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Chefs News Sep 081


                                                                           Five Dollars

                                                          September/October 2008

The official magazine of the British Columbia Chefs’ Association

  A Day of Pleasantry at the Pheasantry

   Hills Foods and Campbell’s Pheasantry hosted for Culinary Team Canada
  September Dinner Meeting at Neptune Food Service

In the kitchen, Janice Martin of Neptune Food Service learns a few       Meanwhile, out on the patio terrace, Edgar Rahal and Terry Larsen
cooking secrets from visiting Chef Sylvain Cuerrier of the River Rock.   recite the Code of Ethics as Terry’s wife, Lorraine, listens in.

2 Chefs’ News                                                                                                       w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
                                             Inside this issue:
                                               4 President’s Message – Dino Renaerts
      British Columbia Chefs’
                                               5 A Note from the Editor – Jonathan Pearson
       Officers and Directors
                 PRESIDENT                     6 A Day on the Pheasant Farm – Mark Hills, CCC
               Dino Renaerts
             Ph: 604-790-8845
          Email:            8 Treasurer’s Talk – Paul Ho, CCC, RAc
            PAST PRESIDENT
                Edgar Rahal                    9 Upcoming Meetings – Marcus Bugoy
           Ph: (604) 825-4100
                                              10 Ferry Food Gets Fancier – Melissa McAfee
            1ST VICE PRESIDENT
               Don Gyurkovits
               Chef Instructor                11 National Committee Chair Appointments – Judson Simpson, CCC
              Ph: 604-683-8028

            2ND VICE PRESIDENT                12 go2 turns to “Recruiting 2.0” to help employers – Lynne Henshaw
               Jason Symington
                Corporate Chef
                 Panago Pizza                 13 Neptune Food Services Inc. Contributes $14,500 to Local Causes
              Ph: 604-936-9294

                TREASURER                     14 Wild BC Seafood Fest 2008 – Sandra Merk
            Paul Ho, CCC, RAc
                Life Member
             Ph: 604-322-5345                 16 Cooking outside the Box – Rachel Tuttle
            Fax: 604-322-5345

                 SECRETARY                    17 Meet your New BCCA Executives – Jason Symington and Boban Kovacevich
             Boban Kovacevich
         Executive Hotel, Coquitlam           18 Advertisers’ Index
             Ph: 604-297-2108

               Marcus Bugoy
            Tel: 778-384-0385-

              CHEF DIRECTOR                              NEW MEMBERS
            Michael Pintér, CCC
               Executive Chef,
                                                                                                        Cover Photo
       Seton Villa Action Line Housing
             Ph: 604-298-1279
                                            If you have not received your membership
                                                                                                        BCCA Associate Director
             Bus: 604-291-0650
             Fax: 604-291-1871
                                           certificate and Chefs pin please contact Don
                                                                                                        Carol Wunderlich, Culinary
                                           at to arrange                     Team Canada Manager
              CHEF DIRECTOR
            Marcus Von Albrecht                             for delivery.                               J.C. Felicella, and Mark Hills,
               Corporate Chef
          VonAlbrecht & Associates
             Ph: 604-251-7624                                                                           President of Hills Foods are
             Cel: 778-233-7624
                                                                                                        thrilled to help out the cause.
                                                       Support Chefs’ News                              The money will be going
             Carol Wunderlich
          Inform Food Brokerage
                                                         Be a Contributor!                              towards Team Canada’s
             Tel: 604-856-4375
                                                Please send us your articles, photos,                   upcoming trip to the World
                                                        recipes and reviews.                            competition in Erfurt,
             Margie Schurko
            Secretary/Treasurer,                                                                        Germany.
     BC Produce Marketing Association
            Bus: 604-944-0179
             Rachel Webster
             Chef Apprentice              The BC Chefs’ Association produces the Chefs’ News. It is published six times per year. Its
            Tel: 604-313-9150
         Email:        editorial content seeks to reflect the objectives of the BCCA and to provide readers with
                                          current information about the association and the trade of professional cookery. Opinions
             Jonathan Pearson
             Ph: 604-264-6190
                                          expressed in Chefs’ News are those of the authors and not necessarily endorsed by the
      Email:      B.C.C.A. Address for comment is: Chefs’ News c/o 2754 William St., Vancouver, BC V5K 2Y8

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                       Chefs’ News            3
                    Dino Renaerts –                                                            President’s Message
                    Fall/Winter Presidents Report 2008
                    H     ow quickly summer ended
                          and the full onslaught of
                    this busy season and new term
                                                             positively my fellow industry
                                                             colleagues seem to handle the
                                                             continued increase of stress in
                                                                                                      On another note, with the
                                                                                                   resignation of Jonathan Pearson,
                                                                                                   our editor of the Chefs’ News,
                    has begun!                               their daily lives.                    the board has agreed to change or
                       I do not know about all of you           Fortunately, I have a great cast   chefs news format and to reduce
                    but this labor shortage, more fiscal     of veterans and a much needed         costs to our association, we will be
                    responsibility and overall amalga-       supply of fresh enthusiasm from       moving to e-news for our future
                    mation of key positions is making        our newly elected board. It is        editions.
Fortunately, I
have a great cast   for much longer stressed days at         great to see new revitalized growth      This should allow our
of veterans and
                    the office! I suppose I could always     in our junior chefs’ program and      association to focus more on
                    say no to some of the many events,       chapter. These are the chefs of       growing our membership, while
a much needed
                    fundraising, mentoring, cooking          our future, and they seem poised      reducing costs, and with most
supply of fresh
                    demo’s, continues requests for           to take this industry by storm        members having access to e-mail
enthusiasm from
                    participation, and hundreds of           with a blend of innovative talents,   or a computer we thought it was
our newly elected
                    inquiries in general.                    great timing to be entering and an    time, to move in a new direction.
board.                                                       even better opportunity if you are    We are open to any feedback and
                      I know I am not the only one
                    out there shouldering a larger           on the rise!                          will probably still print a few
                    work load, and it always amazes             Some of the highlights of this     limited editions throughout the
                    me how well adjusted and                 fall so far:                          year for collectable purposes.

