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					                      7 Easy Psoriasis Remedies That Work!
Those looking for Psoriasis remedies should understand and follow the 7 tested treatments
offered to give relief to their condition. First treatment is to keep the skin clean and free
from infection. Infection can really worsen the condition and the best way to avoid this is
take daily baths that sanitize the skin lesions and reduce itchiness. Baths also soften and
remove the scales without causing damage to the skin. This is the first and most important
of all the 7 Psoriasis remedies given as advice to the affected persons. The second
treatment advised is to keep the skin moisturized avoiding the skin to become dry, erupt
and be infected. Oils, lotion and other moisturizer can be used to achieve this goal.
                                           The third treatment advised is using a
                                           humidifier. Psoriasis remedies can only work by
                                           increasing the water content in the air where the
                                           patient usually stays. Staying in dry places will
                                           prevent proper healing of the skin lesions and can
                                           even aggravate the disease. The fourth treatment
                                           advised is a healthy diet. Consuming more fruits
                                           and vegetables is part of the Psoriasis remedies
                                           recommended to cure the disease. Large
                                           quantities of organic foods in the diet help provide
                                           the body with sufficient vitamins and nutrients to
                                           combat Psoriasis.

Traditionally, Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the ingredients used in known and effective
Psoriasis remedies. The fifth treatment is the use of the Apple Cider Vinegar as part of the
daily diet and as another additive to the water in the bathtub for soaking the body for at
least 15 minutes a day. The sixth treatment is the use of another additive for the water in
bath tub. Adding Epsom salt in the bath tub and soaking one’s body there for at least 20
minutes a day can also do the job of cleaning the skin and reducing scaling and itchiness of
the skin lesions. It has also been observed that the use of Epsom salt in the bathtub water
can reduce the inflammation in the skin of affected patients.
The 7th advice is using Aloe vera gel in healing the skin problem associated with Psoriasis. Of
all the Psoriasis remedies mentioned so far, this is the most popular and well accepted
treatment. The gel of the Aloe vera plant can be applied directly to the affected skin or one
can use an Aloe vera cream, lotion or a balm preparation to apply on the skin. These
Psoriasis remedies offered are proven treatments that give relief to people suffering from

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