars-part, some
haec-these things                 in-into
olim-one day                      frusta-pieces
meminisse-remember                secant-cut
iuvabit-be pleasing               veribus-spit,spike,skewer
per-through                       ---que-(both) and
varios-various,different          trementia-quivering,shaking
casus-misfortunes,disasters       figunt-fix,pierce
tot-so man                        litore-shore
discrimina-crises,dangers         aâna-bronze kettle
rerum-things,matter,situations    locant-place,locate
nos tendimus-head, stretch        alii-some,others
in-into                           flammas-flames
Latium-Latium                     ministrant-tend
sedes-seat,abode,home             tum-then
ubi-where                         victu-victuals,food
Fata-Fates                        revocant-recall,restore
quietas-quiet                     viris-strength,power
ostendunt-show,promise            fusi-flooding,spreading
illic-there                       per-through
fas-divine right                  herbam-grass
regna-kingdom                     implentur-fill themselves
resurgere-rise again              veteris-old
Troiae-Troy                       Bacchi-Bacchus,wine
vos, durate!-endure,persevere     pinguis-fatty
vos + met-yourselves              ferinae-game,venison
rebus-things,matters,situations   postquam-after
vos, servate!-save,preserve       exempta-taken away
secundis-favorable                fames-famine,hunger
talia-such [verba]                epulis-feast,banquet
voce-voice                        mensae-table
refert-report,say                 remotae-removed
curis-care,concern                amissos-lost
ingentibus-huge,large             longo-long
aeger-sick,weary                  socios-comrade
spem-hope                         sermone-speech,conversation
vultu-face,expression             requirunt-ask about,desire,miss
simulat-simulate,pretend,fake     spem-hope
premit-press,retain               metum-fear
altum-deep                        inter-between
corde-heart                       dubii-wavering
dolorem-grief,pain                seu...sive-whether...or
illi-those,they [Trojans]         vivere-alive,live
se-themselves                     credant-believe,trust
praedae-prey,game,deer            extrema-the end,death
accingunt-gird,prepare            pati-suffer
dapibus-feast,banquet             nec=neque-and not
futuris-to be,future              iam-now
exaudire-hear,respond             nitentis-shiny,bright
vocatos-called upon               adloquitur-address, speak to
praecipue-especially              Venus-Venus
pius-pious                        o!-oh!
Aeneas-Aeneas                     qui-[you] who
nunc-now                          res-things,matters,affairs
acris-sharp,swift                 hominum-man
Oronti-Orontes                    ---que-(both) and
Amyci-Amycus                      deum=deorum-god
casum-death,misfortune            aeternis-eternal
gemit-groan                       tu regis-rule
et-(both) and,also,even,too       imperiis-command,power
crudelia-cruel,bloody             et-(both) and,also,even,too
se + cum                          fulmine-thunderbolt
se-himself                        tu terres-terrify,frighten
cum-with/to                       quid-what
Fata-Fates                        meus-my
Lyci-Lycus                        Aeneas-Aeneas
fortem-brave                      in-against
Gyan-Gyas                         te-you
Cloanthum-Cloanthus               committere-commit
finis-end [of banquet]            tantum-so great [a crime]
erat-be                           Troes-Trojans
cum-when                          potuere-be able
Iuppiter-Jupiter                  quibus-whom, they [Trojans]
aethere-aether,air,sky            tot-so many
summo-top,highest                 funera-death,funeral,disaster
despiciens-looking down           passis-suffer
mare-sea                          cunctus-all,total,entire
velivolum-winged with sails       ob-on account of
terras-earth,land                 Italiam-Italy
iacentis-underlying,outspread     terrarum-lands,earth
litora-shore,coast                clauditur-be shut,be closed
latos-broad,wide,far and wide     orbis-sphere,orb,world
populos-peoples,nations           certe-certainly,surely
sic-thus,in this way              hinc-from here,from them
vertice-summit,peak,top           Romanos-Romans
caeli-heaven,sky                  olim-one day
constitit-stop,stand              volventibus-revolving
Libyae-Libya                      annis-years
defixit-fix down                  fore=futurum esse-will be
lumina-eyes                       ductores-leader
regnis-kingdom                    revocato-recalled,restored
atque-atque                       a/ab-from
illum-that one, him [Jupiter]     sanguine-blood,lineage
