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Thanks again for purchasing the “Clickbank Crash Course”, I look forward to
receiving all your success stories because this ebook is chalk full of super
affiliate tactics that I use to cash HUGE checks every week. After reading
and studying the tactics found in his e-book I will assure you that making
huge affiliate checks and becoming a super affiliate will be an easy task.

The reason why most people never make it in the Internet marketing world
or affiliate marketing in general is because they don't use one method and
master it until they move on to the next. Every time a guru sends out an e-
mail about a new product launch or a new way of getting more sales they
lose focus and try that out. The real secret to affiliate marketing success is...


You are in the right place at the right time! I consider internet marketing to
be one of the best industries to be in. With the advancement of technology
and with the world‟s economic crisis, Internet Marketing seems to be the
obvious choice when choosing a way to earn an income. Billions of dollars
are being spent online and it grows every year as more and more people
come online, and internet marketers are the ones that will be cashing the
BIG checks.
Now this all sounds good, right? Anyone can start making money online,
but few actually make this a THRIVING business. I think part of the reason
is that there are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes out there that promise you
instant riches but in return all you get is a squashed bank account. It is said
that only 3% of people who get into this business actually stick with it for
the long haul and make it a full-time business. That‟s 3 out 100 people!
So you‟re probably wondering how you can make sure that you‟re in that
top 3% bracket! I‟m about to teach you what it takes to make it in affiliate
marketing! Following these action steps is the way to success. I will be
laying out PROVEN ways to become a Highly Paid Super Affiliate, no
more gimmicks and short term techniques. This will build you a solid online

The difference between you and someone making 7 figures a year is…
                     A Lot of Hard Work & Specialized

You have to bring the hard work and I will supply the specialized
knowledge! Once you posses the knowledge to earn 4 figures monthly
online, you have the skills to make 7 figures. You just have to scale up
once you‟ve found something that works!
So once you master what I‟m about to teach you, THE SKY IS THE
LIMIT! The best thing about this is that you will be ahead of 97% of the
people searching for that magic pill. We all start out chasing that magic
pill but since you‟ve found “Affiliate Rockstar Domination” that ends

Success the Easy Way!

This is what I like to call the “Success Cycle”, I know it sounds kind of corny
but I‟m coming up better names as I write. But I will explain this in great
detail! 9 times out 10, if you follow this 5 Step Plan in a clockwise motion
you will achieve success in just about ANYTHING you do!

Taking action is by far the single most important thing you MUST do in order
to achieve success. Without taking any action you won‟t have results to
tweak and change. I think the #1 reason why people don‟t take ACTION is
because of fear:
            Fear of losing money
            Fear of failing
            Fear of success (yes, some people fear being successful)
Remember that nothing happens without taking the first step! ACTION,
ACTION, ACTION! If you don‟t learn anything else from this course it should
be taking ACTION!


Now after taking massive amounts of action you will begin to see results or
the lack there of.
This is much like conducting an experiment; you want to gather data so you
can tweak it to work in your favor.
Once you have a project going and you‟re not seeing the results that you
desire you can then further analyze and make the necessary changes to
get the results you want. After doing this several times you and your
business will be running like a well oiled machine! ACHEIVEMENT
Achievement is naturally what you get after you take action, get results
and then tweak them to perfection! Now most of this may begin to start
sounding obvious but I learned all this through trial and error.
If you really follow this process step-by-step you will achieve Great results!

This is where you really reach that milestone. No more negative thinking,
no more doubts, you've actually made it! You can take his newfound
confidence and success and roll it over into new ventures and other things
in your life.

                Once this happens, the sky is the limit, LITERALLY!
I always like to start out with a little pep talk to get you engaged and pull
you into the material. If you purchased this ebook you obviously want a
change in your life and if you‟re able to follow a proven blueprint and put
things into ACTION you will achieve what you set out to accomplish. So let‟s
dive into the material and start generating some nice affiliate checks!!

Choosing Profitable Products
Now choosing profitable product is where it all begins, because if you choose
a product with low payouts or has low conversion rates then you would not
make much profit in the most is you
even lose money and waste valuable time.
Since we don't want to waste a lot of time and money I will outline the
three methods to finding profitable products to promote as an affiliate. I
suggest you choose one of these three methods and work it until you have
your first affiliate check in hand. This way you can stay focused and actually
finish a project.

Guru Launches
I'm sure you get e-mails every day of someone launching a new product,
this post to be this new shiny thing that will make its own of money. The
truth is the people selling the information are actually making the most
money. Since you don't have a huge e-mail list or contacts in the Internet
marketing field you can leech off of their success when they launch these
This is how I got my start in that initial capital to invest in more affiliate
projects. This is a very easy way to make fast cash, don't mix status with
easy because this method does take a lot of hard work if you play your
cards right.
So let's get into how you go about doing this! I'm going to outline this
method in step-by-step format so it makes it easier for you to implement.

