Invention Of Telephone by guruline


									The telephone is a wonderful invention. Since it was first introduced into the marketplace
it has made a world of difference in many people's lives. The fact that the telephone can
be used in an emergency situation is probably the most beneficial of all. The telephone
has saved many lives over the years, and without a telephone it would be impossible for
anyone to call the police, fire department or ambulance.
Since it was first invented, the telephone has gone through many of changes. The first
telephone lines were run on towers that made a city or suburb look very unattractive.
These days all of the cables are run underground. The first telephone was a very large
rotary type device. Nowadays you can find telephones as small as the palm of your hand
or even smaller - enter the cell phone.
It is Convenient
The first thing that people realized about the telephone is that it was a very easy means of
communication. There was no longer the need to get on your horse with a letter and
gallop down to the next street or state for that matter. You could simply pick up the
receiver and dial a number to speak to the person on the other end. In the earlier days of
the telephone, however, it was seen as a luxury. This meant that it was only installed in
houses of people who could afford it, or who had extra money.
Today, the telephone is affordable to almost everyone, it is the lifeblood to our economy.
Everyone knows that you cannot run a successful business without a telephone. This
device is no longer a luxury, it is a means to an end, it is a way to make you more money
and keep our economy thriving. It has also allowed us to create a new form of business -
namely the Internet i.e. e-Commerce.
Telephone Equipment
The telephone has many different types of gadgets, features and accessories that go with
it these days. If you are looking for even more convenience and uses for the telephone
you will need to take a look at a few of these:
Caller Identity: Know who is calling with a new caller line identity device. It is a tool that
you will hook up to your existing telephone or it is added by your telephone provider.
The device is made up of a simple LCD digital screen that displays the number of the
person calling you. This way, if you do not know the number, you do not need to answer.
Conference Speaker Phone: This is especially helpful in any business, whether it is small
or large. If you find that you will be on calls where you need more than one person on the
telephone, the speaker phone is for you.
Different Types of Telephones
You will find that there are many different types of telephones out on the market today.
This includes both analog and digital models for the home line device, business phones,
satellite phones and the cell phone. You will also find that the home line telephone comes
in many wireless connections too, for security, ease, mobility, etc. Alexander Graham
Bell never would have guessed that his invention would get this famous.

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