Cardo G4 PowerSet Intercom Kit by PhillipSmith5


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									 The newest wireless helmet headset added to the Cardo scala rider line of <strong>motorcycle
Bluetooth headsets</strong>, the scala rider G4 breaks the ONE mile barrier in wireless motorcycle
communication. Built for multiple rider to rider full duplex talk, the G4 features bike to bike wireless
intercom communication up to ONE Mile among two riders (rider to rider or rider to passenger), three
separate riders or four riders (two drivers and two passengers on two bikes)- a new industry first!

The G4 provides personalized entertainment to any ride by its ability to connect to A2DP enabled MP3
players and iPods to stream wireless STEREO music through its enhanced speakers or by utilizing its
embedded FM radio with RDS technology. The G4 can connect wirelessly with virtually any portable
Bluetooth device including mobile phones for hands-free communicate and GPS units for in-helmet
voice instructions or by a wired connection via its embedded jack.

In the future, software upgrades will be provided that can be downloaded from the Cardo Systems
website right from a computer to enable the headset to continue to have the latest cutting-edge scala-
rider applications available in Bluetooth motorcycle headset technology. The G4 continues in the global
success of the scala rider line of headsets that are all water resistant, suppress noise and make
automatic volume adjustments based on surrounding noise. If interested see

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