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									                                                                                                                                  March 19, 2012
                                                                                                                                  Volume II, Issue 3

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                                Chairman’s Corner by Roger Schweikert, GCRC Chairman

                                        irst of all, if you were one         ly reveals that there is now a new          And in addition to attending our
                                        of the 790* Greene County            majority of Greene County voters            next two business meetings, on
In This Issue                           patriots who bothered to             who actually love this President’s          March 19th and April 16th you can
                                turn out to vote for either of our           over spending and regulating of             also join me on Saturday March
                                two qualified candidates for Presi-          our nation’s weak economy, and              31st to begin our newest outreach
Page 1:                         dent last week, I thank you. And I           who want to keep him in the                 to reclaim Virginia for our Repub-
                                thank you for several reasons:               White House spending away any               lican values of limited government,
 Chairman’s Corner
                                foremost of which you took your              hope of a financial future for our          free enterprise, faith and family.
                                responsibility as a citizen seriously.       children along with the continued           So please consider committing at
Page 2:                         Thanks too to Gary Lowe and                  complicity of those dim witted              least two to three hours of your
 In My Humble Opinion          Nancy Rodland for working the                Republicans now leading the                 weekend to make a difference in
                                polls with me in Stanardsville and           House of Representatives no less.           your neighborhood. Or join us at
                                Ruckersville including our individ-                                                      one or both of our next two in-
Page 3:                                                                      No, believe me, I do understand             formative GCRC Alive events on
                                ual efforts (et al.) to also collect
                                                                             why many of you who have his-               Monday March 26th and April 23rd
 Thank You Greene              additional signatures for several of
                                                                             torically identified with the Repub-        as well as at our upcoming Mass
  County Republicans!           our U.S. Senate primary candidates
                                                                             lican Party and the Republican              Meeting April 26th when we must
                                to be on the ballot for June 12th .
 Returning the Republic                                                     creed did not bother to vote
  to The People
                                                                                                                         reconstitute the whole unit for the
                                But where were the rest of you? I            March 6th. But I also recognize             next two years.
                                know that there were only two of             that if you do not even vote, there
Page 4:                         the four remaining candidates still          are fewer ways we can even hold             Finally if you are so inclined, I
                                in the race for the Republican               our leaders accountable if we do            hope you will consider joining
 Is Barrack Hussein            Presidential nomination still on the         not even do that. For only as we            hundreds of your fellow central
  Obama America’s Most          ballot. I know that in some cases            individually unite behind our creed         Virginia friends and neighbors
  Biblically-Hostile U.S.       you may have thought neither of              can we even begin to replace as             traveling by bus to either the Vir-
  President?                    those two names were who you                 many of our current Republican              ginia Tea Party Federation rally to
                                may have wanted to chose from to             Party leaders from the top down             overturn Obamacare on Saturday
                                be your next President, but the              who others who will uphold the              March 24 or American’s for Pros-
Page 5:                         bottom line always is, when it               six core principles we still believe        perity Tuesday March 27th Hands
 Rallying Against the Living   comes down to a choice of “the               define who we are.                          of My Healthcare Rally outside the
                                lesser of the two evils”, you still                                                      U.S. Supreme Court. Also consider
  Wage: UVA Conservatives                                                    How many times must we watch
                                have to choose “the lesser of two                                                        celebrating liberty at the Chester-
  Thwart Leftist Initiative                                                  almost helplessly from our homes            field Fairgrounds near Richmond
                                evils” in order that, at least in this
                                                                             and businesses our party repre-             on April 14th with members of the
                                year’s case, we may yet be able to
                                                                             sentatives vote for innumerable             Richmond Tea Party. 
Page 6:                         do change this outcome not only
                                                                             bills in both Congress and the
                                in our upcoming district and state
 Unraveling the Left and                                                    General Assembly
                                convention, but also in a brokered
  Winning from the Right                                                     that continue to
                                national convention in August as
                                                                             flaunt not favor the                         Greene County
Page 7                                                                       “fiscal responsibil-           Republican Presidential Primary Results
                                On the other hand, can you imag-             ity” or “budgetary      Precinct Midland Stanardsville Ruckersville Dyke Swift Run
 Political Action Against      ine how deludedly thankful Presi-            restraint” we hold
  Islamic Infiltration          dent Obama and his campaign                  so dear ever increas- Romney 116                106          91       41      37
 Whitehouse Watchdog           team are today to see such a lack            ing the national or     Paul         97         100          90       41      32
                                of interest in the GOP candidates            state indebtedness?
                                in the Virginia primary March 6th?           Only you can deter-     Absentee Voter Results:
Page 8:                         Or do you agree with the most                mine our future by      Romney 14          Total Vote Romney       405 (52.%)
 GCRC Alive!                   recent central Virginia polling that         becoming involved
                                appears to indicate that such a low          today.                  Paul      13       Total Vote Paul         373 (48 %)
                                Republican primary turnout actual-