talis-such                        Teucri-King Teucer
iactantem-pondering,considering   qui-who
pectore-breast,chest,heart,mind   mare-sea
curas-care,concern                terras-land,earth
tristior-sadder, rather sad       omnis-all
lacrimis-tear                     dicione-power,rule
oculos-eyes                       tenerent-hold,possess
suffusa-filling,flooding          <tu> pollicitus <es>-promise
quae-what                         proruptum-bursting,dashing
o genitor!-father                 et-(both) and,even,also,too
sententia-opinion                 pelago-sea
vertit-turn,sway                  premit-press,overwhelm
hoc-this                          arva-fields
equidem-indeed                    sonanti-sounding,roaring
occasum-fall,destruction          hic-here
Troiae-Troy                       tamen-however
tristis-sad                       ille-that one,he [Antenor]
ruinas-ruins                      urbem-city
ego solabar-console myself        Patavi-Patavium,Padua
Fatis-Fates                       sedes-seat,abode,home
contraria-opposite                ---que-(both) and
rependens-balancing               locavit-establish,locate
nunc-now                          Teucrorum-Trojans
eadem-the same                    genti-race,nation
Fortuna-fortune,misfortune        nomen-name
viros-man                         dedit-give
casibus-disaster,death            arma-arms,weapons
actos-driven                      fixit-hang,dedicate,consecrate
insequitur-follow,pursue          Troia-Trojan
quem-what                         nunc-now
tu das-give                       placida-gentle,calm,quiet
finem-end                         compostus-settled,buried
o rex!-king                       pace-peace
o magne!-great                    quiescit-rest
laborum-labor                     nos-we
Antenor-Antenor                   tua-your
potuit-be able                    progenies-offspring,children
mediis-middle of                  caeli-heaven,sky
elapsus-slipping out              quibus-whom
Achivis-Achaeans,Greeks           tu adnuis-promise,assent to
Illyricos-of Illyria              arcem-citadel,tower
penetrare-enter,penetrate         navibus-ships
sinus-gulf,bay,Adriatic Sea       o infandum!-unspeakable thing!
atque-and                         amissis-lost
intima-inmost                     unius-one [Juno]
tutus-safe,protected              ob-on account of
regna-kingdom                     iram-anger,wrath
Liburnorum-Liburnians,Illyrians   nos prodimur-betrayed
fontem-fountain,spring,source     atque-and
superare-surpass                  Italis-Italian
Timavi-river Timavus              longe-far from
unde-whence, from where           nos disiungimur-separated
per-through                       oris-shore,coast
ora-mouths                        hic-this
novem-nine                        pietatis-piety
vasto-vast,large,great            honos=honor-honor,reward
cum-with                          sic-thus,in this way
murmure-murmur,roar               in-into
montis-mountain                   sceptra-scepter,power
it-go                             tu reponis-restore,place back
mare-sea                          olli=illi-that one, her [Venus]
subridens-smiling                 ingens-huge,large
hominum-man                       geret-wage
sator-sower,father                Italia-Italy
deorum-god                        populos-people,nation
vultu-face,expression             ---que-(both) and
quo-which                         ferocis-ferocious,wild
caelum-sky,heavens,weather        contundet-crush,subdue
tempestates-storm                 mores-custom
serenat-calm,clear                viris-man
oscula-lips,kisses                et-(both) and,also,even,too
libavit-touch,place               moenia-walls
natae-daughter                    ponet-place,establish,build
dehinc-thence, then               tertia-third
talia-such [verba]                dum-while,as long as,until
fatur-speak <for,fari,fatus       Latio-Latium
tu, parce!-spare                  regnantem-rule
metu-fear,anxiety                 viderit-see
o Cytherea!-Cytherea [Venus]      aestas-summer
manent-remain                     terna-three,third
immota-unmoved,immovable          transierint-pass by
tuorum-your people [Trojans]      Rutulis-Rutulians,Italians
Fata-Fates                        hiberna-winter camp,winter
tibi-you                          subactis-subdued,conquered
tu cernes-see                     at-but
urbem-city                        puer-boy,son
promissa-promissed                Ascanius-Ascanius
Lavini-Lavinium                   cui-whom
moenia-walls                      nunc-now
sublimem-on high,in the air       cognomen-nickname
tu feres-carry,bring              Iulo-Iulus
ad-to,toward                      additur-be added
