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New stuff in the Passport Club


									 PIGtober celebrates the best of the hog
 Come PIG out on PORK throughout October during Blue Mountain’s First Annual PIGtober Celebration! We’ll be highlighting
 the pride of Sioux County all month long. Look for pork-centric offerings from the kitchen and the bar (bacon-infused
 bourbon)! We’ll even be serving up some of our free-range heritage breed pork (seen here munching on autumn’s apples).
 And since its October, we’ll be pairing all of the entrees with beers flown in from around the globe in celebration of
 Germany’s Oktoberfest, including the domestically-brewed Samuel Adams Oktoberfest. Look for that to be paired with
 Eisbein (ice-bine), a ham-hock that’s brined in garlic and caraway seed, then seasoned and roasted in the wood-fired oven ...
 sure to be a PIGtober tradition!
  * Keep your eye’s open for our Northern Plains Hog Roast!
  * Bacon RULES!

  New stuff in the Passport Club
                                                                                              As the seasons change and the availability of quality products adjusts
                                                                                              accordingly, so do our menus. We’ve also been listening to your needs and
                                                                                              thinking about how to better serve you and your guests. Look for easier
                                                                                              “nook” dining (something we feel makes the Passport Club special) and a
                                                                                              wider selection of shareable plates (tapas*), making it easier to ‘relax the
                                                                                              body and enjoy the spirits’ while entertaining your guests.

                                                                                              *Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine.
                                                                                              In North America tapas have evolved into an entire cuisine. The serving of tapas
                                                                                              is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon
                                                                                              eating an entire meal that is set before them. So next time you’re in the Club take a
                                                                                              closer look at our tapas, or a la parte, menu which delivers perfectly sized plates to
                                                                                              savor and share.

814 Lincoln Place SE, Orange City, Iowa 51041

Passport Club Members and Patrons ...
why do you travel?

We want to hear the “why” and “what” and
“where” of some of your international travels.
In particular ... why ...