                                      “In My Humble Opinion” by Jerry Gore
                                      like water from a fire hose which           cially the freshmen; they do not
                                      bypass congressional authority; we          and are not holding their leader-
                                      see orders and directions to vari-          ship accountable. It must STOP!
                                      ous Agencies and Departments                If they will not stand and fight
                                      which authorize amnesty to certain          they must leave the field of battle.

                                      categories of illegal’s; and so on          No military general, from Wash-
             hen comparing the
                                      and on it goes with no end in               ington, to Lee, to Patton, would
             leadership and princi-
                                      sight.                                      ever tolerate such weakness--the
             pled courage of our
esteemed Attorney General Ken                                                     futures of our children and their
                                      These terrible actions are occur-           children are at stake!
Cuccinelli in contrast to the DO-     ring under the noses of: Mitch
NOTHINGS who call themselves          McConnell, the GOP Senate lead-
conservative republicans sitting on   er, John Boehner the GOP House
their pantaloons in the U S House     Speaker and Eric Cantor the GOP
and Senate, it is enough to con-      House Majority leader.
sume a true conservative with
anger and disgust.                    Yet these inept and maladroit
                                      leaders have demonstrated
We have a GOP controlled House        NOTHING, are demonstrating
led by John Boehner and Eric          NOTHING, are doing NOTH-
Cantor who profess to be con-         ING, are fighting for NOTHING,
servatives. I have been monitoring    they are standing for NOTHING,
their activities and see nothing      except to authorize the spending
resembling my concept of con-         of more money we don’t have (42
servatism.                            cents of every dollar they spend is
                                      borrowed) and increasing our
To wit: we are now facing the
                                      debt. Every indication is that they
                                      will tolerate and accept any assault,
                                      any violation, any obscenity, to the
any administration in my lifetime.
                                      enforcement of our laws, our con-
We see government sanctioned
                                      servative CONSTITUTIONAL                    We must have a wholesale replace-
illegal international gun running
                                      principles of limited government            ment of these useless, business-as-
into Mexico resulting in the mur-
                                      and our nation’s fiscal health.             usual party elites—they define
der of a Border Agent; we see
thugs wielding clubs outside vot-     In 2010 we sent a new 5th district          precisely what the word “hack”
ing precincts; we see the NDAA        freshman congressman named                  implies. We need new blood with
(National Defense Authorization       Robert Hurt into the HOUSE to               backbone, a fighting spirit with
Act) bill passed by large votes in    stand up for WE THE PEOPLE                  fire in their belly, who are coher-
both parties to authorize the gov-    on these vital issues, for which            ent, articulately outspoken and
ernment to snatch away and hold       there is no room what so ever for           above all intelligent and coura-
in secret, any citizen suspected of   compromise. How well do you all             geous—we need men and women
terrorism to be imprisoned indefi-    think he has performed?                     cut from the same red, white and
nitely and incommunicado, with-                                                   blue cloth as our own 1st Gover-
out a judge’s order or access to a    In my humble opinion, he has not            nor Patrick Henry and our Attor-
lawyer; we see executive orders       measured up, nor has the vast               ney General, and soon to be Gov-
flowing out of the White House        majority of the GOP House, espe-            ernor, Ken Cuccinelli! 

                                        To Further our Conservative cause as an
                                        active unit ~ Ponch Keith McPhee will have for his
                  With                  guest on Freedom Watch on March 26th ~
                              Phee      Chairman Buddy Webber of the Charlottesville City
    Ponch K. Mc                         Republican Committee. Tune in to Freedom Watch
                                        at 91.1 FM WTJU Charlottesville Va.
                                        Every Saturday morning 5:30 ~ 6:00 AM for
                                        informative substantive views on exploring
                                        freedoms that enrich our lives.

