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					It's the fourth of May here, and to all fellow Jedis out there, it's the
annual Star Wars Day! :-) Just in time for the cray cray weather there
is, I decided to wear something inspired by Pricess Leia. For those who
haven't had a single chance of watching the epic saga, (Why haven't you?
I mean. Just why? It's a more epic story than your Twilight,) Princess
Leia is the heroine of George Lucas' masterpiece, and later on revealed
that she is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker. I don't wanna sound a bit
off here so I'll stop. Now guess who her Daddy is.
 This is her. Photo sourced here.

And this would be me, the Princess Leia wannabe.
I didn't exactly copied her entire look, just the white dress (although
not a large robe-ish one, instead a more casual and timely) the belt, and
a bit of the hair.
Arte ko dito to the core. The lifesaver digicam. I still haven't found my
baby's charger, so it's still dead. :-(
I'm happy that I can finally tie my hair in a bun again! I really miss my
long messy hair. Long hair can be styled whichever way you want it, but
cutting your hair short is quite addicting.
Ze headband and the necklace is from Landmark.

They say I can be anyone that I can be, so I became a girl.
I rarely wear dresses like this! I mean, this is a bit too girly for me,
and I cannot really move freely around when I'm wearing this. This is too
demure for me on casual days. Would be better to wear this during the

Aaaand. These are my latest ukay finds. Actually they have been around
for months or so. Moschino belt from Buendia ukay for 40PHP and H&M dress
from Anonas ukay for 100PHP.
And le shoes from Tutuban night market.

So there it is! Sometimes, we have to get inspirations from such great
movies whenever we don't know what to wear. A simple ensemble would do,
and be careful no to overdo it. Also consider the weather and the type of
place you would go to. Experiment. As the famous Jedi master, Yoda has
said, "“Do or do not… there is no try."

May the force be with you.

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