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					                                     St Nicholas Catholic School
                                      143—149 Carthage Street P O Box 394 Tamworth 2340
                                           Telephone 6766 1500       Fax 6766 4556
                                                  St Mary’s Campus
                                                            Manilla Road
                                                          Tamworth 2340

                                                         Telephone 6761 8122
                                                            Fax 6761 8198

                                               Term 1 Week 9 - 26th March, 2008

It was lovely to see many of our families taking part in the
Easter ceremonies. I would especially commend the altar
servers from St Nicholas School who were faithful and             SPORTS SHIRTS
consistent throughout the weekend.                                Four samples of sports shirts have now been posted on the
                                                                  school website under special messages. To register your
Parent/Teacher interviews will be held in the first three         vote ring the office with your preferred choice. They have
weeks of Term 2. Please fill in your preferences and return       also been posted in the foyer of the school. These shirts will
as soon as possible. Your time will be confirmed by the end       be manufactured from the latest type of sport shirt material
of term. Please negotiate with the teacher for convenient         designed for maximum comfort and easy care.
times if necessary.                                               Call in to register your vote.
                                                                                                              Giovanna McDougall

                                                  Alleluia! Jesus is risen!  Jesus, Risen Lord,
                                                  the disciples on the road to Emmaus did not recognise you until you broke the
                                                  bread with them.
                                                  Help us to recognise you in the people around us and in the word of God, the
                                                  Teach us to listen for your voice, and to recognise it when you speak to us.
                                                  Amen Alleluia!

                            We pray for………Mrs Hyde and |Miss Jones who are both still unwell.
                                   The Vine Family (Seth 5/6Mi) whose Grandmother passed away.
                            …. Our Parish community as we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

                         Next Wednesday 2nd April the students at our St Mary’s Campus will have the opportunity to
                         attend Mass. There will be a whole school Mass to conclude our term on Wednesday 9th April at
                         St Nicholas Church at 9.30a.m.

                                                                                                          Clothing Pool Opens
                                                                                                       on Tuesdays 11—12noon
                                                                                                      Check before end of term
                          Friday 11 April            -      Last day of Term 1                        for a bargain.
                          Pupil Free Day             -      30th May 2008                             Winter uniforms
                          Monday 28th April          -      First day of Term 2                       Ties
                          Tuesday 29th April        -       PT&F Meeting                              Jumpers
                                                                                                      Long & short sleeve shirts
                          12th—16th May             -       National Testing Week
                                                                                                      Sport skirts
                          Wednesday 21st May        -       Board Meeting                             Jackets
                                                                                                      Summer uniforms
                                                                                                      Girls green long pants
                                                                                                      Grey shorts & long pants
                   RELIGION MATTERS                                                        ST. MARY’S MENTIONS
 In today’s Gospel we hear about the two disciples walking to the
                                                          Miss Jones is recovering and hopes to return to class next
 village of Emmaus, about 10 kilometres from Jerusalem. They
                                                          week. Mrs Doyle and Mrs Roberts will take the class this
 are discouraged because they think Jesus is dead. As they are
                                                          St. Mary’s will take part in Earth Hour this Friday 28th. We
 talking, Jesus draws near and walks with them, but they do not
 recognise him. As he explains things to them and shares a meal,
                                                          will turn off all nonessential electricity between 11am and
 where he takes bread, blesses it and gives it to them, their eyes
                                                          3pm. We will record the items we turn off and tally the hours
 are opened!                                              of electricity we save. We encourage families to take part in
                                                          this National initiative on Saturday March 29th to help save
 PROJECT COMPASSION: Just a reminder that these           the environment by cutting our power usage and the burning
 boxes can be passed on to your child’s classroom         of coal.
 teachers.                                                St. Mary’s will attend Mass at Nazareth House on Wednes-
                                                          day 2nd April at 10.30 am. All family and friends are wel-
                       Louise O’Sullivan & Lisa McSweeney come to join us.                              Tania Roberts

                                                                     Earth Hour: Save the Planet
                                                                     This Saturday 29th March between 8-9pm the second annual Earth
                                                                     Hour will be held. During Earth Hour all residents are asked to help
           FROM THE CLASSROOM OF 2M                                  conserve energy by switching of all nonessential electricals in the
2M have been very busy preparing for Easter. We have                 home and workplace. Last year over 2 million Sydney residents
been learning about the Bilby and were able to make                  participated. Just as we did last year, St Nicholas staff and stu-
chocolate truffles as a part of our Easter H.S.I.E unit. We          dents are supporting this important global initiative with our own
                                                                     EARTH DAY. This Friday, both campuses plan to shut down as
have also been running in preparation for our Cross Coun-
                                                                     much of the school’s equipment as possible. By switching off
try run early next term. We are learning our song for the            lights, TVs and computers at the power point, we will help to re-
            Eisteddfod and love singing in class!!!! It has          duce our power usage. As you may be aware, the major problem
            been a wonderful Term 1 in 2M                            contributing to Global Warning is the burning of coal during the
                                              Kylie Macpherson       production of electricity. Fortunately, alternate power is becoming
                                                                     more available through wind, water and solar power generation-
                                                                     though costly in set up, these alternatives will hopefully become
                                                                     more common and cost effective in the future.
                 CANBERRA EXCURSION                                       Mr D’s WORLDLY tips
                                                                          Switch off unused power ;Walk or ride to school; Recycle or Reuse rubbish
 Next Monday 31st March our Year 6 students, & parents, Mr           Please help us to support this day. For more information visit
 Dewar and myself will be travelling to our nation’s capital, Can-
 berra for our much anticipated excursion. All students will need
 to be at school at 6a.m. and will need to report straight to Mr
 Dewar to have their name marked off. Please ensure you have
 your morning tea, lunch, drinks plus swimmers and towel in
                                                                             We have been lucky enough to purchase some
 your ‘day pack’. We are scheduled to return to St Nicholas at
                                                                             new Infants Readers. If you are available to
 5.00p.m.on Thursday 3rd April. I will ring the school to let
                                                                             take some home to cover with contact,can you
 Robyn know if we are indeed running on time. If checking on
                                                                             please let Mrs McGuirk know in the library.
 our progress, please do not ring the school until after
 2.30p.m.We wish our Year 6 students, teachers and parents a
 safe and happy trip.