sidera-stars                      Ilus-Ilus,the Ilian,the Trojan
caeli-heaven,sky                  erat-be
magnanimum-magnanimous            res-thing,matter,state
Aenean-Aeneas                     stetit-stand,be fixed
neque-(neither/nor) and not       Ilia-Ilian,of Troy
me-I/me                           regno-kingdom,power,rule
sententia-opinion                 triginta-thirty
vertit-turn,sway                  magnos-great
hic-this one, he [Aeneas]         volvendis-revolving
tibi-you                          mensibus-months
ego fabor-speak <for,fari,fatus   orbis-circles,revolutions,years
enim-for                          imperio-power,rule,command
quando-since,because              explebit-fill,complete
haec-this                         regnum-kingdom,power,rule
te-you                            ab-from
cura-care,concern                 sede-seat,abode,place
remordet-gnaw at,trouble          Lavini-Lavinium
longius-longer,farther            transferet-transfer
volvens-unrolling,opening         Longam---Albam-Alba Longa
arcana-secret,mystery,future      multa-much,many
ego movebo-remove,reveal          vi-power,force
bellum-war                        muniet-fortify
Albam---Longam                    mare-sea
hic-here                          nunc-now
iam-now                           terras-land,earth
ter-three                         ---que-(both) and
centum-hundred                    metu-fear
totos-total,entire                caelum-sky,heavens
regnabitur-rule,be in power       fatigat-wear out, tire out
annos-years                       consilia-plans,designs
gente-race,nation                 in-into, for
sub-under                         melius-the better
Hectorea-of Hector,Trojan         referet-bring back, restore
donec-until                       me + cum
regina-queen                      me-I/me
sacerdos-priestess                cum-along with
Marte-Mars                        fovebit-cherish
gravis-pregnant                   Romanos-Romans
geminam-twin                      rerum-matters,human affairs
partu-birth                       dominos-lord,master
dabit-give                        gentem-race,nation
Ilia-Ilia [Rhea Silvia]           togatam-toga-clad
prolem-offspring,children         sic-thus,in this way
inde-then,from there              placitum-it is pleasing,decided
lupae-she-wolf                    veniet-come
fulvo-tawny,yellow,tan            lustris-years
nutricis-nurse                    labentibus-slipping by
tegmine-skin,hide                 aetas-time,age
laetus-happy,rejoicing            cum-when
Romulus-Romulus                   domus-house,family,offspring
excipiet-take up,inherit          Assaraci-Trojan King Assaracus
gentem-race,nation                Phthiam-Phthia in Greece
Mavortia-of Mars                  claras-famous
condet-found,build                Mycenas-Mycenae in Greece
moenia-walls                      servitio-servitude,slavery
Romanos-Romans                    premet-press,subject
suo-his own                       ac=atque-and
de-from                           victis-conquered,beaten
nomine-name                       dominabitur-rule over,lord over
dicet-call,name                   Argis-Argives,Greeks
his-these [Romans]                nascetur-be born,arise
ego-I                             pulchra-beautiful
nec=neque-(neither/nor) and not   Troianus-Trojan
metas-goal,limit,bound            origine-origin,family
rerum-affairs,matters,power       Caesar-Caesar Augustus
tempora-time,time-limit           imperium-power,rule
ego pono-set,place,establish      Oceano-Ocean
imperium-power,rule               Famam-Fame,glory
sine-without                      qui-who
fine-end                          terminet-limit,define
ego dedi-give,grant               astris-stars
quin-but indeed, in fact          Iulius-Julius [Augustus]
aspera-harsh                      a/ab-from
Iuno-Juno                         magno-great
quae-who                          demissum-derived
nomen-name                        ore-mouth
Iulo-Julus Ascanius               cruento-bloody
hunc-this one, him [Augustus]     haec-these [verba]
tu-you                            ait-say
olim-one day                      et-and
caelo-heavens,sky                 Maia-goddess Maia
spoliis-spoils,plunder            genitum-borne [Mercury]
Orientis-Orient, the East         demittit-send down
onustum-burdened,carrying         ab-from
tu accipies-accept,receive        alto-the high, heaven
secura-worry free,safe,secure     ut-that
vocabitur-be invoked              terrae-earth, land
hic-this one, he [Augustus]       ---que -and
quoque-also                       novae -new
votis-prayer,vow                  pateant -lie open
aspera-harsh                      Karthaginis -Carthage
