Kandy Halloween (PDF) by Markjohnes


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									Kandy Halloween

Ever been to a Halloween party that surpassed all other parties
you’ve been to, combined? Well, that’s what you’ll get at the
Kandy Halloween party, held at the Playboy Mansion. Because
it’s Playboy, you already know it will be extravagant,
exhilarating, exceptional and beyond. There will be over 1,000
beautiful women there in costume lingerie, raring to have a good
time. There will be gourmet food and open premium bars all
night. There will be Playboy Playmates and Kandy body-painted
You’ll have access to the Playboy Mansion grounds, which will
be transformed by expert set designers and professional scare
actors into the hell of terrifying experiences. There will be two
grave yards, a haunted forest, and a 4,000 square foot haunted
house which you enter at your own risk. The grounds will be
infested with ghouls and monsters, just looking for someone to
scare or eat.
They are $1,000 each and worth every penny. Go ahead, take the
plunge. Have the time of your life, or of your death.

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