Thank You, Greene County Republicans! by Peyton Knight

      want to thank Roger, Jerry,          servatives on the State Central or call me
     Shelly, Ponch and everyone at         Committee…and that’s why I’m             anytime at (703) 786-0943 if you
     the Greene County Republi-            running to be one of your Fifth          have any questions about my cam-
can Committee for such a warm              District representatives on the          paign.
reception last month. I can’t tell         Committee!
you how inspiring it                                                                This election will take place at a
was to be surround-                                      We know that our           Fifth District Convention at
ed by so many fellow                                     ideas are the best         Hampden-Sydney College on May
constitutional con-                                      ideas, and that our        19. In order to attend the Con-
servatives! The                                          philosophy is the best     vention and vote, you must first
strong, positive influ-                                  philosophy. We             register to become a delegate from
ence you all have in                                     should never shy away      Green County. Your wonderful
your community, the                                       from that, and always     Greene County GOP Chairman,
Fifth District, and                                       seek to advance the       Roger Schweikert, will have more
our broader Com-                                          principles of constitu-   information on this soon. And if
monwealth cannot                                          tional liberty whenev-    you send me an email, I’ll be sure
be understated.                                           er and wherever we        to alert you with any new details as
                                                    can. If we do this, there is    well. 
I want our Virginia                           no doubt in my mind that Vir-
Republican Party to be a                   ginia will be the freest, most pros-     God bless you all, and thank you
strong, principled voice for every-        perous state in the union – and          again!
thing that we believe in – limited         that our success will spread na-
government, low taxes, low spend-          tionally, as other states seek to
                                                                                    Peyton Knight
ing, pro-life policies and family          emulate Virginia’s model!
values. And I’m convinced that                                                      Candidate for Republican State
the only way we can achieve this           Thank you again for your wonder-
                                                                                    Central Committee
goal is to surround our Party lead-        ful hospitality, and please, send me
ers with more constitutional con-          an email at peyton-                      Representing Virginia’s 5th Con-
                                                                                    gressional District

Returning the Republic to the People by Ponch K. McPhee

        he challenge before us is          This President can be defeated
        very clear. Creating a             because he has a paper trail that is
        blueprint for winning              deafening to the ears.
back the Senate and retaining the
House, along with defeating the            It speaks loudly in volumes on
President is our party’s mission.          what his intended plans are should
We must return the Republic back           he acquire 4 more years to toil
to the people.                             within our midst.

Significant inroads are being              Therefore, We must not fail ~ We
achieved each day though hard              the people must prevail ~ For
work remains before us every               there is a terror upon the land and
single moment. Our ground game             tyranny is grasped within it’s left
with grassroots support is para-           hand ~ Let us not be forsaken ~
mount to total victory in November.        for We shall never relinquish our
                                           sword as we defend freedom &
Together we can meet these goals           liberty.
by communicating between our
respected committee’s statewide as         In the words of Thomas Paine -
well as nation wide. We must not           “I am confident that in the end
waver for a single hour of a single day.   freedom and democracy will pre-
                                           vail over terror and tyranny” 

 Is Barack Hussein Obama America’s Most
 Biblically-Hostile U. S. President?

