2012 Mid-Coast Summer Schedule

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					2012 Mid-Coast Gymnastic Studio: Summer Class Schedule
July 9th- August 25th(7 Weeks)
New Student Summer Registration Fee: $10.00
Classes:                        Monday           Tuesday           W ednesday          Thursday     Friday       Saturday
Toddler Time- $70.00                           9:30 -10:15 AM                                                  9:00 -9:45AM
Tiny Tumblers- $70.00                          9:30 -10:15 AM      5:15 -6:00PM                                9:45 -10:30 AM
                                               5:15 -6:00PM
                                               6:30 -7:15PM
Turbos- $80.00                                                     6:00 -7:00PM
Fit-N-Fun I- $80.00        4:15 -5:15AM       10:30-11:30 AM
Beginner/Intermediate      4:05 -5:15PM       10:30-11:40 PM                       5:15 -6:25PM                9:00 -10:10 AM
                    $90.00                     4:05 -5:15PM
                                               5:15 -6:25PM
Intermediate $90.00                            4:00 -5:10PM
Advanced- $90.00                                                                   4:00 -5:10PM
Fit-N-Fun II- $110.00                                              4:15 -6:00PM
Fit-N-Fun III- $130.00                                                             4:00 -6:00PM
Beginner Tumbling- $80        5:00 -6:00PM      6:30 -7:30PM
Intermediate Tumbling-$80     6:00 -7:15PM                                        6:30 -7:30PM (reserved)
Advanced Tumbling- $80        7:15 -8:30PM
Open Gym- $10.00                                                                                  2:30 -4:00PM
Hip Hop & Jazz Class $130     5:30 -7:30PMages 7+
Cheer Time $90.00                                                                                 4:30 -5:40PM

                                   Mid-Coast Registration/Insurance Waiver Release Form

Students Name:___________________________________________________________Male or Female(Check One)
City,State,Zip:__________________________________________________Current Age:___________________________
Phone Number:__________________________________________Cell Number:__________________________________
Emergency Number:_____________________________________e-mail address:_______________________________
Class Requested:________________________________________Day & Time:__________________________________
2nd Class Choice:_________________________________________Day & Time:__________________________________
Parent’s Occupation(Optional):_________________________________________________________________________
Please enroll the above person. I certify that said person has no disabilities or conditions that could limit
his/her full and active participation in a gymnastic, dance, cheer, martial arts or other specifically offered
physical education programs. I understand that any activity involving motion, height, and rotation of the
body is potentially hazardous. In consideration for the use and/or services of Mid-Coast Gymnastic and
Dance Studio, I hereby accept the risk and have read and agree to abide by the policies in the brochure. In
registering for a dance class at Mid-Coast, I will be held responsible for the full cost of the costume
requirements for that season’s end of the year recital.

_______________________________________________________________________                      ______________________________
Parent’s Signature                                                              Date
     Return with paym ent and reg istratio n fee to: Mid-Coas t Gymnastic Studio, Inc, P.O. Box 50,Selby ville, DE 19975

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