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 Bringing News of Local Business to the Neighborhoods of Greater Chapel Hill
DECEMBER 2006                                                                                                                                                 VOLUME 5 • ISSUE 12

 Covered in                                  Hillsborough’s Best Kept Secret
 Indulge yourself
this holiday season
By Hilary Hellens

    Chocolate can transport you to
the bustling metropolis of Paris, a tiny
factory in Sicily, or to the exotic back
roads of Madagascar. Gone are the days
of the simple chocolate bar. Chocolate
has taken on a whole new grown-up
(and health-conscious) persona. Got a
hankering for the sweet stuff? I checked
out some of the best places in the area
to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
    If you’re looking to find homemade
truffles, a friendly atmosphere and
fresh- roasted coffee, The Belted Goat
at 2000 Fearrington Village Center

in Pittsboro is the place to go. The         By laura Zavelson
Fearrington       House       restaurant’s
chocolatier, Jill Leckey, joined the                                       ou’ve seen it
Fearrington in 2005 after training                                         while browsing
at the French Culinary Institute and                                       Peacock Alley, A
working for the well-known Jacques                                         Southern Season
Torres Chocolate shop in New York.                                         and      Dovecote.
Leckey hand bakes truffles, pastries                                       It’s that beautiful
and desserts that are available for                                        c e r a m i c
sale at The Belted Goat. The most                   dinnerware glazed in the colors of
popular truffle is the lavender and lime            Tuscany. It’s the delicate yet somehow
truffle. Some other truffles available              whimsical champagne glass. It’s the
include Irish cream, mango, rum,                   soup tureen shaped like an opera
and pineapple, all of which are free              singer and the serving platter shaped
of preservatives and artificial flavors.        like a butterfly. It’s Vietri.                   one-of-a-kind samples – pieces that Vietri       for warehouse space and offices and chose
In addition, The Belted Goat carries              So if you already know about Vietri,           considered, but decided not to include in        to set up their headquarters in Hillsborough.
an array of chocolate bars including         what’s the big secret? The word that’s music        one of their lines.                              Now the products are sold through tony
MarieBelle chocolate bars from New           to the ears of shoppers everywhere – Outlet             If you don’t know Vietri, it’s a line        retailers in the U.S., Canada and throughout
York and Cote d’Or and Dolfin Chocolat       Store. At the end of November, the Vietri           of tabletop, gift and accessory items—           the world.
chocolate bars from Belgium.                      outlet store--that until now has only had      functional art really--hand-selected from            Several times a year, Susan, who is the
    For a huge selection of chocolate                     limited hours--celebrated the          Italy. The company was founded more              CEO and in charge of product development,
– in all its forms -- from around the                         grand opening of expanded          than 25 years ago when sisters Susan and         goes with the Vietri art directors to visit
world, try A Southern Season, located                          hours and expanded space.         Francis Gravely and their mom visited Italy      artisans all over Italy—Venice, Umbria,
at University Mall in Chapel Hill.                             If you love Vietri, you have      and fell in love with the dinnerware at the      Tuscan, Milan, and Sicily.       There, they
A popular treat here is the French                           to go. It’s your chance to          San Pietro Hotel on the Amalfi coast. They       are introduced to see the latest designs,
chocolate truffle. “It is the best I have    complete that set of dinnerware or finally          brought back the pieces that formed their        shapes and colors. As sister Francis, VP
                                             buy the coordinating accessories at a great         very first line. As they were both living in
                   Continued on p.3          price. It’s also your chance to snap up             Chapel Hill at the time, they started a search                        Continued on p.2

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December 2006 • Buy Local

                                                                                                                                                     In October, Susan and Francis gathered
                                                                                                        Shop the Vietri outlet Store             together 59 Vietri shop owners and
                                                                                                      (insider’s tip: Check the Web site for a   passionate Vietri collectors and set sail
                                                                                                              coupon before you go.)             aboard      the      four-masted     schooner
                                                                                                              343 elizabeth Brady rd             SEACLOUD.        The voyage originated in
                                                                                                                    hillsborough                 Naples and included visits to the Amalfi
                                                                                                                Mon-Sat 10am-6pm                 Coast, Sicily and Malta.         The intimate
                                                                                                                      Sun 1-5pm                  group immediately became fast friends as
                                                                                                                    919.245.4181                 they toured Vietri’s “insider places” and
                                                                                                                   www.vietri.com                met artisans and painters. The trip was so
                                                                                                         (Directions available on the Web)       successful, they are hoping to plan several
                                                                                                                                                     If the description of the trip is making
                                                                                                    Continued from Cover                         you yearn for a glimpse of Italy, take some
                                                                                                                                                 time to check out the Vietri Web site. Not
                                                                                                    of communications, explains, “each region    only does it contain Francis’ blog entries
                                                                                                    has its own hand and there is never a        from the trip, it is also rich in photographs
                                                                                                    shortage of new products and creativity.”    of Italy. While you’re there, you can search
                                                                                                    Not surprising, since Italy is so often on   through the entire Vietri product line and
                                                                                                    the leading edge of design in other areas    then use the store locator to find out who
                                                                                                    like fashion, furniture and automobiles.     carries the pieces you want.
                                                                                                    The various art forms influence the others       At the end of the day, it’s no wonder
                                                                                                    leading to constant innovation.              the company has such a loyal following
                                                                                                        And the Vietri product development       of customers and collectors.         Vietri is
                                                                                                    team is constantly sending ideas over        considered a leader not only in tabletop
                                                                                                    the Atlantic as well. They often share       but also in design. And when you bring it
                                                                                                    suggestions from their stores, customers     into your home it somehow fits with your
                                                                                                    and sales reps as well as their knowledge    other belongings and becomes a part of the
                                                                                                    of North American trends with the artists.   way you communicate your own personal
                                                                                                    The company launches a new group of          style. n
                                                                                                    products—at various national trade shows--
                                                                                                    four times a year.

                                                                                                                    Print this season’s Buy Local flyer (below) at:
                                                                                                             and post in your home or business window. Happy Holidays!

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