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					                                                                                                                        T E RM 1 W E E K 7

Parents & Citizens Association—News
Content for the newsletter should be sent to Submission deadline Thursday 1800hrs, prior to newsletter release.

Art & Craft News

    My Experience as a Volunteer for the Art & Craft Show, an open letter
                from John Anderson Art and Craft Convener
At last week’s P&C meeting I had a conversation with a Year 3 mum. She advised that she volunteers
her time at the Show but getting involved with helping to organise the Show was too daunting a task.
She asked if I could give my experience on how I became involved with the Show.
                                                                 ............................................ here is my story.

As a new parent to not only the school in 2002 but to the area as well, I was not interested in attending an
“Opening Night Art & Craft Show at a Public School”. However, as a dad I did help at the BBQ - what else
would a dad do? The BBQ was then located at the entrance to the school where the kindy rooms are. That’s
all I did the first year.
The second year at school my wife & I attended the Opening Night & had a fantastic night & have attended
each Opening Night since, except for 2006 when termites attacked the Hall & there was no art that year.
Once again in the second year I only helped out at the BBQ.
My 3rd & 4th years as a volunteer I was back at the BBQ as well as helping with sponsorship, Sunday pack up
& delivery of the Show’s flyers. Either my wife or myself have continued to help with delivering the Show’s
flyers. My wife had also become involved with Craft after a couple of years. I think it was my 4th year we
both helped with setting up the Craft rooms where I developed a close relationship with Hessian!
I think also in the 3rd & 4th years I became involved with hanging the art & at the end of the Show assisted in
helping return the unsold paintings back to the artists. I found that I was enjoying helping out at the Show in
what ever was required including making sandwiches for 1 or 2 years for the Coffee Shop.
During these years I had no desire to become a Coordinator or Convenor as I had seen how much time & ef-
fort the Coordinators were putting into the Show.
The 2005 Convenors towards the end of 2005 began to advertise for a 2006 Convenor(s) as they would not
be undertaking the role again. After a number of unsuccessful weeks where the 2005 Convenors had failed
to find someone, I was concerned that the 2006 Show may not go ahead. I had enjoyed my volunteer ex-
perience, especially the school community aspect of the Show, meeting people that I would not have normally
met without being a volunteer at the Show. I also saw the value of the Show in respect of improving the edu-
cational environment for my 2 daughters. So I decided to take on the Convenor’s role.
Why did I believe that I could take on the Convenor’s role? Well a number of the major Coordinator roles
(Art, Craft, Promotional Materials) were already filled. I have no particular skills as a leader but I am a
fairly organised person so I thought this would help. I also wanted to demonstrate to my 2 daughters that
anything is possible. If I could be the Convenor of the Art & Craft Show then it was possible for them to do
I believe that my daughters have enjoyed seeing their dad’s involvement at school through the Art & Craft
Shows. However, I have never asked them the question on what do they think of their dad being the Conve-
nor of the Art & Craft Show. I will have to ask them.
Would this have been my last year as Convenor if my daughter was still as school? Most probably not but I
would have been seeking assistance in the role. I have enjoyed the many hours as a volunteer & also what
the Art & Craft Show volunteers have achieved. There will be a number of aspects as Convenor of the Show I
will miss as well as a few that I won’t miss. However, I will particularly miss the hanging of Hessian!

John Anderson
Convenor, Art & Craft Show
  P AGE 2                                                                                                              T E RM 1 W E E K 7

 Parents & Citizens Association—News
 Content for the newsletter should be sent to Submission deadline Thursday 1800hrs, prior to newsletter release.

