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                    Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Self Esteem

Chapter 2:
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 3:
Be Different

Chapter 4:
Slow Up

Chapter 5:
Connect With Nature

Chapter 6:
Find Your Courage

Chapter 7:
Feel Hot!

Chapter 8:
Live Abundantly

 Travel lets us reinvent ourselves again and again. We simply open
  our eyes and hearts and modification happens. When you travel
 with your eyes and your mind open, you recognize that you're not
the same individual you were when you left home. I recognized some
time ago that travel had altered me. The scenery, the risky ventures,
 the individuals I met, the places I stayed, all altered me; all for the

            How To Enrich Your Life Through Travel

    Better Your Life By Connecting With Your Inner Gypsy

Chapter 1:
 Self Esteem


 Look for somebody you look up to, a historic or modern-day
   figure. Pick one quality you desire more of in your life.

     Then plan one action on your next trip to further its
development. Live passionately, in your activities, as your role
                        model would.

               Self Esteem Travel Suggestion

Lack of self worth is bound up in dark memories from the past. -
Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American doctor, orator, and writer on
Ayurveda, spirituality and mind-body medicine. Chopra was born in
New Delhi, India. New Delhi is the capital city of Republic of India. It
functions as the center of the Government of India and the
Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. A vivacious
melting pot, you’ll hear a muddle of slangs spoken in Delhi, the most
usual being Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu.

In terms of how it's laid out, Delhi has 2 really dissimilar worlds, the
‘old’ and the ‘new’, each delivering pleasurably different experiences.
Roomy New Delhi was constructed as the imperial capital of India by
the British people; unruly Old Delhi served as the capital of Islamic

India. Visitors may easily dip into both, passing half the day plunging
themselves in history at the spectacular Red Fort, Jama Masjid and
medieval-flavored bazaars of Old Delhi, and the additional one-half
renewing themselves over bubbling cappuccinos or frigid cocktails at
one of New Delhi’s swank cafés and bars. Moreover, Delhi’s recent
global culinary art revolution means that hungry travelers may now
feast on everything from meaty Mughlai curries and fat South Indian
idlis (rice cakes), to crisp wood-fired pizzas and squishy sashimi.

Think about these things while traveling to defeat low self-regard:

• Choose for yourself that it's time to be more self-assertive. By
reaching out to other people you'll discover that you've a lot of things
to offer to other people.
• Do not compare yourself to other people. Empathizing that you're
different than other people, with another personality, will help you to
see yourself unparalleled and special.
• Accept yourself; you're not perfect (so far). You are a work ongoing.
You make errors like everybody else, but you're not a failure. Learn
from misshapes, they're the most beneficial teachers. Find the seed of
equal benefit in situations that fail and move on.
• Take compliments. They're your payment in your spiritual bank
• Attend seminars and self-help groups and get the support you need
to establish your self-regard. Feed your mind and particularly your
subconscious with favorable affirmation, and other great influences
till this positive material sticks with you.
• Learn about your own notions and fundamental values. Toss out
those which don't suit you any longer and build your belief around a
couple of core values.

• Remain in contact with positive individuals at all times. It's crucial
in building your self-regard, to surround yourself with positive
individuals, music, info, words, and so forth. Constantly. To heal and
recover your heart needs a lot of care.
• Be thankful. Grade yourself not on what you don't have but instead
what you do have and what you've already achieved. Find what is
correct in your life and be proud of it. Write it down, keep a blog or
• Buy a few nice clothes and take care of your persona. Get some
fragrance, buy some flowers; get a massage or whatever makes you
feel great; love yourself.
• Invite help from family and acquaintances.

     Chapter 2:
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

            - 10 -

   Add a muted risk to your future travel. You do not need to
 Understand what the risk is; simply go with the aim that you
                         will make one.
 Then, at your destination, let the moment blossom. Explore a
place or Action you’ve never went through before. Try one fresh
                       thing every year.

                             - 11 -
                Travel Ideas For Risk Taking

The most democratic tourist destination in El Norte Grande (and
perhaps all of Chile), San Pedro de Atacama sits in the middle of some
of the most breathtaking scenery in the country-the core of the
Atacama Desert and can provide some exhilaration.

A chain of towering volcanoes, some of which are still alive, keeps
guard to the east. To the west is La Cordillera de Sal, a chain of
mountains compiled almost entirely of salt. Here you’ll find such
wonders as the Moon Valley and the Death Valley, part of the Reserva
Nacional los Flamencos.

The barren Salar de Atacama, Chile’s biggest salt flat, dwells to the
south. The number of attractions in the Atacama area doesn't end
there: alpine lakes, piping geysers, colonial villages, and ancient forts
all lay within easy reach.

