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					16 • PICTURE BOOKS                                               July–December 2011                            THE HORN BOOK GUIDE

                     picTure Books                                         Al-Ghani, K. I. Ronnie Raven Recycles
                                                                               48 pp. Schiffer isbn 978-0-7643-3840-3 $16.99

Achebe, Chinua How the Leopard Got His Claws                               (5) Illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani. Ronnie Raven raids
                                                                           the trash to obtain colorful bags and wrappers to build a
     32 pp. Candlewick isbn 978-0-7636-4805-3 $16.99
                                                                           very original nest. His ingenious idea causes great trouble
(4) With John Iroaganachi. Illustrated by Mary GrandPré.                   for the people of St. Richard’s-by-the-Sea. The mother and
Achebe tells how the dog’s greedy behavior sowed discord                   son author-illustrator team have their environmental hearts
among the animals of the jungle, forever destroying their                  in the right place, but the text of this modern-day fable is
blissful existence and resulting in the leopard sprouting                  didactic and the cartoon pictures are amateurish. Learning
claws and the dog allying with Man. The tale, with its ele-                activities are appended. mg
ments of fable, allegory, and just-so story, is unfocused.
Luminous acrylic illustrations in jungle hues are eye-pleas-
ing. mlb                                                                   Alko, Selina Every-Day Dress-Up
                                                                               32 pp. Knopf isbn 978-0-375-86092-8 $16.99
                                                                               le isbn 978-0-375-96092-5 $19.99
▲ Agee, Jon My Rhinoceros
                                                                           (4) A girl who “used to only play princess” until her mom
     32 pp. Scholastic/di Capua isbn 978-0-545-29441-6 $16.95
                                                                           introduced her to “real, great women” shows off a week’s
(2) A kid gets a rhinoceros as a pet. A
Description: Cartoonist Agee's wry, understated paintings and a relaxed, spacious page design - along with the text's tough-as-rhino-hide structure - provide great durability for multiple retellings. The hokey story and middling rhymes, accompanied by rambunctious art, are informed by a mind that knows this subject cold, as evidenced by Alexander's back-of-book jazz timeline, bios, and glossary. Roaring Brook/Porter ISBN 978-1-59643-357-1 $16.99 (4) After Queen Perylene dies, King Cerulean appoints a "royal color catcher" to strip every trace of color from the kingdom - a rule challenged by a birthday gift received by Prince Viridian.
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