Uduwap and Esala full moon days

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					Uduvap Full Moon Poya day
On Uduvap Full Moon Poya day, Theri Sangamiththa and her eleven nuns along with minister Aritta
arrived in Sri Lanka where they welcomed by the king.

From here they were taken to Maha Megha gardens at Anuradhapura. This event occurred about the
year 240 B.C. and the sacred Bo Sapling stands there still, the oldest tree recorded in history.
Thousands of pilgrims place their flowers of devotion at its foot.

Arrival of Therini Sangamiththa brought Bhikkuni Sasana to Sri Lanka. The first Therinis were princes
Anula sister in law of the King and Uththara. Aggimittha, Peggu, Pabatha, Malla, Dhatmadari, Hema
and Masaragalla.

Sri Pada season too begins on Unduvap Poya Day and ends on Wesak Full Moon day.

Esala Full Moon Poya Day
Bodhisathva was resting in Thusitha Heaven after his last birth as King Vessanthara. he was waiting for
the opportune time to be born on earth.

He observed that the time was right, the continent was India ( Jambudeepa ), the center was
Kapilavasthu where the righteous King of the Sakya Clan King Suddodana and his queen Maya who
had never broken the 5 percepts from the day of her birth were to be his parents.

That night of Esala Full Moon Poya Day the queen had a dream. She dreamt that a radiant white
elephant walked 3 times round her bed clockwise, handed her a white lotus flower. She was filled with
a radiance and a distant voice said, "Hear ye who have ears to hear.

Raise all those who have fallen, The Buddha has come to earth to preach to you" Once the sages were
sonsulted they explained that the queen would be the mother to the Holy one. On Esala full moon poya
day prince Siddhartha's conseption was announced.

Also on Esala Full Moon Poya day prince Rahula was born ( the son of the prince Sidhdhartha and
queen Yasodara).

The splendid Esala Pageant of Kandy is held in its honour, followed by Peraharas in Kataragama,
Bellanwila, Embekke, Devinuwara and Ratnapura.

It is said that in 1505 King of Kotte Parakrama IX dreamed that he was asked to move the Tooth Relic
to Senkadagala, and it had been there in comparative safety till the British occupation.