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Boxed Lunch Fax Order Form


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									                                           Boxed Lunch Fax Order Form
                                                                Fax to (303) 797-9709
FOR ________________________________ PICK-UP TIME __________________ PHONE ________________________

All box lunches include sandwich, chips, fresh fruit, mini-muffins & utensils. Beverages also available.*

 #1    Turkey Club ........................... $8.55           #7       Mediterranean Veg-Out...... $8.55
       Roast turkey, bacon, American cheese, mayo,                      Hummus or cream cheese, lettuce, tomato,
       lettuce & tomato                                                 cucumber, green pepper & red onion

 #2    Classic Turkey....................... $8.55             #8       Turkey & Cheese ............... $8.55
       Roast turkey, lettuce, tomato & mayo                             Smoked turkey and cheddar cheese

 #3    Turkey and Havarti................ $8.55                #9       B.L.T. ................................... $8.55
       Smoked turkey, havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato
                                                                        Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo
       with a shmear of onion & chive cream cheese

 #4    Ham & Cheese ...................... $8.55               #10      Country Ham & Swiss ........ $8.55
                                                                        Baked ham with melted Swiss & country
       Ham and American cheese
                                                                        Dijon mustard
 #5    Big Apple Club ..................... $8.55
       Roast turkey, ham, bacon, American cheese,              #11      All - American Duo ............. $8.55
       mayo, lettuce & tomato                                           Ham, roast turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce,
                                                                        tomato, red onion & vinaigrette dressing
 #6    Holey Guacamole................. $8.55
       Roast turkey, guacamole, green peppers, lettuce
       & tomato

        * Canned Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Diet Sprite - $1.00 • Bottled Milk, Orange or Apple Juice $1.79

Person or Quantity   Item Box #        Bread Type         Special Instructions (include bread or bagel type)    Beverage
                                      Bagel    Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

                                      Bagel      Bread

Special Instructions _________________________________________________________________________________


              My Favorite Muffin • 5950 S. Platte Canyon Rd. • Littleton, CO 80123 • Phone (303) 797-9228
                                             Catering & Party Platters Fax Order Form
                                                                 Fax to (303) 797-9709

FOR ________________________________ PICK-UP TIME __________________ PHONE ________________________

 Build Your Own Deli Sandwich Platter - $69.99
 Total Number People: ____________

 An appetizing array of quartered or halved deli sandwiches. Choose from our classic deli sandwich menu below.

  Sandwich Choices:      ___ Smoked Turkey & American         ___ Roast Turkey & American       ___Ham & American
  (enter quantities)
                         ___ Smoked Turkey                    ___ Roast Turkey                   ___BLT

 Bagel and Bread Choices:       Bagel       Bread    Mixed    Sandwiches to be        quartered or     halved

                     Served with lettuce, tomato, and side containers of mayonnaise and mustard.
                   We’ll be happy to accommodate your special requests for customizing your platter…
                     please enter them in the “Special Instructions” area at the bottom of this form.

Bit O’ Bagel Platter - $33.99                Quantity:               My Favorite Platter
Guests will love sampling bite-sized bits                            $29.99 SMALL $39.99 LARGE                     Quantity:
of bagels and three selections of cream     _________
                                               Sweet                 Satisfy any sweet tooth with a platter full
cheese. You choose sweet or savory                                   of assorted bite-sized Mini and Jumbo
and we do the rest!                            Savory                                                              _________
                                                                     Muffins. Great for snacking, breakfast,
                                                                     dessert or any occasion.

Breakfast Box - $35.99*                      Quantity:               Bagel Box - $18.99*                           Quantity:
12 Bagels, (2) ½ lbs. of cream cheese                                12 Bagels, ½ lb.f cream cheese, plates,
and 8 jumbo muffins in an easy-to-                                   napkins and a business card holder that
transport box that doubles as a serving     _________                doubles as a gift card.                       _________
                                               * BABS’ Choice Bagels extra
 Coffee Box - $14.49
 Our disposable box holds hot coffee for over 2 hours, serving six 16 oz. servings.

 Coffee Choices (enter quantities): ___ Breakfast Blend ___ Dark Roast ___ Hazelnut ___ Other _______________

Special Instructions _________________________________________________________________________________






                           My Favorite Muffin • 5950 S. Platte Canyon Rd. • Littleton, CO 80123 • Phone (303) 797-9228

           Delivery Available ($12 Charge) - Limited Area - Minimum Order $25

   #1 $28.99             (CIRCLE ONE)
                                     Serves 10-20                     #2               $38.99     (CIRCLE ONE)
                                                                                                              Serves 20-30

                      17 Large Muffins                                                       24 Large Muffins
           14 Large Muffins / 13 Mini Muffins                                    17 Large Muffins / 26 Mini Muffins
                11 Large Muffins / 13 Bagels                                         13 Large Muffins / 26 Bagels
  9 Lg. Muffins / 13 Bagels / 1 (8oz.) Plain Cr. Cheese               12 Lg. Muffins / 16 Bagels / 2 (8oz.) Plain Cr. Cheese