tum-then                          arces -citadel, tower
positis-placed aside,set aside    hospitio -hospitality
mitescent-grow mild               Teucris-Trojans
saecula-ages,centuries            ne-that not
bellis-wars                       Fati -Fate
cana-grey-haired,aged             nescia -unknowing, ignorant of
Fides-goddess Faith               Dido -Dido
et-(both) and,also,even,too       finibus -borders, boundries
Vesta-goddess Vesta               arceret-block, keep from
Remo-Remus                        volat -fly
cum-with                          ille -that one, he
fratre-brother                    per -through
Quirinus-deified Romulus          aera -air
iura-laws,justice                 magnum-great, large
dabunt-give                       remigio -rowing
dirae-awful,terrible              alarum-wing
ferro-iron,steel                  ac=atque -and
compagibus-joints,bonds,locks     Libyae -Libya
artis-close fitting,tight         citus -quick, swift
claudentur-be closed              astitit -stand, stop. landed
Belli-War                         oris-shore
portae-gate,door                  iam -now
Furor-Civil War,Fury,Rage         iussa -orders
impius-impious                    facit-make, do
intus-within                      ponunt-place, put. displace
saeva-savage                      ferocia -ferocious, savage
sedens-sitting                    Poeni -Phoenicians, Carthaginians
super-above,on top of             corda-heart
arma-arms,weapons                 volente -willing
centum-one hundred                deo-god
vinctus-bound,tied                in -in, among
aenis-of bronze                   primis-first
post-behind                       regina -queen
tergum-back                       quietum-quiet, calm
nodis-knot,bond,lock              Teucros -Trojans
fremet-roar,shout,rage            accipit -receive, accept
horridus-shuddering,wild,savage   animum -mind, spirit
mentem-mind                         Achate-Achate
benignam-kind                       bina -double, two
at -but                             manu -hand
pius -pious                         lato -broad
Aeneas -Aeneas                      crispans -brandish, wave, balance
per -through                        hastilia -spear
noctem -night                       ferro-iron
plurima -very many                  cui-whom
volvens-spinning, considering       mater -mother
ut-as, when                         media -middle of
primum-first,as soon as             sese -herself
lux -light, daylight                tulit -bring
alma -nurturing                     obvia -in front of
data -given                         silva-forest
est-is                              virginis-virgin, maiden, girl
exire -go out                       os -face, countenance
locos-place, location               habitum-appearance, garb, clothing
explorare -explore, search out      ---que -and
novos-new                           gerens -wearing
quas -what                          et-and
vento -wind                         arma -arms, weapons
accesserit -approach, reach         Spartanae-Spartan
oras-shore                          vel -or
qui -who                            qualis -such as
teneant-hold, possess               equos -horse
nam -for                            Threissa -Thracian
inculta uncultivated                fatigat -tire out
videt-see                           Harpalyce-Harpalyce, a huntress
homines-man                         volucrem-swift
---ne-(whether) or                  fuga -flight, running
ferae-wild beast, animal            praevertitur -surpass, outrun
quaerere -search, look for          Hebrum-Hebrus river
constituit-decide                   namque -for
sociis-comrade                      umeris -shoulder
exacta -discoveries                 de-from,according to
referre-bring back ,report          more -custom
classem -fleet                      habilem -easily handled
convexo hollow, valley              suspenderat -suspend, hang
nemorum -forest, grove              arcum -bow
sub -under                          venatrix-huntress
rupe-cliff,ridge,rock               dederat-give, allow
cavata-hollowed out                 comam -hair
arboribus -tree                     diffundere -flow down, scatter
clausam -shut, closed, enclosed     ventis-wind
circum -around                      nuda -nude, bare, naked
atque -and                          genu -knee
horrentibus-bristling, shaking      nodo-knot
umbris -shade                       sinus -fold of robe
occulit-hide, conceal               collecta -collect, gather
ipse -himself                       fluentis-flowing
uno -one, alone                     ac=atque
graditur -march on, walk, proceed   prior-first, prior
comitatus -accompanied              heus! -hello! hey there!
