Applying The Rule Of Three For Your Marketing Activities by kingantz


									Applying The Rule Of Three For Your Marketing Activities
The number 3 is an extremely effective number with a tremendous degree of implicit strength.
Did you ever recognize that a three-legged stool is actually more stable than one that comes with
4 legs? Or did you ever wonder why a painter's easel or a photographer's tripod comes with just 3

Even down into historical past, several areas of our lives make use of the Rule of Three.
Philosophical, religious and spiritual principles are often presented in threes - The Blessed
Trinity and the Three Wise Men, the Three Jewels of Buddhism, as well as the Three Patriarchs
of Judaism.

Fables and children's fairy tales aren't far behind in utilizing the same concept. We have the
Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Blind Mice, The Three Musketeers
and many others. Perhaps you believe it's all coincidence, yet it's not.

In terms of making things basic, memorable and easy to recall, the number 3 is a very effective
number. A very good example you can think about is your own mobile phone number. How did
you go about storing it in your mind? In all probability, you broke it into 3 sections as it would
take you a long time to remember all ten numbers continually. Check out your social security
number and also other ID numbers - most likely they're also broken into three segments.When
things, ideas and principles are broken into threes, they become a lot quicker to keep in mind and

All things considered, the Rule of Three is also among the most powerful and valuable principles
in terms of crafting sales and marketing presentations for your networking business. Whenever
thoughts and messages are divided into 3 distinct segments, it will be less difficult for the
audience to understand, process and remember the whole thing.

The late amazing Steve Jobs applied this incredible and effective strategy in the many landmarks
he had achieved in his brilliant career. The ideas and presentations he made were constantly
presented in groups of threes. Take for example the first time he unveiled the iPhone concept to
the general public. The ground breaking product had not just one but three vital features that
comprised of a phone, an iPod and an internet device. Undoubtedly, it captured people's
attentions and evolved into an instant hit. People were keenly waiting in line at gadget outlets to
grab their personal units. Of course, the iPhone has much more than three functions, but because
intelligent minds simply focused on its 3 biggest strengths, people remembered.
The same principle should apply when you speak about the features and benefits of a product,
service or business you are advertising. Simply list three specific aspects of your business that
will benefit your client or an end user. Like that, your audience won't get an information
overload or become too weighed down with what you're discussing.

One of the main reasons why prospective recruits to your MLM networking business may beg
off joining the group is that they get besieged by every piece of information that's usually
presented to them. The human mind could only take so much within a length of time, and while
you might feel you have a lot of important matters to get across, doing so will only complicate
things. And from experience, a confused mind will always say no.

Simplicity is an all essential thing when you make your marketing presentations. People are not
pumped up about listening to a litany of items; they are simply looking for a few reliable results.
Considering that ours today is really a complicated world, people are keen about getting simple
and effective results.

Go over your marketing presentation if you already have one, think of how you can apply the
Rule of Three and rework it if you need to. When I started focusing on this idea of simplicity in
my networking business, I was surprised about how simple and well-organized all
communications to my prospects became. And yes, the results were significantly better.

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