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									                                                 Moral Intelligence
                                                      TAMP-FMEAP Conference
                                                                August 2008

Deborah Mayberry (540) 658-0952 mayberry@bowenconsulting.com
Types of Intelligence

                     Traditional intelligence defined
                    by one’s aptitude to learn; usually
                              a static ability.

2 The Bowen Group
Types of Intelligence

                     Influenced by aptitude intelligence,
                        technical intelligence refers to
                    a particular skill or expertise acquired
                               by an individual.

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Types of Intelligence


                    Influenced by technical intelligence,
                      experiential intelligence refers to
                    the accumulation of knowledge and
                        ability to apply experience in
                               different settings.
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Types of Intelligence

                                Emotions drive behavior;
   Emotional                    if not managed, can have
                                  a negative impact and
  Intelligence                  unintended consequences
                               for the individual and those
                                   he or she work with.

                    Ability to manage self and

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What the Research Says about EI

  Executives for Fortune 500 companies; star performers
   had the highest emotional intelligence
  Research in 15 global companies revealed that 90% of
   leadership success was directly attributable to emotional
  Sales professionals in the top 10% of EI scales averaged
   over 50% greater sales than average performers
  Air Force; top recruiters rated high on EI scales and
   subsequently used scales to select recruiters

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Types of Intelligence


                    Mental capacity to distinguish right
                     from wrong, and direct our moral
                      compass (behavior) to inspire the
                    very best efforts of those around us.
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Types of Intelligence

                 Cognitive             Emotional
                Intelligence          Intelligence


                 Technical            Experiential
                Intelligence          Intelligence

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When does Moral Development begin?

For the most part, babies
are born with the tendency
to be a moral human being.

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Sometimes it’s blurry……

         Right       Grey   Wrong

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Morally Intelligent Worker

1. Ownership of values

2. Behavior is aligned
   with those values

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    1. Integrity

12 The Bowen Group
Integrity- what does the research say?

  For 25 years, honesty is the No. 1 rated
   quality in leaders
  Integrity and trust influences the ability
   for people and organizations to be

                      Good leaders practice what they
                        preach; they walk the talk.

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             2. Responsibility

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Why is that lead goose so special?

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                3. Compassion

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                4. Forgiveness

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What do these people have in common?

    Joan of Arc
    Martin Luther King
    Jesus
    Gandhi
    Martin Luther
    Oprah

 18 The Bowen Group
  Rick Warren Interview

      What is your greatest moral
   failing, and that of the country?
 -“The failure of my first marriage.”
- “Our greatest shortcoming has been
 a tendency to not devote ourselves to
    causes greater than ourselves.”

                   - John McCain
                       15 Aug 08

  19 The Bowen Group
  Rick Warren Interview

      What is your greatest moral
    failing, and that of the country?
       -“Took a wrong step while
           protecting myself”
- “We don’t abide by the basic precept
   in Matthew: that whatever you do
      for the least of my brothers,
             you do for me.”

              -Barack Obama
                15 Aug 08

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Lapses in Moral Judgment

21 The Bowen Group
Capacity for Moral Intelligence
 …How well do you follow your moral compass?

 Low Capacity                                          High Capacity
  -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10

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          Moral Competency Inventory

                      Presentation Title
                      Presentation Sub-title

What is your Moral Competence rating?
  Moral Intelligence in the Workplace

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Good News! You Can Increase Moral

 Cognizant of intent        Consistent practice
 Deliberate acts             results in habit
 Influences behavior        Habits become second

Thoughts             Acts   Behavior                 Habit

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Requires Training, Not Trying!

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Does happiness play a role?

  It’s easier to increase
your MI if you are happy!

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Don’t underestimate the power
of “mini-values”

           You                  Organization

    Independent             Detailed
    Creative                Policy driven
    Serious                 Gregarious, funny
    Risk adverse            Risk taking
    Sense of community      Autonomous
    Process driven          On demand management

 28 The Bowen Group
Steps Toward Increasing MI (continued)

 Be empathetic
     Listen attentively and skillfully
     Show a genuine interest in other people’s lives

 Get along with others
     Be approachable
     Be flexible
     Enjoy diversity       Ratio of positive to negative interactions:
                               High performance teams: 5.6 to 1
                                 Low performance teams: 1 to 3

29 The Bowen Group
Focus on Motivating

  Motivation yields discretionary behavior;
   commonly referred to “above and beyond the
   call of duty”
  Discretionary behavior is the most vital
   indicator of positive leadership vice
   leadership based on “punishment”
  Intrinsic motivation is more powerful than
   extrinsic motivation….but both are good.