                                  - 12 -
If you would like to alter anything in your life, you have to do
something contrary to what you have been doing to get a different
The accompanying steps you are able to apply to your business, your
personal life, your health, spiritualism, virtually any region of your
life. It's up to you to make that change and make matters happen for

Set personal goals that are ambitious, that will help you grow as an
individual. Your goals ought to inspire you so that you'll do whatever
it takes to accomplish success. Dream huge and enjoy every moment
of life.

Ask yourself: 'What may I be thankful for today?' Take little steps
towards accomplishing your goals. Face your challenges and keep
going taking relentless actions toward your goals.

Talk to individuals who are already doing what you'd love to do.
Individuals love discussing how they accomplished success and the
troubles they faced on their journey to success.

                                 - 13 -
Chapter 3:
 Be Different

   - 14 -

Distinguish what is all-important to you. Draw out of the lines.
 Be different. Step away from your ‘normal’ behavior on your
next travel. If you commonly follow, lead for a day. Go against
 your own convention. Think about one thing you'll be able to
   do tomorrow to touch, or relive, a childhood aspiration.

                              - 15 -
                          Unique Travel

How’s this for stepping out of the box…

Have you dreamed of exploring Australia, Africa or additional remote
& exotic destinations? Of feeling the timeless, remote beauty of the
"outback" or gazing at the wildlife of Africa? Now you are able to
achieve your dream accompanied by individuals you know and trust -
independent, but not solitary...

On a few safaris, you are able to drive your own - or a chartered -
4WD vehicle, and journey in the safety of a small convoy led by an
adept guide. 4WD tuition is part of the package with some providers
and no previous off-road experience is required. Pick from self-
catering or participatory catering safaris with some providers as well.
On additional adventures, you'll travel as a rider in comfy safari

                                 - 16 -
Rewind your spirit to childhood days and you'd realize how your
experiences, notions, and events have left a lasting mark on your
thinking blueprint. As you mature, little do you recognize that these
experiences and notions become part of your interior personality and
decide your future path of life? In order to have successful moves in
life, you need to view the positive facets of your experiences. Yes hard
but not impossible. At the end of the tunnel, most of the stale
experiences gradually break down to fresh and positive ones.

Attitudes are essentially habitual reaction or response to other people
based on your believing patterns and notions. These are based on the
signals picked up from your senses and get evidenced in the thought
process which changes in to beliefs and notions and get stored in your
subconscious. These are basically responsible for structuring attitudes
and habits. Attitudes are likewise an out come of preceding
memories, genes, home environment, parenting and contents of
interactions. You naturally have no control over your genes, culture,
and society but you do have control of your thinking, notions and
beliefs. You are able to mold these they way you like. It's said that
'winners do things differently'.

                                  - 17 -
Chapter 4:
  Slow Up

   - 18 -

Acquire your own ‘in-the-moment’ pattern – Think about
  meditation, walking, writing, drawing, slowing up.
Surround yourself for a day with what you love – favored
  foods, books, music, clothes, acquaintances, nature.

                          - 19 -
                           Calm Travel

Lake Tahoe is frequently referred to as the perfect year-around
vacation destination with fantastic weather and breathtaking scenery!
Split down the middle by the Calif. and Nevada border, Lake Tahoe
boasts of over three hundred days of warm sunshine, 396 inches of
yearly snowfall, eighteen world-class ski and snowboarding resorts,
unbelievable golf courses, marvelous hotels, casinos and naturally,
beautiful blue Lake Tahoe itself!

 There's also plenty to do with unbelievable ski resorts, beaches,
hiking & biking trails, camping, fishing and boating choices and
restaurants! With all this and more, it’s no wonder individuals from
all over the world make Lake Tahoe among the most popular year-
around vacation destinations in the world nowadays! Regenerate and
rejuvenate yourself in a full service day spa or relax by a heated pool
and hot tub. You will find resorts centrally located to area activities,
restaurants, casinos and sitting on private beaches.

                                 - 20 -
Life may be consuming and tedious. With a job, youngsters, mortgage
and car payments, it may all seem endless and unforgiving. But rather
than working yourself into a frenzy, it might be best to relax. Take a
little time to unwind and clear your mind. Only at that point will you
be able to truly center on life's challenges and defeat them.

Unwinding is about discovering where the tension lies in your life and
being able to walk off from it for a moment. Take a breath. For all of
us it's different. This might cause you to also be candid with yourself.
Occasionally accomplishing the new promotion is what's casting the
greatest stress on you. So, take a pen and paper and physically specify
your tension. By writing it, you'll comprehend it and be closer to
commanding it.

