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									62 • INTERMEDIATE                                                 July–December 2011                           THE HORN BOOK GUIDE

              iNTermediaTe FicTioN                                          est in trumpet, so the three of them hang out. Zachary’s
                                                                            relationships are well drawn, with sharp dialogue and
                                                                            funny touches. sdl
Abbott, Tony Lunch-Box Dream
     178 pp. Farrar isbn 978-0-374-34673-7 $16.99
                                                                            Ada, Alma Flor, and Gabriel M. Zubizarreta
(4) In 1959, Bobby and his family (who are white) are driv-                 Dancing Home
ing from Ohio to Florida, visiting Civil War battlefields
                                                                                150 pp. Atheneum isbn 978-1-4169-0088-7 $14.99
along the way. Interspersed with their story are first-person
accounts from relatives of African American Jacob, who                      (3) Mexican American fifth-grader Margie tries hard to
has gone missing. The two groups converge on a dramatic                     project an all-American image. This works until her cousin
bus ride. Issues of racism, family, violence, and death swirl               Lupe arrives from Mexico to live with Margie’s family.
through the story, remaining primarily unresolved at the                    Alternating narration, injected with Spanish-language
end. jsk                                                                    phrases, brings out the difficulties of language-learning and
                                                                            peer acceptance from each girl’s perspective. Ada and Zubi-
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