                                                                • GFS hosted our seasons first        We hope that you will still
                                                             meeting with a sumptuous dinner       enjoy our e-news editions as they
                                                             on there patio terrace, thanks to     start to roll out in the New Year!
                                                             Chefs Brandon Owen and Sylvain           We the board wishes you all a
                                                             Cuerrier for cooking an impressive    very merry Christmas season, and
                                                             meal.                                 a happy New Year!
                                                                • The Art Institute of Vancouver      Dino Renaerts
                                                             Black Box Competition saw some           President – BCCA
                                                             25 young culinarians compete for         604 602-7818
                                                             bragging rights, in two fantastic
                                                               • International Chefs Day -               Next Meeting
                                                             Junior Chefs & Board provided             November 18th, 2008
                                                             meals for the needy – 600 people               6:30pm
                                                               • Sysco Hosts our second
                                                                                                        Inform Brokerage
                                                                                                      1230 West 75th Avenue
                                                               Still to come:                             Vancouver, BC
                                                               • GFS Fall food show –
                                                                                                      Host: Linda Creighton
                                                             November 3-5th
                                                                                                      Event: Regular Meeting
                                                               • Bocuse d’Or Fundraiser
                                                             Dinner – November 13th
                                                             Marriot Pinnacle
                                                               • Annual BC Chefs’
                                                             Children’s Christmas Party –
                                                             Date and Location – TBD
Dino Renaerts with Anna Yeh at the recent Art Institute of     • January Dinner
Vancouver “Black Box” competition. Full story on page 16.    Meeting at VCC - TBD

4 Chefs’ News                                                                                                  w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
A Note from the Editor                                                                                                          news
   After nearly eight years and 44 issues, I have decided to                     My apologizes to Melissa McAfee and the Heart & Stroke
retire from the position of Editor and Publisher of the BCCA                  Health Check Program for a rather large typographic error in
Chefs’ News. This will be my last issue. I would like to thank                their article on page 10 of the July/August issue. If you were
the numerous editors, contributors and executive that have                    confused by the first paragraph in the “Ferry Food Gets
been involved in producing this magazine. It has been a                       Fancier” story that’s because it came from a totally different
privilege to work for such a fine and honourable association.                 and unrelated article. We are re-printing their article as it
I would especially like to thank Julius Pokomándy who                         should be in this issue.
contributed so much to the magazine over those eight years.
                                                                                  yours truly,
                                                                                  Jonathan Pearson
                                                                                  Chefs’ News Editor

                                                           Azuma Foods
                                                              Ichiro Sugawara
                 TIM HARMER
                General Manager
                                                       11451 Twigg Place, Mitchell Island
                                                           Richmond, BC V6V 2Y2
                          office: (604) 876-3272               Tel: 604 288-0005

                                                            BC Cranberry
                                                         Marketing Commission
                                                            Geraldine Auston

                                                          Tel: 604 820-4451 Fax: 604 309-3909
                                                     71 - 4001 Old Clayburn Road, Abbotsford, BC

                                                                                Email -

 Blackwood Apparel Design
            David McIlwraith
             1428 Charles Street
           Vancouver, BC V5L 2S8
      T. 604 889-6680 F. 604 255-9333

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                             Chefs’ News      5
                        A Day on the Pheasant Farm and Culinary Team
                        Canada Fundraiser was Wildly Successful!
                        September 16th at the Campbell’s Pheasantry
                        Mark Hills –
                        Contributing Writer

                       I   t was a glorious day, perhaps the last day of
                           real summer weather for the West Coast.
                                                                                 You can well imagine that with Hills Foods as the
                                                                              primary sponsor not only Campbell’s Pheasant was
                                                                              being served. A variety of cooking stations were set
                       The sun was beaming down on the 150 plus
                    participants and guests that came out to the Hills        up on and around the beautifully manicured lawn
                    Foods sponsored Culinary Team Canada Fundraiser           behind the farmhouse. Under the big circus style
Farm owners         on September 16th at the renowned Campbell’s              tent, the Danube String Quartet played classical and
Cory and Carol      Pheasantry in Aldergrove. Farm owners Cory and            contemporary favourites while the lucky attendees
Wunderlich were     Carol Wunderlich were the hosts for the day and           sampled a wild and delicious repast.
the hosts for the   what a day it was.                                           Culinary Team Canada Team Captain Tobias
day and what a         Surrounded by 15,000 plus free ranging pheasants       MacDonald, Chef at La Belle Auberge Restaurant in
day it was.         in their outside pens the chefs, restauranteurs and       Ladner plated a sumptuous pheasant dish and right
                    Foodie guests enjoyed some pretty amazing and             along side was a very sweet and delicate Wild
                    wild specialty foods prepared by Culinary Team            Kangaroo Carpaccio. Not to be missed were Tobias’s
                    Canada with help from many of the students from           Ostrich and Bacon Sliders, they were a huge hit with
                    Vancouver Community College.                              burger lovers!

The backyard of Campbell's with Culinary Team Canada serving and the Danube Quartet under the tent.

6 Chefs’ News                                                                                               w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
   A truly ‘Canadian’ Eggs Benedict using Wild                Of course Pheasant Producers Carol and Cory
Arctic Muskox Mipkuzola topped with a poached             were on hand to answer the many questions about
Fraser Valley quail egg finished with a decadent          the farm and how the birds are raised and readied for
fresh hollandaise prepared by Chef Scott Jaeger of        market. Half of the annual production of birds raised
The Pear Tree Restaurant and Culinary Team                is for sale to restaurants and retail stores. They are
Canada Core Member.                                       distributed exclusively through Hills Foods. The
   There was barbequed BC Venison Loin, Seared            balance of the birds is sold to a variety of hunting
Peace River Buffalo Tenderloin and Team Manager           clubs for sport activity. The pheasants were on their
John Carlo Felicella served up Jumbo seared               best behavior and Carol and Cory provided great
                                                          insight to the source of this fine bird to the many        The pheasants
Scallops with a killer risotto. Pastry Chef Mickey
                                                          restauranteurs, chefs and cooks in attendance.             were on their best
Zhao’s wonderful dessert plates caused quite the
                                                                                                                     behavior and
lineup to form too.                                          Thanks to the professional organization by
                                                                                                                     Carol and Cory
   Unfortunately, Team Canada core members                Bonnie Chapin of Chapin Communications we
                                                                                                                     provided great
Cameron Huley from the St. Charles Country Club           experienced an all round fun day. She donated
                                                                                                                     insight to the
in Winnipeg and Hamid Salimian from the Westin            dozens of hours of her time for the Team to assure a
                                                                                                                     source of this
Bear Mountain could not make it that day but the          successful event.
VCCC students were tremendously helpful with                                                                         fine bird ...
                                                             Educational culinary experience, magnificent
their support in their absence.
                                                          weather, good music, fine wines and of course some
   Several wineries jumped at the chance to help          of the best food in the world prepared by some of
support the Team. They were wines of Chile from           the best chefs in the world! Most importantly, with
Coletta & Associates, Pacific Breeze Winery, The          matching funds from Hills Foods and the attending
Fort Wine Company, Lotusland Vineyards,                   guests, $10,000.00 dollars was raised to help support
Authentic Wines, International Cellars and Rocky          Culinary Team Canada.
Mountain Wine donated to the cause. All enjoyed a
great variety of local and imported wines.                  Look out Erfurt, the Canadians are coming!

