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									                              Burlington Little School
                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 5
                                                                                        March 24, 2010

                      Parent News

                              Director's Note
ISSUE:                Have you ever walked into your child’s preschool classroom and felt like all your hard earned money
                      is going so your child can just play all day? Well in essence, it is!
Outdoor classroom 2

Works in progress 3   Why do children play in preschool? Children learn through playing. Research has told us that
                      while it may appear that children are playing for fun, it is actually a much more important part of a
Housekeeping info 4   child's developmental process. Playing is a very natural way for children to learn because it uses all
                      of their senses. Playtime is also a cognitive learning exercise where children practice taking in
                      information and organizing it to solve problems and understand their environment.

                      What type of play does my child engage in? Children engage in different types of play
                      depending upon circumstances and particular needs. Types of play include:

                              Solitary—children playing alone and independently, following their own interests without
                               concern for what others are doing
                              Onlooker—children who watch other children playing, ask questions and make suggestions,
                               but do not enter into the play.
                              Parallel—children playing the same activity or with similar materials beside each other, but
                               not talking or interacting with one another.
                              Associative—children playing with each other, sharing similar materials and activities in an
                               unorganized way.
importance of
                      As children become more experienced and gain more understanding of the world around them, their
                      play changes. Our job in the preschool environment is to provide children with intentionally planned
                      environments, based upon what is developmentally appropriate, as well as individual child goals and
                      interests. This is why the parent/teacher partnership is so critical. In working together, we are
                      assured that we have the information we need about your child in order to provide the best possible
                      environment to facilitate learning.
 page 2
                                                                                                   Parent News
                                                                                     NEWSLETTER TITLE
                  Outdoor Classroom Progress
                   In a recent survey, BLS parents overwhelmingly cited the large outdoor learning area at
                  Burlington Little School as one of the key reasons why they have chose BLS for their child's
                  early childhood learning environment! The Outdoor Classroom continues to make progress
                  because volunteers continue to dedicate their Saturdays and other spare time and energy to
                  this popular project! Two recycled cedar storage boxes were built by the Burlington High
                  School woodworking class and will be installed near the 'Sand Area' and 'Digging Area'; the
                  other one will be installed near the Organic Veggie Garden. Scott Mangold donated recycled
                  wood to build a handsome lid on the large bin near the patio to create additional covered
                  storage in the Big Yard. Gat Kuchling will be installing all of our innovative chimes in the Big
                  Yard. The red fire extinguisher chime is beneath the walnut tree, on the fence in the 'Gathering
                  Area' near the front gate. A unique aluminum pipe chime will be installed near the digging
                  areas (both created by Cory Gaines-Ashley: K; pipe donated by Skagit Steel and Recycling).
                  The third chime, a scuba tank created by the Mt Vernon FFA, will be installed near the
                  'Wheeled Toys Area'. Fruit trees, blueberries, and ornamental plants were donated by
                  Mailliards Landing Nursery and Lowell Garden Design; they were installed throughout the
                  campus. Lots of seeds for the Organic Veggie Garden were donated by Ekrem Do It Center;
                  teachers and kids will soon be growing starts in their rooms as we wait for the frosty mornings
                  to pass. Donated starts of cherry tomatoes, peppers, kale, potato and onion seeds would be
                  welcome. Our goal is to make it to the Farmers Market with our food as well as to provide
                  healthy ingredients for BLS snack time and cooking projects for the school, Explorers Club and
                  the camps this season. Donations of chain link fence, plastic 5 gallon buckets and large
                  bamboo poles would be appreciated to create growing structures for our food. Finally, in an
                  ongoing effort to build the concrete pathway for improved handicap access, we are working
                  with Skagit Ready-Mix. We are brainstorming on fun ideas to engage the BLS community and
Meetings: First
                  raise money for important elements of the design such as this. We are thinking about offering a
                  cooking class that would include the food from our Organic Veggie Garden. We are looking for
W of the          an appropriate venue as well a source for local, fresh salmon or other seafood. If you are
month at BLS.     reading this and have any suggestions in any of these areas, please contact Sarah Bishop or
                  Scott Mangold through BLS.A warm 'Thank You' to those who decided that they wanted to
                  spend a rare beautiful spring Saturday building, planting and weeding for a few hours. Troy
                  Armijo- (Lucy: 3 day), Jennifer Bohannon & Chris Ringo- (Elena: 5 day), Liz & Gat Kuchling-
                  (Kiri: 3 day), Scott Mangold- (Nell: 2 day), Andy Porter- (Max: K), Marketa Vorel- (Ellie: 3 day).
                  I find it to be a great way to get to know fellow BLS parents in a relaxed, yet productive
                  environment. Thanks to Liz Kuchling, who fed us all and watched the kids--they had more fun
                  outside playing games and painting; I don't know about the other kiddo's but my little Sage was
                  exhausted by the end of the day! I gotta say, also, our potluck lunches are getting pretty
                  swanky: grilled lamb, squash curry soup, homemade corn muffins, Breadfarm bread and
                  homemade strawberry pie, were a few of the highlights served that warm spring day! We also
                  had a fabulous lunchtime performance by Ellie Vorel, Kiri Kuchling, Elena Ringo and Sage
                  Mailhiot on the deck, I mean stage!

