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					Technology, programming, and website standards are constantly changing
and progressing. Whereas a site that was designed five years ago may
still work, you might be very surprised to learn that, the same
programming and design is actually keeping potential customers from
buying your products or services.

If your website was created or designed within the last 3-5 years, your
business owes to have a fresh design -- a face-lift as we can say. If its
been more than five years since your company website was originally
designed or even redesigned, you are way overdue.

Refresh these elements of your site:

A website needs to keep customers coming back to you instead of making
them leave out of frustration. Listed are our 7 reasons you should update
your major source of on-line presence.

1. Update Content, it's the ultimate king:
Remember, content is king and to engage with your visitors you need to
offer them essential information that they can rely on.

2. Refresh the imagery, colors and style
Review your use of imagery on the site. Could you use a few new
photographs or maybe add a couple of galleries? What about changing the
color or styling within the site.

3. Give the audience an innovative reason to visit your site?
Why should visitors come to your website? Your visitors interests and
browsing behavior will inform and direct how you go about creating these

4. Explore diverse target audience
You need to understand everything about your visitors from their
background, education, job, motivations, interests, hobbies and personal
life. Put the time in because it can yield some fascinating insights and
tangible benefits.

5. Provide gripping content
True understanding of your audience will help you to provide content they
can share, from on-line tools to insightful articles that will get
tagged, forwarded, bookmarked, liked and tweeted around the web,
spreading the name of your business.

6. Identify areas for improvement
Regularly browse through your entire website with an impartial eye. Try
to see it through the eyes of a new visitor and see what you find slow,
frustrating or simply clunky.

7. Build into a brand
The desire to do something different or new shouldn't mean wiping the
slate clean. Refreshing your website should be looked at as an
opportunity to reinvigorate your brand, to put the energy and momentum
back into it.
A website needs constant work progress. Little enhancements on regular
basis are essential to keep everything up to date and save money on a
possible major re-build project.

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