                                                                          Wines donated for the Culinary Team Canada Fund Raiser
                                                                        Coletta & Associates Mgmt Ltd., North Vancouver, donated
                                                                        assorted wines from Chile
                                                                        Authentic Wines, Vancouver, donated Yellowtail Shiraz
                                                                        International Cellars, Vancouver, donated Peter Lehman, The
                                                                        Seven Surveys
                                                                        Lotusland Vineyards, Abbotsford, poured their assorted wines
                                                                        The Fort Wine Co Inc., Langley, poured their assorted fruit
                                                                        Pacific Breeze Winery, New Westminster, exceptional varietals
                                                                        sampled (pictured above)
                                                                        Rocky Mountain Wine, Vancouver, Owner Joseph Smith and
The free range outside pens of the ring neck pheasants.
                                                                        Alexandra Carrie poured Argentine Malbec

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                       Chefs’ News        7
                          Paul Ho CCC, RAc –                                                          Treasurer’s Talk
                          Let’s Be Honest ... Nobody’s Perfect!
                             Me? Ha, ha. I am perfect; the most perfect          well, even though I understand actually it’s my fault.
                          chef in the world. I never make any mistakes           Why do I have such an attitude? Of course, it’s not
                          in the kitchen.                                        my problem, it’s God’s, because he made me like
                             “My dear chef, what are you doing over there, the   that.
                          seafood is totally overcooked and tasted like             Anyway, please forget me. Do you want to win
                          rubber.”                                               the game? Want to improve your life or upgrade your
                            “What are you talking about? You think that’s        working skills? It’s easy, if you know your counterpart
                      my problem? The fire on the stove is too high.”            and know yourself. Then, surely you can get all
                                                                                 things under control. Since you have the right keys
                         “How come the roast is brunt like a piece of            in your hand, then, of course, the doors are going to
                      charcoal?”                                                 open up for you without any problem. Do you want
                         “It’s the oven’s problem, not me, O.K.”                 to know yourself? For sure you can do it.
                         “How come the sauce is salty like that?”                    Sit down, have a cup of tea, and start to talk to
                                                                                 yourself, because the only one who can give you a
                         “My sauce is perfect, my friend. You mind to tell me
                                                                                 hand is you. Everybody knows cheating is bad, and
                      how many glasses of wine you had before you tasted my
                                                                                 it’s even worse if we cheat ourselves, so be honest to
As we know, one                                                                  yourself. As we know, one of the biggest challenges
of the biggest          “See, your Hollandaise is separating and all your        in our lives is to admit our faults if we make
challenges in our     whipping cream is over whipped.”                           mistakes because it requires lots of courage, honesty,
lives is to admit       “The answer is clear, the problem is the mixing bowl     fairness and guts to do it. Only if we can realize our
our faults if we      and the whip.”                                             weak points, then we can prevent ourselves from
make mistakes                                                                    falling into the same trap again in the future, and
                         “Oh no, you cut yourself, let me get you a bandage,
because it
                                                                                 thus we can improve our lives and increase our
requires lots of
                                                                                 confidence and productivity.
                         “That’s totally your fault. Who asked you to
courage, honesty,                                                                   So, if it’s our fault, admit it, don’t deny, don’t
                      sharpen the knife up for me?”
fairness and guts                                                                excuse yourself by just saying “It’s O.K.” Then we
                       You know who turned the fire on on the stove,             can try to find out what’s the reason and why we
to do it.
                    who set the oven temperature, who seasoned the               made that booboo. Once we discover the reason,
                    sauce, who used the mixing bowl and the whip, and            then the remedies are there, and we can avoid the
                    of course, you know who used the knife to cut the            same things happening again. If I realize that I got a
                    things.                                                      bloody finger not because of the blade of the knife
                      You know why I lost my last job? Of course, it’s           but because of the way how I handled it, then I can
                    not because of my working attitude but the boss              consider how to improve my cutting skill. Thus I
                    was getting cuckoo. You know why my life never               can reduce the chances of cutting myself again.
                    improves, of course, how can I fly like an eagle               Very good, George, what a boy! He honestly
                    when I’m surrounded by turkeys.                              admitted that it was his fault that the beautiful
                       See, my friend, you should know me by now. I              cherry tree in the garden was chopped down. Is it
                    am the one who has a thousand good reasons to                because of his fine attitude towards others that made
                    excuse myself from any mistakes and push blame to            him the first president of the United States?
                    the others. I know how to blame the others very

                                                                                                Canadian Highly Migratory
                                                                                                   Species Foundation
                                                                                                         Lorne Clayton
                                                                                                          Executive Director
                                                                                                email: 250 658-0179
                                                                                                  4829 Maplegrove St, Victoria, BC V8Y 3B9

8 Chefs’ News                                                                                                    w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
                         Marcus Bugoy –
                         Sergeant–at–Arms                                             Upcoming Meetings

                                                             Chef Meetings
                               November 18, 2008           December 22, 2008              January 20, 2009
                               REGULAR MEETING             KIDS CHRISTMAS PARTY           T.B.A.
                               6:30pm                      T.B.A.
                               Inform Brokerage
                               1230 West 75th Avenue
                               Vancouver, BC
                               Host: Linda Creighton

 Please check for times & address to all B.C. Chefs’ Association Meetings

                                                            BCCA Current Membership Applications
                         Boban Kovachevich –                 Chef Members

