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Jewellery Making Basics
The basics of jewellery creation can be
separated into 4 categories:

1. Techniques of bead stringing
2. Metal clay techniques
3. Wire work methods
4. Fabrication techniques
1. Techniques of bead stringing :
 As part of the beadwork stringing up lessons,
you must learn the traditional knotting of
beads, the progressed techniques of bead
knotting, covering your crape beads,
important completing techniques and a whole
lot more.
2. Metal clay techniques :
While techniques of utilizing metal clay
are not essential if you want to learn
making ornamentation, they do come in
jolly handy for making some actually
intricate pieces. Some important metal
clay techniques you must be aware of
include fire clay methods, wrapping and
stamping the clay, texturing metal clay
and other such stuff.
3. Wire work methods :
There are various methods to be learn
under this subject area, some of the
important ones being looping wires,
creating enclosed briolette pendants,
taking care of jumping ring effects,
crumpling with wire and a whole
lot more.
4. Fabrication techniques :
Naturally, you can not want to be a good
jewellery designer if you do not know
how to treat your metals, which is what
fabrication is all about. From oxidation to
various tools available to modern
jewelries maker, you learn everything
under this field.
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