Art & Craft News

Opening Night Friday 19   I know all our Coordinators do
March 2010                                                                                     Over the next 2 weeks the Ros-
                          an outstanding job. However, I                                       ter Coordinators for the Show
STOP PRESS……………Kindy      would especially like to thank                                       will be seeking your assistance
                          Robyn Kolesnyk for her many
mum, Ruth Wernick, has volun-                                                                  as volunteers. Without volun-
                          hours & her outstanding work in
teered to understudy the Craft                                                                 teers there is no Show. What-
Coordinator role – WOW! A creating the Show’s flyer &                                          ever time you can provide will
                          Program. Wait till you see
HUGE thank you Ruth for tak-                                                                   be greatly appreciated & re-
ing on the role.          them! They are indeed a work                                         member, you are helping your
Only 2 weeks before Open- of art themselves.                                                   child by volunteering.
ing Night. Opening Night  You may have noticed some                                            The next 2010 Art & Craft
                          unusual growth on power poles!
tickets are now available. It’s                                                                show meeting will be on
                          David Sherriff the Show’s Sign
a great night, some might say                                                                  Wednesday 3 March 2010 at
a WOW of a night & a greatCoordinator & his intrepid team                                      7.30pm in the staff room.
opportunity to meet other of Steve Rigg & Greg Wyer,
parents. This year we willwere responsible for installing                                      Anyone wishing to attend will
have a DJ under the COLA. over 70 signs. A BIG WOW                                             be most welcome.
Support your Show & buy anthank you guys for all your ef-                                      If you have any enquiries about
Opening Night ticket, better                                                                   becoming an understudy for the
still buy 2.              At last week’s P&C meeting I                                         Convenor or Coordinator roles
                          had a conversation with a Year
Call Louise Everitt on 0466                                                                    please contact me on any of the
                          3 mum. She advised that she
381 364 to buy your Opening                                                                    following numbers.
                          volunteers her time but getting
Night tickets. I have ordered                                                                  Thank you.
a couple for myself.      involved with helping to organ-                                      John Anderson
Have you checked out the  ise the Show was too daunting
                          a task. She asked if I could                                         Convenor, Art & Craft Show
Show’s website?
                          give my experience on how I Feel                                                                   Home: 9586 2250
                          became involved with the
free to email the web address
to family, friends and anyone
that might be interested. My experience as a volunteer
                          is separately attached. I hope
                          you are not too bored with it!
                          Great reading if you suffer                                              IMPORTANT MESSAGE
 In those famous words of from insomnia!
 General Douglas MacAr- Last week’s Art & Craft Show                                                  FROM EDITOR
 thur, “Whether in chains meeting was well attended.                                           All return slips for Art
 or in laurels, the Art & Thank you to everyone who                                            and Craft activities
 Craft know nothing but   attended. The major concern                                          have been combined
 victories.” Break those  was again the need for volun-
                                                                                               on one page of the
 chains & become an Art teers in helping to set up & dis-
                          mantle the Art, Craft & the Bar                                      newsletter. Please re-
 & Craft Show volunteer. on Opening Night.
                                                                                               fer to this page if
                                                                                               you wish to complete
                                                                                               a return slip.
T HE O AT LE Y W E ST L ANT E RN                                                             P AGE 3

                                                                      Cake Stall
                                                        ART AND CRAFT SHOW CAKE STALL DO-
                Opening Night                           Keep dusting off your recipe books and start Bak-
              Friday 19th March                         ing!!!! We are seeking donations of baked goods
                                                        for the Cake Stall. The more cakes donated to the
               Cost $30 each or                         cake stall equals more money we raise for our
                                                        school. We sell all kinds of cakes that can be bought
               $55 for 2 tickets                        individually and eaten on the spot to fancy cakes to
      Includes wine, beer & finger food                 enjoy at home with a cup of tea!
                                                        Please indicate on the form what kind of cake/s you
            (18 years & over Only)                      are donating. Simply put the completed form in the
                                                        CAKE STALL box in the office before 18 March
 Opening night speaker is Simon Robson                  You will receive packaging prior to the show week-
 Ex-student & current Executive Producer                end. Please bring your packaged cake/s to the
                                                        cake stall on Saturday or Sunday, or you can ar-
         of 7’s Sunrise Program                         range to give us the cakes prior to the show by ar-
         Doors open at 7:15pm                           rangement.
                                                        If you don’t get around to filling out a form, just
      6-7pm Pre show wine tasting                       bring the cakes to the stall on Saturday or Sunday –
                                                        all donations are gladly received.
                                                        For any queries please contact Janet Mitchell
            Pre order your tickets now                  (0409 996 196) or Michelle Langley (0407-257-
                                                        NB: CAKE STALL IS SEPARATE FROM ART
                                                        CAFÉ & IS PART OF THE MARKET STALLS

                                           CHILDRENS WORKSHOP VALUE CARD
                                   Pre pay for the Value Card and do 4 activities for only $8!
                                     Or, pay $2.50 per activity when you pay at the Show!