                                                 Lisa McSweeney
$10 Ed Alive $10 Computer Software $10
Our school is participating in the Last Ever $10 Community Soft-      Newsletter Article:
ware Plan (CSP) to purchase EdAlive software. Many students at
our school have benefited from EdAlive software in the past. Simi-   Breakfast
lar to the Library’s Book Club, parents can purchase software for
only $10 (RRP $49.95). If you wish to try before you by, you can
DOWNLOAD PLAYABLE DEMOs at Please                   Breakfast may be rushed, but is essential for your child’s
consider this promotion as the school will receive FREE Unlim-       learning at school. Breaking the fast is what having break-
ited School Site Licence for one EdAlive title, and if we have a     fast is all about. Breakfast is the meal that gives your body
great enough response, we will also receive FREE Braintastic!        the ‘kickstart’ for the day, and supplies your brain with valu-
for Whiteboards software.                                            able energy. Concentration levels in the morning at school
All forms and money must be in a labelled envelope and dropped       depend on an adequate breakfast. Without breakfast your
in the box outside the computer room by next Friday 4th April.       child could be missing out on valuable lesson information.
                                                                     Children are more likely to feel hungry at mid morning break
Any queries to Mr Dewar.
                                                                     and will crave instant sugar/fat energy foods to give their
                                                                     body the fuel required. This is not a good pattern to be en-
               LIBRARY NEWS                                          couraging.
 We are still awaiting notification of pass-                         Breakfast is can be very basic, but still nutritious. Setting a
         word from the Readers Challenge                             good example as parents and carers is essential. Have a
                                                 Julie McGuirk       few healthy cereal choices for your child to choose from.
                                                                     Make up your own muesli
                                                                     Cut up fruit and yogurt to help the appeal of the cereal.
  Year 2 Cooking
                                                                     Encourage different spreads for toast, and try different
  As a part of our Year 2 H.S.I.E unit on Easter, Year 2
                                                                          types of breads, muffins, crumpets etc.
  were lucky enough to make Chocolate Truffles. The
  children worked in a group of 4 and each were re-
                                                                     For more tips visit
  sponsible for bringing in one ingredient. Then, with
  the help from our wonderful Year 2 parents we made
  some very yummy chocolate truffles and wrapped
  them up in cellophane to give our families for Easter.
  Thank you to all of our parent helpers who came and                 WHAT WE DO AND WHAT WE MEAN
  helped with this activity. We really appreciate your                (Tips for Parents on Numeracy)
  help. We had a great time cooking together.                         **These ‘tips’ have been developed in Australia to help par-
                                                                      ents support young children in learning to read, write and do
                                                                      maths. The tips are designed to show how literacy and nu-
                                                                      meracy are developed through simple family activities, and
                    Manners Matter                                    how they link to later learning at school. They are a Depart-
    Our Manners Matter focus for the next two                         ment of Education, Science and Training initiative.
    weeks is: At St Nicholas School, ‘We always                       ‘SHARING’ IS ABOUT DIVISION
    speak politely to our teachers and show re-                       Mum: ‘Can you share out the cake for the toys.’
    spect for them.’ You may wish to discuss what                     Sam: One for you, and one for you, and one for you…
    this means with your child/children and why this                  Children will share out by saying ‘one for you’
    manner is so important.                                           until nothing is left.
                                                                      Later, children will learn that sharing out is about
                                                                      division and will know what to do with the ‘left
                                                                      BRONZE:- Chad Englert

        Class Awards 7-2-08
        Rebecca Muller- Always trying her best
        Isaac Carr- Being helpful and cooperative
        John McKnight- For his keen interest and interesting facts in wheel work.
        Zarlee Farrell- Being keen to answer questions and have a go at anything.
        Dylan Sanderson- Beautiful manners and fair treatment of others.
        Arnastasia Sellers- Student of the Week.
        Captains Award:
        Jaid Carroll for playing fairly on the playground
        Class Awards- 20.3.08:
        Chad Englert -Enthusiasm in all areas.
        Trent Taylor- Putting a big effort into his work
        Harley Smith- Being a wonderful student
        Sarah Harnett -Student of the Week.
        Monique Borchard- Student of the Week
        Naomi Burke- Outstanding manners
        Cameron Withers- Consistent Effort
        Captains Awards
        Chad Englert- Safety at our School.

Homestay Those families who indicated on the FPP that they are interested in billeting an American student for 2 nights
should have received a Homestay note by now. We have one bus this year - 30th June to 2nd July. Other interested families
can contact me on 676662560 or                                                  Laura Hughes

                                                   FOR THE DIARY
                                                    St Nicholas Ball
                                   Saturday, 16th August 2008 at Tamworth Town Hall

       Next PT&F Meeting Tuesday 29th April, 2008 at 7pm in the Library at St Nicholas Campus. ALL WELCOME
                      Please note a one off change to Tuesday 29th due to circumstances.
                                                                                                      Kate Gerathy

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