; A letter to the former president of International Olympic Committee
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A letter to the former president of International Olympic Committee


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									         A letter to the former president of International Olympic Committee

                                  曾国航 工商 04-2

                                                                       Sep. 26th .2008

My dear & respected President,

My name is Zeng Guohang; I am from Hunan province, China, and now is a
sophomore of Beijing Forestry University, majored in Business & Management. First,
please forgive me to write to you imprudently.

I am writing to you to show you the image of the present Beijing through my eyes. I
am sure you are eager to know whether Beijing is fully prepared for the coming 2008
Olympic games. I cannot give you the specific answer right now, and I aware of that
there are tons of things for the government and the Chinese people to fulfill so as to
hold a most great Olympic Games in August 2008.However, I am also clear that
Beijing is not to be named in the same day with it is used to be. The government and
the citizens of Beijing are all making great efforts on it. I am sure
that when the 2008 Olympic games are over, satisfactorily you will be much assured
again that your choice on the 13th July 2001 was fully wise.

I will never forget the moment when you finally read out the name of the host city of
2008 Olympic games that night. “The host city…Beijing”, “Beijing”, “Beijing”,
“Beijing”, I was in front of the TV set, at home then. The screen was repeating the
historic scene, which was acted by you, lasted for minutes, and then the continuous
words such as: Beijing has won, China has won. My hometown is far from Beijing,
and I had never been to Beijing by then. I could not imagine how happy the local
citizens were, but I knew from that moment on, the whole china was boiling. I have to
admit that I was so lucky to be on the spot when you made the historic decision---
because had I turned on the TV half a minute later, I would miss out on the occasion.

Again, I am so lucky as to get the opportunity to study in Beijing, to experience the
effort being made to achieve a successful Olympic games. Being not far from
Tiananmen Square, and neither the Central of Olympic, so it is convenient for me to
hang out around Beijing city. In this way, I have got a general impression of Beijing in
a short period of time.

On the whole, Beijing is becoming more and more capable of holding a great
Olympic games. Firstly, more and more stadiums are building up for the Olympic
games. Secondly, there are an increasing number of public facilities. Since last winter,
in Beijing main roadside, a lot of information inquiring systems were set up. It will
certainly bring a bunch of convenience to not only the life of the local citizens but
more importantly to the foreigners come to the Olympic during the year. Of course,
many of the facilities are not set up for the Olympic games only. There is not such a
problem as how to abandon them, let alone to regard them as burden. Thirdly, the
traffic is being improved in Beijing. There are Kinds of traffic means here. Such as
public buses, taxies. Subways and railways around the city. I took a part time job this
June; I was making surveys on the public bus about the local citizen’s view on the
public traffic. The survey was organized by Beijing bus Corporation ,the purpose of
it was to apparent to do something to help with improving the traffic system. By the
way, the four-line subway is under tensile construction, when it is finished, it will
surely release the crowd traffic in Beijing by a deep degree. Lastly, English learning is
becoming more and more popular. I know, in one of Beijing’s most popular
parks—Chaoyang Park, a lot of public spoken English commonwealth activities had
been organized there. Personally speaking, I love English very much and I am trying
my best to improve my oral English in hopes of becoming one of the volunteers
during the 2008 Olympic games. Last Monday, I got a new friend, Robert, a Junior
student studies in Tsinghua University who comes from Philadelphia, America .I am
going to practice my English with him, so as to be able to communicate in English
with foreigners Freely one day. Of cause in return, I will teach Robert to use Chinese.
Other languages such as Japanese, Korean, French, German is getting popular too. In
a word, guests from all over the world will be warmly welcomed to Beijing.

Dear president, efforts have been made are far more than above, I cannot list them one
by one, I can only give you the general idea. It is September 2005, I am very
confident that by September 2008, the whole world would have enjoyed a most great
Olympic games. New Beijing, new Olympic. One world, one dream.

So much for this letter and I want to send you & your family my best wishes. I will be
most appreciated if I could receive your letter in reply.

Yours faithfully

Zeng Guohang

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