                         Secretary                           David Beston
                                                             Donald Guthro
                                                                                      Exec. Chef
                                                                                                   Jericho Tennis Club
                                                                                                   Culinary Choreography
                                                             Nyle Petherbridge        Exec. Chef   Red Robin Restaurants
                                                             Steven Courtney          Chef         Great Canadian Casino
                                                             Alan Storimans           Chef         Ricky's Restaurants
                                                             Associate Members
                                                             Kathy Cheng                           Guangdong,China
                                                             Amy Valagao              Sales Rep.   Continental Importers
BCCA September Meeting                                       Junior Members

at Neptune Food Services                                     James Breuer
                                                             Sean Bouvette
                                                                                                   Cactus Club Café
                                                                                                   Cactus Club Café
                                                             Roderick Klockow         Cook         Cactus Club Café
   On September 16th, we had an excellent meeting at
                                                             Elizabeth Manville       Cook         Cactus Club Café
Neptune Food Service hosted by Chef Brandon Owen.
                                                             Patrick Hockley                       Vancouver
Not only was it good and constructive meeting but on
                                                             James Grant                           Vancouver
top of that we had a great 3-course dinner prepared by
                                                             Robert Feener            Cook         Kingston Taphouse
host Chef Brandon with the help of Executive Chef
                                                             Carlos Rodriguez         Student      Malaspina University College
Sylvain Cuerrier from River Rock and Corporate Chef          Jayson Miller            Cook         Queen's Café, Vancouver
Anthony Munroe from Intercity Packers. First course          Eliane Kanayuk-Gabriel                Stock Up
was a beautiful poached pear salad with blue cheese          Zachary O'Drowsky        Cook         Hyatt Regency Vancouver
and roasted hazelnuts with raspberry vinegar. We             Dean Santos                           Burnaby
continued with an excellently cooked and tasty tender        Benjamin Ludwig                       Vancouver
loin with a beautiful dessert and finished with cheese.      Nicole Weerdenburg                    Vancouver
As always with Neptune and Chef Brandon all the              Robert McDowell                       Langley
products were fresh and local.                               Wayne Tucker             Cook         Ricky's All Day Grill
                                                             Justin Fraser                         Vancouver
   All the BOD members presented their reports and
                                                             Wayne Wei                Student      Arts Institute of Vancouver
New Business, and afterwards Marcus Von Albrecht
                                                             Lorne McMillan           Cook         Cactus Club Café
gave a great speech on acquiring a building for the          Eric Foskett             Cook         Cactus Club Café
BCCA. He recommends that the future generation of            Sean Holland             Cook         Cactus Club Café
Chefs should have a place to be together, to educate, to     Harsimrat Sangha         Cook         Water Mark Restaurant
do catering and hold functions to generate income for        Narendrasingh Bhuller    Cook         Café de Paris
the BCCA.                                                    Martin Stacey            Cook         Silver Star Ski Resort

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                  Chefs’ News         9
                                                                                                     Melissa McAfee –
                                                                                                    Contributing Writer
Ferry Food Gets Fancier
First, BC Ferries introduced Indian butter chicken on their menus. Now they’ve introduced Health
Check™ healthy choices. On your next ferry ride, you can now find everything from cilantro and
legendary burgers, to mango chutney and several tasty Health Check items.

                      M      ost people on the West
                             Coast have made at least
                      one trip on the ferries during their
                                                                                                    class vessels. BC Ferries is
                                                                                                    focusing its menu offerings on
                                                                                                    quality and freshness in order
                      lifetime and many childhood                                                   to meet the changing needs
                      memories of ferry fare involve                                                and desires of the public.
                      the basics such as scrambled                                                      The Health Check™ BC
                      eggs and bacon.                                                               Dining Program is a pilot food
                         Since then, ferry food has                                                 information program designed
                      gone more upscale, pushing the                                                to improve the health of British
This summer,
                      envelope to include an ever                                                   Columbians by providing
travelers will be
                      greater assortment of offerings.                                              healthier menu options in BC
delighted with
                      First, the introduction of             spinach salad. All dishes come         restaurants. The program has
the new food          restaurant-branded food: burgers       complete with nutrition                been in operation since 2006 and
offerings on BC       from B.C. icon White Spot,             information on fat and sodium          is a collaboration of the provincial
Ferries including     Starbucks coffee, and sandwiches       content and calories.                  government and the Heart and
an enhanced           & sushi from Bread Garden, to             The real beauty about this isn’t    Stroke Foundation. It is
breakfast buffet      ethnic dishes and more fruits and      just the fact that BC Ferries is       supported by the BC Restaurant
with a European       vegetables. The latest addition        offering ethnic dishes for their       and Foodservices Association,
flare on the Spirit   of Health Check items has been         onboard journeys, it’s the fact that   the Canadian Restaurant and
class vessels.        scrutinized by the Heart and           one of B.C.’s most popular icons is    Foodservices Association, and
                      Stroke Foundation’s dietitians         rolling up its sleeves and offering    the BC Chefs’ Association.
                      to give you less fat and salt.         diverse and healthy menu items.           For more information on
                         Some of the dishes announced           This summer, travelers will         joining the Health Check™
                      this week include a wild BC            be delighted with the new food         BC Dining Program, please visit
                      salmon with a honey-pepper             offerings on BC Ferries including or e-mail
                      glaze, an egg breakfast sandwich       an enhanced breakfast buffet with      Julie Lau, Program Manager at
                      and the ever-popular shrimp and        a European flare on the Spirit

                                                                                                                       MARK HILLS

                                                                                                                      Tel: (604) 472-1500
                                                                                                                     Fax: (604) 472-1501

10 C h e f s ’ N e w s                                                                                          w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
National Committee Chair Appointments
from CCFCC President Judson Simpson
   Good day,                                               Junior Culinary Competition - Shawn Whalen,
   I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the        CCC (Toronto)
following Committee Chair appointments for the             Webmaster - Kirk Jones, CCC (Muskoka)
term 2008 – 2010.                                          Elections - Julius Pokomandy, CCC (Vancouver)
                                                           WACS - Cornelia Volino (Toronto)
   Culinary - Simon Smotkowicz, CCC (Edmonton)
   Membership - Don Gyurkovits (Vancouver)                  Each committee Chair will be looking for
   Junior Membership - Tim Appleton (Winnipeg)           volunteers to help work on their respective
   Bylaws & Ethics - Debbie Clauss (Lethbridge)          committees. Each Chair will be posted with their
   Finance - Sara Harrel (Toronto)                       respective email address on our web site shortly.
   Honour Society - Bruno Marti, CCC (Vancouver)         Please consider getting involved and help shape the
   Compulsory Occupational Certification - Allen R.      future of the CCFCC.
J. Holtz, CCC (Ottawa)                                      Judson W. Simpson, CCC
   International Relations - Claude Buzon                   President Canadian Culinary Federation

     Invite a student or young culinarian to the next regular BCCA meeting!

