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					                          Susan Rice™ Truffle Product
                              List & Order Form
                                      Fax: 910-684-4319
                                     Phone: 910-295-7442

Specialty Items
Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn                              Minimum order: 6 bags - $7/bag
                                                        Call for prices
                                                                    Quantity      bags
Made with Real Truffles

Add sex appeal to your next party or wine tasting—also a great movie treat. Air-popped
gourmet white popcorn with Black Périgord Truffles, the most expensive French truffles,
and summer truffles. Satisfies your cravings.

Fresh Truffles Currently Available
Prepare a romantic dinner tonight with:

Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum)                                Quantity         1 oz. $35

Australian Black French Perigord Truffle                       Quantity         1 oz. $95
(the most expensive French truffle)
Note: One week advance notice required for orders of Australian Black truffles

Frozen Truffles
Black Winter Truffles

Summer Truffles                                         Prices & Availability upon request

Using modern preservation techniques, these truffles are freshly picked, carefully packed
and stored at temperatures below -15° C. This method of preservation retains the flavor
while allowing consumers to enjoy truffles year-around. Cut or mince thawed truffles
and mix with warm extra virgin olive oil or add directly to your favorite truffle recipe.
Call or e-mail for available selection and prices.
Canned Truffles
Summer Truffles (Tuber Aestivum)                                   Quantity       7 oz. $30

Whole Black Diamond French                                      Quantity         7 oz. $400
Périgord Truffles (the most
expensive French truffle)

Oil and Butter
WOW, what we can do with oil and salts when using mushrooms to truffle the
flavor! Use my recipes and feel your taste buds come alive with flavor from a
few simple tricks. Check them out now on my recipe page at

Olive Oil with Summer Truffles                              Quantity          3.4 oz. $15.50

Exquisitely infused with Summer Truffles this exceptional olive oil is carefully pressed
according to traditional methods. With robust flavors and earthy truffle characteristics,
this oil goes well with fresh, warm bread and rich, flavorful pasta dishes. Remember that
a little oil goes a long way.

Black Winter Truffle Olive Oil                          Quantity          100 ml. Bottle $25
                                                        Quantity          250 ml. Bottle $50

Extra virgin olive oil with slices of black winter truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), this
carries the rich taste and aroma of the prized winter truffle. Check out Susan’s
Tantalizing Taste Buds Oil & Salt Recipes for a selection of recipes using this exotic and
delicious oil.

Premium Truffle Butter                                             Quantity       2 oz. $10

This creamy, high-grade butter combines the premium American creamery processes
with the nutty flavors of summer truffles (tuber aestivum & tuber melanosporum). Rich
in taste, this butter is perfect for spreads, cream-based sauces and, dare we say,
Tagliolini Pasta with Sage and                             Quantity         8 oz. bag $24.50

This delicious Italian pasta made from semolina durum wheat flour and delicately
flavored with the Black Summer Truffle and sage will make you feel like you’re dining in
Italy. The high egg content in this authentic pasta enhances the truffle flavor. See our
recipe section for Susan’s tip on how best to enjoy this gourmet pasta. Serves four.

Seasonings & Sauces

Sea Salt with Truffles                                       Quantity         3.4 oz. $18.50

This rustic Sicilian sea salt is blended with dried, full-bodied summer truffles. A fantastic
seasoning for any dish, truffle sea salt can be added to any recipe that calls for salt. Use
as a rub for grilled meats or as a hearty seasoning for corn-on-the-cob and potatoes.

White Truffle Honey                                          Quantity         8.8 oz. $24.50

Delightfully balanced, this product blends the delicate sweet honey flavors with the
savory full-bodied taste of white truffles. Use as a glaze for meats, as a crepe dressing,
or over cheese.


Chocolate Truffles                                          Quantity         7 pieces $16.50

For those who prefer the more common chocolate truffles, we offer a variety of organic
tea-infused truffles. These are made with the best organic French and Belgian
chocolate. They are then infused with a variety of fine teas from around the world,
resulting in an exotic and unique treat all chocolate lovers should try.

Gift Baskets

Wine/Popcorn Combinations                                      Quantity         1 basket $40

Charlie uses his expertise to pair wonderful wines with our gourmet popcorn. These can
be shipped anywhere. Give them as a gift or treat yourself!
Custom Gift Baskets

Custom gift baskets are available and made to order. Surprise that special someone
with a gift unlike any they’ve ever received before! Prices vary. Call 866-678-2338 for

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Thanks for shopping with Susan Rice™ Truffle Products! As the
season changes, we will update our product list to include an ever-
increasing selection of premium truffles and truffle products.

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