                  Mark your Calendars for the next work party: May 22, 2010 9am -2pm-

                  Thank you for your support! I hope to hear from you if you have input on
                  what we are doing and any donations!

                  Sarah L. Bishop
Parent News                                                                                                              page 4

PPC behind the scenes...
March has been a quiet month for PPC as we did not meet due to scheduling conflict s and the
need to balance our family lives with parent hours at BLS. Many PPC members were involved
in planning and running the auction (thank you to everyone for Growing with Nature's
success) and taking a break was necessary. However, this is not to say that nothing has been
going on for BLS and we plan to meet in April.
           Tiffany Trusty-Fox, assistant teacher in the Magic Moonlight (5 Day) classroom, has
            been squeezing in time to add pictures, links, updates, and more to our website.
            Please see for class information, events, and
            updates. Thanks also to Liz Kuchling. A parent contact form is there for you to
            comment on current happenings, ask questions, etc. Tiffany is also working on a
            parent blog section, recipes, tips, etc. and welcomes your input. Please use the
            contact form or email Tiffany at Thank you
           Is everyone a fan of BLS on Facebook yet? Maura Marlin, our Kindergarten/1st
            teacher is facilitating our Facebook page a nd she and Tiffany have been using this
            social networking tool to the fullest. Check out our page to see video clips of BLS
            kids in action, the Kiki Mimi play, and many wonderful photos. Thank you Maura!
           Art in the Community is an on going and traditional BLS project. Thank you Yoko
            Kumar for working on this marketing and outreach project nearly solo for the last
            three years. Please keep your eyes open out and about in Skagit County for BLS
            art. I'll post a list by the bulletin board by the office. WE NEED HELP WITH THIS
            PLEASE!! Yoko will not be able to continue after this year and would love to find at
            least three people to carry on her good work. What a fun way to earn all your hours
            next year.
           Who doesn't love a good rummage sale? We've been brainstor ming a possible
            rummage sale/clothing exchange this spring. Want to help? Great way to complete
            some parent hours and have fun at the same time. Tobie Fehr and Patti Hamrick                         Next PPC
            are looking for volunteers.
                                                                                                                  Meeting: TBA
           Teacher Appreciation Days are on the calendar. May 3 rd and 6th. Tania Kahlor has
            agreed to lead this event. Look for announcements and planning information soon.                      April. See
           The BLS flower pots were delivered to Country Meadows along with a fantastic                          postings next to
            performance by the K/1 class. Kiki Mimi was a hit. You can also see p ots at                          sign in sheet
            Common Ground and at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce office on Cherry
            Street. Thank you to Christine Royers and How it Works for printing the banners.
                                                                                                                  and emails.
           Thank you to Lale, Sarah, Kim, and Becky Roth for continuing our recycling efforts!
I know I've missed something or someone, my apologies. Hey, please contact me and let me know! To
everyone, thanks for your effort it benefits all our kids. See contact information at the end of the newsletter
to reach me or Terri to volunteer for projects or ask questions. On behalf of PPC, Stacy Olver

Board of Director's Note
Meetings 2nd Monday of                Thanks to all for                      Minutes posted in
the month.                            completing the recent                  notebook labeled Board of
                                      survey sent via email. if              Directors located on
Burlington Public Library.            you did not fill out a                 bookshelves next to office.
6:45 PM                               survey and would like to
                                      provide your input to the              The board is working on a
All are welcome.                      board, please see Terri in             strategic 5 year plan.
                                      the front office.
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                                                                                             Parent News

                          Spring Break and Housekeeping
   BU R L I NG T O N
 L I T T L E S CH O O L   Remember that next week       Please welcome Julie Bell to        SEE LOST & FOUND! Items are

207 Gardner Road          is spring break. Class        BLS. She is the new assistant       already piling up after last weeks
                          resumes on Monday April       teacher working with Jennifer       delivery to Good will. Please
Burlington, WA 98233      5.                            Thramer in the Milky Way            label children's clothing and look
                                                        Classroom.                          in the basket and on the rack
       Phone:                                                                               next to the front door.
                                                        Jodi Carlson is joining Terri in    Unclaimed items will be donated
   (360)757-8257                                        the office weekdays from 9-12.      to charity at the end of each
                                                        Terri will be able to delegate      month. Thank you!
                                                        many office duties in order to go
 We’re on the Web!                                      out into the community to
                                                        support BLS and be on hand at
      See us at:                                        BLS for our teachers.

Find us on Facebook!
                          This is a work in progress.   Contact information
                          If you have ideas for this
                          newsletter or you catch a     Terri:
                          mistake, please contact       tdickson@burlingtonlittles
                          me. Thanks!
                                              , 757-8257
                          Stacy Olver
                                                        Sarah Bishop: 319-0174
                          (360) 319-9204
                          For PPC projects:
                                                        messages via BLS phone

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