                                     $8 Value Card - Choose 4 activities:
•      NEW! Plaster Moulds - to paint in unisex themes! eg dinosaur.
•      Bracelet - Make a boys and girls bracelet using colourful glass beads.
•      Hair Clip - Create a beautiful beaded, or be-ribboned dangling hair accessory.
•      “Bead Creation” – Make a dragon, dog, cat, horse, star, butterfly or other shapes and your own de-
       signs in coloured perler beads that stick together when ironed. Hang up your creation, make it into a
       necklace, or glue on a magnet for the fridge!
•      Door hanger – Create your own door hanger, put your own fun message on it.

                 FACE PAINTING       CRAZY HAIR COLOURING                 FINGER NAIL ART

              Every Value Card holder gets A FREE GUESS in the LOLLY JAR GUESSING COMPETITION!
                          Get creative and have FUN at the CHILDRENS WORKSHOP!!
                                                                                              P AGE 4

                                   Art Cafe Thank you to everyone who is donating their lovely
                                   home cooked goodies for the Art Cafe. We are getting hungry
                                   just looking at the variety of items we will be able to offer.

                                   Another donation form will be coming out on Tuesday if you
                                   haven't had a chance to fill one out. For all of the Art Cafe
                                   volunteers, we are having a quick get together on Tuesday, 16
                                   March at 7.30pm (meeting point to be advised) to run through
                                   the weekend. If you are interested, it would be great to see you.
                                   Michelle Schafer (0419 477 971) & Jacqui Borg (0404 865

                             MAKE A SPLASH
                        At the Art & Craft Show
                  VOLUNTEER FOR A DUNKING!!

Once again, Amusement Hire Services (Our friendly rides suppliers) have donated the use of their
dunking tank to Oatley West for our Art & Craft Show. So, to make some easy cash for the school,
we need some volunteers.
Last year, we all had fun dunking and watching our victims.
We require parents, teachers or any older siblings over 16 years of age to donate themselves
for a 15 minute period of time.
You may get wet, but you will be helping your school raise funds, and add to the carnival atmos-
phere of the Art & Craft Show.

             For further information, contact Kylie van Wanrooy on 9580 7985

                     WRISTBANDS FOR THE RIDES!!

Purchase an ALL DAY PASS before the show for the amusement rides for great value for money.
For only $20 IF YOU PRE-PURCHASE you will get unlimited rides all day on:-


                         ORDERS TAKEN UNTIL WEDNESDAY 17TH MARCH

Please Note: All Day Pass does not include putt putt, pony rides
   P AGE 5                                                                                       T E RM 1 W E E K 7

                                                       Jewellery Cave
                                        Sales assistance required
Do you love jewellery?
Do you love to sell beautiful things?
Do you have a couple of hours to spare?
Two of our Jewellery exhibitors will not be present at the show over the weekend.
We seek assistance to ‘watch over’ some beautiful jewellery.
If you’re interested and can help out on one or more of the available shifts from opening night to clos-
ing on Sunday please call Karina or Sarah.

 We also need fairy & rope lights, we would be grateful if you can lend some to us over the Art &
                                        Craft weekend.
Jewellery coordinators:
                            Karina Lloyd                                       Sarah DaSilva
                             0419 993 655                                      0422 983 414

                                                                Make it a Classic Mother’s Day this year.
Flavours of Asia                                            Enter the Mother’s Day Classic fun run/walk to
                                                                     raise money for Breast Cancer.
Here is our exciting menu for the weekend:
                                                              Join us as a team! We have called our team
Roong’s green chicken curry                (Sat & Sun)       the OWLS (borrowing this newsletter’s name)
Roong’s Massaman beef                          (Sat)
                                                                       Oatley West Ladies/Lads.
Kim Johnstone’s Massaman beef                  (Sun)
All curries will be served with steamed rice
                                                                     Venue: Sydney, The Domain
Vegetable stir-fried noodles in oyster sauce
Kannika Whitfeld’s chicken rice paper rolls
                                                                       Date Sunday May 9th
Mel’s Indian style beef curry patties
Chicken satay sticks                                         You can choose to do a 4km walk or run or if
Spring rolls                                                 you are more serious do the 8km run! Get to-
Deep-fried wontons                                         gether with friends or family and have some fun
Prawn crackers                                              for a good cause. Arrange some training days
                                                           together and get fit! We all have been touched
BIG THANKYOU to our sponsors
                                                            with friends who have courageously fought this
Aaclaim Quality Sales
                                                            battle so even if you can’t walk or run sponsor
Mortdale Fruit Box
Oatley Chinese Restaurant
                                                                               the team!!
Thai on Sky Restaurant                                     Register online at
Wishbone Chicken
                                                            (Don’t forget to put down your team name as
We are looking forward to seeing you during the week-