   1. Go sign up to receive notifications of new products that are launching

      I probably receive notifications of a new launch just about every day
      and they give you enough time to setup your affiliate landing pages
      and campaigns to your ahead of the ball game.
2. The next thing you want to do is purchase a domain name, I
  probably wondering why would you purchase a domain? The reason
  you want to do this is because you want to have full control of your
  website. If you are a great blog on Wordpress or Blogger they can
  shut down your page anytime you wouldn't even know it and there
  goes all your efforts on a window.

  You would register a domain name similar to that of the actual
  product launching and this is basically for SEO and relevancy. Here's a
  great example, I received a notification that a new product by well-
  known marketer was launching two weeks from the day I actually
  received the e-mail. The name of the product was "Affiliate Funnel
  System" so I registered the domain name:
  as you can see the only difference is the “i” in front of the domain.

  That way humans and search engines will have no doubt that my site
  pertains to this product launch.

3. Now that you've chosen a product to promote and purchased a
  related domain name is time to build your website also known as a
  landing page or money page. This is where you want to send all your
  traffic and maybe offer some bonuses to entice them to buy through
  your link. There's two ways to do this you can either build a simple
  HTML website with Pre Sell website copy. I go over how to write
  copy later on in the e-book.

  To build a simple HTML page that looks pretty good you might want to
  use templates there are some nice templates at
    Woo Themes you can grab these professional templates.
    Below is an example of a template you can easily edit to match the
    product you are promoting.

I usually create HTML pages and had the presell copy since it is fast and
easy. That way I can promote may offers without even breaking a sweat!

    The other ways you can do this is setup a Wordpress blog on your
    domain and write a few posts pertaining to the launch of the product
    and what it is all about.

 4. Okay now that all systems are go and you have set up your money
    page you want to start sending traffic to that money page. We go over
    how to set up an Adwords campaign and how to generate free traffic
    So you are not left in the dark about Anything!
That is the four step formula to promoting just about any affiliate offer. The
next two methods involving little research but the rewards and return on
investment are usually high!

Top Performers
Here is the method I use to finding the top performers and seeing if they will
be profitable or not. Use this step-by-step formula and you will less likely run
into an unprofitable affiliate campaign.
      1. To start out with you want to visit the Clickbank marketplace to
      what is selling. You can do this by simply selecting category and in
      looking at the search results. You want to focus your efforts on
      products with the gravity of 100 or higher. This shows that the
      product is making sales and that you are not the first one to test and
      see if the product is profitable or not.

      As a quick example of how I will go about doing this, after visiting:

As you see I selected the health and fitness category and simply click to
“Go”. Now this returned a lot of results, like I stated before you want to
focus on a product that has a gravity of over 100 and in most cases you
want to stay away from products that have gravity over 400 because that
usually tells you that there's a lot of competition for promoting this product.
Another way to finding the top performers is using a very good service called this gives you a lot of data about new products that are
being launched on Clickbank, and most importantly the top movers and
shakers. Below is a screenshot of what this page will look like, uses
information to your advantage and jump on profitable products before your
competitors do.

   2. Now it's time for the "Product Profit Formula", use this exact formula
      to identify products that are profitable. Without using this formula will
      find yourself wasting a lot of time and energy on products that will not
      bring you any income especially if you're using Google Adwords to
      generate traffic to your offers.

      The thing you want to keep in mind when promoting products with
      Adwords is that you want to make sure the money you spend on
      advertising greatly exceeds what you make in affiliate commissions.

      You do this by first seeing what the payout on the product you are
      promoting. So let‟s say we promote “No Nonsense Muscle Building”
      from the example above. The payout is $80.31 or 73% which is pretty
      good especially since we want to focus on high affiliate payouts. Can
      you imagine getting $80 per sale for product you didn't even create!

      What this means is you can spend up to $.80 cents per click in
      Adwords and still be a break even! In most cases you will not pay
      nearly that much in the muscle building niche, I would say probably
      half of that.

