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									  SUNY Data Transfer
System Development –
           By Hilda Hardy
  New SIRIS Submissions

          Campuses must implement Financial Aid,
          Student Revenue and Degree Submissions
                       during 2011.

January 21, 2011                                   2
Confluence CS-DTS –
SIRIS Project Documentation Website
How to request access:
          For each person requesting access, send the following
           information to
                  first and last name
                  existing Confluence user ID or campus LAN ID
                  title
                  DTS project role (or reason for access)
                  phone number
                  email address
          You will receive the presentation “How to Access Confluence.”
           Any problems, please contact .
          At the website you can view or download data dictionaries,
           appendices, FAQ, file layouts, presentations, and more. Go to

January 21, 2011                                                           3
January 21, 2011   4
  New SIRIS Submissions – timeline

       Financial Aid Beta testing
                           Student Revenue Beta testing     Degree Beta testing
December            January     February    March         April       May         June
       2010         2011

              Financial Aid Production deployment

                                Student Revenue Production deployment

                                                                  Degree Production deployment

 January 21, 2011                                                                                5
New SIRIS Submissions –
How to request permissions for Beta
          Send the following information to :
            name of your campus
            name of the submission (Financial Aid, Student Revenue, or Degree)
            name of one person from your campus who will have the ability to
             lock/edit your submission
           For every person who will participate in Beta testing, send:
            name
            email address
            campus logon name (SUNY Portal username)

          Each person will be assigned permissions to view your DTS
           submission at, and to view your
           submission OBI dashboards at .

January 21, 2011                                                                  6
January 21, 2011   7
January 21, 2011   8
January 21, 2011   9
Thank you for your
           Hilda Hardy

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