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Even if you are not going to swim, sweat can take a toll on your makeup and run it right off

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									How To Beat The Summer Scorch And Still Look Smokin'!
During the summer, you can really have issues with your make up, skin, and hair routine. All of the
swimming, heat, and sun can really take a toll on all of that! Being out in the sun can damage your
hair color and skin texture. To steer clear of this, read this article for some great ways to stay looking
great on the hottest of summer days.

Start wearing makeup that will absorb oils on your face. Sweating can produce more oil, and if you
stick with your normal makeup, you might just look horrible. Try a makeup product for your face that
has a more matte effect or just use powder so you do not have such a shiny look when you do not
want it!

Keep on top of protecting your skin from the sun. You can wear moisturizers with SPF in them or you
can just apply a thin layer under your makeup for extra protection. You should wear at least a SPF 35
for full protection for your face during the day and make sure you are diligent and apply it every day,
several times a day! The sun can cause wrinkles and dry out the skin, and don't forget, skin cancer!

If you have summer highlights, you should always use a hair care product that is meant for hair that
has been color-treated. There are even special products on the market which are made for summer
time use for hair that has been color-treated or bleached. Use one of these products to protect your
hair from salt water, sun, and chlorine!

If you are going to be doing a lot of swimming or beach time, you should switch to a waterproof
makeup. Even if you are not going to swim, sweat can take a toll on your makeup and run it right off
your face. Waterproof makeup is the solution! Remember that waterproof makeup is harder to
remove, so you should always use a good makeup remover to take it all off!

During the summer, you can go for a natural look. Try a sheer lipstick and gloss for these months!
You will look sun-kissed and wonderful! You do not have to go with a dark colored lipstick in the
summer. It will just weigh down your look and have you applying these products way too much when
you should be focusing on having fun!
Just because it is summer time and you are feeling fancy-free does not mean you should not worry
about your usual beauty routine! Although you might have to mix things up a bit, it can still be easy,
and as a matter of fact, it can be easier than in the winter months. Usually, people want to go for a
more natural look in the summer and this is just what you should do too. Hopefully by reading this
article, you have found ways to battle the heat, sun, humidity, etc. To look naturally wonderful through
the hot and steamy summer months!

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