inquit -say                              Nympharum-Nymph
o iuvenes!-young men                     sanguinis-blood, race
vos, monstrate!-show, point out          una-one
mearum -my                               sis!-may you be
vos vidisti -see                         felix-lucky
si -if                                   nostrum-our
quam=aliquam -any                        ---que -and
hic-here                                 leves! -may you lighten
errantem -wandering                      <tu> quaecumque <es>-whoever
forte -by chance                         laborem-labor, work
sororum-sister                           et -and
succinctam -gird up, tied up, dressed    quo -what
pharetra-quiver                          sub -under
maculosae -spotted                       caelo -sky
tegmine -hide                            tandem-at last
lyncis-lynx                              quibus -what
aut -or                                  orbis -orb, world
spumantis-foaming                        in -in
apri -wild boar                          oris -shore
cursum -course                           nos iactemur-we are tossed
clamore -shout                           tu doceas!-may you inform
prementem-pressing, following, chasing   ignari -ignorant
sic -thus, so                            hominum-man
Venus,Veneris-Venus                      locorum-place, location
contra-in turn                           nos erramus-wander, we are lost
filius -son                              vento -wind
orsus-begin                              huc-to here
nulla -none, not any                     vastis-vaste
tuarum -your                             fluctibus- wave
audita -hear                             acti-driven
mihi -I/me                               multa -many, much
neque -and not                           tibi -you
visa -see                                ante -before
sororum-sister                           aras -altar
o!-oh!                                   nostra -our
quam-how                                 cadet -fall (dead)
te -you                                  hostia -victim, sacrifice
ego memorem-call, address                dextra-right hand
o virgo!-virgin. maiden                  tum -then
namque -for                              Venus-Venus
haud=non                                 haud=non-not
tibi -you                                equidem-indeed
vultus -face, countenance                tali-such
mortalis-mortal                          me-me myself
nec=neque-and not, neither               ego dignor-deem worthy
vox-voice                                honore-honor
hominem-man, human                       virginibus-virgin, maiden, girls
sonat-sound                              Tyriis-Tyrian, Carthaginian
dea-goddess                              mos -custom
certe-certainly                          est -be
an-or, maybe, perhaps                    gestare-wear
Phoebi-Phoebus, Apollo                   pharetram-quiver
soror-sister [Diana]                     purpureo-purple, crimson, scarlet
alte -high up                          regna -kingdom
suras -calf of leg                     Tyri -city of Tyre
vincire -bind, tie                     germanus -brother
coturno-buskin, high soft boot         habebat -have, hold, possess
Punica -Punic, Carthaginian            Pygmalion-Pygmalion
regna -kingdom                         scelere -crime, wickedness
tu vides-see                           ante-before,beyond
Tyrios-Tyrians, Carthaginians          alios -others
Agenoris -King Agenor                  immanior -huge, monstrous, cruel
urbem-city                             omnis-all
sed -but                               quos -whom
fines -borders, boundries, territory   inter -between
Libyci-of Libya                        medius -middle
genus -race                            venit -come
intractabile-unmanagable               Furor-rage, anger, civil war
bello-war                              ille-that
imperium- rule, empire                 impius -impious
Dido -Queen Dido                       aras -altar
Tyria -city of Tyre                    atque -and
regit -rule                            auri -gold, money
urbe -city                             caecus -blinded
profecta-setting out from              clam -secretly
germanum -brother                      ferro -iron. sword
fugiens-fleeing                        incautum -unsuspecting
longa-long. much                       superat-overcome, kill
iniuria-injury, wrong, injustice       securus -heedless, without care
ambages-turning, devious tale          amorum -love
sed -but                               germanae-sister
summa -top, chief                      factum-deed, crime
ego sequar -follow                     diu -a long time
fastigia -summit, points               celavit-conceal, hide
rerum -things, matter, affair          aegram-ill, love-sick
huic -to her [Dido]                    multa -many, much
coniunx -spouse, husband               malus -evil, wicked, bad
Sychaeus -Sychaeus                     simulans-pretending, faking
erat -be                               vana -empty
ditissimus-richest, wealthiest         spe-hope
agri -field, land                      lusit-play, mock, delude
Phoenicum-Phoenicians                  amantem-lover
et -and                                ipsa -(ghost) itself
magno-great                            in -in
miserae-miserable, love-sick           somnis-sleep, dream
dilectus-beloved, cherished            inhumati -unburied
amore-love                             venit -come
cui -to whom, to him [Sychaeus]        imago-image, ghost
pater -father                          coniugis -spouse, husband
intactam-untouched, virgin             ora -face
dederat-gave                           modis -way, manner
primis-first, best                     attollens -lifting
---que -and                            pallida -pallid, pale, white
iugarat -joined, united, wed           miris-miraculous, strange, eerie
ominibus-omens, wedding                crudelis -cruel, bloody
sed -but                               traiecta-pierced, punctured
pectora -chest                   femina -woman
ferro -iron, sword               facti-deed, act
nudavit-bare, reveal             devenere -arrive at
caecum-blind, hidden             locos-place, location
domus -house, home               ubi -where
scelus -crime, wickedness        nunc -now
omne -all, every                 ingentia -huge
retexit-disclose                 tu cernes -see
tum -then                        moenia -walls
celerare -hasten, hurry          surgentem-rising
fugam -flight, exile             novae -new
patria-fatherland, country       Karthaginis-Carthage
excedere -depart                 arcem-citadel, tower
suadet-advise, urge, persuade    mercati-buy, purchase
auxilium-help, aid               solum-soil,ground
viae -road, journey              de -from
veteres -old, ancient            nomine -name
tellure -earth, ground           Byrsam-Byrsa, citadel of Carthage
recludit-disclose, reveal        taurino -of a bull
thesauros-treasure               quantum -as much as
ignotum -unknown, hidden         possent -be able
argenti -silver                  circumdare -surround
pondus-weight                    tergo-hide
auri-gold                        sed -but
his -this, these                 vos-you
commota-moved, aroused, upset    qui-who?