           illions believe that he     be transferred as required by law,          obstacle to radical homosexual
           in fact is. You must        and refused to allow the cross to           rights. 14
           decide for yourself.        be re-erected as ordered by the
           Note: dates and Speci-      Court. 8                                    January 2012 – The Obama admin-
ficity Below:                                                                      istration argues that the First
                                       February 2011 – Although he                 Amendment provides no protec-
April 2008 – Obama speaks disre-       filled posts in the State Depart-           tion for churches and synagogues
spectfully of Christians, saying       ment, for more than two years               in hiring their pastors and rabbis. 15
they “cling to guns or religion”       Obama did not fill the post of
and have an “antipathy to people       religious freedom ambassador, an            February 2012 – The Obama ad-
who aren't like them.” 1               official that works against religious       ministration forgives student loans
                                       persecution across the world; he            in exchange for public service, but
February 2009 – Obama announc-         filled it only after heavy pressure         announces it will no longer forgive
es plans to revoke conscience          from the public and from Con-               student loans if the public service is
protection for health workers who      gress. 9                                    related to religion. 16
refuse to participate in medical
activities that go against their be-   April 2011 – For the first time in          September 2011 – Air Force Chief
liefs, and fully implements the plan   American history, Obama urges               of Staff prohibits commanders
in February 2011. 2                    passage of a non-discrimination             from notifying airmen of programs
                                       law that does not contain hiring            and services available to them from
April 2009 – When speaking at          protections for religious groups,           chaplains. 19
Georgetown University, Obama           forcing religious organizations to
orders that a monogram symboliz-                                                   February 2012 – The U. S. Military
                                       hire according to federal mandates          Academy at West Point disinvites
ing Jesus' name be covered when        without regard to the dictates of
he is making his speech. 3                                                         three star Army general and deco-
                                       their own faith, thus eliminating           rated war hero Lieutenant General
May 2009 – Obama declines to           conscience protection in hiring. 10         William G. (“Jerry”) Boykin
host services for the National         August 2011 – The Obama admin-              (retired) from speaking at an event
Prayer Day (a day established by       istration releases its new health           because he is an outspoken Chris-
federal law) at the White House. 4     care rules that override religious          tian. 23
April 2009 – In a deliberate act of    conscience protections for medical          February 2012 – The Air Force
disrespect, Obama nominated            workers in the                                                removes
three pro-abortion ambassadors to      areas of abortion                                             “God” from
the Vatican; of course, the pro-life   and contraception.                                            the patch of
Vatican rejected all three. 5                                                                        Rapid Capabili-
                                       November 2011 –                                               ties Office (the
October 19, 2010 – Obama begins                                                                      word on the
deliberately omitting the phrase       Obama opposes
                                       inclusion of Presi-                                           patch was in
about “the Creator” when quoting                                                                     Latin: Dei). 24
the Declaration of Independence –      dent Franklin
an omission he has made on no          Roosevelt’s fa-                                                  February 2012
less than seven occasions. 6           mous D-Day                                                       – The Army
                                       Prayer in the                                                    orders Catholic
November 2010 – Obama mis-             WWII Memorial.                                                   chaplains not
quotes the National Motto, saying      12
                                                                                                        to read a letter
it is “E pluribus unum” rather                                                                          to parishioners
than “In God We Trust” as estab-       November 2011 –
                                       Unlike previous                                                  that their arch-
lished by federal law. 7                                                                                bishop asked
                                       presidents, Obama
                                       studiously avoids                                                them to read. 25
January 2011 – After a federal law
was passed to transfer a WWI           any religious refer-
Memorial in the Mojave Desert to       ences in his Thanksgiving speech.
                                       13                                 . Share this
private ownership, the U. S. Su-
preme Court ruled that the cross                                                   Article: America’s Most Biblically-
in the memorial could continue to      December 2011 – The Obama                   Hostile U. S. President, By David
stand, but the Obama administra-       administration denigrates other             Barton - 02/29/2012 
tion refused to allow the land to      countries' religious beliefs as an

                                                             Can U figure out what else this Sentence Spells ? Have Fun !!
                                                                            Kaba BO Shuns America

Rallying Against the Living Wage: UVa
Conservatives Thwart Leftist Initiative by Peter A. Finocchio