Email us at
                                                   fall 2009

                                                                          PAGE 2                  PAGE 3                  PAGE 4

Focus on: Spain                                                                                    Sample Spain
Half a world away .... closer than you can imagine                                                 Sangria literally means “bloody.” It is a punch
                                                                                                   made with red wine, usually Spanish Tempra-
In this issue we sojourn to Spain, a country        Spanish. We started talking, and before
                                                                                                   nillo. Hold on to the last days of summer with
located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian       we knew it, we were engrossed with
                                                                                                   our Summer Sangria in the Passport Club this
Peninsula. With an area of 314,000 square miles,    stories about his pilgrimage to Santiago.
                                                                                                   fall, or make it at home. Aclamaciones!
Spain is the second largest country in Western      He was from Germany, traveling by him-
                                                    self. He said that this was the first time
Europe and the European Union after France.                                                        Sangria
                                                    he made this pilgrimage. After 30 days of
Jill Reuvers, Passport Club Hospitality Manager,                                                   Sangria typically consists of the following, but
                                                    continuous walking, he had finally made
ventured to Spain this June. Here she shares her                                                   everyone’s recipe is different:
                                                    it to Santiago; he had fallen in love with
travel tales ...                                                                                     • Red Wine (usually Spanish Tempranillo)
                                                    the open landscape and freedom, and did
   During the month of June, 2009, I was                                                             • Sliced fruit
                                                    not want to stop there.
blessed with a trip of a lifetime to visit two                                                       • A sweetener (honey, sugar, or orange juice)
                                                                       continued page three ...
close college friends in Spain.The first part                                                        • A small amount of brandy, triple sec, or
of my trip was based in Santiago (Northern                                                         other spirit
Spain). While absorbing as much of the                                                               • Ice or carbonated soda
culture and traditions of Santiago as I could,                                                       Because of recipe variations, sangria’s alcohol
I was introduced to their most important                                                           content can vary wildly. Regional and seasonal
tradition – the pilgrimage to the shrine of                                                        variations occur in the type of fruit used, the
St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de                                                          kind of spirits added (if any), and if carbonation
Compostela. Santiago is supposedly the final                                                       is used or not. If white wine is used instead of
resting place of the Apostle Saint James the                                                       red, it is called sangria blanca.
Great. Tradition holds that his remains are                                                          Preparation consists of cutting the fruit in
beneath the altar in the crypt of the cathe-                                                       thin slices, then mixing everything together
dral. For more than 1000 years, pilgrims                                                           except for the ice and carbonated elements.
have traveled to the city from points in                                                           After several hours, or a full day in a refrigerator
Europe for numerous reasons.                                                                       to allow time for the fruit flavors to fully blend
   The first night we were in Santiago we            Sangria is a delicious, fruit-based           with the rest of the ingredients, any last-minute
went for a late dinner in a small, intimate          wine “punch” with its traditional             ingredients are added and the drinks are poured
restaurant. There we sat, reminiscing about          heritage well rooted in Spain                 over ice.
old college memories, when an older man,                                                             Sangria is served throughout Spain and Por-
about 65 years of age, politely grabbed our                                                        tugal during summer and in the southern and
attention, asking us to help him translate                                                         eastern parts of the countries year-round, typi-
beverages into English, as he did not speak                                                        cally accompanied with tapas (small, sharable
                                                                                                   plates; see page four).
Blue Mountain Passport Club • Orange City, Iowa • 712.737.3153 •
CULINARY CORNER                                                              Update on the Jamaica project
Tinned seafood                                                               If you don’t already know how Blue Mountain got its name, it’s
These aren’t your dad’s                                                      because Proprietors Deb and Clayton Korver have a special con-
smoked oysters                                                               nection with the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. In fact, they consider
“A Costa do Marisco” translates to                                           the island their second home, and are in the process of developing
“The Seafood Coast.” In Galicia,                                             a unique oceanfront boutique villa resort in Ocho Rios. Here Deb
the exposed northwestern tip                                                 shares the latest news from the Hermosa Cove resort ...
of Spain, the cold waters of the                                                As I arrived on the property (in early August) I was so excited
Atlantic Ocean crash into the                                                with what our team has accom-
exposed granite shores and mix                                               plished in Jamaica. Our crew of
with clean pure fresh water flow-       Over generations, celebrated         40 plus has been working dili-
ing from the Rias, or fjords. It is   artisan producers have developed       gently on finishing the nine king
the westernmost edge of Europe;       intricate hand-processing recipes      suite villas – two-story traditional
medieval texts refer to               that make their tinned seafood         Jamaican-style structures Clayton
it as “the end of the world.”         rival fresh seafood. Within the        has designed – with a total of 13
  Galicia’s pristine estuaries        cans, the seafood marinates in its     bedrooms. Each private villa suite
are ideal for sea life, and           own juice, concentrating the flavor.   features an expansive bath/dress-
historically Galicia has been         Some fanatics even age their           ing area and a second-story wrap-around deck to view the tree-top
famous for its shellfish. This        tins, like an aggressive cabernet.     orchids and tropical parrots. They also include a downstairs area
immaculate seafood along with         This canned seafood is so highly       featuring a full kitchen and entertainment area, covered outdoor
the need for seasonal preservation    regarded that there are tapas bars     dining, a private dip pool, and a private outdoor shower. Anyone
has slowly crafted a rich tradi-      in Barcelona                           would find themselves in paradise here!
tion of exquisite tinned products.    that exclusively                          Building in a developing country has certainly had its delays. For
Gathered by hand in local waters,     serve tinned                           instance, when we filed plans for the seaside restaurant facility, it
each clam or mussel is rigorously     Galician sea                           took over seven months to gain building approval. It will be worth
inspected for size and quality.       products.                              the wait though; the restaurant will be three stories, complete with
They are meticulously cooked in         To order, see                        a wine cellar and rum bar. We started on this portion of the project
small batches, and then painstak-                            in February of 2009. The patience will pay off when it’s finished; it’s
ingly packed by hand. The result                                             really turning out nicely.
is the most delicious canned
seafood in the world.

The goods on the grape
New wine menu inspires
Our wine menu has been revised! We’ve really worked our wine list over,
and have some spectacular offerings.
  One of our favorites: the 2005 Domus Aurea (“House of Gold”)
Cabernet Sauvignon ... truly unique. Some wines are described as “big.”
Well, Domus can more accurately be labeled “gargantuan.” The grapes
are grown on the gravelly slopes of the 45-acre single vineyard located
in the Maipo Valley of Chile and the vineyard owners are committed to
extremely low yields. This produces wines that are dark and intense. In
the 2005 vintage, look for an earthy, balsamic nose with hints of orange
zest and chocolate. Aged in French oak for 18 months, this vintage is
juicy, concentrated, and balanced, with fine, well integrated tannins.
                                                                             The restaurant and rum bar, taken from
A great buy from the up-and-coming Chilean wine community.
                                                                             our newly built pier.