      So this formula is pretty simple so here is a quick breakdown:
           Find a product and the Clickbank marketplace or is using CB with the gravity over 100.
           Next, make sure the payout is over $30 to assure that you will
         be able to make a profit when promoting with AdWords.
           Divide the affiliate payout by 100 to get your maximum cost per
         click that you will pay. In the example above I took our $80 payout
         and divided by 100 to get 0.80 cents, obviously.
           After doing those three steps you should leave it out a good
         affiliate product to promote. That my friend is the "Product Profit

Keyword Sniping
I know most of you are scared of the AdWords beast and that's why added
my keyword sniping method because you can still become a super affiliate
by generating tons and tons of Free Traffic!
Now keyword sniping is a unique method that I just started using because
once you learn how to do keyword research the way about to show you it
will seem like you own the web because you can rank high for certain
keywords and get tons of traffic that your competitors have no idea about.
The whole idea behind keyword sniping is finding those low competition
keywords so you can start off by finding an affiliate product to promote and
simply putting in a root keyword and then breaking that down into a more
relevant keyword that has less competition in just as much
I'm going to breakdown step-by-step how to do keyword research in the
next chapter for this particular method.
Use my SEO keyword research tactics with the FREE traffic methods
outlined in this ebook to generate affiliate commissions with ease! The
best part about all of this is that the traffic is completely FREE; it will
continue to generate profits as long as the site is still running!

Bulletproof Keyword Research
Keyword research, or should I say good keyword research is the bread-
and-butter to any successful online marketing campaign. All sales on the
Internet start with a keyword but knowing the right keywords is usually
where people fall victim. Not all keywords are created alike because a key
word can describe what a person's intentions are.
I will be outlining how to do keyword research for search engine
optimization for all that good free traffic and how do keyword research for
pay per click marketing which is very quick and fast traffic!

SEO Keyword Research
This is how I go about getting those niche keywords. This process works
100% of the time! It may sound confusing at first but it is the real deal!
Read several times if you did not understand it the first go round, there is
about 14 steps and all!
1. Use Google Keyword Tool to do your keyword research for SEO, they are
   the most accurate and receive the most traffic out of all the search
   engines on the net!
Enter your main keyword, I simple entered “guitar lessons”. You will end up
with about 200

Go to the end of each section and “Add all…” you want to add all the
keywords to the right side so you can export them.
2. Do a Google search to find competitors paying for ads for this particular
   keyword. We do this so build a larger list of keywords to use. So I simply
   visited and entered “guitar lessons” without quotes.
     I would then copy these URLs and put them into Google Keyword Tool to
     see all the keywords their optimized for!

     Do this for each URL that you find pertaining to “guitar lessons” so you
     can build a nice size keyword list that is focused around learning the

3.    Next you want to export them as a text file shown below:
     It should open as a text file, leave it open for now.

4.    Log into your Google Adwords account. If you do not have an Adwords
     account it is crucial that you get one setup immediately! Simple visit the
     Adwords signup page

5.    Next, log into your Adwords account and find the “Tools” link in
     the toolbar. Go to “Traffic Estimator”

6.    Enter all the keyword from the .txt file you downloaded from Google
     keyword tool. You will also have to enter what countries you are trying to
     get traffic from. Next, you will simply click “Continue”

7.    Now the “Traffic Estimator” has given you a lot of data, but we are
     NOT concerned with that at this point. All you have to do now is click
     “Download as .csv” this will return yet another Notepad file, don‟t worry
     about what it looks like you will just be copying and pasting it. The
     contents of the notepad file should look like this:
8.    Next you will need to grab this free software called “Keyword Corral”
     so you can analyze these keywords and see which ones have low

9.    After you‟ve downloaded the software save each of the notepad files to
     your desktop, name them something you can remember. Next you will
     click “Open source file” and select the notepad file you downloaded from
     Google‟s Traffic Estimator, should be named estimates.csv

     Once you do that, it will list all your keywords and now by selecting a
     group of keyword you can get the competition of each. Hold CTRL and
     click on the keywords you want to get data on.

     Or you can press CTRL+A to select all.

10. Next you will press “Get Competition” this will give you the amount of
   sites that are currently optimized in the search engines for that particular
11. Now you have data on your competition, be sure to sort by competition.
   Anything under 5,000 means it is easy to rank for, see screenshot below:

12. Next you will take all these keywords and put them back into Google
   Keyword Tool to get the search volume of each. You would enter all the
   keywords with a competition level of 5,000 and below in like so:
Now be sure to filter your keyword to “Don‟t show ideas for new keywords”
as shown above. It will return how much traffic these low completion
keywords are getting, you will then sort them by the amount of traffic they
have and choose the TOP 5 or more as shown below.
13. Now you would simply build links around those keywords with
  low competition to get easy rankings in the search engines!

I hope I didn‟t confuse you up there but that is the same science I use
to rank in the search engines within a matter of weeks!

The only thing you have to do to rank for those keywords is build links with
those keywords as anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text that leads
a person to your website!

Be sure to studying the “FREE traffic Methods” chapter later on this ebook!