                                                            Bill Green
                                                       1548 West Broadway
                                                      Vancouver, BC V6J 5K9
                                                         T. 604-731-1148

                                                                                                 Food Supplies
                                                                                                      Frank Gauvin
                                                                                          #160 – 5900 #2 Road, Brighouse Business Park
                                                                                                    Richmond, BC V7C 4R9
                                                                                               T. 604-273-4135 F. 604-273-7687

                                             Genius Coffee & Espresso
                                                        Eugene Adiletta
                                                       2628 St. George Street
                                                       Port Moody, BC V3H 2G9
                                                           T. 604 618-8473

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                   Chefs’ News          11
                           go2 Turns to Recruiting 2.0 To Help Employers
                           Connect with Job Seekers
                           Lynne Henshaw – Contributor
                              Vancouver, BC – go2, BC’s           their brand as an employer of               go2 will also be teaming up
                           tourism industry human resource        choice.”                                 with MindField Group, a firm
                           association – is offering an                                                    specialized in recruiting 2.0
                                                                      Both Facebook and BC’s
                           iPod Touch to the Canadian                                                      methods, to provide BC’s tourism
                                                                  tourism industry are rapidly
                           Facebooker who can best                                                         operators with a series of webinars
                                                                  expanding. With a projected
                           describe what they love most                                                    that will help them find and hire
                                                                  84,000 new job openings in BC
                           about the industry.                                                             employees.
                                                                  tourism by 2015, tourism
                               go2 has created two Facebook       employers are having difficulty             For links to go2’s Facebook
                           pages; one targeted to internat-       filling all their positions. And         pages, visit:
                           ional job seekers and the other to     Facebook is the fourth most-    and
                           Canadians. The goal of both pages      trafficked website in the world, To learn about
“Facebook is a             is to promote career opportunities     with over 90 million active users.       the top 10 ways BC employers
talent goldmine            in BC’s tourism industry and                                                    can utilize these new marketing
                                                                     go2’s two Facebook pages were
and a very effective       connect BC employers with                                                       initiatives to recruit, please visit:
                                                                  created for different audiences.
way to reach certain       potential employees. They hope                                        
                                                                  After attending career fairs in
                           to increase awareness of the                                                    ?tabid=1542 or contact us for more
demographics.”                                                    Europe last year, go2 realized that
                           industry’s 400-plus job and career                                              information.
         Arlene Keis,                                             an overwhelming number of over-
            go2 CEO        opportunities and ultimately help                                                  About go2:
                                                                  seas workers, many eligible for
                           employers fill jobs.
                                                                  Working Holiday and Student                 go2 is BC’s tourism human
                               Utilizing social media marketing   Work Abroad programs, are                resource association helping the
                           is the latest addition to go2’s        interested in coming to BC. These        industry to recruit, retain and
                           overall career awareness strategy      workers are an excellent fit for the     train to support industry growth.
                           and it is designed to work with        industry’s many seasonal jobs and        Tourism is one of the largest
                           go2’s other tactics such as career     go2’s goal is to increase their aware-   resource industries in BC
                           fairs, school presentations, public    ness of the opportunities in BC.         comprising 18,000 mostly small to
                           relations activities, website and                                               medium sized businesses which
                           advertising. The social media             The Work Live Play BC page is
                                                                                                           directly employ over 117,900
                           strategy is a multi-year initiative    meant to attract the international
                                                                                                           British Columbians. Tourism is
                           that will grow to encompass other      workers eligible for a Working
                                                                                                           projected to create 84,000 new job
                           channels such as YouTube,              Holiday Visa, while Move on Up
                                                                                                           openings by 2015 in our province,
                           Squidoo, Friends Reunited,             with a Career in Tourism is
                                                                                                           and is one of the most significant
                           LinkedIn, and social bookmarking.      geared towards those within
                                                                                                           economic generators in BC with
                              “Facebook is a talent goldmine                                               over $10 billion in spending in
                           and a very effective way to reach         And BC employers can utilize          2007. For more information, visit
                           certain demographics,” says            both pages in a number of ways.
                           Arlene Keis, CEO of go2. “It’s         Jobs posted on go2’s Job Board,             For further information:
                           a new media channel that can           will automatically appear on both
                                                                                                              Lynne Henshaw, go2
                           connect employers to career            pages, and employers can also
                                                                                                              604.633.9787 ext. 234
                           seekers, and they should utilize it    upload recruitment or promotional
                                                                                                              778.995.7701 (Cell)
                           as a valuable resource for building    videos as a way to showcase their
                           their recruitment pipeline and         workplace.

                        Post jobs for FREE on
                         the go2 Job Board.
                  Looking for a new job?
     Check out for hot jobs now.
        Visit Today!

  12 C h e f s ’ N e w s                                                                                               w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
Neptune Food Service Inc. Contributes over $14,500
  Delta, BC: Wednesday September 3, 2008 – Today
Neptune Food Service presented cheques totaling
$14,519.11 to Covenant House Vancouver, B.C.
Guide Dogs and Starlight Starbright Children’s                                                                    Since 2002,
Foundation as part of the Neptune For a Cause                                                                     Neptune Food
Community Support Program and fundraising                                                                         Service has
events held by Neptune Food Service employees.                                                                    donated over

   “We are very proud of the Neptune For a Cause       within our local communities. Since 2002, Neptune          $115,000 directly

Community Support Program,” said Trish Hudson,         Food Service has donated over $115,000 directly to         to organizations
Category Manager Marketing & BC Products,              organizations in need, right here at home.                 in need, right
Neptune Food Service. “We invest annually in our                                                                  here at home.
                                                          With more than 3,000 customers and 1,000 staff
communities across British Columbia to help
                                                       throughout the province, Neptune Food Service is
improve lives by building healthy families, creating
                                                       one of the largest food distribution firms in British
strong communities and inspiring young
                                                       Columbia, and an important part of the Gordon
                                                       Food Service (GFS) family. GFS is one of the
   The Neptune For a Cause Community Support           largest family-run food distribution companies in
Program has been created to help those in need         North America and has been operating for over 100

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                   Chefs’ News         13
                                                                    Sandra Merk –
Sunshine, Sampling, Sales & Success                                 Contributing Writer