                                                             (Questions? Ask Debbie West & Michelle Langley)
                                     ART & CRAFT RETURN SLIPS
                             ART & CRAFT SHOW – CAKE STALL DONATIONS
                         Saturday                                           Sunday

       Name:                                                    Phone:
       Child’s Name:                                            Child’s class:

                Opening Night Tickets Order Form (to be placed in box at school office)
Name                                             Contact Ph No.
    Name Eldest Child at school                         Class
No. of
Total Cost $                                 Cash                   Cheque
Please make cheques to Oatley West Art Exhibition Contact Louise Everitt 0414543334 for any enquires
Tickets will be returned via class teacher

                              Childrens Workshop Value Card
Name                                                 Contact Ph No.
   Name Eldest Child at school                               Class
            Number of value cards @ $ 8.00 ea

Fill in the slip and place it in an envelope with $8.00. Send to the Box in the Office- marked CHILDREN’S
WORKSHOP VALUE CARD - before Friday March 13th, so we can deliver your Value Card to your Class be-
                                               fore the Show!

                   Rides All Day Pass (Return to office in sealed envelope Rides all day box)
Name                                                  Contact Ph No.
   Name Eldest Child at school                                Class
       No. of Saturday Passes                            No. of Sunday Passes
Total Cost $                                      Cash                     Cheque


                            Dunk Tank Volunteer ( Return to office Uniform box)
Name                                                  Contact Ph No.
   Name Eldest Child at school                                Class
             Available on Saturday                                     Available on Sunday
          A.M                      P.M                     A.M                            P.M
 P AGE 7                                                                        T E RM 1 W E E K 7

                                 Art & Craft Sponsors 2010

           Ray White Oatley (Principal)
                                 Ph: 9580 7111
               Oatley Financial Services (Gold)
                                   Ph: 9580 0933
    Bresnahan’s Butchers            Pegasus Dental Services         BodyHealth (Silver)
   (Silver) Ph: 9570 8188                   (Silver)                  Ph: 9580 8855
                                        Ph: 9584 1188

    Oatley Hotel (Silver)           Oatley Physiotherapy &        PRD Nationwide - Oatley
                                    Sports Centre (Silver) Ph:            (Silver)
      Ph: 9580 1117
                                           9585 8392                  Ph: 9579 6522

 St George Travel (Silver)              Westpac (Silver)          St George Maso’s( Silver)
      Ph: 970 5033                      Ph: 9585 0199                  Ph: 9579 6277

Innovative Architects (Silver)       W&S Plastics (Silver)       Reliable Computers (Silver)
      Ph: 9585 1855                    Ph: 8778 7444                  Ph: 1 800 753 991

   Mulga Tree Restaurant            Edmonds & Greer (Silver)           SG Hair (Silver)
          (Silver)                      Ph: 9585 8177                  Ph: 9580 6847
      Ph: 9570 5777

                                     Midas Peakhurst (Silver)
                                         Ph: 9153 0772
                                    2010 ART AND CRAFT SHOW RAFFLE
To be in the draw for these great prizes, make sure you purchase your tickets for the Raffle
    1st prize – Painting entitled Colourscape" by Melanie Miller valued at $2,200.
    2nd prize- 2 nights weekend accommodation for 2 in a two-bedroom villa with one round of golf per person for 2 at
         Cypress Lakes Resort, Hunter Valley, valued at $1296
    3rd prize – Phillips Home Theatre system 6100 valued at $800
    4th prize - 1 night’s midweek accommodation for 2 People in a two-bedroom villa with one round of golf per person at
         Cypress Lakes Resort, Hunter Valley valued at $618

                                                      AUCTION ITEMS
          A great live and silent auction list for the Show has been compiled. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors.

