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PowerPoint Presentation - ITI 2012 Mission


									Oracle Enterprise Grid

               Mark McGill
        Principal Sales Consultant
Oracle EMEA Enterprise Technology Centre

• Why Grid Computing?

• Oracle Enterprise Grid Computing

• Production users of Oracle Grid Technology
    Today’s IT Infrastructure
•   Configured for peak loads
•   Unable to share resources
•   Inflexible
•   Limited scalability
•   Poor availability
•   Fragmented security
•   Complex
•   Utilization rates are low
What is Grid Computing?

“In basic terms, grids are clusters
    of interconnected servers,
    enabling shared computing
       resources utilization”

“Defining Grid Computing”, Giga Research, August 2002
Grid Vision
• Computing as a utility
    • A network of clients and service providers
• Client-side: Simplicity
    • Request computation or information and receive it
• Server-side: Sophistication
    • Availability, reliability, security
    • Capacity on demand, load balancing
• Virtualization
    • Provide single computing resource to clients
    • Remove physical dependencies
  Oracle Enterprise Grid
• Resource virtualisation
• Resource provisioning
• Automated load balancing
• Scaling
• Optimisation
• Management

Example: In December

• Order Entry overheats processing orders
• Financials idles below capacity

 Order Entry                Financials
Example: In January

• Order Entry falls away from season high
• Financials overheats at year end close

 Order Entry                 Financials
Example: With Grid Computing
• Load balance based on a policy to optimise
  around both of these peak load conditions

          Order Entry & Financials
Oracle 10g Grid Features

     Storage         Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

                     Real Application Clusters (RAC)
    Database         Information provisioning

                     Integrated middleware platform
Application Server   Application server clusters

                     Application Service Level Management
  Manageability      Policy-based standardization
                     Automated provisioning and administration
10g Storage
Automatic Storage Management

                     • Dynamically allocates db storage
                       • Load balanced across disks

                     • Capacity on demand
                       • Add/remove storage online
                       • Automatic I/O load balancing

                     • Fault tolerant, high performance
                       • Automatically mirrors and stripes

                     • Low cost
                       • Less DBA work: no I/O tuning to do
                       • No volume manager or file system
                       • Better disk utilization
10g Database
Real Application Clusters

                        • Many small servers act as one
                        • Mission critical QoS on standard, low
                          cost servers
                        • Scalable AND highly available
                        • Start small, grow incrementally
                        • Proven technology
                            • Thousands of customers
                            • Supported by leading ISVs
                            • Runs on all platforms
                        • Automatic Workload Management
                          virtualizes database services
                        • 10g RAC includes Integrated
                          Clusterware on all platforms
10g Database
Information Provisioning: Transportable Tablespaces

• Unplug and plug database data files
     • Move and share data between databases
     • Mount read-only tablespaces on multiple databases
     • Cross-platform support

  File                  OS copy      File
  1 File   expdat.dmp                1 File   expdat.dmp
       2                                  2

  10g Database
  Information Provisioning: Streams

Can be used to move or copy :-
• Files
    • Provision and manage
      information that’s not in the
• Tablespaces
    • Automatically convert between
    • Transport faster than FTP
    • capture changes and stream
      them after attachment
     10g Application Server
     Integrated Middleware Platform

   Any Data Source                                                    Enterprise Portal
                                 Clustering &        Management &
                                   Caching             Security

    Web Services

                                                                      Wireless & Mobile

    B2B Integration

                          Rapid Application     Business Services
                            Development            Framework        Business Intelligence
Application Integration
  10g Application Server
  Availability & Scalability


                                                                     Cluster 1
                                                               J2EE Application ‘A’
                                                               Session State Shared
     Wireless &                                                                                Data Sources
      Mobile             Load Balancers
                         (or Web Cache)

                                          Apache Web Servers
                                           w/ Load Balancing

   Internet / intranet                                           Cluster 2
         Users                                              J2EE Application ‘B’
                                                           Session State Shared
• Web Caches share cache content.     • Apache maps requests to          • Clusters share application
  Load balancing via: round-robin,      clusters.                          session state via IP multicast.
  weighted %, or last use.
10g Grid Control
Application Service Level Management
                                                              Click-to-EJB and                Click-to-SQL
                                                                J2EE Activity                  Drilldowns
     New York
    Sales Office

                                    Monitor key
       Paris                         business
    Sales Office                                                 Web
                                  Availability
                                  Performance

    Sales Office

                      External network   Internal network Application Content    App Server     Database
        Application                                            End to End
           User                                                 Tracing

                   End-to-End Performance, Availability & Diagnostics
10g Grid Control
Policy-Based Standardization
                                        •     Policy Management
      Policy                                    •   Rule definitions
                                                •   Violation detection
                                                •   Corrective action
                                        •     Performance policies
                                                •   Thresholds and baselines
                                                •   Response actions
                                        •     Security policies
                                                •   Software installation hardening
                                                •   Excess services/ports
                                                •   Excess user privileges
                                        •     Configuration policies
                                                •   Clusters
                                                •   Archived configurations
                                                •   Base images (clone source)
Drives consistency and improved performance
10g Grid Control
Automated Provisioning
      Oracle                                View/Search

                       Enterprise           Compare/Diff
  Configurations        Manager
                                           Change Tracking
  Configurations                             Reference


    Configure                              Product Updates

      Patch        Over 20% of downtime       Patches
                   attributable to human      Product
     Secure         configuration errors    Configuration
Oracle and CERN

• CERN :
   • World’s largest Laboratory for Particle Physics
   • BirthPlace of the WorldWideWeb

• CERN and Oracle:
   • More than 20 years of collaboration
   • Today: Grid technologies
      • Oracle 10g
      • Oracle RAC
      • Oracle Grid Control
Grid at CERN

CERN is using Oracle to build a Large
Hadron Collider (LHC) Computing Grid
                                                       Lab m
Data Sharing                The solution for CERN has been to build a
processing is distributed   Grid using Oracle as the foundation. a
                                                     CERN         Uni They are
                                                USA Tier 1    UK
Data Volumes                                         Tier-1
                            using Oracle Grid Control, Application Server

~15PB data generated each   and Database for USA scaling, information
                                 physics       their         France Uni n
                                         Tier-2BNL     CERN
year for 10+ years          sharing and VLDB features. 0
                                                       Tier Japan
                                       Lab b Italy Germany       Lab c
Cost                        Real Application Clusters on Linux enables
                                                              grid for
CERN must use low cost                  
                            them to achieve aUni y available and
                                              highly          a
hardware                                               Uni b physics
                            scaleable database on commodity hardware
Availability of the Grid                   Desktops
Grid has 10,000 users
Oracle Grid Customers

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