Toyota Highlander Hybrid Photos by kb.lalitha87


									SEO Title: Toyota Highlander Hybrid Photos
Highlander is a popular version of Toyota. This vehicle is combined with ore power and
performance. For 201, this vehicle is developed as a hybrid vehicle. Have a glance over the
Toyota Highlander hybrid photos for clear idea on its style.
Regular_Title: Outlook of 2011 Highlander Hybrid
Even though the 2011 Highlander Hybrid is available in the form of an AWD sports utility
vehicle, it is not designed to perfom the SUV tasks.
This vehicle is available in I-4 and V-6 powerplants, which are connected to a hybrid V6 system.
The Inline 4 engine develops 186 lb-ft of torque and 187 horsepower, whereas the 3.5L 6-
cylinder engine develops 270 horsepower with the help of either a FWD or RWD.

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