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									      Implementation of
 Information Technologies
at the Nikola Tesla Museum
     and its Implications
        Vladimir Jelenković
    Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum
              Belgrade • Serbia

           CIMUSET 2009
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
     Belgrade • 9 September 2009
Nikola Tesla and his Museum
The Nikola Tesla
Museum is a unique
scientific and cultural
institution in the world.
It is dedicated entirely to
the ingenious inventor,
scientist and electro and
mechanical engineer
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)
who provided mankind
with a large number of
significant discoveries
and inventions.
Man Ahead of His Time
 Tesla was so far ahead of his time
 that many of his ideas are only
 appearing today.
 His legacy can be seen in
 everything from the invention of the
 induction motor, long-distance
 electrical power distribution, Tesla
 coil and high-frequency electricity
 that led to the creation of neon and
 fluorescent lighting, basics of radio
 technology, remote control,
 wireless communication, lasers, the
 facsimile machine and hundreds of
 other devices that are now an
 essential part of our everyday lives.
 His inventions through the
 ingenuity of their solutions,
 universality of application, and
 breakthroughs in many fields of
 technology and science, have
 changed the world around us.
    Man Ahead of His Time

Tesla is most famous for conceiving the rotating
magnetic field principle (1882) and then using it to
invent the induction motor together with the
accompanying alternating current long-distance
electrical transmission system (1888).
His patents and theoretical work still form the basis
for modern alternating current electric power (AC)
systems including the polyphase power distribution
Nikola Tesla Museum
          Nikola Tesla Museum is the
          only museum in the world
          which preserves the original
          and personal inheritance of
          Nikola Tesla. It possesses
          several exceptionally valuable
          collections with more than:
            150 000 original papers
            2000 books and journals
            1200 historical technical
            1300 original photographs
             and photo plates of
             technical objects,
             instruments and apparatus
            1000 plans and drawings.
Nikola Tesla Museum
     in Belgrade

 As the institution which
 preserves the most
 abundant in the world
 collection of documents
 on life and work of
 Nikola Tesla, the
 Museum plays a
 significant role in
 providing valuable
 information to the
 researchers in many
 different scientific
    Nikola Tesla Museum

The Nikola Tesla Museum, as the medium,
guardian, and promoter of Nikola Tesla’s
legacy, also increasingly becoming a unique
spot to exchange results of new research
studies in the fields of electrical and
mechanical engineering, history of science,
radio, invention and patent documentation,
affirming and promoting Tesla’s work, and
providing new evidence of his universal
      UNESCO‘s Recognition

Appreciating the
universal importance of
Nikola Tesla and his
achievements, in 2003
UNESCO included
Tesla's archive into the
"Memory of the World
Register", as a segment
of movable documentary
heritage of mankind.
           Implementation of
       Information Technologies
      at the Nikola Tesla Museum
To be a part of UNESCO the "Memory of the World
Register“ means a confirmation of the universal value of
Tesla’s work. For the Nikola Tesla Museum it means a
very high recognition, but, before all, a great obligation –
to protect and to provide access to the materials for the
people who can use it. Therefore, the Nikola Tesla
Museum developed a long-term project, which has been
successfully implemented over the last three years,
using an efficient strategy – providing access to the
documentation materials from Nikola Tesla’s personal
legacy in digital form.
The true value of this complex project, which includes
preparation and processing of archive materials, lies in
the concept of data processing applied to the
documentation material, and in strong IT support
through relational databases.
Press Clippings


Press Clippings

Data Bases & Applications
Data Bases & Applications
                The Implementation
           of Information Technologies
              The Implications

