; How To Grow Taller Comprehensive Guide
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How To Grow Taller Comprehensive Guide


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									Grow Taller 15 Minutes A Day

             How To Grow Taller The Complete Guide
Although our society today doesn't offer much to shorter people, you can make yourself
taller by following these tips to grow taller. You can also make a few changes in the way
you look and carry yourself significantly without wasting money on methods and growth
hormone pills that don't work.

These are just some of the initial exercises you have to perform before you can go on
the advanced grow taller exercises which helps you to get taller. Exercising to increase
your height needs your time and commitment if you really want to grow inches taller
than your present height.

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                        DRAMATIC height increase in just 6 weeks!

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1. Butt Stretch

Lie flat on your back on a firm surface. Lift your left leg up, bending it at the knee, and
touch your chin to your knee. Hold your leg with both hands below the knee, and pull
your knee to your neck.

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Grow Taller 15 Minutes A Day

You may lift your head off the floor, towards your knee, but do not lift your shoulders
off the floor. When your knee touches your neck, hold that position for a few seconds,
and then return to the original starting position.

Perform the exercise with the other knee. Alternating legs, repeat the exercise 10 times
with each leg.

2. Roll-Over Stretching

Lie flat on your back, face up, with arms at your side. Roll all the way back trying to
touch the toes (legs locked straight at the knees) to the floor above where your head
rests. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

This will loosen more of your neck joints. You do not need to go all the way if you are
still not flexible enough.

Always keep in mind not to overdo each exercise. Go only as far as you can.

These are all part of the PRELIMINARY EXERCISES to help make your spine and muscles
flexible for growth. After a few weeks of performing the exercises every day you will be
happy to see an improvement in your height.

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Grow Taller 15 Minutes A Day

When you want to complete the whole system for FASTER and more DESIRABLE results
continue by performing the ADVANCED EXERCISES.


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