10 Things you should and should not do when blogging

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                May 9, 2012

10 Things you should and should not do when

If you are a new blogger then this article will help to keep you on
the right track. I hope this paper can make you a successful
blogger ..

1.YES: Posting on a regular basis.
As a new blogger you should set the time so that you could post
the writings of at least one post per day or more.
2.NO: Putting too many ads in your blog.
If you are a new blogger, it would look if you are too oriented to
make money through blogging, in addition to the blog visitors do not like the blog is too many
ads. Do not advertise too much and this was possible pairs of ads that have the same theme with
your blog.
3.YES: You tell your friends if you have a blog.
If you are a new blogger is the fastest way to hook the visitor is to promote your blog is ofline to
close friends, classmates or friends your office.
4.NO: Add autoplay video or music on your blog.
Because the visitor sometimes get annoyed with autoplay music or video.
5.YES: Giving back comments from your blog visitor comments.
Blogging can be as social media and blog visitor you'll feel like talking to you, then immediately
countered comments from visitors. Because if there is no response from your blog then the
visitor will feel ignored and will not return to your blog.
6.NO: Originally posted.
If you already have a target at least once a day and post the article at a time you were not a
matter to be written, it must not writing posts that are not weighted or not in accordance with the
theme of the blog, as this will make your visitors disappointed.
7.YES: Write comments on other blogs and include your blog address.
Find a theme that is relevant to your blog, Write a comment about the content of blog honest
people, because then the bloggers that we will be happy to comment and would not hesitate to
visit your blog. Numbers this is the case, then a little more would help in boosting the popularity
of your blog.
8.NO: Doing spamming to attract visitors.
There are many ways of doing Black Hat SEO can instantly create a new blogger to be
successful. But by doing this practice then your blog will get a bad name from the search engines
or blog you may even be in the black list by the search engines.
9.YES: Subscribe to your own blog.
Due to subscribe to feeds on your own blog then you will be able to see what their customers
read your blog via RSS feed. If there are not appropriate or you feel difficulty in reading the RSS

                May 9, 2012

feeds you and you can find it first, before you feed subscribers. And immediately make repairs.
10.NO: Forgetting the installation of links to social media like Twitter, facebook etc..
Due to forget the links to social media means that you've cut yourself and potential visitors of
your blog. Social media is the best visitor attractor machine.

Yupp .. I think this article is quite helpful for new bloggers, and if there could put together soon
open our horizons posting, sharing knowledge as much as possible. Thanks.


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