   #3 $48.99                            Serves 30-40                     #4 $78.99                                 Serves 50+
                         (CIRCLE ONE)                                                             (CIRCLE ONE)

                      30 Large Muffins                                                       50 Large Muffins
           20 Large Muffins / 39 Mini Muffins                                    38 Large Muffins / 48 Mini Muffins
                15 Large Muffins / 36 Bagels                                         35 Large Muffins / 35 Bagels
 15 Lg. Muffins / 20 Bagels / 3 (8oz.) Plain Cr. Cheese               28 Lg. Muffins / 28 Bagels / 4 (8oz.) Plain Cr. Cheese

    CREAM CHEESE & SPREADS                                                             BEVERAGES
                (8 oz. container) - $3.99                                                          Qty.   COFFEE
         qty.                              qty.                                                          Coffee (96 oz. - Reg. or Decaf)
                  Jalapeno Cheddar                Plain                                  Qty.      Nantucket Nectars
                  Onion Chive                     Lite Plain                                                       Orange Juice
                  Lite Veggie                     Butter                                                            Apple Juice
                  Lite Strawberry                 Strawberry Jam                                                 CranGrape Juice
                                                  Peanut Butter                                                      Grapeade
                                                                                                                 kiwi Strawberry
                                                                                                                  Orange Mango
           note: One 8oz. Container serves 6-8 Bagels                                                      Can Soda (Reg. & Diet Coke & Sprite)

                      Special Order Trays, Platters, & Fresh Fruit Available           Also Custom Gift Baskets

COMPANY:                                                              CONTACT:
ADDRESS ( include CITY & ZIP ):
INCLUDE DIRECTIONS IF TO BE DELIVERED:                                                                    PHONE:
Day & Date needed:                                     TIME (allow at least 30-60 minute window i.e. 8:00-9:00):

Circle   PICK     DELIVER       Payment                                       VISA /     card#:
One:      UP       $12 charge    Method:                                      AMEX       exp. Date:
             **Please give at least 24 hour notice**

               BREAKFAST BOX                                              MY FAVORITE PLATTER
      12 Bagels, (2) 1/2 lbs. of cream cheese, 8 jumbo muffins -         With this platter you will enjoy an assortment of bite-size
      in an easy-to-transport box that doubles as a serving tray.             Mini Muffins and our famous Jumbo Muffins.

                         $33.99                                                           $33.99
          serves 15-20             Qty. Ordered______                       serves 10-15            Qty. Ordered______

                   BIT O' BAGEL                                                THE DELI PLATTER
                                                                      A tempting variety of deli sandwiches - we will create a platter th
   This platter of bite-sized bits of our bagels and 3 varieties of our
                                                                     allows your guests to pick from a tasty assortment of deli sandwic
  specially-blended cream cheese is perfect for a roomful of nibblers!
                                                                                                      Bagels or Sub Rolls.
                                                                              prepared on freshly baked

                         $33.99                                                           $61.99
          serves 10-15             Qty. Ordered______                       serves 10-15            Qty. Ordered______

                                                   FRUIT PLATTER
                             An assortment of seasonal fruits, sliced and attractively
                             arranged on a platter.

                                            $3.00         PER PERSON (min. 10)
                                            # of people: 10____ 15____              20____

              Breakfast Sandwiches , Box Lunches, & Specialty Gift Baskets also available

Delivery Available ($12 Charge) - Limited Area - Min. Order $25            Deliver ($12 Charge)_______     Pick Up_______

     Company: _______________________________________ Contact Name:_________________________________

  Address:___________________________________________________ City & Zip:______________________________

               Phone:_______________________________                    Fax:________________________________

        Circle One M    TU W TH F SA SU Date:___________________                                        :__________________
                                                                              Time (give 30-60 min. window)

Payment Method:       CASH      VISA / AMEX (card # & exp. Date):

Additional Items / Drinks / Special Instructions:
 Qty. Code        Price
          M2     $20.95                 with 24 Mini Muffins
          M4     $25.95                 with 48 Mini Muffins
          M6     $35.95                 with 72 Mini Muffins

                                          KEEPSAKE GIFT TINS
 Qty. Code        Price                                             Qty. Code        Price
                                                                                                  Ultimate Gift Tin w/ 36 Mini Muffins,
         KT3     $25.95           with 36 Mini Muffins                      ULKT $35.95          4 Panache Hot Cocoa Packs, 2 one-pot
                                                                                                 samplers of Brewster's Gourmet Coffee

                                           SPECIALTY BASKETS
                              Ultimate                   4 Dozen Mini Muffins, 3 Lindor Chocolate Truffles, 10 Xanadu Tea Bags,
         UTY4 $41.95                                     1/2 lb. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, & a one-pot sampler of Brewster's Coffee
                             Thank You
                             Chocolate            4 Dozen Mini Muffins, 6 Lindor Chocolate Truffles, & 4 Panache Hot Cocoa Packs
          CL4    $36.95
                             Brewster's        4 Dozen Mini Muffins, Brewster's Travel Mug, & 3 one-pot samplers of Brewster's Coffee
          CB4    $38.95