                                                       Live Auction
While enjoying the Art and Craft on Opening Night don’t forget to bid at the auction. Items include:
    1 night’s midweek accommodation for 2 at Lilianfels Resort, Blue Mountains, valued at $366.
    Toni Collete autographed copy of Black Balloon DVD.
    2 night’s accommodation for 2 (Sunday to Thursday) at Boomelea B&B, Blue Mountains, valid 12 months from March 2010 to
         March 2011. Valued at $300.
    Wylie Photography Portrait session (donated by Wylie Photography)
    1 Case of Anniversary Wine

                                                      Silent Auction
Bidding will commence on Friday night in front of the Library. During the weekend the auction will be conducted outside the can-
teen and will finish on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Items must be collected by 4pm.
       •       $250 voucher redeemable at Pearsons Restaurant (Kindly donated by Pearsons Restaurant]
       •       $80 voucher redeemable at Trébob Seafood Restaurant & 1 bottle of Wine (Kindly donated by Trébob Restaurant
               and Oatley Cellars]
       •       $70.00 voucher for La Spezia & 1 bottle of Wine [Kindly donated by La Spezia and Oatley Cellars]
       •       1 case of wine [Kindly donated by John Phelan Amusement Hire Service]
       •       $50 dinner/lunch voucher [Kindly donated by Yes Thai]
       •       1 hour remedial massage or 5 yoga classes (Kindly donated by Judith Sanchez)
       •       $40 dinner voucher redeemable at Chilli Man Thai [Kindly donated by Chilli Man Thai]
       •       $50 dinner voucher redeemable at Panchos Mexican [ Kindly donated by Panchos Mexican)
       •       $50 breakfast/lunch voucher [Kindly donated by Mortdale Grind Café]
       •       Birthday cake to the value of $50 [Kindly donated by Lynne’s Homemade Gourmet & Custom Image Cakes]
       •       1 month’s membership at Curves [Kindly donated by Curves Oatley]
       •       One flower arrangement to the value of $60 [Kindly donated by Oatley House of Flowers]
       •       2 x 30 minute remedial massage valued at $40.00 each [Kindly donated by My Hands On]
       •       $100 voucher redeemable at Just Photos, Mortdale [Kindly donated by Just Photos)
       •       Vouchers to the value of $50 redeemable at Oatley West Cellars [Kindly donated by Oatley West Cellars]
       •       $200 seafood voucher redeemable at Poseidon Seafood [Kindly donated by Poseidon Seafood]
       •       Hand knitted throw over and matching cushion made of individual handcrafted squares valued at over $100
               [ Kindly donated by the Witty Knitters).
       •       Detailed Biomechanical Assessment for cyclists – valued at $590 [Kindly donated by Take Control Active Rehab]
       •       $40 gift voucher from Echoes and Qismet Boutiques [Kindly donated by Echoes and Qismet Boutiques]
       •       $30 voucher redeemable at Be Spoilt [Kindly donated by Be Spoilt]
       •       $40 take away voucher redeemable at Mama Barone [Kindly donated by Mama Barone]
       •       2 x $20 small coffee vouchers redeemable at Dolce Espresso [Kindly donated by Dolce Espresso]
       •       $100 Gift Voucher for yoga, triathlon training or purchases in the retail shop, [Kindly donated by Gracefully Fit]
       •       2 x $60 Voucher for hair treatment redeemable at Evolution Hairdressing (Kindly donated by Evolution Hairdress-
       •       2 tickets to IMAX Theatre valued at $56.00 [Kindly donated by IMAX Theatre]
       •       Wylie Photography Portrait session (Kindly donated by Wylie Photography]
       •       1 Sydney Bridgeclimb voucher (Kindly donated by Sydney Bridgeclimb]
       •       $50 voucher redeemable at Short Black (Kindly donated by Short Black]
       •       Wella hair products gift pack valued at $50.00 (kindly donated by Evolution Hairdressing)
       •       Nestlé Hamper (kindly donated by Nestlé)
       •       Girl’s pink 20” magna pink bike (kindly donated by the Anderson’s)
       •       1 large limited Edition 60cm Meygan Bratz doll (kindly donated by the Mitchell Family)
       •       3 x Family pass to Funhouse valued at $80 each [Kindly donated by Funhouse Adventure Play and Party Centre]
       •       $50 voucher redeemable at Tara Hair Salon [Kindly donated by Tara Hair Salon]
       •       3 x $139 voucher redeemable at Midas, Peakhurst [kindly donated by Midas Peakhust]
                2 children’s passes to Taronga Park Zoo or Western Plains Zoo valued at $40.00 [Kindly donated by Taronga
               Park Zoo]
       •       $50 gift voucher redeemable at Paul’s Warehouse [kindly donated by Paul’s Warehouse, Miranda]
      •       Facial massage including neck, shoulder and scalp plus a lash-tint, valued at $40 [kindly donated by Karina
                                                                                                         P AG E 9