         ast month, Living Wage               higher tuition. Living Wage pro-       (
         protestors at the Universi-          testors at UVa touted our Univer-      12/02/22/broken-leadership/). My
         ty of Virginia went on a             sity’s large endowment as proof        rebuttal, warmly received by the
“hunger strike” in an attempt to              that UVa could afford to imple-        Student Council and published
garner attention and support for              ment the policy without additional     conveniently one day before the
their demand of a “living wage”               costs to anyone, but they failed to    final vote on the resolution, can be
for all University employees. The             understand that most of the Uni-       found at this address
“Wagers” used a lot of emotional              versity endowment is earmarked         (
rhetoric, painting University em-             for specific long-term purposes        12/02/27/if-it-ain%E2%80%99t-
ployees as hungry underpaid vic-              and cannot be spent on employee        broke/). I recently wrote a blog for
                          tims and            salaries or benefits. Like other       UVa’s rising new right-leaning
                          anyone              liberal idealists, the Living Wage     student publication, the Virginia
                          opposing            enthusiasts refuse to acknowledge      Advocate, summarizing and ex-
                          their de-           that their policies come at a price.   plaining the resolution’s defeat
                          mands as                                                   (http://virginiaadvocate.wordpress
                          immoral             A few weeks ago the Living Wage        .com/2012/03/06/conservative-
                          and heart-          Movement attempted to have our         victory-studco-style/). There have
                          less. Re-           Student Council pass a resolution      been several other blogs in the
                          lentless ad         stating that the Council was in full   Virginia Advocate addressing the
                          homo-               support of the protestors and their    Living Wage from a rightward
                          nyms were           goals. They thought the resolution     angle, and first-year student Wendy
                          levied not          would pass without question, but       Morrison wrote an excellent
                          just against        by combating vitriol with facts, a     “Smithian Appraisal” of the Living
                          conserva-           small handful of conservative          Wage in the March issue of our
                          tive critics,       students managed to block its          magazine
but also against our entire student           passage. The debate lasted two         (http://virginiaadvocate.files.word
government, University admin-                 meetings. At the conclusion of the
istration, and even our very own              first meeting, the resolution was      issue-two.pdf). The Virginia Advo-
University President, Theresa                 tabled by the Council, to be picked    cate is nonpartisan and does not
Sullivan, who was accused of be-              up again the following week. At        aim to influence public policy; it
ing deliberately dishonest about              the end of the second meeting,         exists as a forum for those ideas
the living wage. In reality, it was           when the resolution’s defeat was       and issues directly pertaining to the
the Living Wage Movement that                 imminent, its sponsor withdrew it,     University which are not always
was being dishonest about the                 rather than take the greater defeat    addressed in the more dominant
living wage, whether or not it was            of total failure.                      student newspaper.
deliberate.                                   Standard procedure for our Stu-        The Living Wage wanted their
The problem with implementing a               dent Council’s representative body     resolution rushed through at the
“living wage” is twofold. First,              is to table a resolution the week it   first meeting so that when the
despite economically soundless                is introduced for the first time, so   Board of Visitors met the next day,
claims to the contrary, forcing               that it is not rushed through and      the Living Wage protestors could
salaries up also forces unemploy-             so that student representatives        claim that the voice of the students
ment up. Seventy-nine percent of              have ample time to do their own        was on their side. Undoubtedly
economists agree on this. Not a               research on the issue and gauge        they were surprised to encounter
single professor in UVa’s Com-                the opinion of the student body.       any opposition at all. A few years
merce School or Economics De-                 However, the Living Wage sup-          earlier, a previous Student Council
partment signed on to the Living              porters thought that their special     unanimously passed a resolution in
Wage’s faculty petition. A “living            cause deserved exemption from          support of the Dream Act. Why
wage” would result not in the                 the rules, and were, to use a word     didn’t this liberal initiative follow
firing of prominent professors, but           one of them was fond of saying at      the same trajectory as its predeces-
in the letting go of a significant            the meeting, “appalled” when they      sors? The reason is quite simple.
number of the University’s un-                didn’t get their way. During the       Conservatives spoke out this time.
skilled workers- the very people              week between tabling and defeat,       We may not be the majority at our
Living Wage advocates set out to              Living Wage supporters did their       University, but when we engage in
help. Moreover, greater costs to              cause no help by lambasting the        the conversation, when we talk to
the University are inevitably trans-          very body whose support they           our fellow students, when we have
ferred to students. Northwestern              would need if they hoped for their     even just a handful of conserva-
University testified that “the addi-          resolution to pass. A shameful         tives on our student government,
tional annual cost in room and                opinion piece by one Living Wage       we are able to win the day. And
board rates for those living in               activist in our University’s main      that is exactly how the Student
residence halls” as a result of a             student publication, the Cavalier      Council Living Wage Resolution
living wage mandate “would be at              Daily, accused our Student Coun-       was defeated here at Mr. Jeffer-
least $1,000” per student, plus               cil of corruption and immorality       son’s University. 
Unraveling the Left and Winning from the Right by The Editor