PPC Keyword Research
Keyword Research is the heart of all PPC campaigns and anything you are
marketing online. It is very important to be targeting the right keywords,
ones that convert into to customers/buyers. Keyword research used to be a
very time consuming task, but with the advancement of technology that is
no longer the case. I will be listing all the top keyword research tools and
how to use them to dominate your competition.
Keywords are very important when deciding your PPC campaign; they
can make your advertising campaign much more successful. Finding
your keywords however can be very difficult, but it doesn‟t have to be
that way.
Before choosing keywords it is very important to choose your budget. Not
all people that are setting up PPC campaigns have the same size budgets.
Big companies may be able to afford thousands of dollars per day running
their PPC adverts. It is very important to carefully monitor your online
adverts to make sure that they are performing correctly.
If you are a sole trader, or small company then you probably handle all of
your PPC advertising requirements by yourself because you can‟t afford to
hire an external agency to run it for you. Almost everyone will run their
campaigns themselves at least at first, after which point they may look at
automating their PPC adverts.
It can be very time consuming to monitor your keywords; however it is
something that you should do. An advertising firm might be beneficial;
however they will normally charge 15% fees and have a $1,000 per month
minimum adverts. Few people will be able to afford to pay for this. When
choosing keywords you should be careful not to use general keyword
phrases. These are often too broad and will not target your adverts closely
enough. If you sell patio furniture for example then many people might want
to use phrases such as patio furniture and outdoor furniture. However it‟s
not a good idea to use these general terms as they cost more, and do not
yield targeted results. Advertising on PPC adverts costs different prices
depending on the keywords you choose, the more competitors for the
chosen keyword, the more expensive the advert will cost.
There are also other problems associated with choosing general keywords,
and that is that they attract many more clicks than normal. Quite often
people that aren‟t buyers will click on these links, which means there is
little chance of converting these clicks into sales. Using too broad
keywords might get lots of traffic; however few people will choose to
purchase anything.
If somebody knows exactly what it is they are looking for then they will use
much more specific keyword phrases? Instead of someone searching for
patio furniture for example they might search for cast iron table. The person
already knows specifically what it is they want to buy, and so are much
more likely to make a purchase.
These long, more specific keywords are the ones that you want to use.
These are much more profitable than many other keyword selections.

Spying On Your Competition
If you want a legit shortcut to PPC success, then spying on your competition
will get you the results you‟re looking for even faster. You can ride the glory
of their successful campaigns. With the advancement of technology this
method is becoming easier and easier every day. Finding which keywords
convert and the best Ad copy can be a long and daunting task, and in most
cases very expensive. By spying on your competition you could have
possibly saved yourself $1000‟s of dollars and months of testing. I will be
going over how to use the best spying tools on the market.

KeyCompete is one such example, this allows you to enter a domain name
and search for the keywords in use, and also enter a keyword and see
which websites are using them. It also shows how good certain keywords
are so that it simplifies your keyword choices. Spying on the competition
makes your job a whole lot easier.
Using KeyCompete
   1. Visit, you will see the site shown below
   2. Enter a domain name to search for the keywords a domain uses,
      or enter a keyword to search for who uses those keywords.

   3. Click Search

   4. You will then be presented with a list of results:

The free service seems to be a limited service; if you agree to sign up and
pay $39.00 per month then you can get access to all the results. 514
results were found for, however only 5 were displayed.
The bar at the right hand side of the keyword shows the quality of it, this
means that it is performing much better. For example the worst
performing keyword in the above example is “keyword search research
Using KeyCompete to find out who is bidding on certain keywords:
   1. Visit

   2. In the search box enter the keyword you want to search for, in
      this case we are searching for “Garden Furniture”

   3. Click search and look at the results.

Again only 5 results are recalled, even though there are at least 139
domains using this keyword. If you search for a more specific keyword such
as “iron garden furniture” then you get much more targeted results.
Searching for iron garden furniture reveals 75 sites that bid on this keyword.
Keyword Spy
Another alternative to find your competitors keywords is keyword spy, again
this is a popular tool because it reduces the amount of time required to build
your list of keywords. Building your keyword list can take a very long time,
however using such a tool it can take mere minutes. Keyword spy is pretty
much instant.
You can even use it to put in a certain keyword and see which sites are
bidding on that one keyword on Google.
It‟s also possible to export all of the search terms very easily which can
then be used to run your own PPC campaign very easily.
Keyword spy is so popular because it allows people to compile lists of
keywords in a matter of seconds; it can also give you plenty of information
about how your competitors are bidding on specific keywords, and how
effective certain keywords are. An approximate CPC is also calculated
which is useful for those on a budget.
1. Visit - KeywordSpy

2. In the “Begin your free keyword search here:” box type in the
  domain name you want to search for. Then click go
     You will then see a list of 10 keywords that the domain you have
     searched for bids on for their PPC campaigns. It also shows an
     estimated price per click (CPC) and how many clicks per day.
Using keyword spy to search for which domains are using certain keywords:
   1. Visit