fugam -flight, exile             tandem-pray tell
Dido -Queen Dido                 quibus -what
socios-comrades                  aut -or
parabat-prepare                  vos venistis-come
conveniunt-come together, meet   ab -from
quibus-to whom                   oris-shore
aut-(either) or                  quo-whither,to where
odium -hatred                    ---ve-or
crudele -cruel, fierce           vos tenetis-hold
tyranni-tyrant                   iter-journey, route
metus -fear                      quaerenti-asking
acer -sharp                      talibus [verbis]-such
erat-be                          ille -that one, he
navis-ship                       suspirans -drawing breath, sighing
quae -which                      imo-inmost
forte -by chance                 trahens-dragging, pulling
paratae-prepared                 a/ab -from
corripiunt -seize, snatch        pectore -chest
onerant-load                     vocem-voice
---que -and                      o!-oh!
auro-gold                        o dea!-goddess
portantur-carry                  si -if
avari -greedy                    prima-first
Pygmalionis -Pygmalion           repetens-repeating
opes -wealth                     origine -origin, beginning
pelago-sea                       ego pergam-proceed
dux -leader                      vacet -there is free time
annalis-annals, stories              bis denis-twice-ten (20)
nostrorum -our                       Phrygium -Phrygian
audire -hear                         ego conscendi -embarked on
laborum-labor                        navibus -ship
ante -beforehand, sooner             aequor-sea
diem-day                             matre -mother <Venus>
clauso-closed <for the night>        dea -goddess
componet-lay to rest                 monstrante -showing, pointing out
Vesper-Evening Star                  viam-road, way
Olympo-Mount Olympus                 data -given
nos -we                              Fata -Fates
Troia -city of Troy                  secutus-following
antiqua -ancient, old                vix -scarcely, hardly
vestras -your                        septem-seven
forte -by chance                     convulsae -torn, shattered
per -through, to                     undis -wave
auris-ears                           Euro-East Wind
nomen -name                          ---que-and
iit-go, come                         supersunt-survive, remain
diversa -diverse, various            ipse- <I my>self
aequora -sea                         ignotus-ignorant
vectos -carried                      egens -needy, in need
forte -by <it's own> chance          Libyae -Libya
sua -it's own                        deserta-deserts
Libycis-of Libya, Libyan             ego peragro-wander through
tempestas-storm                      Europa-Europe
appulit -drive, push                 atque -and
oris-shore                           Asia -Asia
ego sum-be                           pulsus-driven from, repulsed
pius -pious                          nec=neque-and not
Aeneas-Aeneas                        plura-more <verba>
raptos-snatched, saved               querentem -complain, lamenting
qui-who, because                     passa -allow
ex -from, out of                     Venus-Venus
hoste -enemy                         medio -middle of
Penatis -Penates, household gods     sic -thus
classe -fleet                        interfata-interrupted
ego veho -I carry                    dolore-grief, saddness
me + cum                             est-be
me-me                                quisquis-whoever
cum-with                             tu es-be
Fama-fame, reputation                haud=non-not
super-above                          ego credo-believe
aethera -ether, upper air, heavens   invisus-hated, hateful
notus-well known, famous             caelestibus-gods
Italiam-Italy                        auras -breeze, air
ego quaero -seek, search for         vitalis -of life
patriam -fatherland                  tu carpis-seize, take
et -and                              Tyriam-Tyrian, Carthaginian
genus -race, people                  qui -who, when
ab -from                             tu adveneris-arrive at, reach
Iove -Jove, Jupiter                  urbem-city
summo-highest                        tu, perge! -proceed
modo-only                                 stridentibus-screeching, noisy
atque-and                                 alis-wings
hinc -from here                           et -and
te -yourself                              coetu -company, flock
reginae -queen                            cinxere-surround, encircle
ad -to, toward                            polum-pole, sky, heaven
limina -threshold                         cantus-song
tu, perfer!-carry, take                   ---que-and
namque -for                               dedere-give
tibi -you                                 haud-non-not
reduces -restored, brought back           aliter-otherwise
socios -comrade                           puppes-ship
classem-fleet                             tuae-your
relatam -carried back, restored           pubes-young men
ego nuntio-announce                       tuorum-your men, Trojans
in -into                                  portum -port
tutum -safety                             tenet -hold
versis -turned, turning                   pleno -full
Aquilonibus -North Wind                   subit -enter
actam-driven                              ostia -mouth of harbor
ni -if not, unless                        velo-sail
frustra -in vain                          tu, perge!-proceed
augurium -augury, prophecy                modo-only
vani -deceiving, lying                    qua-where