 30 The Bowen Group
People with High MI….

      Sets healthy expectations
      Recognizes contributions
      Shares the glory
      Demonstrates genuine acts of caring
      Celebrates victories

 31 The Bowen Group
Tips to Improve Your MI

 Knowing yourself
 Lean into the discomfort
 Be willing to conduct a thorough, personal
  inventory – and be honest
 Commit to one skill at a time
 Find a “thought partner”
 Pause, reflect, choose

32 The Bowen Group
Inspirational Conversations

 What would I like to change about the organization?
 How do I want to be remembered?
 What mission in life absolutely obsesses me?
 What’s my dream about work?
 What’s my most distinctive skill or talent?
 What’s my burning passion?
 What work do I find absorbing, involving,
 What will happen in 10 years if I remain absorbed,
  involved, and enthralled with the work?

33 The Bowen Group
                      “Character is like a tree, and
                     reputation like its shadow. The
                      shadow is what we think of it;
                        the tree is the real thing.”

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Observations from the Front

                     “Don’t Get Life-Lazy!”

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                 Back-up Slides

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Civilian Marine Workforce

              Total: 29,290
                – 16,545 Appropriated Fund (APF)
                – 9,445 Nonappropriated Fund (NAF)
                – 3,300 Foreign nationals
              Civilian Marines constitute15% of the Total
              Additionally, thousands of contractors support
               the Marine Corps mission
                         Civilian to Active Duty Ratio:
               U.S. Marine Corps: 1 civilian for every 6 Marines
          Sister Services: 1 civilian for every 2 active-duty members
 37 The Bowen Group
Recent History
          2000: Commandant’s Planning Guidance, 31st CMC, General
           Charles Krulack
          2002: Civilian Workforce Campaign Plan, CMC Letter, 32nd
           CMC, General James Jones
          2003: White Letter No. 01-03, dated 7 January, 33nd CMC,
           General Michael Hagee
          2006: Commandant’s Planning Guidance, 34th CMC, General
           James Conway
                           CMC White Letter 01-03 Tenets
      •We are fully committed to all members of our team—uniformed
       and Civilian Marines
      •All team members will embrace our Core Values—honor,
       courage, and commitment
      •Our programs will support and sustain the highest level of
       performance across the work life cycle from recruitment
       through retirement
      •There will be structure and opportunity for all to compete and
        maximize their professional potential—supporting the Marine
     The Bowen Group
        Corps mission and considering personal goals
Civilian Marine Workforce

                      Grade Distribution Sample
                      Senior Executive                         25
                GS 13-15/equivalent                          1,666
                 GS 9-12/equivalent                          7,035
                  GS 5-8/equivalent                         10,007
                  GS 1-4/equivalent                         10,561

                        Similar to Marines, the majority of the Civilian
                       Marine workforce falls within the entry to mid-level
 39 The Bowen Group
Contributions of Civilian Marines

              Help defend nation and win wars
              Critical subject matter expertise
              Allows manpower conversions to increase
               active-duty end strength
              Sustain and transfer institutional knowledge
              Support installation business enterprise
                 “Working in true partnership with Marines, Civilian
                  Marines will continue to play an important role in
                supporting the mission of the Marine Corps and the
                                Global War on Terror.”

                         LtGen Ronald S. Coleman,
             Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
 40 The Bowen Group
     20 Communities of Interest
                                Community of Interest    Lead    COI Population
                              Industrial Trades         MATCOM        8,037
                              Community Support          M&RA         7,440
                              Administration               AR         2,494

  Individual Developmental
                              Logistics                   I&L         1,738
                              Sec & Law Enforcement      PP&O         1,610

   Plans with input from      Financial
                              IT Management
   technical leads            Education & Training
  Assistance, guidance,      Human Resources
   repository available       Contracts                   I&L          421
                              Engineering & Science      MCSC          349
   through the Civilian       Environmental               I&L          348
                              Media & PR                   AR          241
   Workforce Development      Safety & Occ Health          SD          237
   Application                Legal
                              Acquisition Prgm Mgmt
  Rotational assignments     Intelligence
                              Manufact & Prod

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