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					never use more than 3 trackers for a single torrent, this only increases
the load on those trackers and creates an unnessisary burden on the
trackers wich creates downtime and ruins things for others.

unless you are on a private torrent site never set a .torrents file to
"private" this disables dht wich if the trackers where to fail would be a
backup as dht can find seeds and peers just the same way a tracker can.

always try to seed for atleast 3 or 4 hours after you have finished
downloading a torrent, this helps others to get the files they need to.

never throttle or restrict upload speed when seeding because your upload
speed will not effect your download speed so there is no point in
restricting your up speed.

always compress multiple files (exspecially large files) into .zip or
.rar archives, this saves download and upload time for everyone and also
decreses the loads on trackers/servers/peers etc.

sometimes 2 trackers is a good idea (but not more than 3) so if you   feel
you must use 2 trackers try to use a udp tracker as this will still   work
fine just like the http ones but some users in the world have isp's   that
block http trackers this will allow them to get the files they need   to.

thanks for reading, hope you learned something.

Below A list of free open trackers no registration required.

The Open BitTorrent tracker(s):

The Public BT tracker(s):

The Bit Trek tracker(s):

The I Stole It tracker:

The TorrentBox tracker:
The BitTorrent AM tracker(s):

The h33t tracker:

The Russian Open Sharing tracker:

The Slavik Open BitTorrent tracker(s):

The always infamous denis stalker tracker(s):

The Ill BitReceptor tracker:

The Sharing Headquarters tracker:

The MightyNova tracker:

The BT Fans tracker:

The RARBG tracker:

The BT Miner tracker:

The Torrent To tracker(s)

The PeerHub tracker:

The Torrent Download tracker:

The Torrent Box tracker(s):

The 1337x tracker(s):

The newly released Genocide tracker:

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