All of us have matters that make us really happy. It may be the smile
of your honey or climbing Mt. Everest. Your bliss is something that's
such a pleasance, such a pleasure for you to do, the troubles of the
world merely fall by the wayside. Ask yourself what your bliss really
is. Then on that same sheet of paper where you specified your
tension, turn it over and write the matters down that you love doing.
They might not all be realistic due to time or monetary restraints, but
find at least one matter you are able to do a week that forces you to

 We're so "connected" in this world; a lot of us are approachable at
every minute of the day either via Net, PDA, mobile phone, home and
work phones. Being reachable is a source of tension in that it isn't
letting you unwind, relax or get away from the rest of the globe. Shut
off the cell, turn off your PDA, log off the Net, disconnect the phone
and merely just be quiet in the minute. This might seem kind of hard.

                                 - 21 -
You might find yourself being consistently attracted to those devices
that we've all become so accustomed to.

Absorb yourself in relaxation. Now that you've delineated what really
makes you happy and takes you away from the world's troubles, do it!

                                 - 22 -
Chapter 5:
Connect With Nature

       - 23 -

Let nature become a topic in your travels. Try to spend an hour
     in nature and observe the light change. Cultivate this
 association back home. Study a beast that’s always charmed
           you. What quality does it own that you?
                   May adopt for your life?

                             - 24 -
                        Wild Side Travel

Biosphere Expeditions is an award-winning, nonprofit organization
offering hands-on preservation volunteer work expeditions as an
adventure with a purpose for everybody. They bridge the gap between
men of science at the forefront of preservation work in need of funds
and assistants, and enthusiastic laypeople, who in their vacation time,
through their hands-on help and with their expedition contribution
want to support them.

On the conservation holiday volunteer work expeditions you'll explore
enthralling parts of the world, have fun, a lifetime adventure and a
real hands-on experience of working on wildlife preservation
volunteering projects. You are able to join them for anything from a
weekend to a lot of months and at least two-thirds of your volunteer
holiday donation will go directly into the conservation project locally,
funding it long-term and sustainably..

                                 - 25 -
Discovering a way to connect with nature is a crucial way to stay in
communication with a higher spirit. This is a way for individuals to
better empathize themselves and how they fit into the world about
them. Nature is the key to discovering these associations. The natural
world strips away the worldly-minded concerns and gets individuals
back to their primary spiritual nature.

Plug in with the animals you feel drawn to. Many individuals believe
animals are nature spirits that may help you to take a step closer to a
greater spirit. Attempt to talk to the animals you meet and listen for
their replies.

Go to a natural place where you are able to be alone. Communicating
with nature isn't a social activity. You'll need to be alone to be able to
utilize nature to connect with a greater spirit.

Go down into a sitting or lying position till you get comfy. Utilize your
senses to connect to what's around you.

Discover beauty in the setting around you. Feeling nature with all of
your senses will let you see how associated you really are to nature
and to the rest of the world. Remaining quiet and still will let you
connect to the tranquility of nature.

 Look inwards to discover your own way to associate with a greater
spirit. By keeping yourself open to love and spiritualism, you are able
   to enrich your life with this association. It will let you leave the
 material world behind when required in order to communicate with
                           the natural world.

                                   - 26 -
Chapter 6:
Find Your Courage

      - 27 -

 There are pivotal instants in your life when you were at the
 precipice of your own drop-off, ready to plunge off. You are
   able to learn from other people how they handled their
challenges by adopting a local hero for the country you visit.
 Explore this fresh entry point to the place you’re visiting, a
          landmark on your own course to courage.

                             - 28 -
                   Volunteer For Strength

Volunteers help span the gap between rural communities and their
health centers with UNICEF

Timorese residential districts face a lot of challenges in ensuring the
survival of their children. On the average, each person in Timor-Leste
visits health facilities less than twice a year. This low number is due
for the most part to the country’s extremely rugged terrain, as
impassable as it is beautiful.

As yet, the response has been encouraging, with volunteer numbers
surpassing the original targets. Because the motivation to alter
behavior often starts with the community itself, the health agencies
hope this experiment in volunteer mobilization will be a success.

                                 - 29 -
Have you been confronted with a hard challenge? Did it seem like
you'd never get to the end result. If you've been confronted with
adversity, here are some ideas to help you remain centered so that
you are able to attain your goal.

If dealing with a hard task, you're bound to have some hardship. It's
all a part of life and it's a part of growth. Maturation is about change.
Change that lets you face hardship head on. Adversity is what may
make or break us. So with that said, let's view what it takes to face
hardship head on.

Goal-setting is among the hardest tasks that many face. We get
unbalanced and lose sight of it all. So when we set goals, we need to
have some pride in those goals. Don't let anybody belittle that goal or
deter you from accomplishing it because it's hard or impossible. Let
your pride determine the course for how you accomplish your goal.

A different crucial element to have is determination. Determination
keeps us centered. Without determination we'll fall for anything.
Determination lets you see the possibilities in the impossible. With
determination and pride there's no stopping you from accomplishing
your goal.

The next element is perseverance. Perseverance commands you never
giving up. Perseverance means that you center on the end result and
not on the pitfalls that will arrive. Perseverance is hard in itself. It's
the one thing that will keep you closer to accomplishing your goal.

