How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Training and Conference Venues by kingantz


									How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Training and Conference
Organising such a key event is daunting to many people. There are so many things to consider
such as coming up with an unforgettable menu and suitable training and conference venues.
Renting a venue can be tricky. One step in ensuring that you are choosing the right venue is to
avoid making some critical mistakes.

One mistake you should avoid is renting the wrong size of venue. Before researching and
looking for training and conference venues, you should do event planning with coworkers to
determine how many people will go to the event. The company should set a limit to the guest list
or just come up with a guest list themselves. When the guest list is finalised, you can start
looking for a venue that will fit the number of guests you have with more room to groove.

See to it that the space is large enough so the guests can roam around freely. If the event involves
dancing, you should look for a space with a suitable ballroom or dance floor. However, you do
not want to rent a space that is too large. Not only is it costly but it might also make the party
look dull and lifeless. It prevents the guests from interacting easily with each other.

Another thing to consider is if there is ample parking space. The venue should have a large and
well-lit parking area for the guests vehicles.

The second mistake you have to avoid in event planning is renting a place without checking the
accommodation facilities. The place should have a restroom or a powder room. If there is a
lounge area or a balcony, this would work better for the guests who want a breath of fresh air.
Make sure there is a smoking area as well. Safety facilities should also be available such as a fire
escape. The fire escape should be accessible. In the accommodation facilities, you might want to
check if there are smoke alarm systems and proper ventilation systems. During winter seasons,
the place should have a central heating system. When conducting the party during the summer
season, make sure air conditioning systems are available.

Aside from accommodation facilities, also check technologies and sound system facilities. You
might need a place to put projectors or install speakers. These are the things you need in
corporate events. Most training and conference venues already offer such facilities and amenities
but you have to ask the venue coordinator to make sure.

Another mistake you might want to avoid is renting a space that is too far. This cannot be helped
if it is the only venue available at the moment but as much as possible, consider proximity before
sealing the deal. See to it that guests can easily find the space. It has to be somewhere safe and
close to the hospital or the police station in case something untoward happens.

Do not rent a space that is lacking in amenities and facilities. Try to look for those venues with
complete services already so you do not have to spend more money renting speakers, podiums or
sound systems. Find a venue where you can save the most money.

Do not make the mistake of planning the event with just a few days of leeway. You might have a
hard time finding a venue especially if it is the peak season. Many people and companies are
having corporate events, weddings and parties during peak seasons. If you are planning the party
during busy seasons, plan way ahead. Make sure you already look for a venue and have it
reserved months before.

See the potential in the venue. Those that have already been adorned tend to cost more in rent.
Take into account the possibility of decoration. You would want the decoration to match with the
concept of the event. If the place is already adorned, you might not have that flexibility. It is
better to look for an empty venue so you can work on the decoration.

Suitable training and conference venues are available today. Make sure your event planning is
done weeks before so you can reserve an ideal space for your event. Check the accommodation
facilities of the venue before sealing the deal.

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