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Museums for Locksmiths-Jet Spin1


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									Museums for Locksmiths

One of the biggest museums in America that a locksmith would enjoy that is related to their craft is the Lock
Museum of America. It's located in Terryville, Connecticut. With eight display rooms and plenty of
advertisement, it is sure to draw people from all over the country. You don't have to be a locksmith to be
interested in antique locks and the hardware connected to them. Antique doorknob collectors enjoy visiting
museums for locksmiths. People who have an interest in old doors or in the artwork of the old locks and
related items would enjoy this museum.

Another museum for locksmiths and lock enthusiasts is the Lock Museum that is located in Willowhall,
Staffordshire. This museum has been taken over by the Black Country Living Museum in an effort to secure
its future. In an effort to preserve the contents and the relevance to history in general, the Black Country
Living Museum took an interest in the Lock Museum.

Blake's Lock Museum can be seen in the United Kingdom. California offers the Jehning Family Lock
Museum, located in Mountain View. Paris, France is home to the Hotel Liberal Bruand. The Hanns Schell
Collection is the world's largest museum of locks and keys. It's located in Austria. Locksmiths should also
enjoy the metal locks and keys at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Shop in Key West, Florida. There's a
Powerhouse Museum located in Sydney, Australia.

Doorknobs are collector's items and are a part of a locksmith's work. There's a club called the Antique
Doorknob Collectors of America. The interesting items in this club also include antique door hardware and
extend to plates, doorbells, coat hooks, and window latches. There are beautiful doorknobs on display in the
club's collection.

The Antique Doorknob Collectors of America holds yearly conventions all over the country to learn and
share their information. The club has a wonderful collection of Bennington knobs, mineral knobs, real
estate hardware, and a group they call Fabulous Doorknobs-this group is made up of Victorian hardware,
bronze knobs, and Wheeler knobs.

Donald Jackson offers an impressive Roman gallery of locks, keys, and seal boxes that shows an interesting
collection of security hardware. He displays an impressive image from a locksmith's grave stone showing
Roman locksmiths at work. Mr. Jackson writes an informative, detailed article on ancient locks, collecting,
and fabrication.

West Coast Lock Collectors Association explores the history and ingenuity of locks. They have an annual
lock show to thrill collectors and capture the interest of the public. Their table fees are $35 to anyone who is
interested in adding their own collection to the event. They send out a quarterly publication to association
members. This association is a hobby club that puts any income back into the company for operating
Antique Padlocks offer internet viewing to provide a look into padlocks of eight different varieties as well as
helpful links, patent information, and hardware companies who have marketed padlocks. As thieves became
more determined, padlocks did lose some value because they could be cut with bolt cutters. There are still
many around today, and there are still requests for locksmiths to remove them. They are sure to remain a
part of museums as the years move forward.

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