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Al-Akhawayn University - SUNY Geneseo by zhouwenjuan


									                                   The Program                                     Program participants are fully integrated
                                                                                   into the university community; they
                                   Geneseo is offer this program run by            directly enroll in regular university
                                   SUNY Binghamton. Under the auspices             courses, live in campus residences with
                                   of the School of Humanities and Social          Moroccan students, and have access to all
Office of International Programs                                                   campus activities. During each semester,
                                   Sciences, Al-Akhawayn University in
                                   Ifrane (AUI) offers program participants        study abroad students can participate in
    Al-Akhawayn                    in-depth Arabic language and culture            the local popular entertainment offered on
                                                                                   campus and in organized activities for
                                   courses. The former include Moroccan
     University                    Colloquial Arabic, but focus on spoken          program       students.   Study     abroad
                                   and written Modern Standard Arabic at           participants are also welcome to join
      Ifrane, Morocco              all levels.                                     student clubs. While at AUI, participants
                                                                                   also have ample time to explore Morocco
                                   Participants may also select from a full        and its extraordinary landscape and
                                   array of courses from the university’s          cultural sites.
                                   professional and arts and sciences
                                   schools; disciplines include economics,
                                   geography, history, humanities, political
                                   science, management, computer science,
                                   and sociology taught in English. Many of
                                   the core courses are related to Morocco,
                                   the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the
                                   greater Arab and Islamic world. For a
                                   fuller description of course offerings,
                                   visit    the      AUI      Web     page
                          to download its                              Ifrane Market

                                   course catalogue.
                                                                                   The Country and City

                                                                                   Morocco is a country of dramatic contrasts
                                                                                   in landscape and culture. There are
                                                                                   extraordinary places to explore, from
                                                                                   Roman ruins, ancient cities and elegant
                                                                                   Islamic monuments to white sand beaches,
                                                                                   the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.
                                                                                   The cultural diversity of contemporary
                                                                                   Morocco is represented by the ancestry of
                                                                                   its inhabitants: Arabs from South-western
                                                                                   Asia Spanish and French from the North,
                                                                                   and the indigenous inhabitants whose
                                                                                   languages and cultures reach back several
                                                                                   thousand years.
                                        Vista in the Atlas Range, outside Ifrane
The College                                    Eligibility                                  Application Deadline

Al-Akhawayn University (AUI) is located        The Morocco program is open to any           Fall/ Academic Year: March 15.
in the Middle Atlas Mountains in the           undergraduate or graduate students who       Spring Semester: October 15.
charming resort town of Ifrane. At an          have the maturity and self-reliance to
altitude of about a mile, the area enjoys a    adjust to a culture that is very different   Financial Aid & Scholarships
mild, dry summer. Oak and cedar forests,       from that of the United States. A
springs, streams and lakes near Ifrane         minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. .            Some financial aid may be applicable to
make the area enjoyable for students to        Applicants with a disciplinary record or     this course. Contact the Financial Aid
explore. The town is just under forty miles    pending disciplinary hearings should         Office for eligibility information.
from Meknes, and not much farther from         alert the Study Abroad Office.
the ancient Imperial City of Fez. This is                                                   Please come to the Office of International
considered the spiritual capital of Morocco,   Orientation                                  Programs for more information on short-
renowned for its two great mosques. Also                                                    term study abroad scholarships.
close by are the Moulay Idriss Zerhoun         Students within the Binghamton area
and the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Rabat is     participate in a pre-departure orientation   Further Information
about 120 miles from Ifrane.                   meeting. All others receive an orientation
                                               packet prior to departure, as well as a      Please refer to the Study Abroad website
                                               telephone     appointment     with     the   for further information, including costs
                                               program’s coordinator.                       and dates.


                                               Students stay in residence halls with
                                               internet connection in each room.
                                               Participants also have access to several
                                                                                               Office of International Programs
                                               computer labs on campus. Other student
            Campus Mosque at AUI               amenities include a student health center
                                                                                                         Dr. Becky Lewis
                                               and athletic facilities.
                                                                                            Interim Assistant Provost for International
Established in 1996, AUI is a modern
university offering programs in business,
computer science, engineering and the
                                                                                                            Erwin 106
liberal arts. Its campus is modern,
                                                                                             State University of New York at Geneseo
spacious, and well-equipped. It offers
                                                                                                         1 College Circle
students many amenities, including a large
                                                                                                       Geneseo, NY 14454
library with study carrels, student
computer facilities, access to e-mail and
                                                                                                      Phone: (585) 245-5546
international cable television from Europe,
                                                                                                        Fax: (585) 245-5032
the Middle East, and the United States,
direct-dial student telephone stations, as
well as a bookstore, cafeteria and dining
                                                       Waterfall outside Ifrane, Morocco.

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