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									         What is a Tens Machines Electrical Nerve Muscle Stimulation

It sounds a lot worse than it actually is, and when you look at the machine for the
first time you may feel a little uneasy about using it. You get a whole bunch of pads
called electrodes that are stuck to your skin, where a small electric shock is
administered to that area. What then happens the muscles that are within that area
are forced to contract in the same way that they would if your brain was telling it to
do so. Your brain communicates with your body by means of electrical impulses and
every single action that you make is centrally controlled by your nervous system
conducting those impulses to the relevant parts of the body. It will tell you to lift
your legs when you are trying to walk and it will tell your arm to reach out in case
you are about to fall over somewhere.

In that exact same way these devices are able to simulate the contraction caused by
the brain. Before you go out and try a tens machines electrical nerve muscle
stimulation you might want to read into it all a little better first. You must be aware
of the implications that can affect your body and that you have to be aware that you
can’t rely on the machine alone to get your body into shape. If you think that you
can just sit back and watch television while you have the pads attached to your
stomach, and get your stomach looking flat and strong, then you are sorely
mistaken. No matter what you try, a healthy athletic figure requires hard work,
dedication and eating right as well as using machines to help you exercise and tone
your muscles. People often get jealous of the bodies that some people have, not
realising what they have gone through to get themselves looking the way they do. If
you work hard for something, then you deserve to have it, no matter how jealous it
makes some people; if they really want it, then they can work on it themselves.
Another great application for these machines is to help with pain management. The
electrodes actually block out the sensory receptors from sending any pain signals to
the brain. The result is you feel the impulses on your knee that is sore, but you don’t
feel the ache that are get from gout or from the long run you have just finished.

No matter what your use is for these machines, you should always make sure it is
sanctioned and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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