Many projects of the Museum realized over the last three
years in the field of publishing and exhibition are the
valuable results of the implementation of information
technologies at the Nikola Tesla Museum, and could not
have been realized on such a scale, and in such quality,
without the precisely defined computerized support.
           The Implementation
      of Information Technologies
        The Implications
8 new thematical exhibitions and more
then 60 exhibition displays throughout the
world in the last 3 years
6 new editions and 30 new publications
about Nikola Tesla, his life, inventions,
patents, correspodence, research notes...
Numerous new possibilities for scientific
research and for activities in the field of
marketing, PR, and promotion
“Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity”
  Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s Birth and
  to Tesla’s great achievements in many different fields of
  modern science and technology
  Exhibitions in:   • Belgrade • Perth • Strasbourg •
                    • Wien • Vancouver • Hannover • Paris
                    • Mulhouse • Sofia • Thessaloniki •
World Premier in Belgrade
     on 9th July 2006
Roll-up Panels and Exhibits
     Maquets and Active Models
 Laboratory in     Adams’ Hydro Plant     Tesla’s
Colorado Springs    at Niagara Falls    Transformer
Travelling Exhibition
Travelling Exhibition
Museum of Western Power
   “World of Energy”
   Perth • Western Australia
    September – October 2006
Museum of Western Power
   “World of Energy”
   Perth • Western Australia
Museum of Western Power
   “World of Energy”
   Perth • Western Australia
Techical University
  Wien • Austria
    October 2006
Vancouver • Canada
   November 2006
Vancouver • Canada
                 Mayor’s of the City of Vancouver
  Vancouver is a city of many people, festivals, events, cross-
  cultural understanding and respect for the contributions that
  engineers give to our everyday life;
  Many engineers provide services to improve our lives, and
  there are those who pioneered in electrical and mechanical
  engineering without whom this world would look differently
  Tesla, electrical/mechanical engineer, scientist and
  inventor gave to this world 250 patents that helped
  development in electrical power engineering,
  communication, controls and circuits;
  This engineer was born 150 years ago in Europe and
  imigrated to America, where he devoted his life to many
  inventions and has contributed more to electrical
  science than any man up to his time;
  This Travelling Exhibit from Nikola Tesla Museum in
  Belgrade: “Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity”
  celebrates in Vancouver the life and inventions of this
  world-renowned engineer, scientist and pioneer in the
  field of electrical/mechanical engineering.
  I, Samuel Sallivan, Mayor of the City of Vancouver, DO
  HEREBY PROCLAIM the weeks of November 15th to
  November 30th, 2006 as
Cultural Center of Serbia
     Paris • France
    January – March 2007
Cultural Center of Serbia
     Paris • France
Hannover Messe • Germany
        April 2007
Hannover Messe • Germany
        April 2007
Musée EDF Electropolis
  Mulhouse • France
   April – September 2007
Musée EDF Electropolis
     Mulhouse • France
     Nikola Tesla Museum
        in 2006 - 2009

From 2006 to 2009 Nikola Tesla Museum
organized and set up over 60 exhibitions
including Tesla’s Wonderful World of
Electricity and 7 other thematical exhibitions

These exhibitions have visited more then
200,000 visitors all around the world
     Exhibition Catalog
“Tesla’s Wonderful World
      of Electricity”
“Diplomas of Nikola Tesla”
“Books from Tesla’s Personal Library”
“Periodicals from Tesla’s
   Personal Library”
Exhibition “Hand-Written by
 Nikola Tesla – Font Tesla”
Exhibition “Tesla in Belgrade”
Exhibition “Tesla’s Fountain”
    First Tesla’s Fountain
Opened in Belgrade • 12th July 2007
  Tesla’s Fountain is located in
front of the Nikola Tesla Museum
Exhibition “Tesla’s Fountain”
Exhibition “Tesla’s Fountain”
        New Editions
of the Nikola Tesla Museum
“Nikola Tesla Museum 1952 - 2003"
“The Patents of Nikola Tesla
 Towards the Definite Catalog”
“The Problem of Increasing
     Human Energy”
“Tesla’s Wonderful World
      of Electricity”
     “My Inventions”
with the Correspondence between
Nikola Tesla and Hugo Gernsback
Special Editions
Bibliophile Edition
         The Newest Edition
“From Colorado Springs to Long Island”
     Nikola Tesla’s Research Notes from Colorado
     Springs (1899-1900) and New York (1900-1901)
Who was Nikola Tesla?
          Numerous scientists, writers, poets, and
          filmmakers have been trying to find the
          right words for this remarkable person:

             Man Out of Time
             The Man Who Lit the World
             Prodigious Genius
             Inventor of Dreams
             The Man Who Invented the
             Twentieth Century ...

          This noble and modest man was an
          exceptional genius, whose inventions
          bridged three centuries and two
          millennia. He is one of the genuine,
          authentic Renaissance minds, which,
          regardless of all the new ideas and
          future scientific achievements of
          humanity, will always be remembered
          as those who changed the face of the
          world with their humanistic visions and
          universal achievements.
Interest in Nikola Tesla
 is constantly growing
              On the millennium scale of
              human civilization, it is almost
              impossible to find any other
              person whose life and work have
              attracted such a large spectrum
              of attention of a wide range of
             historians of science
             electrical, mechanical and
              information technology
             experts in the fields of
              telecommunication, aviation,
              military science, medicine
             philosophers, psychologists,
              ecologists, theologists...
New Recognitions to Tesla
Tesla Roadster
         Car of the Future

The Tesla Roadster is an all-electric sports car
produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors.

The Roadster can travel more then 400 km on a
single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack, and
can accelerate from 0–100 km/h in 3,9 seconds. An
improved, Sport version of the Roadster capable of
0–100 km/h in 3,7 seconds!
The Tesla personal
    The Tesla personal

NVIDIA Tesla personal supercomputer
is claimed to offer up to 250 times the
performance of a standard PC or
workstation by dramatically reducing
computation times, in some cases
from weeks to hours!
Further pursuits towards fresh
  meanings of Tesla’s work

It is certain that Tesla’s work will continue to
be an unavoidable milestone in the new era
of science and technology over the coming

Therefore, we are very pleased with any new
research and every contribution to the
promotion of Tesla’s great work.
     Whishing you a Great and
Succesful CIMUSET Conference 2009!
  Thank you and Welcome to the
  Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade!

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