          he political season is hot,     The evidence is as clear as the           regulations that he has imposed
          no matter where you go,         driven snow, this President has           upon our Republic, stop the cor-
          look or see it is all about     spent more, deprived more, or-            ruption and steer this great nation
who will win the White House, the         dered more, mislead more, regulat-        like a refortified sea worthy naval
Senate or retain the House in             ed more than any President in our         vessel like the world has never
Washington. The left leaning me-          country’s history.                        witnessed since our Revolution.
dia is loaded with both barrels                                                     Therefore Winning from the right
                                          Our game plan should remain
aimed at the GOP. We have an                                                        will unravel the left and we shall
                                          specific and untarnished, tell the
enormous hurdle to overcome and                                                     retain our sovereignty, as it should
                                          truth, point out what he has done
we shall as long as we remain fo-                                                   be, as it will be for We the people.
                                          and is not doing and provide fol-
cused and set aside all distractions
                                          low through substantive answers           May God bless the United States
intended to mislead us.
                                          for the American people to em-
Unraveling the left is an easy task       brace and stand behind.                                    of America.
as long as you understand the
                                          Unraveling the left is what we
game rules. They have positioned
                                          are doing, but we must do
themselves to be touting taking
                                          more. Winning from the right
down Osama. They are also pro-
                                          will take a lot of work and with
claiming an improvement with
                                          more voter turn out and with
unemployment numbers based on
                                          more independents turning
their facts that we are headed in
                                          our way we will achieve total
the correct direction. In addition
                                          victory in November. Having
to these points, they are saying
                                          a principled game plan based
they were unable to do more be-
                                          on the very blood that was
cause they were prevented by
                                          shed for the United States
congress. This is complete non-
                                          Constitution will allow us to
sense and nothing more than liber-
                                          repeal Obamacare, undo the
al window dressing.

The result of the weak recovery is a huge gap between where
the economy should be, in terms of growth, and where it is.
(via The Wall Street Journal)

                                                                             The national debt has exploded during the Obama administration.
                                                                             (Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget)

The official unemployment rate is 8.3 percent, but when you include
labor force dropouts and part-timers who want full-time work, the rate
jumps to 15.1 percent. (U.S. Labor Department)

Political Action Against Islamic Infiltration by Martha Dudley

          n Islamic authority will          years in Virginia and New Eng-            for Muslims. While most people
          discuss the infiltration of       land.                                     are generally aware of overt terror-
          Sharia law and the Muslim                                                   ism, they often are not acquainted
Brotherhood in the U.S. into our            The program reviews the Qur'anic          with the underlying driving ideolo-
political and educational institu-          background, Sharia law and the            gy. This program fills that void
tions at the March 20th meeting of          Muslim Brotherhood in the US              and points to local action in the
the Madison County Republican               and updates its infiltration into our     public schools.
Women, 6:30-8:30 PM. The                    political and educational institu-
Southside Virginia Act! For Amer-           tions. This is a legal threat that we     The meeting will be held at the
ica Chapter Leader will give a              need to counter with political            Madison Presbyterian Church,
PowerPoint program on militant              action at the local and state levels.     1236 Fishback Road, Rt. 722 at the
Islam in America from the driving           It is not a matter of religion.           north traffic light. Everyone is
ideology to accommodation of the                                                      invited to attend this informative
Muslim Brotherhood by the high-             A case in point is the pro-Islamic        meeting. The club will be serving
est levels of government. The               discrimination in our K-12                corned beef and cabbage, boiled
speaker has taken intensive classes         schools, where children are being         potatoes, carrots, Jell-O salads,
from the Strategic Engagement               indoctrinated in the superiority of       and other types of salads and des-
Group, attended seminars and                Islam over all religions and special      sert. Dinner: $7. For additional
presented this program for several          Sharia dispensations are demanded         information please call 923-4300
                                                                                      or 547-2156. 