The last element that will put you closer to your goal is purpose.
Purpose makes your goal all the more getable. With purpose you don't

                                  - 30 -
view the difficulty of the goal; you view the success you'll feel upon
completing the goal.

We all battle with goals. We get side tracked or even discouraged from
pursuing the goal. But at the end of the day, the achievement of the
goal is the elemental satisfaction. Because with the achievement of
the goal, we prove that we may change.

                                  - 31 -
Chapter 7:
  Feel Hot!

  - 32 -

Act without a schedule or objective: just savor the engagement
and fundamental interaction. Throw yourself whole-heartedly
into an interest. You may just expose a passion inside yourself
                    you never knew you had.

                             - 33 -
                            Sexy Travel

Ischia, Italy. All right, so perhaps hitting the beach and drowning
under all that sun doesn't sound remotely sexy to you. You need
somewhere quiet and a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the
closest city. Although it's just twenty miles from the city of Naples,
Ischia offers spas that let you lie quietly into the natural warm springs
in the area where you are able to enjoy the reclusive ambiance at your
leisure. If you really prefer to get away from it all, there are boats you
are able to rent for the rest of your stay. You are able to wax prose and
poetry over the waves for all you care.

Sexiness is a frame of mind. In order to exude sexiness and
assurance, you must begin within. Here are a couple of easy and
simple ideas to help boost your assurance, sex appeal.

Always make certain you've good personal hygiene. This is a definite
must! Utilizing scented products may provide a subtle yet sexy accent

                                  - 34 -
to your daily routine. These products are a good alternative for daily
use than a literal perfume.

Wear apparel and underwear that fit. Clothing that's too small or too
big may make you feel uncomfortable and may also bring negative
attention to you. Pick your preferred part of your body and dress
around it. For instance, if you've a great butt, wear apparel that
accentuates that.

Walk confidently. No one wants to talk to the individual that's sulking
down the street or hallway. Practice working at your posture. Hold
your head up high, tilt your shoulders back and somewhat push your
chest out. This makes you look taller, picks up your breasts, and
draws in your tummy. Resetting your posture may provide you with
an instant body lift!

Keeping a smile on your face brightens up your total presence and
keeps other people wanting to know what is making you smile. This
opens you up to a lot of conversations and social opportunities.

Keep your body healthy and fit. Eating correctly, drinking lots of
water, and exercising each day is proven to boost your mood and
attitude. Plus, working toward having a sexy sculpted body is enough
to make anybody feel sexy and positive.

Finally, don't worry about what other people think. You're in control
of your sexiness! Tell yourself that you're beautiful and sexy and the
confidence will come.

                                 - 35 -
Chapter 8:
Live Abundantly

   - 36 -

Discover your routes to abundance. In what arena of your life
   would you like more abundance: The physical, mental,
  emotional, or spiritual? Once you've announced that, pay
attention on tour. Signs are often everyplace, paving the way
                 to higher self-actualization.

                            - 37 -
                   Over The Top Travel

Expensive resorts offer a holiday experience in tropical destinations
in absolute seclusion. The top luxury resorts are frequently private
islands booked in exclusion by single groups for reeling sums of
money. The market for ultra high-end resort bookings has expanded
as the wealth around the world has been produced and concentrated.
If you were unbelievably rich, would you want to know just what is
the most expensive resort in the world?

The world’s most expensive resort is presently is Peter Nygard’s
Nygard Cay Beach Resort a private cay in New Providence, Bahamas.
This ten bedroom ultra-resort vacation rental will cost you $30,000
per day in 2006 and $35,000 per day currently.

Here is a tip on how to feel abundant now even though the abundance
truck hasn't arrived. That truck will make it very soon once you start
applying this tip with the Law of Attraction.

                                - 38 -
Remember that just because you have not gotten what it is that you
desire yet doesn't mean that the Universe is not working on it. The
Universe is matching your oscillations and bringing your want to you.
We can't possibly know all the inside workings that go on to bring to
you what you want through your centering. Even when life feels as if
it is at a dead end your life is in ceaseless motion. You're moving
forward even when you don't feel as though you are. You're forever
experiencing and learning. Even when you're waiting you are
experiencing waiting and learning about what you desire and don't
desire. We are all about contrast and there is contrast in everything.
You may be a moment away from having it all. The life you desire is
right around the corner. Do your percentage and the Universe will do
its percentage.

                                 - 39 -
                          Wrapping Up

A lot of individuals feel they have left some of their aspirations behind
in their quest to manage work and loved ones obligations. Individuals
seeking the impetus to dust off their childhood dreams and undertake
a fresh direction may often produce the spark they require though a
travel adventure. I discovered a fresh direction in life from travel and
I think other people may too!

                                  - 40 -

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