docuere -teach                            te -you
parentes -parents                         ducit -lead
tu, aspice! -look,                        via-road, path
bis senos-twice-six (12)                  tu, derige! -direct
laetantis -happy                          gressum-step
agmine -battleline, line                  dixit-say, speak
cyncos-swans                              avertens -turning aside, turning around
aetheria -of the upper air, ethereal      rosea -rosy
quos-whom                                 cervice -neck
lapsa -slipping, gliding                  refulsit-shine, gleam
plaga -region                             ambrosiae-ambrosial
Iovis -Jove, Jupiter                      comae -hair
ales -bird (eagle)                        divinum -divine
aperto -open, clear                       vertice -head
turbabat -disturb, throw into confusion   odorem -odor, fragrance
caelo-sky                                 spiravere-breathe forth, exhale
nunc-now                                  pedes -feet
terras -land, ground                      vestis -robe
ordine -line                              defluxit -flow down
longo -long                               ad -ad
aut-(either) or                           imos-lowest
capere/captas-occupy, occupied            vera-true, real
iam -now                                  incessu -gait, stride
despectare-look down                      patuit -reveal, be evident
videntur-appear                           dea-goddess
ut-just as                                ille -that one, he <Aeneas>
reduces-restored, brought back            ubi -when
illi -those (swans)                       matrem -mother
ludunt -play                              agnovit -recognize
tali -such                          aut-or
fugientem-fleeing                   veniendi -coming
est-be                              poscere -demand
voce -voice, words                  causas-cause, reason
secutus-following                   ipsa --she herself
quid-why?                           Paphum -island of Paphos
natum =filium-son                   sublimis-on high
totiens -so many times, so often    abit-depart
crudelis -cruel                     sedes-seat
quoque -also                        ---que -and
falsis -false                       revisit -revisit
tu ludis -sport, mock, delude       laeta -happy
imaginibus-image, shape             suas-her own
cur -why                            ubi -where
dextrae -right hand                 templum -temple
iungere -join                       illi-to her
dextram -right hand                 centum-one hundred
non-not                             Sabaeo -Sabaean, Arabian
datur-give, allow                   ture -incense
ac=atque -and                       calent -burn
veras -true, real                   arae -altars
audire -hear                        sertis-garlands, flowers
reddere -return, reply              recentibus -fresh
voces-voice, words                  halant-breathe forth, emit fragrance
talibus [verbis]-such [words]       corripuere-grab, hasten
incusat-reproach, chide, chastise   viam -road, path
gressum-step                        interea-meanwhile
ad-to, toward                       qua-to where
moenia -walls                       semita-path
tendit-stetch                       monstrat-point
at -but                             iam-now
Venus-Venus                         ascendebant-ascend
obscuro -dark, invisible            collem-hill
gradientis-walking                  qui -which
aere-air, fog, mist                 plurimus-very much, for most part
saepsit-enclose, surround           urbi -city
et -and                             imminet-overhang
multo-much                          adversas -opposite, opposing
nebulae -cloud, mist, fog           aspectat -look at, face
circum-around                       desuper-from above
dea                                 arcis-citadel, tower
<circum>fudit-surround              miratur -admire, wonder at
amictu-wrap                         molem-mass, massive structures
cernere-see                         Aeneas-Aeneas
ne-that not                         magalia -huts, hovels, lean-tos
quis=aliquis-anyone                 quondam-once, once upon a time
eos-them                            portas -gate
neu=neve- or not                    strepitum-noise
contingere-touch, meet, run into    strata-pavement
posset-be able                      viarum-road
moliri-contrive                     instant-press on
---ve-(either) or                   ardentes-burning, fervently
moram-delay                         Tyrii-Tyrians, Carthaginians
pars-part, some of them            liquentia -liquid, flowing
ducere -produce                    mella -honey
muros-wall                         stipant -stuff, store up
moliri-build                       et -and
arcem-citadel, tower               dulci -sweet
manibus -hand                      distendunt -distend, stretch
subvolvere -roll up, roll under    nectare -nectar
saxa-rock                          cellas-cell, honeycombs
pars -part, others of them         onera -load, burden
optare-choose                      accipiunt -accept, receive
locum-place, location              venientum-of those coming
tecto-roof, house                  agmine -battleline
concludere -enclose                facto-made, formed
sulco-ditch, trench                ignavum -lazy
iura -law                          fucos -drones
magistratus-magistrates            pecus -herd, swarm
legunt-choose                      a/ab -from
sanctum-holy                       praesepibus- hives
senatum-senate                     arcent-block, keep away