  2. Enter the keyword you want to search for in the search box, click on
     “go” and you will see a list of 10 results
You can then use this information to see exactly who is competing for the
same keywords; this is useful when analyzing your own PPC marketing
Domain Secrets
When choosing a domain name you want it to be apart of your Adwords ad,
what I mean by that is you your domain name to help sell your money page
so that people will click on your ad as opposed to your competitors.
So you must choose domains that pertain to the keywords that you are
targeting. Although coming up with GREAT domain names that aren‟t
already registered can be a hard task! So here is how you would find a
domain name on complete autopilot!
    1. You will do your keyword research for your main product to bring back
      over 200 related keywords. Enter more root keywords to grow your
      keyword list if need be.
   2. Take this list and head over to Namecheap.Com now you don‟t have to
      purchase your domain from here but they have a good feature for
      weeding out good domains.
   3. Once you arrive at you want to hover over “Domains”
      and click “Bulk Register” like so:
4. Next you will paste your keywords into the box where is says, “Enter
   up to 500 domains” and be sure to check the .com TLD. This is so you
   will see what‟s available for solid .com names.

5. Once you enter the code and hit search it should return a bunch of
   errors, this is stating which domains are already registered. If you
   keep scrolling down towards the bottom you will find all the available
   domain names in the text box. See example below…
As you can see this brought back some pretty nice domain names that I didn‟t
have to use my brain to come up with!    Now you can select whatever
domain you would like to register and buy it from whomever you have your
domains with!

The Art of the Pre Sell

 The goal of Preselling is to get a prospect to say "I want that...
Now! Where can I get it?" You want to get your readers in "the zone" (a
gotta-have it mood) before they are exposed to a product, a concept, a
person, etc.

Successful presell letters have four things in common:

   1.   a definite, clear recommendation for one product
   2.   Connects with the reader - and focuses on the reader and the issue.
   3.   creates value dissonance (or disharmony)
   4.   Urgency
The basic procedure works like this:
   1. Tap into an existing demand, desire, want, need (a hot button issue)
   2. Create the buying mood
   3. Present a unique offer. You should boost the vendor's offer with
       bonus that ties into the product and enhances its effectiveness.
I've outlined several preselling strategies that you can use below. Most of
them are pretty self- explanatory, but I have provided examples.
I will be outlining two presell methods in this ebook!

Presell Method #1: Talk about the problem, then offer a solution (the
affiliate product)
    1. Establish rapport by talking about your experience. Briefly.
   2.  Then switch the reader's attention to the issue.
   3.  Emphasize the problem...
   4.  Tell them about the solution
   5.  Highlight the potential result the customer will get if they use the
       product (something spectacular that would be difficult to obtain
       any other way)
    6. Present the opportunity to get more info (i.e. optin), or send them to
    the vendor.
Presell Method #2: Point out a product's flaws, tie in a bonus to fix it!
   1. Describe what kind of the results customers will get if they buy the
   2. Then describe the product's flaws... explain how these flaws are bad
   for the customer
   3. Offer a bonus that helps the customer overcome this potential
      hazard. Your bonuses must be related to the product and almost
      overwhelm them with value!!

Setting Up High Quality Landing Pages
Another key element to crafting a profitable PPC campaign is your
landing page. Since the inception of the Google Slap, a lot of campaigns
where getting the smack down!
Google would remove there ad because it didn‟t meet their requirements,
but could you blame them they have a business to run. I know of tons of
people losing campaigns that were making them $100/day.
In this chapter I will be going over how to combat the Google slap and get
the lowest Cost per

Landing Page Basics
Your Cost Per Click (CPC) will greatly depend on the quality of your
website and ultimately what percentage of the clicks will turn into sales.
It‟s very important to make sure that your website is of the very best
quality and looks as professional as possible.
There are some important sections that every website must have, these
   - Privacy policy
  - Terms and Conditions
  - Disclaimer
  - Contact us page
Other information

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
Very few people enjoy writing the privacy policy and the terms and
conditions of any website, it seems like a thankless task because nobody
really likes talking about legal issues unless they‟re a lawyer and getting paid
by the hour, and very few people will actually bother to read your
privacy policy and terms and conditions.
So if nobody is going to read it, then why should you create one? People
may not read it, but many will check for the existence of one. People know
that many people won‟t bother to create one, and so it can be seen as a
measure of the professionalism of your site.
What is a privacy policy?
A privacy policy details how your company will collect, use and store any
personal information from your customers. People are very protective over
their personal information; especially these days and so will need some
convincing that you are not going to do anything bad with it.
Make sure that your customer is aware that you won‟t be giving this
private data to any other companies; you will use it only for your own
business purposes and take very good care of it. You don‟t need to make
any major promises, but you do need to use this to reassure visitors.

