Poson Full Moon day

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					Poson Full Moon day
This poya day falls in June old king Mutasiva father of Devanampiyathissa was dead. Tissa was his
second son. Arahath Mahinda spent 3 months with his mother in the city of Vedisa knowing that he
would not see her again. He was now ready to take up his missionary work.

Tissa was a friend of Emperor Ashoka though they had never met.

in 236 B.C. on poson full moon day along with six monks Arahath Mahinda met the king Tissa at
"Missaka Pabbata" where the king was hunting deer. Suddenly the king heard someone calling him by
name "Tissa" . The king was taken by surprise as nobody would dare call him by name.

The king looked up and saw a person dressed in saffron robes. He inquired as to who they were.
Arahath Mahinda Thera explained that they were disciples of Lord Buddha who had come from
Jambudeepa. Kingt Tissa then realized that his friend had sent them.

He put down weapons and approached comfortably with their respective followers. Arahath Mahinda
proceeded to test the King's intelligence.

By asking few questions Arahath Mahinda realized that the king was a very intelligent person. The
wise Thera preached "Dhamma" and at the end king and his retinue embraced the new faith.

Coming of Buddhism to Sri Lanka on this day was a blessing. The establishment of the monastic
organization and the building of cave temple, temples for priests began on such a day.

On this poya day lot of Sri Lankan Buddhist followers go Anuradhapura temple to worship the Bo tree
- Sri Mahas Bodhi which is the oldest . Recorded tree in the world.