In terms of time, many people view human life as the longer burning candle that will become
shorter and eventually discharged. Just look at the description of the following:

                       When we were younger, when it crawls a long time
                 Entered a young age and dreamed about work, time began to run
                                 Adulthood, the time began to run
                         It was time the old days, when flying very cepet
                            And finally abis time and not ours anymore

There are people who compare the age Manusa 24 hours a day. Then the situation can be
Man described at 09.00 at the age of 10 years
At 10:25 portrayed humans at age 15
At 11:35 portrayed humans at age 20
Man described at 12.30 at age 25
At 13:50 portrayed humans at age 30
Man described at 15.00 at the age of 35 years
At 16:10 portrayed humans at age 40
At 17:10 portrayed humans at age 45
18:25 am pictured at the age of 50 years of human
At 19:35 portrayed humans at age 55
20:45 am pictured at the age of 60 years of human
At 22:50 portrayed humans at age 65
Depicted at 23:00 at the age of 70 years of human
Man described at 24.00 at the age of 80 years
Finally - the time is not there anymore and there was no candle flames again.
That's the nuances that we find in Psalm 103: 13-16 taking a picture of grass and flowers.
Appears briefly green, fresh, and fragrant smell, but soon wither, and no visible scars disappear
again. Do you feel life is like a candle, flowers and grass? Indeed, when contemplated from the
standpoint of human life is full of kesiasiaan as revealed by the book of Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes) -
Vaninty of all vanity.

Nuance change
If you read Psalm 103 verse 16 nuasannya stop on the negative is completely gray.
Praise the Lord there is continued in paragraph 17 and 18. At the start with the word "but" that
give the feel of bright daylight. Was full of shades of gray-but-give the feel of light, which is
entirely different:
   But the steadfast love of the Lord forever and ever forever and ever upon them that fear Him,
and His justice for our children and grandchildren, for those people who keep his covenant, who
                          remember His precepts to do (Psalm 103: 17-18 )
These verses explain the change in bright shades of gray to happen because God took the
initiative to declare his steadfast love is eternal to the mortal man. This is stated 1 John 4:10 - not
that we first loved Him, but He who first loved us. Proof of love is very real on Christmas Day
we commemorated last month. Christmas is the core verse John 3:16 degan very clear-that
mortal man can receive eternal life on one condition-Believe in Jesus Christ, the savior! So,
when a mortal man like grass and flowers to accept Jesus as Savior, that's when the situation
changes occur - from grass and flowers are ephemeral becomes eternal son of God!


If the element of eternal life was entered in the passage of time and age no longer be added can
be described as a melted wax abis. The Word of God gives one another picture of a very, very
wonderful for people like that:
† And the wise men will shine like the light of the universe and that has led many to
righteousness as the stars fixed to forever (Daniel 12:3)
† So that you as a star shining among those stars in the world (Philippians 2:15)
† Thus you are getting confirmed by the word of the prophets that have been submitted. It would
be nice if you pay attention as to a lamp shining a dark place till dawn and star rises in your
hearts (2 Peter 1:19)


Transitory nature of human sin and the picture is the melted wax, but when his heart open to
Jesus, his status changed - not the wax is melted out, but the stars shine bright. How can flower
and meadow grass turned into stars? For humans it is impossible, but with God all things are
possible tad!
We recognize Jesus as the way, the truth and the life, the only savior. But did you know there is
another one of Jesus' other name is rarely mentioned? The name is meant here is the star of the
east (morning) = the bringht and morning star ( Revelation 22:16 ). If we accept Jesus as savior,
the Morning Star itself into our lives the light of his change of grass and flowers are ephemeral
becomes eternal shining star!
In ancient times people have not been able to distinguish between star and planet. In the past all
that shines in the sky called stars. Eastern Star is meant in Revelation 22:16 is actually the planet
Venus, the brightest object after the sun and moon. Called the Morning Star because it comes
ahead of the rising sun at around 4 AM, a pointer to the presence of a nature that a new day.
When Jesus called the Morning Star, we see an important spiritual typologi Venus according to

† The light VERY SOLID
The planet Venus is the celestial light of a solid third after the sun and moon. This is reminiscent
of that of Jesus Christ as the light of the world, unchanged from the first, sekarng for ever
(Hebrews 13:8)

Referring to the power of Jesus to give new life to all who believe in Christ (2Korintius 5:17)

For the sailors who sailed, the emergence of Venus as the morning star palnit give proper
directions keman they need to go. This reminds us of Jesus as the good shepherd who leads us
into the green grass and cool water (John 10)

In the winter season, dark nights are longer than light, and that's when the morning star be a
comfort to many people. This is reminiscent of Jesus as the bearer of strength and comfort to all
those who are tired and heavy bertanggungan (Matthew 11:28)

† planetary rotation OTHER OTHER
Planet in the solar system planet earth rotates from west to east, but Venus opposite-from east to
west. Thus the morning star became a very unique planet other than on the other. When Jesus
called the morning star, it indicates the person of Jesus is unique, different from the other
character figures, Jesus foretold His wonderful name (Isaiah 9:5)

† rotation LATE ONCE
Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours (1 day). But Venus rotates on its axis once the 243
days later. Though Venus revolves around the sun every 225 days. Combination of both led to a
day on Venus = 117 Earth days! From this data we know that the Lord of time has no meaning at
all, our God is patient and his plan would have to be even slower kelihatanta for mankind (2
Peter 3:8-13)


In his letter to the church Thyatira, the Lord Jesus, giving extraordinary promises to all who won,
To him will I give the Eastern Star (Revelation 2:28). Meaning here is obvious: the Eastern Star
is Jesus himself would be the reward for all who believe! This promise was fulfilled when
Christ's second time as described in I Thessalonians 4: 13-18 with the sequence follows:

    1. The dead in Christ will be resurrected first. They will receive a resurrection body is
       incomparably wonderful. Here we see the concept of living like a melted out Lilis not
       apply to believers
    2. Who are still alive will be changed dalamsekejab eyes to see Jesus. There is no sign at all
       that melts the wax runs out, otherwise at that time all believers will shine brightly lit than
       the sun (Matthew 13:43).

Therefore the Lord's grace is so great for us, let us fill our lives with:

       This positive things that are useful
       The introduction of the Lord will increase
       Preparations to welcome Jesus the glorious Morning Star.

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