Romeo and Juliet SAT Vocabulary Word List by k.leclair

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									                 Romeo and Juliet SAT Vocabulary Word List

1. abhor:               despise; find deeply objectionable
2. arduous:             strenuous; demanding; difficult
3. artifice:            an artful trick; deception
4. banter:              light discussion; small talk
5. bawdy:               lewd; coarsely humorous
6. celibacy:            condition of being unmarried; sexual abstinence
7. conspicuous:         easily seen; out in the open
8. discern:             to distinguish one thing from another; detect visually
9. discourse:           verbal exchange; conversation
10. eloquent:           fluent or graceful in speech
11. evoke:              call forth; bring about
12. fastidious:         finicky; overly critical; picky
13. fervor:             passion; strong feeling
14. garish:             loud; flashy; offensive
15. gravity(grave):     seriousness (secondary meaning)
16. hinder:             to obstruct; to get in the way of
17. jocose(jocular):    humorous; merry joking
18. jocund:             joking
19. palpable:           tangible; capable of being handled; significant
20. penury:             extreme poverty
21. perforce:           by necessity
22. pernicious:         deadly; harmful
23. putrid:             rotten; foul smelling
24. refute:             to disapprove
25. sallow:             sickly, yellow (as of complexion)
26. sojourn:            temporary stay
27. surreptitious:      secret; sneaky
28. tantamount:         equivalent in effect or value
29. vapid:              flat; stale; lacking zest; tasteless
30. vexation:           state of irritation

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