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					Playstation 3 hard Compete PS2?
TOKYO - Sony Computer Entertainment has become the first company able to sell game consoles to 100
million units, via the Playstation 2 (PS2). However, success will be difficult to be repeated by his
successor, the Playstation 3 (PS3).

PlayStation 3 may not be as successful as its predecessors since the competition is much stronger today.
Just so you know, until now, the PS2 has sold more than 147.600.00 unit. So that was launched Xbit
Labs, Friday (26/11/2010).

See, the competition between Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo (Wii) is not very significant, because both
seek to provide high-quality titles. Both Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo have radically offers more
advanced than the PlayStation 2 back in the era, even a former executive of Sony admitted that the PS3
can not win this round.

"I hope PS3 can match PS2. But I think the market dynamics are slightly different, much more
competitive. If the PS3 does not reach the same level it will take longer and will be a more difficult
challenge," said Phil Harrison, former vice executive president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

According to VGChartz estimates, up to when Sony sold 41.3 million PlayStation 3 game consoles,
Microsoft sold 45.4 million Xbox 360 and Nintendo managed to supply 76.3 million Wii game consoles.

PlayStation 3 is already located on the right track in terms of leaving the Xbox 360 in the coming
months. But Microsoft is not standing still and may offer additional services to the console, which will
enhance value to customers and will not membiarka lagging in third place in the console gaming market.

Although Sony PS3 Microsoft Xbox 360 can be left behind, is the most important battles of the Nintendo
Wii, which is very popular and inexpensive to manufacture consoles. This battle will probably never win.

"Ken Kutaragi (the creator of Nintendo) is a genius, but he had little luck with the PS3. You can not lucky
enough to get three gold medals in a row," said Chris Deering, former president of Sony Computer
Entertainment Europe, who retired in 2005.

Population of people who are interested in video games increasingly meningka. But the PS3 will not
show growth of nearly 50 percent of unit sales of PS2. The reason Sony needs to sell 225 million PS3 to
beat PS2 sales.


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