                    T     he 1st Annual Wild BC Seafood Fest took
                          place on a sunny Saturday, August 30th
                    between 11:00am and 4:00pm at the Steveston
                                                                              Special guests at the cooking stage included
                                                                           Jamie Alley, Director of the major event sponsor BC
                                                                           Ministry of Environment, Oceans and Marine
                    Harbour Authority Fisherman’s Park (in front of the    Fisheries Division, who welcomed the crowd and
                    Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site at      expressed how delighted he was that the expanded
                    12138 Fourth Avenue) in Steveston, Richmond, BC.       Wild BC Seafood Fest was taking place to feature
                    As an expansion of the previous year’s BC Sardine      such a unique variety of our wild BC seafood
                    Fest, this year’s event featured wild BC salmon,       products. He added that with the great importance
                    sablefish and sardines and was presented together      of the seafood industry to the province of BC, it was
                    by the BC Salmon Marketing Council, Wild               wonderful to promote and celebrate it here at home.
                    Canadian Sablefish Association and Canadian            Special guest, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie
                    Pacific Sardine Association.                           welcomed the crowd to Richmond and was thrilled
                                                                           to again have the event hosted in the fishing
                       As a free outdoor public event, over 2,000 people
                                                                           community of Steveston.
                    from all over the Lower Mainland joined the industry
                    and some of BC’s most acclaimed chefs to discover         Once the crowd sampled the creations prepared
                    and enjoy some of BC’s most spectacular wild           by the chefs and received their free copies of
                    seafood –wild BC salmon, sablefish and sardines.       recipes, they flocked to the dock to buy their fresh
As an expansion        The highlight of the event was the popular          BC sardines as just harvested by fisherman Dennis
                    outdoor cooking stage where special guest chefs        Woloshuk operating the MV Ocean Venture; frozen-
of the previous
                    joined stage MC Kosta Zogaris (Award-winning           at-sea wild BC sockeye salmon from fisherman Tony
year’s BC Sardine
                    fishmonger from The Salmon Shop and Screaming          Berger of the Blue Comet; and, frozen-at-sea
Fest, this year’s
                    Mimi’s in North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay              sablefish from the Joys family of the Sena II. This
event featured
                    Market) to demonstrate a variety of amazing wild       year over 8,000 pounds of fresh sardines were sold
wild BC salmon,                                                            during the event day with Tony Berger and Tim
                    BC seafood recipes and provide tips on buying,
sablefish and                                                              Joys also reporting tremendous enthusiasm from
                    storing and preparing wild BC salmon, sablefish and
sardines ...                                                               seafood buyers resulting in substantially higher sales
                    sardines. Plus over 200 samples of each of the
                    featured creations were provided to the audience       than usual.
                    who eagerly embraced the opportunity to savour the        Classic Smokehouse (2003) Inc. also joined the
                    delicious and diverse flavours of wild BC seafood.     festivities again by providing the crowd the
                       This year’s chefs line-up included Jeff Van Geest   opportunity to sample and buy hot smoked wild
                    (Executive Chef/Owner of Aurora Bistro, Vancouver,     BC salmon Tandoori Nuggets, wild BC salmon
                    BC) who demonstrated and provided samples of a         Pepperoni, cold smoked wild BC sablefish and hot
                    contemporary west coast wild BC sablefish creation:    smoked wild BC sardine fillets in four flavors:
                    Sake Kasu & Maple-marinated Wild BC Sablefish          regular, spicy, lemon pepper, and peppered.
                    with a Potato and Bull Kelp Omelet and Pickled
                                                                              New this year, Steveston’s popular Papi’s
                    Radishes; Manuel Ferreira (Owner of Le Gavroche
                                                                           Ristorante Italiano sold wild BC salmon and
                    and Senova Restaurants, Vancouver, BC) who demon-
                                                                           sablefish meals right on the event site and Senova
                    strated and provided samples of a Mediterranean
                                                                           Restaurant provided wild BC sardine sandwiches.
                    inspired wild BC sardine creation: Wild BC Sardines
                                                                           Both restaurants sold out by the end of the event
                    with Fennel Orange Salad; and, Stephen Wong
                                                                           having served over 400 meals of each species.
                    (Vancouver journalist, food and beverage consultant
                    and cookbook author) who demonstrated and pro-            Also new this year, Seaside Marketing was
                    vided samples of an Asian inspired wild BC salmon      present at the event site to sell various pre-packaged
                    recipe: Garlic and Chili-fried Wild BC Salmon.         wild BC seafood products reporting a top sales day.

       Think globally, buy locally. Support our local growers and producers!

14 C h e f s ’ N e w s                                                                                    w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
   Other event activities guaranteed fabulous fun    For information regarding wild BC salmon:
and feasting for all including live entertainment    Grant Snell, General Manager
provided by Darren Specht and the Blues-Hawks        BC Salmon Marketing Council,
and several kids’ activities.                        Phone: 604.267.3030, E-mail:
   The Wild BC Seafood Fest was presented by
the BC Salmon Marketing Council, Wild Canadian       For information regarding wild BC sardines:
Sablefish Association and Canadian Pacific Sardine   Don Pepper, Executive Director                        This year over
Association and proudly sponsored by major event     Canadian Pacific Sardine Association,                 8,000 pounds of
sponsor the BC Ministry of Environment and other                                    fresh sardines
event sponsors: Classic Smokehouse (2003) Inc.,      Phone: 604.303.0141, E-mail          were sold during
Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site,
                                                                                                           the event day ...
Parks Canada, Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd. and          For information regarding wild BC sablefish:
Albion Fisheries.                                    Mark Baggio, Marketing Director
   The Canadian Pacific Sardine Association,         Canadian Sablefish Association,
Wild Canadian Sablefish Association and BC 
Salmon Marketing Council are non-profit, legally     Direct Phone: 778.318.4047
constituted organizations representing permit        E-mail:
holders in the management and marketing of
their respective wild BC seafood fisheries.

                 Please support our Associates ... they support our causes.

                                                                                     Mark-Crest Foods Ltd.
                                                                                              Michael Glukle
                                                                                              19670 - 92A Ave.
                                                                                            Langley, BC V1M 3B2
                                                                                       T. 604-882-2066 F. 604-882-2064