What are the Terms and Conditions?
These are where you tell your visitors about the general rules which affect
your site; these should be related to management and financial rules. This
lets the buyers know about their rights and responsibilities and can also
reassure visitors that you are a trustworthy company.
Both of these documents are official documents which are designed to
reassure the visitor of your site. It‟s important to carefully look at
examples of privacy policy‟s and terms and conditions from your country
as laws can change depending on your country.
How can you use the privacy policy to your advantage?
   - You should show your visitors what personal information you will
      collect and show the reasons why you need this information. Don‟t
      request information that you don‟t need, otherwise this will make
      people every suspicious and also put them off completing the whole

   - Also tell your visitors how this information will be stored and how you
      will use it. Try to reassure visitors that you won‟t abuse their
- How you can protect this information – Show how this information is
  protected from hackers and other scammers.
   - Tell them who you might disclose this information to; you should be
      upfront about this.

   - You need to allow the visitor to edit and delete the information easily
      as this will improve credibility of your site.

   - If there are any policy changes then you should notify users, tell them
      how you will tell them about these policy changes.

   - You should also give contact details for anyone who wants to ask
      questions about their privacy. Make sure that they are able to get
      answers to their questions easily to make sure they are reassured.
Where should you put these pages?
Most webmasters generally put these pages at the bottom of a website,
because you don‟t want you visitor reading your privacy policy before
reading your salescopy.

Make Your Site Sticky
You want to make your landing page or website sticky. You want to do this
so your visitors will stay on your website a little while longer and ultimately
make a purchase. You do this by simply adding tons of quality content,
content that is useful to your market. This could be in the form of video,
articles, podcast, etc.

Video is NOW, not the future. The number of people watching online videos
is growing each day. We‟ve all heard of YouTube and the amount of visitors
it get‟s each day. Now it is your turn to use video to your advantage.
Creating video is not as hard as you think it is. I usually create a video in
less than 20 minutes and have it uploaded to YouTube or my website.
To create a quick video, simply follow these steps:
    1. Download a 30 Day Trial of Camtasia (Screen Capture Software)

   2. Open Microsoft Powerpoint to create slides for the information you are
      about to create, if you don‟t have Powerpoint there is a free alternative
   3. Once you‟ve created the slides you want, simply present your
      information by recording it with Camtasia, once complete you have a
      video that you can add to your website!

Quality Content
Content is king in Google‟s eyes, this is how the Google bots are able to
determine if a site is worthy of visiting or not. Adding content that is useful
to the visitor goes a long way when trying to optimize your site for the best
You simply need to find out what type of information your target market is
looking for by visiting blogs in your niche or looking at your competitions
websites for ideas. Once you find some information worth posting write a
handful of articles or hire someone to do this for you. Later on in this
ebook we will be going over how to get other people to do work for you
by outsourcing.

Google Quality Score
This is something that Google introduced a year or so ago to eliminate all the
junk sites that were advertising on Adwords. Now for you to get the lowest
Cost Per Click you must have the following things on your website.
I will be showing you guys and gals a perfect example of a landing page
with a “Great” quality score and paying the lowest cost per click. By getting
the lowest CPC, I am able to blow my competition out of the water!
Be sure you landing page includes:
   1. At least 3 quality articles
   2. Privacy and Terms & Conditions pages
   3. Links to more useful information
The main idea to keep in mind when creating your Landing Page is that
Google wants to see to it that whatever people find in their search engines is
quality stuff and by creating a quality landing page or website you get
rewards, such as lower Cost Per Click.

Adwords Tips & Tricks
Important Settings in Adwords Campaign

There are some settings that are selected by default; we want to change
these options so that we can maximize the results of our campaigns. So the
first thing we want to do is go to our campaign settings tab and change the
following settings, I will explain the reason behind changing each also.
#1: Change Delivery Method to show ads more evenly, the reason you
want to do this is test at what times the most quality clicks come in. Later
on in this ebook we will be going over testing
and tweaking to adjust your campaigns to only show your ads at certain
times so your money is well spent on customers that are looking for what
you have to offer.

#2 Change your ad serving to “rotate” more evenly. We want to do this
because you want to
know what ad is performing better, if you let the Google Bots decide for you
will never know the better performing ads and won‟t increase profits.

Now that we have that out the way we can move on to building a
bulletproof Adwords campaign!