              ADD ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TO ENHANCE YOUR GIFT (fill in quantity):
          BGC1     $2.50   One Pot Coffee Sampler                            JLB      $5.95   1/2 Pound Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
          BGC3     $6.95   Three One Pot Coffee Samplers                      LT      $4.95   6 Lindor Chocolate Truffles
         BGCM      $4.95   Brewster's Insulated Coffee Mug                   XGT      $4.95   HOLIDAY TRIM
          TEA      $4.95   10 Xanadu Gourmet Teas                            HBT      $4.95   BIRTHDAY TRIM
         PGHC4     $4.95   4 Gourmet Hot Cocoas                              NBT      $4.95   BABY TRIM

                                                               Visa/AmEx #:________________________________________
DateTo Be Picked Up:___________________________Time:_______________                                     Exp. Date:_________

Purchased By:                                                             SHIP TO:
Street Address:                                                    Street Address:
City, State & Zip:                                                 City, State & Zip:
Phone (incl. area code)                                            Phone (incl. area code)

                                                 UPS SHIPPING (*Available for an additional charge) (check one):
Card Message:___________________________________________
________________________________________________________ Day Air ($25.00) _______ Ground ($15.00) _______
                                                                      Overnight Available -
                                                    Higher Charge
                                                                                               Total Shipping Charges _____________
___________________________________________________ To Be Shipped (should ship Mon. or Tue.):__________________
MFM employee.:__________    SPECIAL NOTES / INSTRUCTIONS:

                      PRODUCT LISTING

Qty.   GOURMET MUFFINS Qty.         BAGELS                             Qty.     CREAM CHEESE         (8oz.)

           Banana Nut               Blueberry                                 (8oz. Serves 6-8 bagels)

            Blueberry           Cinnamon Raisin                                         Plain                 Qty.     BEVERAGES
         Boston Crème Pie          Everything                                            Lite                           Bottled Water
           Carrot Cake                Onion                                        Lite Strawberry                       Coke (can)
        Cherry Cheesecake              Garlic                                        Lite Veggie                       Diet Coke (can)
       Chocolate Cheesecake         Parmesan                                      Jalapeño Cheddar                       Sprite (can)
          Chocolate Chip               Plain                                         Onion Chive
       Cinnamon Cheesecake         Poppy Seed
         Cinnamon Crumb              Sesame                                        Honey Cinnamon
        Deep Dish Apple Pie           Wheat                                                                          Coffee "to go" - 96 oz.
        Double Berry Crumb       Cheddar(.44 extra)                                     Butter
         Double Chocolate   Spinach & Swiss extra)
                                              (.44                                  Strawberry Jam            Qty.   Nantucket Nectars
          Georgia Peach     Jalapeno & Pepper Jack extra)
                                                (.44                                 Peanut Butter                      Orange Juice
        Lemon Pound Cake                                                                                                 Apple Juice
        N.Y. Almond Cheesecake                                                                                        CranGrape Juice
            Poppy Seed                   CUPCAKES                                                                         Grapeade
         Fat Free Blueberry                                                                                            kiwi Strawberry
                                     Custom Celebration                                                                Orange Mango
 150 Varieties of Muffins Baked
 to Order - Days Noticeif not
          3            (             Cupcakes Baked to                                                                  Peach Mango
 Listed Above)
                                     Order - 3 days                                                                  Pomegranate Cherry
Qty.      MINI MUFFINS               Notice
             Blueberry                                                                                                Arizona Green Tea
        Chocolate Cheesecake                                                                                           Arizona Ice Tea
           Chocolate Chip    Qty. Breakfast Sandwiches
        Cinnamon Cheesecake        Bacon, Egg Cheese
          Cinnamon Crumb          Sausage, Egg, Cheese                    NOTE : Quantities may be limited on some items.
         Deep Dish Apple Pie       Ham, Egg, Cheese                              We also offer Fresh Tossed Salads,
          Double Chocolate            Egg, Cheese                               Breakfast Sandwiches, Dessert Trays,
        Blueberry Cheesecake        Breakfast B.L.T.                             Sandwiches, Toasted Sandwiches,
                                                                                  Fruit Trays, Gift Baskets, & More!!

   Company: ___________________________________ Contact Name:______________________________________

       Address:______________________________________________ City & Zip:______________________________

                 Phone:__________________________________               Fax:__________________________________

          Deliver ($10 charge_____
                            )          Pick Up_____                                ____________________________
                                                        Time: (give 30-60 min. window)

                     Day:   M   TU   W   TH    F   SA   SU        Date:_________________________________

           Payment (circle one) CASH          VISA/MC   cc#                                                  exp. Date:
                                                           _________________________________________________________ _________________


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