                                               Musical Musings
                                   Presidents: Carolyn Northcott & Melina Amersinghe band@oatley

BANDS                                                                   Rehearsal supervision this week:
Training Band: Rehearsals to continue this week                         Tues 9th, CB: No Band
                                                                        Wed 10th, IB: Margaret Strangas and
Trumpets, Trombones: Mon 8.45 - 9.15am
                                                                        Sam/Angela Nadile
Clarinets, Saxophones: Wed 8.45 - 9.15am
                                                                        Wed 10th, TB: To be advised by email
Flutes: Thurs 9.00 - 9.20am
                                                                        Thurs 11th, CB: Tracey Jimogiannis and
Keyboard and Drums: Keep practicing with your tutor and will re-        Mathew Wylie
hearse when the band comes together in Term 2
                                                                        Thurs 11th, TB: To be advised by email
Training Band 2010: Vacancies for trombone, trumpet and eu-
                                                                        Mon 15th, IB: Allison Brancourt and Lily Zdi-
Training Band is looking for more kids to play either trombone,
trumpet or euphonium this year. Interested? Please email cnorth-        Mon 15th, TB: To be advised by email or call Carolyn on 0432 731 266                    Tues 16th, CB: Louise Everitt and Vania
Training Band 2010: Return of paperwork                                 Tam
Could parents return any outstanding paperwork handed out at            Wed 17th, IB: No Band
the recent Information Evening – instrument contracts, contact de-      Wed 17th, TB: No Band
tails for parent supervision roster, behaviour contracts – to the       Thurs 18th CB: No Band
Band Box in the office please.
Concert and Intermediate Bands: Invoices go electronic!
Invoices for Semester 1 will be sent out this week, via email for all
those we have an address for and via hard copy for those we
don’t have an address for. Due date for invoices is 26th March.
Can all notes for Art and Craft Show be returned promptly to the
Music Council box, whether you can attend or not.

 Canteen           Leonie Eivers (
                                                           UNIFORM CUPBOARD
                                                           Kylie van Wanrooy 580 7985 0405 672 606
             “Dad’s Day” – A Success!
The Canteen ‘Dad’s’ were all ‘first timers’ and all         WINTER UNIFORM UPDATE
agreed that they had a great time helping in our
                                                            Winter uniform will be available from 22nd April (first
Canteen. They all want to come back to help in our
                                                            week 2nd Term). Winter Uniform is to be worn AFTER
Canteen next time. So Male Carers, you’d better get in      MOTHER’S DAY Monday 10th May. Please do not place an
quick for next Dad’s Day – 1st Wednesday of the             order for winter uniform before this date.
month - 5th May!
 Thanks to the following wonderful Canteen Volunteers
                                                            Order forms can be found in the office or on the Uniform
- for helping in our Canteen this week - 8th, 9th, 10th     Cupboard door.
                                                            Completed order forms should be placed in the UNI-
Marita Murphy                                               FORM box in the office. The order will be sent to your
Edwina Murphy                                               child’s class on the next Thursday.

Lisa Parry
Karina Lloyd                                                    PAYMENTS BY CASH, CHEQUE EFTPOS OR
Jane Lister
                                                                    CREDIT CARD      ACCEPTED
Michelle Langley
Leanne Jones                                                NEXT WEEK ROSTER 2
Nina Thiess                                                 Jo Robinson
Sally Tyrril                                                Sarah Le Vaillant
Natalee Fox                                                 Heather Taylor

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