Just because you have finally won the battle and created your list of
keywords and landing page it doesn‟t mean that you have won the battle
and can now sit back and relax. Actually you still have an awful lot of work
to do.
Once you have your keyword list and landing page put together it is now
time to create your adcopy, this is where you must be very careful to make
sure you create high quality ad copy that will encourage people to click on
your advert and visit your website.
Swiping Successful AdCopy
It is always a good idea to use copy what works (don't reinvent the wheel)
- find the leaders in your niche and use their ads as swipe file. A swipe file
is basically something you use for reference or for templates you can use
for your own ads.
Do a google search for the keywords you are targeting and begin looking for
ads that you like or feel that someone would click on. After doing this for
most of your top keywords you will have a decent swipe file to use.
 NOTE: If you purchased a subscription to any of the keyword spying tools,
most of these tools monitor your competitor‟s adcopy also so you know
which ads are converting.

Words to Use in Your Copy
Use Keywords in Ad Copy
If you want to create a successful PPC campaign then there are some very
important things to consider. We‟ve already looked into how you should find
keywords to use in your PPC adverts. The location is the most important
part to succeeding when advertising. You should carefully fill your
advertising copy with keywords so that it is of interest to readers.
Remember the more interesting your ad copy is, the more chance there is of
someone clicking on it.
There are many different ways to find the right keywords to use in your
advertising campaign, see the previous chapter for more information.
The keywords should be used in the heading of the advert, and also in the
body. This will make sure that they grab the readers eyes and get much
more attention than otherwise.

Keywords that push the buttons of readers
Every one of your potential customers is a human being; this is very
beneficial to you because humans have emotions. If you can learn how to
press the right buttons of your readers then you stand a much better
chance of success.
But how can you press the right buttons of your readers?
Emotions are very important when advertising, but have you ever stopped
to think about the reasons why? Well emotions are very powerful things
that can affect our behavior, they can be bodily and mental changes that
are able to influence our decisions. It is possible for experts to use these
emotions to push someone‟s buttons and convince them that they need to
buy your product.
Most advertisers use emotions to try and encourage people to buy; they fill
them with lots of appeal. Without appeal there would be no point of having
an advert. Emotions are one of the best ways of encouraging someone that
they need to buy your product now!
You should advertise your product to appeal to someone‟s emotions rather
than their logical choices or showing that it‟s good value. There are many
different emotions which can be used in advertising including interest,
shame, guilt, love, distress, surprise, sorrow, happiness, depression,
frustration, embarrassment and horror.

AdCopy Structure
Here are the rules to follow when creating an ad for Adwords.

The first rule of writing ad copy is that your ad must be relevant to
whatever the consumer is searching for. This is the rule that high CTR
flows from. By relevance, I mean that your ad should give the consumer
exactly what they are looking for.

The second factor that will influence the click through rate for an ad is how
eye-catching the headline is. The more the headline stands out the greater
thechance that the consumer will read and then click on the ad. „Relevance‟
is gold here not „crazy gimmicks‟ – remember „relevance‟ is always KING!
Your starting point for a headline is to take the dominant keyword in an
adgroup – i.e. the one that is going to attract the highest quality traffic and
replicate it in the headline.
         i.e. Want to Burn
         DVD‟s? Hotels in
         New York

The headlines job is to “Get Attention”, if you can‟t grab your prospect‟s
attention you‟ll lost before you even start. Your ability to grab attention
relies soley on the Headline, like stated before, don‟t try to reinvent the
wheel, use proven headlines and templates.

Here are 10            proven
  1.  “How To                              ”
   2.    “Secrets of                     Revealed!”
   3.    WARNING: Don‟t Even Think of                 Until You               .
   4.    “Who Else Wants To                            ”
   5.    Now You Can Have/Do [desirable outcome or circumstance]
   6.    “They Laughed When I                  , But When I                       ”
   7.    Give Me [short time period] and I‟ll Give You [desired outcome]
   8.    The Lazy [person in market‟s] Way to [desired outcome]
   9.    See How Easily You Can [desirable result]
   10.    You Don‟t Have to Be [something challenging] to be [desired result]

Ad Body
The body of the ad refers to the text other than the headline. Although it is
not as important as the headline, time should be spent experimenting with
the body. It‟s no good having a great headline with an unappealing body.
Generally, you want to stress the benefits as much as possible in the
ad body and only hint briefly at what the
product is.

