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					Welcome to The Melting Pot's newsletter, read on for information on chocolate making
workshops, forthcoming chocolate events and interesting choccie facts......

                     the melting pot€
                            chocolate making workshops for all

it's December already!

                A huge thank you to everyone who has
                supported me and taken part in a workshop
                this year - I have been overwhelmed at the       Dates for your diary:
                response to my new venture. I hope you
                have all thoroughly enjoyed making and           Your very last chance to come
                eating your chocolates as much as I have         to a workshop in 2009 and
                enjoyed meeting you all. There are lots of
                                                                 make some choccies for
                activities planned for the New Year - I will
                explain more in the next edition so look out     yourself or as lovely pressies:
                for January's newsletter. If you are
thinking of buying or making some lovely chocolate as            Tues 15th Dec: 6.30 - 9pm
presents - read on....
                                                                 Tues 22nd Dec: 10.30 - 1pm
the best bar?
Here's something to help guide you through the terminology:
                                                                 £40 per person
Cocoa solids: This refers to total amount of cocoa solids
and cocoa butter combined (the remainder is sugar, lecithin      Email or call me on 07966
and vanilla).                                                    365515 to book your place or
Plantation: comes exclusively from one plantation (just a
few acres).
Single-estate: such as Chuao (a costal region north or 
Caracas) which is a region of Venezuela.                         for more info
Country of Origin: comes from anywhere in the named
Bean to Bar: still fairly rare - the producer of the chocolate   FOR WOMEN ONLY!
owns the cocoa plantations and makes the chocolate from
those beans!
                                                                 Curves Offer
                                                                 fitness and weight management for
Some of the Best Bars:
                                                                 women in Hitchin & Stevenage
Thorntons Ecuador 40%                                            If you are worried about the
Green & Black's 34%                                              excesses of Christmas or would just
Valrhona Jivara Lait 40%                                         like to get trim for that LBD - here's
                                                                 an offer that might be of interest.
Hotel Chocolate The Purist Milk                                  Click here for information or visit
St Lucia 62%                                           
The Chocolate Society's Good                           
Morning 64%
Valrhona Grand Cru no 1 Manjari                                  Enjoy a guilt-free chocolate
64%                                                              treat after a session at Curves!

chocolate truffles                                                                   workshops
chocolate truffles                                                for professional women
                                                                  Three fantastic professional
                               (as appeared in The Observer       coaches have teamed up to form
                               by Paul A Young)                   Turning Leaf and are offering a
                                                                  new series of workshops aimed at
                                                                  women wishing to 'raise their game'
                               250g dark chocolate                professionally. For more infomation
                               250g double cream                  on their next workshop in Feb
                               100g light muscovado sugar         2010 click here.

                                                                  Having worked with two of the
First break the chocolate into small even sized pieces and        coaches in previous employment - I
place in a bowl. Place the cream and sugar in a small             would not hesitate to recommend
saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer for one minute.            their services. Aim to make a
Turn off the heat and allow the cream to cool for one             difference in the new decade!
minute. (If you pour boiling cream onto your chocolate, it
will cause the chocolate to separate and result in a split
Pour the rested cream/sugar onto the chocolate pieces and
mix well until smooth and very glossy. Allow to cool at room
temperature, then place in the fridge, covered, for at least        Out and about
two hours or until fully set.
To roll, remove from the fridge and use a teaspoon to scoop         I am looking forward to hearing
even sized pieces and place them on parchment paper.                Angus Thirlwell, Chief Executive
Powder your hands with cocoa powder and roll the ganache            and Co-founder of British cocoa
into even sized spheres. (Take care not to handle for too           grower and luxury chocolatier,
long or the ganache will begin to melt). Store in an airtight       Hotel Chocolat, describe the way
container in the fridge and eat within 3 - 4 days. Enjoy!           he has successfully embedded
                                                                    Engaged Ethics as a core value
                                                                    of his business at a presentation
pick up some perfect pressies
                                                                    at the University of Herts on 2nd
Don't forget to come and see me at the forthcoming Dutch
Style Open House and Garden with Alice and friends.
                                                                    Angus will also share his vision
There will be lots of new and exciting items for sale this year
                                                                    of ‘barefoot luxury’ as he invites
including floral arrangements, home accessories, designer
                                                                    customers to stay in the ‘real’
clothes, handbags, jewellery and ironware. Available from
                                                                    Hotel Chocolat on the Caribbean
The Melting Pot
                                                                    cocoa estate in St Lucia.
stocking fillers, teachers
gifts, tree presents,
                                                                    I do feel a bit of a research trip
chocolate shoes,
                                                                    coming on!!!!
handbags, butterflies
and much more!
                                                                    Thank you to St Francis
7, 9 & 11 Dec @ 8pm                                                 School and in particular Prep
                                                                    IV, who recently interviewed me
15 Sollershott East,                                                about my job for a school
Letchworth Garden                                                   project. I had a fantastic
City                                                                morning and was asked some
                                                                    brilliant and thought
                                                                    provoking questions by the
Just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a         girls.
happy and prosperous New Year - I look forward to seeing            Much kinder than Paxman or
you in 2010.                                                        Humphries!

                           Dawn x                                   Where ever you manage to go
                                                                    out and about this Christmas -
                                                                    have a fantastic fun-filled time
                                                                    and enjoy all that chocolate!
For more information please email me or visit

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