hic-here, in one                   fervet -boil
portus-harbor, port                opus-work
alii...alii-some ... others        redolent-be fragrant with, smell of
effodiunt -dig out, excavage       thymo -thyme
alta -high                         fragrantia -fragrant
theatris -theater                  mella-honey
fundamenta -foundation             o fortunati! -fortune
locant -place, locate, establish   quorum -whose
immanis-huge, large                iam-now
---que -and                        moenia-walls
columnas -columns                  surgunt-rise
rupibus-cliff,ridge,rock           Aeneas -Aeneas
excidunt-cut out                   ait-say, speak
scaenis -stage,backdrop            fastigia-tops, heights
decora -ornaments                  suspicit-look up
alta -high                         urbis-city
futuris-to be,future               infert-carry in
qualis-such as                     se-himself
apes -bees                         saeptus -enclosed, surrounded
aestate -summer                    nebula-cloud, mist, fog
nova -new, fresh                   mirabile-wonderful
per-through                        dictu-to relate
florea -flowery                    per -through
rura -country, countryside         medios-middle
exercet -busy                      miscet-mix
sub-under                          viris-man
sole -sun                          neque -and not
labor-work                         cernitur -see, notice
cum-when                           ulli-anyone
gentis-race, swarm                 lucus -grove
adultos-grown, adult               in -in
educunt-lead forth                 urbe -city
fetus-offspring                    fuit -be
aut-or                             media middle
laetissimus -most rich, abundant          hoc -this
umbrae-shade                              primum -first
quo -in which                             in -in
primum -first                             luco -grove
iactati -tossed                           nova -new
undis-wave                                res -thing, matter, situation
turbine -whirlwind, storm                 oblata -presented
Poeni -Phoenicians, Carthaginians         timorem -fear
effodere-dig out, excavate                leniit-soothe
loco-place, location                      primum -first
signum-sign, signal                       Aeneas -Aeneas
quod-which                                sperare -hope
regia-royal, regal, queenly               salutem -safety
Iuno -Juno                                ausus -dared
monstrarat-show, point out                adflictis -shattered
caput -head                               melius -better
acris -swift                              confidere -trust in
equi-horse                                rebus-thing, matter, situation
sic thus, so                              namque -for
nam -for                                  sub -under
fore -will be                             ingenti -huge
bello -war                                lustrat- survey
egregiam -distinguished                   dum -while
et -and                                   singula -one by one, each and every
facilem-easy                              templo-temple
victu -to live, to sustain                reginam -queen
per -through                              opperiens-awaiting
saecula -ages, centuries                  quae -what
gentem-race                               Fortuna -fortune
hic-here                                  sit -may be
templum-temple                            urbi -city
Iunoni -Juno                              artificum-artisan, craftsman
ingens -huge, large                       manus -hand, handiwork
Sidonia -Sidonian, Carthaginian           intra-among
Dido -Queen Dido                          se -themselves
condebat-build                            operum-work
donis -gift, dedications                  laborem -labor
opulentum-rich, wealthy                   miratur-admire
numine-divinity                           videt -see
divae-goddess                             Iliacas -Trojan
aerea -bronze                             ex -from (proper)
cui -on which                             ordine -order
gradibus -steps                           pugnas -fight, war
surgebant-rise                            bella-war
limina -threshold                         iam -now
nexae-fastened, joined                    Fama -fame, rumor, reputation
---que -and                               totum -whole, entire, total
aere -bronze                              vulgata -made known, published
trabes-beam                               per -through
foribus -door                             orbem-world
cardo -hinge                              Atridas -sons of Atreus (Agamemnon/Menelaus)
stridebat -screech, made noise, clanged   Priamum-King Priam
aenis-of bronze                           saevum -savage
ambobus -to both (Greeks and Trojans)
constitit-stop, stand
lacrimans -weeping, crying
iam -now
o Achate!-oh Achates!
regio -region
terris -earth ,land
nostri -our
non -not
plena -full of
laboris-labor, suffering
Priamus-King Priam
sunt -be
etiam -even, also, too
sua -its own
praemia -rewards
laudi-praise, glory
lacrimae -tears
rerum-of (human) matters/affairs
et -and
mortalia -mortal, human (affairs)
tu, solve! -dismiss
metus-fear, anxiety
aliquam -some
tibi -you
Fama -fame, rumor, reputation
salutem-safety, security
sic -thus
atque -and
animum -mind, spirit
pictura -picture
pascit -feed
inani-empty, lifeless
multa -much
largo-copious, plentiful
---que -and
umectat -wet, moisten
flumine -river (of tears)


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