w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                         Chefs’ News            15
                    Cooking Outside the Box
                    Rachel Tuttle –
                       It takes a special event to get 24 of the hottest up   up with anxious chefs, and watchful judges, whilst
                    and coming Vancouver chefs under the same kitchen         family, friends and industry colleagues kept a
                    roof. On September 23, 2008, The International            watchful eye via the live screens in the buzzing
                    Culinary School at The Art Institute of Vancouver         reception area.
                    managed just that, as it gathered contestants from           To finish in first place, contestants needed to
                    the cream of Vancouver restaurants to take part in its    impress with their conduct in the kitchen as well as
                    biggest ever Annual Black Box Competition. Their          with the taste and presentation of the dishes. Black
                    challenge: to create two mouth-watering courses in        Box judge David Wong, soon to be representing
                    under two and a half hours, using the mystery             Canada in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition
The moment of       ingredients from the Black Box.                           in France said, “It’s a great challenge for them; the
truth arrived and
                       Black Box competitions are considered the most         fact that we have both tasting judges and judges
the Black Box
                    challenging of culinary contests, as the competitors      watching the kitchen means that the unexpected
contents were
                    know nothing of what awaits them before the               can always happen, which is what makes this
revealed as a       moment the box is opened. The contestants                 competition so exciting.”
whole red           sharpened their knives and their wits, ready to              After two intense heats, the overall winner was
snapper and a       impress the industry expert judges. This year’s           announced as Anna Yeh, of The Fairmont Vancouver
whole pheasant.     team of connoisseurs consisted of: David Wong,            Airport, who received her trophy and prize from
                    Instructor, The International Culinary School;            Tom Kim, President of The Art Institute of
                    Dino Renaerts, Executive Chef, Diva at The Met;           Vancouver. Second place was awarded to Coleman
                    John Carlo Felicella, Team Manager, Canadian              Harrington of the Bluewater Café, one of ten
                    Culinary Federation; Chef John Cloutier (CCC),            International Culinary School alumni in this year’s
                    Corporate Chef, Garland Canada; Jason McRobbie,           competition, with third place going to Thomas
                    Freelance Writer; Sean Riley, Corporate Chef,             Cruise of The Fairmont Vancouver Airport.
                    Glowbal Restaurant; and Margaret Chisholm,
                                                                                 Anna said that the biggest concern on opening
                    Executive Chef, Culinary Capers International.
                                                                              the box was how to transform two fairly common
                       The moment of truth arrived and the Black Box          ingredients into two really special dishes, but she
                    contents were revealed as a whole red snapper and a       certainly rose to the challenge. Anna’s winning
                    whole pheasant. As the contest got underway,              creations were an appetizer of seared snapper with
                    competitors fired up their stoves and raced against       butternut squash ravioli, leek puree, sherry gastrique
                    time to draw up recipe plans. The kitchens heated         and a sweet butter sauce, and an entrée of sous vide
                                                                              pheasant breast and comfit leg of pheasant, served
                                                                              with potato stuffed with mushroom duxecelle,
                                                                              zucchini pave, tomato relish and a pheasant broth.
                                                                                 Anna, who took third place in the Black Box
                                                                              competition last year, has ambitions to travel and
                                                                              hopefully be a chef with her own restaurant in the
                                                                              future, but acknowledges that Vancouver is “the best
                                                                              place to learn– there are so many different cultures,
                                                                              fusions and traditions; everything you need is here.”
                                                                                 As the awards ceremony and reception wrapped
                                                                              up, there was already excited talk of the next
                                                                              competition, as the level of talent increases every
                                                                              year. Dino Renaerts, competition judge and
                                                                              Executive Chef at Diva at The Met, acknowledged
                                                                              how high the standard was this year, saying, “The
                                                                              top dishes were extremely hard to call. The Black
                                                                              Box competition shows what great shape our
1st place was awarded to Anna Yeh, here seen with Paul Vernall and David      culinary talent is in.”
Wong of The Art Institute of Vancouver.

16 C h e f s ’ N e w s                                                                                       w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
Meet your New BCCA Executives
                               Jason Symington ~ 2nd Vice President
                               Executive Chef, Panago Pizza
                                  Freshness. Quality.              multi-cultural influences, even fine dining experiences and
                               Simplicity. Creating an             translates those into innovative, mouth-watering pizzas.
                               experience. These are the
                                                                      Responsible for regularly refreshing the Panago menu,
                               passions that drive Jason
                                                                   Symington has also helped Panago launch Cucina, an
                               Symington, Executive Chef and
                                                                   exclusive line of high quality Italian style products that are
                               Certified Chef de Cuisine at
                                                                   now available at all stores. “Made up of specially selected
                               Panago Pizza. Working out of
                                                                   products such as a high quality Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar
                               his test kitchen in Abbotsford,
                                                                   and decadent olives, customers can bring Cucina home and
                               British Columbia, the North
                                                                   further enhance their pizza eating experience.” Adhering to
                               Bay, Ontario native is on a
                                                                   the high brand standards Panago sets, Cucina also contains
                               mission to educate Canadians
                                                                   no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or added trans-
that there is a better pizza out there! To anyone who has
                                                                   fats or MSG and the line is the first of its kind in the
ever ordered from one of Panago’s 160 locations, Chef
Symington’s love of food is evident in the menu. Delicious,
sophisticated, highly-original pizzas with high quality               Chef Symington’s career has come full circle. Before
ingredients and equally tasty Italian inspired traditionals.       completing his formal training and excelling in quality
                                                                   restaurants and hotels across the country, he actually began
   “Panago is a great fit for me because my beliefs align well
                                                                   his cooking career in a pizzeria at age 15. A Certified Chef
with their commitment to create simple foods with high
                                                                   de Cuisine, the highest professional designation in the culinary
quality ingredients and exceptional preparation,” says Chef
                                                                   field, Symington has been with Panago for almost 3 years.
Symington. Recently, Panago surpassed industry standards
by re-launching their product toppings to ensure all are free         “It’s a very exciting time to be a chef in Canada,” adds
of artificial flavours, colours and contain no added transfat or   Chef Symington. “Canadian consumers are becoming more
MSG. “In addition to great flavour, we also work hard to           and more educated on various cultures and tastes and more
provide healthier take-out foods that will fit with our            receptive to new culinary experiences. As a chef, that opens
customers hectic lifestyles.”                                      up the culinary landscape and provides limitless inspiration.”
   At Panago, new products and recipes are introduced                 When not cooking up new ideas for Panago, Chef
every season. Chef Symington takes his inspiration for             Symington enjoys staying in touch with the local culinary
Panago’s menu of delicious and unique flavour combinations         scene and spending time with his wife and two young
from a variety of sources. He looks at consumer trends,            children in Vancouver.

                               Boban Kovacevich ~ Secretary
                               Corporate Chef, Executive Hotels
                                   Boban was born in Belgrade-     Working in the area until March 1998, he was nominated
                               the capital city of Serbia (the     one of the 10 best chefs in the Middle East area by the
                               former Yugoslavia) in 1962.         Jerusalem Post.
                               He graduated from culinary             In 1998 he decided to move to Canada. This proved to
                               school (Hotel Industry and          be a great career move. He started at the Executive Inn
                               Tourist Center) in 1983. His        (Burnaby location) as Sous-Chef and it did not take him
                               first experience began at Hotel     long to showcase his valuable experience and talent.
                               Adria. Surrounded by the
                                                                      His talent earned him an Executive Chef position for
                               Adriatic Sea, it is an area of
                                                                   the same hotel at the Vancouver location until 2003.
                               Europe known for its tourism.
                                                                     The same year he was offered a position with a D.N.C.
   Realizing that the best way to expand knowledge and
                                                                   company which ran one of the largest resorts in Western
gain real life experiences, he decided to travel to foreign
                                                                   Canada – Harrison Hot Springs. He worked as Executive
countries to achieve his goals of professionalism. His travels
                                                                   Sous-Chef until the 2005, at which time he assumed the
took him to Rotterdam, Nether-lands where he was living
                                                                   position of Executive Chef. In 2007, Boban was invited by
and working from 1991 to 1993.
                                                                   Executive Hotels to come back to their company as the
   At the end of 1993, his work took him to Tel-Aviv, Israel.      Corporate Chef.
w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m                                                                                    Chefs’ News         17
                                                             Northleaf Foods
                                                                Terry Tyson ~ Manager
                                                                  #102 – 85 Schooner Street
                                                                  Coquitlam, BC V3K7A8
                                                          Tel: 604 540-1411 Fax 604 540-1422