Some „gurus‟ say your ad should be partly descriptive and partly benefits
driven but I think all benefits are what you should strive for. Look at the
top 5 ads on Adwords for your product and see what they look like

Template Ads
Here are some template ads I came up with so you can use them as
reference when creating your own! These ads are known to convert into
high quality clicks.
Below each ad I give you the ad structure in which I use
to create the ad.
AdCopy Tips
It can be difficult to write good quality copy that converts readers into
customers, saying that however it‟s by no means impossible. It is even
possible for beginners to write killer ad copy if they take some time
learning what to do.
As with everything else practice makes perfect, you should practice your ad
copy writing tips to make sure you know what you are doing, you can also
use these simple tips to make sure you are on the right lines.
    1. Headline – The headline is the most important part of any advert,
       is what the reader will see first. You should make sure that your
       headline is interesting and compelling so that your potential customers
       can‟t resist reading it. It‟s often beneficial to ask a question as the
       heading, this makes people think about the question and if they want
       to know the answer they will click it. Asking a question that many
       people are experiencing from could get a lot of clicks. Consider this,
       “Are you sick of paying too much for your bank loan?” is much more
       compelling than “Good Value Bank Loan”.

  2.    Body – After the headline the next thing you have to think about is
       the actual copy of your advert, or the body. When you are writing your
       ad copy you should try to think about the benefits that your product or
       service will give to anyone who purchases it. Don‟t bother listing out
     the features, try to find benefits. People are selfish; they want to know
     exactly what this product can do for them. Instead of saying that your
     bank loan is cheaper, tell them that they will actually have more spare
     cash each month to spend. Give them reasons why they would want to
     choose your product. This will make sure that your audience realizes
     why they would want to purchase your product in the first place. If
     you‟re stuck for ideas of what people might want then try searching in
     forums relative to your product or service.

3.    High Quality – Make sure that your advertising copy is high quality
     and lows as smoothly as possible. Try to use short sentences which get
     straight to the point, also avoid making any mistakes of any kind,
     including spelling mistakes. Make full use of your spell checker, and
     also use the grammar check! If you don‟t check for errors then you
     might make some serious errors which could damage the success of
     your advertising campaign.

4.    Avoid Hype – You should try to avoid writing hype to sell your
     products. Instead make sure you focus on the benefits of your
     products and services. Hype may encourage people to click on the
     links, however once people realize that it‟s only hype they won‟t bother
     clicking. Hype won‟t do anything for your conversion rate.

5.    Show the reasons for people to buy - Make sure that your
     readers know exactly how they can benefit. Use language to
     communicate directly to the reader to show them the benefits of
     purchasing your product or service. Try to get skeptical people on
     side, however make sure you don‟t make your product sound too
     good. People will be skeptical if your product seems far too good to be
   6.    Free Bonus – A really good way to increase your conversion rate is
        to offer free bonuses with purchases. There are loads of products that
        you can find on the internet which you can offer as freebies to your
        customers. You could even offer something like a free eBook, or free
        software. There are loads of free books that you could give away with
        your product.

   7.    Returns Policy – You should make people feel more confident in
        your product by telling them that they can get their money back if they
        are not completely satisfied with your product or service. People will
        feel much more confident and more willing to part with their money.

Web 2.0 Traffic
We spoke about these before as an essential tool for every marketer, and
the primary reason for that is that they rank so well in the search engines.

New sites need to build up trust and reputation - that takes time! Sites can have a new page ranking well for a low competition
keyword in just hours - that is insanely fast!

So the technique you use with these sites is to find some low competition
keyword phrases, it varies from site to site what you should aim for, but if
you search for your keyword in quotes and there are less than 50,000
results in Google then that is a good start.

You then create a page on one of those sites that includes your keyword a
few times, publish it, then get a few links to the page with your keyword as
the anchor phrase (lots of times you don't even have to get links, but it
helps long term) and keep an eye on where your page gets to in the search

Sometimes you'll need to build more links, other times you will get to the
top position easily with no work on your behalf, other times you won't get
near the first page of Google no matter how many links you get to one of
these website pages! Google has incredibly sophisticated algorithms to
work out who should be on the front page of their results and it could be
the keyword or even the market that has unique factors Google wants
from you that just aren't present normally on these sites.

The key is to test, find out what works for you, also to try and get lots of
them out there as some will stick and some won't. Try to get them all to
stick, but then make sure you know when to quit so you don't waste time on
a dud. Then get started building more!

You have to watch what you put on some of these sites; Squidoo for instance
allows pretty much anything as long as you give some quality information.
So you can put up an article you wrote on the keyword phrase, and then
plaster it with links to your site. Places like Hubpages are fiercely guarded by
its members I believe, they will brand you a spammer if you try to sell
something blatantly on the page. So for that site you have to be more subtle
and you essentially write a bio box.

That‟s it for now and I wish you the best in your affiliate marketing efforts!

   Yours In Google Sniper 2.0 - $0-$500 Per Day In 1 Month or less!

That‟s it for now and I wish you the best in your affiliate marketing efforts!

  Yours In Google Sniper 2.0 - $0-$500 Per Day In 1 Month or less!



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