                                        Conservative Potato & Egg Delight
                                        ● 4 Large Potatoes                     ● Green Onions or Parsley
                                        ● 4 Eggs                                 (for sprinkling)
                                        ● 4 Tablespoons Freshly                ● Salt & Pepper to taste
                               Wash & dry Potatoes, Pierce each one and coat with olive oil, Bake in oven till done.
                              Slice top of each potato off, scoop out enough potato pulp to allow room for 1 egg. Put
                               1 tbsp. of freshly grated cheese in hollow area of each potato, also salt and pepper.
                               Crack one of your eggs and pour into potato. Do the same for other potatoes. Broil
                              for about 1-2 minutes, till egg is cooked, sprinkle with freshly chopped green onion or
                                                         parsley and serve hot !! Yummy !!

Whitehouse Watchdog by The Editor
                                            We have before us a challenge to         If every single individual that you
                                            remove an ideologue unlike any-          know, would contact 25 other
                                            thing world history has ever wit-        individuals ~ we can make a dif-
                                            nessed or recognized.                    ference that will be heard across
                                                                                     the Commonwealth and in Wash-
                                            An individual who has come to            ington.
                                            power within a Nation which
                                            yields it’s strength over the entire     The ultimate task for the people is
                                            world.                                   to remain vigilant and aware ~ that
                                                                                     the government, their government
                                            An elected leader who shuns bibli-       is out of control, and this moment,
                                            cal praise, handicaps economic           this opportunity, must not be
                                            ability, disrespects the honor of        forsaken, must not escape us, for
                                            earned military might.                   we shall not have any coarse but

                                            In the coming days and weeks ~           armed revolution should we fail
            n the circumference of
                                            we the people must come to grasp         with the power of the vote in No-
            the very being of our
                                            as a common force, our very              vember ~ This Republic cannot
            Republic ~ Within this
                                            soul’s, that our future as a sover-      survive for 4 more years under-
 time now in history that we etch
                                            eign nation is indeed at risk.           neath this political socialist ideo-
 skillfully with our hands, second
 by second, hour by hour, day by                                                     logue. 

GCRC                                                                           A CASUAL & FUN POLITICAL
                                                                                   FORUM & DINNER

  Mark your calendar patriots
                                                                   Peter A. Finocchio
  for the Monday, March 26th                                       CRFV Fifth District
  2012 GCRC: Alive!            will intro-                         Representative
  duce to you for the first time on                                University of Virginia 2014
  Alive ! a principled man and student                             (973) 897-2815
  of the University of Virginia ~ Peter
  A. Finocchio ~ Peter is a leader with-
  in the UVA Republicans, A Staff Writ-                                  This exclusive GCRC Alive!
  er for the Virginia Advocate and he                                   is sponsored by the Greene
  is also an active campaign volunteer                                 County Republican Commit
  who has worked on Congressman                                       tee which is scheduled to
  Hurt's campaign and much more.                                     begin at 6:30 PM on March
  Peter will be providing insightful and
  informative information about the
                                                                     26th 2012 at The Blue Ridge
  College Republicans along with spe-                                Café in Ruckersville Va.
  cific topics facing the Common-
  wealth and the Republic in this all to
  important political season. be cer-
  tain to mark your calendars for and                              Ed Yensho, Chair-GCRC Alive!
  evening with Peter Finocchio at
  GCRC Alive !
                                                                      Chair - Spec. Events Cmte.

                                                          Stop ObamaC
                                                 It will grow the
                                                                     are                              Now !
                                                 aspect of our liv ral government into every
                                                                   es. It will grow
                                                massive bloated                      gove
                                                                   bureaucracy mak rnment into a
                                                decisions that di                      ing health care
                                               government mus ly affect you. In fact, the federa
                                                                 t hi                                  l
                                              agents to enforc re more than 17,000 IRS
                                                                e the unconstitu
                                                                                   tional law.
                                              We need your he
                                                                lp to stop Gover
                                              care! VA Attorne                      nmen
                                                                 y General Ken C t run health
                                               confirmed spea                        uccinelli is a
                                               Join thousands
                                                                of patriots who
                                                    Care. Come to W                oppose Oba
                                                                       ashington, DC an ma
                                                     part of the Road                      d be a
                                                                        to Rep
                                                       24th. ObamaCar eal Rally on March
                                             Supreme Court                e will hear
                                                              of the United St d by the
                                             week. We need                       ates the followin
                                                               a big                                g
                                             Justices' decision turnout to influence the
                                                                 to rule the law
                                             Email everyone
                                                               that you know to
                                        important rally                             be at this
                                                        against Obamac

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