 Richmond Institute of Culinary Arts                                                                          Shady Glen Enterprises Ltd.
                  Edward Lau                                                                                               Wanda Dixon
           2130 - 8788 McKim Way                                                                                                 President
             Richmond, BC V6X 4E2
         T. 604 288-8293 F. 604 727-3211
                                                                                                                    Tel: 604.922.5606   Fax: 604.982.0601
                                                                                                               #2–123 Charles Street, North Vancouver V7H 1S1

                                                          Tree of Life Canada
                                                                           Ryan Kellins
                                                                          Account Manager

                                                        91 Glacier Street Coquitlam, BC V3K 5Z1
                                                            T. 604 552-7848 F. 604 941-8509

                                                                ADVERTISERS’ INDEX
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   All Season Mushrooms Inc.                       4   Craig West Associates                       11    Maple Leaf Consumer Foods                          15
   Alsco Uniform and Linen Service Ltd.            5   Creamery Plastic Products Ltd               11    Mario’s Gelati                                     15
   Azuma Foods                                     5   Deluxe Seafood Ltd.                         11    Mark-Crest Foods Ltd.                              15
   Barnston Island Herbs                           5   Ecolab                                      11    Max’s Donuts (1964) Ltd.                           15
   Basil Olive Oil Products                       10   Export Packers/Eggnition Foods Ltd.         11    Menu By Design                                     15
   BC Blueberry Council                            5   Far-Met Importers Ltd.                      11    Neptune Foodservice                                18
   BC Cranberry Marketing Commission               5   Food Supplies                               11    Northleaf Foods                                    18
   BC Egg Producers                                5   Gastronomia Ailments Fins Inc.              11    Protonics Chemical Corporation                     18
   BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands            5   Genius Coffee & Expresso Equipment          11    Richmond Institute of Culinary Arts                18
   BC Produce Marketing Association                5   GFS Canada                                  11    Russell Food Equipment Ltd.                        18
   BCfresh Inc.                                    5   go2 - The Resource For People in Tourism    12    Shady Glen Enterprises                             18
   Beefway Meats Ltd.                              5   Golden Valley Foods Ltd.                    12    Snow Cap Enterprises                               18
   Belcarra Equipment Agencies Ltd.                5   Happy Days Goat Dairy                       12    Sunkist Growers Inc.                               18
   Better Blends Coffee & Food Service             5   Heart and Stroke Foundation                 13    SYSCO Vancouver                                    18
   Blackwood Apparel Design                        5   Hills Foods Ltd.                            10    Texpro Western Ltd.                                18
   Blundell Seafoods Ltd.                          5   Inform Brokerage Inc.                       13    Tree of Life Canada                                18
   Café Classics                                   5   Intercity Packers Ltd.                     2,13   Trimpac Meat Distributors                          18
   Campbell’s Pheasantry                           8   International Herbs Ltd.                    13    Unilever Bestfoods Food Service Canada             19
   Canada Bread Company Ltd.                       8   International Pacific Sales                 13    Vitality Foodservice Canada Ltd.                   19
   Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation    8   Jim M. Koo Produce Ltd.                     13    Weston Bakeries                                    19
   Canbra Foods                                   10   Kerry Food and Beverage                     13    Whitefish Group                                    19
   Canterbury Food service ltd.                   10   Kraft Canada Inc.                           13    Wow! Factor Desserts                               19
   Cooks for Hire Management Inc.                 11   Lentia Enterprises Ltd.                     13    Yen Brothers Food Service                          19

18 C h e f s ’ N e w s                                                                                                              w w w. b c c h e f s . c o m
                                           chefs’                  CONTRIBUTING
                                                 news              ARTICLES AND
                                                                                                        Often people send me
                                                                                                        digital pictures that do not
                                                                                                        have enough ‘resolution’
                                                                                                        for printing. They may
                                          The BCCA does not pay for the articles        look fine on your computer monitor but
                                          or photos you find in the Chefs’ News. We     when you print them, they’re all ‘jaggy’.
                                          rely     completely      on     voluntary     Images taken from a web site are usually
                                          contributions. Needless to say, we’re         not big enough for print reproduction.
                                          always on the hunt for good articles and      The best thing is to send the biggest .jpg
                                          reports. Why not stretch those creative       file you can … we can always reduce the
                                          muscles and write something for us?           file size afterwards.
                                          Generally speaking, 500 to 1,000 words is     Here is a rough guideline for .jpg file
                                          a good length but we’re very flexible.        sizes.
                                          And if your spelling or grammar isn’t the
                                          best, don’t worry about it. That’s what       < 100k files probably can’t be used.
                                          I’m here for!                                 100k – 1 megabyte files produce a very
                                                                                        small picture
                                          Write about a colleague, a product, a         1 – 3 megabyte files will produce a 4” x
                                          method of cooking, a philosophy.              6”, good for articles
                                          Express an opinion. If you’re organizing      3 – 5 megabyte files are good for a full
                                          an event, assign someone to do a report       page.
                                          and take pictures. Take notes. Get
                                          people’s names properly spelled. Do it        Jonathan Pearson, Chefs’ News Editor
                                          while it’s fresh in your memory!

                                                                           news ADVERTISING
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  Tel: 604 255-6522 Fax: 604 255-6520                                 Full Colour ads and prime positions are available.

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       Hills Foods Fundraiser for Culinary T Canada

Ricci-Leigh Smith, Team Canada support             Chef Scott Jaeger of Pear Tree fame and        Pastry Chef Mickey Zhao of St Germaine
serves Jumbo seared Scallops on truffle risotto.   Core Member of Culinary Team.                  Bakery and Team Canada Pastry Chef.

Tina Hills, Murray the Muskox (middle) and the Wildman himself,            Stephanie and Donald Brower, official photographers and Chaine des
Mark Hills of Hills Foods Ltd.                                             Rotisseurs members.

Wild Kangaroo Carpaccio                            Braised Blue Goose Organic Shortrib on Foie    Seared Tenderloin of BC Bison with Tomato
                                                   Gras Mashed Potatoes and vegetable terrine     Relish and parsley red potatoes

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