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									The Great


Mr. Gouge
   What is the Great Depression?
• A time period in American History when
  America’s economy almost entirely collapsed,
  unemployment reached and all time high and
  many homes were taken from those who
  couldn’t pay their mortgage
• Lasted from 1930-1939
• POTUS: Herbert Hoover & Franklin Roosevelt
    Causes of the Great Depression
• Unregulated banking practices
  such as: Margin Buying (taking
  out a loan to buy stocks without a
  guaranteed return) led to the
  stock market crash of 1929
• Overproduction with reduced
  demand: America’s factories
  were getting so efficient that we
  made more items than we could
• Careless personal
  spending/saving habits:
  American’s spent instead of
  saving causing most to have
  nothing when times got tough
• The 1920’s: Socially, politically
  and economically, Americans only
  worried about feeling good right
        President Herbert Hoover
• POTUS during the start of
  the Great Depression
• Believed the market crash
  was the worst of the
  depression and things
  had to get better
• Did almost nothing to
  stop the depression
• Homeless section of cities
  became known as
   President Franklin D. Roosevelt
• POTUS during most of the
  Great Depression
• Started the “New Deal”
  programs to start our
• Kept America together
• Although the “ND” did
  not have long term
  economic effects, it did
  strengthen the
  infrastructure of USA and
  got average Americans
                Governor O. Max Gardner
•   Governor of NC during the
    Great Depression
•   Created the “Live At Home” program:
    All public schools—white and African
    American, implemented an
    obligatory Live-at-Home curriculum,
    where students learned the value of
    cultivating food, raising livestock,
    rotating crops, planting vegetable
    gardens, preserving food for winter,
    and selling excess.
•   As a reward for helping NC’s students
    during the Depression, consolidating
    the state university system and
    embracing the needs of the black
    community, Gardner Webb University
    in Boiling Springs, NC is named after

     Roosevelt’s New Deal Program
• FDR’s plan to boost the
  economy during the 30’s
• Gave unemployed persons
  a paying job
• Jobs included: building
  roads and public buildings,
  helping farms, creating
  utilities, controlling rivers,
  securing bank deposits
• Work = pay, no work = no
            New Deal Programs
Created to help rebuild    Created to protect your $
  our country
                           • FHA – Federal Housing
• TVA – Tennessee Valley     Administration
  Authority                • SEC – Securities and
• WPA – Works Progress       Exchange Commission
  Administration           • SSA – Social Security
• CCC – Civilian             Administration
  Conservation Corp        • FDIC – Federal Deposit
                             Insurance Corporation
                The Dust Bowl
• Overproduction of
  crops during WWI and
  the Roaring 20’s along
  with a severe drought in
  the early 30’s dried up
  the Midwestern soil
• As storms finally arrived
  on the plains, the “dead
  soil” was picked up and
  spread across America
  The Effects of the Great Depression
           on North Carolina

• Loss of jobs
• Factories & banks
• Poverty grew
• Rise of health problems

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