  Critic’s Ratings for the 2005 Domus Aurea Cabernet Sauvignon                  I can’t wait for you to join us at Hermosa Cove in Ocho Rios as we
Wine Spectator: 94           Robert Parker: 90                               hope to have guests we know test us out … sometime in 2010. We
Stephen Tanzer: 90           Wine Enthusiast: 93                             will keep you posted.
  Price: $64/bottle                                                            P.S. We are also working on a culinary training program for both
                                                                             professionals and novices on the top floor of the restaurant while
                                                                             you look out over the Caribbean Sea.
Art and ArtiFACTS
Discover the story behind some special pieces in the Passport Club
                                                                                 Focus on Spain, cont. from cover
                                                                                 His travels were going to continue for the next two weeks while
                                                                                 he walked across all of Northern Spain to the northwest tip. His
-by Clayton Korver, proprietor                                                   face was weathered by the wind and sun and muscles fatigued,
The Elephant                                                                     but I have never seen such a glow that radiated from his being. It
Adolphe-Jean Lavergne for Goldscheider (French, 1851-1901).                      was a glow which held a sense of accomplishment, pride, faith and
  Back when the U.S. dollar                                                      excitement. We said goodbye, wished him good luck, and wondered
was strong Deb and I enjoyed                                                     if we would ever have the gumption to take on this 1000-year-old
traveling to Europe to take                                                      adventure.
advantage of the 30-40% dis-                                                         During our second day in Santiago, we spent a lot of time
count the currency exchange                                                      around the cathedral. Dozens of shops and bars surround the
rate provided at antique fairs                                                   impressive building, and kept us very occupied. My goal was to
and flea markets. High on our                                                    find a small trinket to hold memories from my trip that I can place
list of places to stop was the                                                   on my Christmas tree each December (my vacation tradition). I
weekly ‘Portobello Road Flea                                                     found the perfect trinket – a hand-carved metal scallop shell.
Market’ held on Saturdays in                                                     Scallop shells, typically found on the shores of Northern Spain, are
London. What a fun, colorful                                                     the symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago.
crowed event this was… amaz-                                                        Halfway through the day we found ourselves in an open stone
ing antiques and artifacts from                                                  courtyard in front of the cathedral where pilgrims came to cel-
around the world hidden among                                                    ebrate finishing the pilgrimage and rest. Camera flashes and loud
the maze of trinkets and tourist                                                 celebratory music filled each second in that courtyard for the faces
items.                                                                           filled with relief and pride. Inside of the cathedral ... no words
  On one of our visits to Porto-                                                 can describe the beauty, intrinsic detail, and mass appeal. Jaws
bello Road we found an antique                                                   dropped and eyes wide open, we found ourselves going through
stall operated by a recent                                                       ‘tunnels,’ following the crowds. We were lead into a small area be-
South African refugee, Peter                                                     low ground, a viewing area of a staged cage tomb. Inside the cage
Jackson, who had a unique                                                        were young men, no more than 18 years of age, silently praying,
collection of family antique treasures from colonial and pre-colonial Africa.    waving incense, and caring for an area dedicated to represent St.
After Mr. Jackson sensed our enthusiasm for these types of pieces he             James tomb. (This was one of those situations that you are thank-
ivited us to his flat later that evening to see his collection of antiques. We   ful your mother taught you how to quietly whisper to one another.)
walked into what I feel a 19th century English explorers club must have             When we sadly found we had run out of time in Santiago we said
felt like, beautiful old pieces collected from around the African continent,     goodbye, boarded our flight, and left feeling honored for the op-
many pieces I had only seen in the trade books and journals.                     portunity to create such life changing memories. I sincerely hope
  One of the more interesting pieces was a very large, beautiful terracotta      to one day make this 1000 year old pilgrimage alongside my two
piece depicting Cleopatra riding an elephant. This was one of those rare         friends but oddly enough, I can honestly say that I do not know
finds that you realize is probably a one of a kind piece and should prob-        why, but I believe the answer will surface along the way.
ably be in a museum. Negotiations on the piece were done over drinks and
cigars which seemed like the most natural way to handle the inevitable
price haggling that occurs between seller and buyer. In short, we acquired
a new friend and a GREAT piece.
   After researching the artist and studio this is what we’ve found:
   The artist was Adolphe Jean Lavergne (1852 – 1901). He worked for
Goldscheider Manufacturing, and we believe he worked in Paris on this
piece. Goldscheider Manufactory and Majolica Factory was founded in
1885, by Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna. It became one of the most in-
fluential ceramic manufacturers of terracotta, faience and bronze objects
in Austria with subsidiaries in Paris, Leipzig, and Florence. For over half
a century Goldscheider created masterpieces of historical revivalism, Art
Nouveau, and Art Deco.
   Currently, their pieces can be found for auction at Christie’s, Sotheby’s
and online. We’ve found only one other of Lavergne’s work similar to the
size and style of the piece in the Passport Club. The other piece is located
in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia and is called “Britannia
and Lion.”
  You can search for the piece at their web site

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